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The Hello Guide introduces you to Nina Parker Photography and contains information on Session, Products, and Pricing.


<ul><li><p>thehelloguide</p></li><li><p>With a classic yet distinctly modern style, Nina creates refreshing, compelling portraits that document the honesty of real life. She enjoys simply being a witness to the whimsical, often unpredictable but never boring state of children being themselves, and nds that within the seemingly mundane stu of the eveveryday resides the story of who your child is at a particular moment in time. Portraits make these telling, all-too-eeting moments indelible. </p><p>And yes, this is all just a fancy way to say that not only is it important to capture your family as they grow but also that, one day, your Nina Parker Photography portraits will be as prized by their subjects as they were by you through the years.</p><p>welcome</p></li><li><p>I wish I could explain to you how much joy these photos bring to us, to our extended family, and to our friends. I know that I will never do that adequately. So, while I try to find the words, I'll just say an enormous thank you for photographing our family on A.'s special day, and for doing it so beautifully.We are so very grateful. ---E.</p><p>There are few times in my life where I am struck speechless. One of those times was when I saw the pictures of my daughter. Your love for what you do created a picture that made me cry - thank you for capturing this very special moment in my life. --Tania</p><p>Thanks Nina!!! We love them! The fact that you got all three of them to smile at the same time is amazing. :)These are beautiful and we are so happy with the way they turned out!! --Jen</p><p>Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!!!I still am in awe at how beautiful these turned out! You have such a gift! --Jessica </p></li><li><p>Nina</p><p>I am so thrilled that you are considering a Nina Parker Photography session. It has been my pleasure and privilege to photograph what surely are Atlantas loveliest children and families over the past ve years. As always, I appreciate the trust clients place in me to capture todays moments, which will in turn bebecome tomorrows treasures.</p><p>Please take a few moments to browse this guide and imagine your ideal portrait session. I look forward to meeting you!</p><p>hello!</p></li><li><p>The number one comment overheard at the conclusion of a Nina Parker </p><p>Photography session is dads declaration, that was much easier than I </p><p>thought it would be! To be sure, the entire proceedings are relaxed and </p><p>easy-going, the polar opposite of what you may have come to expect </p><p>when portraits are on the agenda. The end result? Honest images that </p><p>are full of life and yet artistically rened or, as I like to think of them, an </p><p>ever-so-slightly prettier version of real.</p><p>II nd that the number one concern before a session is that the children </p><p>will not cooperate or will have an o day. In other words, while couples </p><p>hire a wedding photographer simply knowing that every detail of that </p><p>day will be breathtaking, families choose a portrait photographer hoping </p><p>against hope that their results will be as lovely as those on the artists </p><p>site. Rest assured that another comment frequently overheard--this one </p><p>once mom has seen the images for the rst time--is I cannot believe the </p><p>beautifulbeautiful moments you captured from what seemed to be chaos with not </p><p>a moment spent still!</p><p>thedifference</p></li><li><p>the signature session</p><p>Your signature session features a custom-styled shoot at your home, both indoors and outdoors, or an alternate location if you prefer. Between twenty-ve and thirty portraits featuring detailed, artistic processing of each image will be presented to you at your personal Ordering Session. A custom online ordering gallery for friends and family is available after the Ordering Session. </p><p>Location session fee ~ $150 </p><p>(applies locations within a 20 mile radius of zipcode 30067)(applies locations within a 20 mile radius of zipcode 30067)</p><p>Your session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, the session itself and the creation of your images, editing and post processing, and your personal Ordering Session. Prints and products, including digital les, are purchased separately. </p><p>MMost clients opt for the ultimate record of their familys life at a particular point in time--the beautiful session album featuring all of the images from your session. Archival desk and wall portraits, museum ne art gallery wrapped canvases, and digital images may also be added to your order if desired. </p><p>SSessions typically last between one and one and a half hours, and longer for newborns. Sessions are held on weekdays and select weekends based on availability.</p><p>Prices do not include Georgia sales tax. Nina Parker Photography accepts all major credit cards and checks.</p></li><li><p>a sample Signature session</p></li><li><p>Newborn sessions--what could be more delightful? Expectant families will want to hold their place on the calendar by booking a newborn session before the baby arrives whenever possible. Once the baby arrives, an exact session date is scheduled, ideally during the rst 1-2 weeks of life. </p><p>NewboNewborn sessions may take place in the client's home or the studio, with a few key dierences. Essentially, newborn sessions at home take on a more "lifestyle" or environmental feel as we are able to capture babies in their rst home and in-corporate their surroundings more. With that said, clients who come to the studio do often bring blankets, hats, etc. from home so there's a personal touch. The primary benet to the studio--other than that it is a great option if your home is lacking in natural light--is that the bare, contented images of newborns ththat you see on my site are much more easily captured in the studio. If capturing bare, curled-up images are a top priority for you, you will want to elect a studio newborn session. If swaddled images of your baby in his or her very rst home are important, youll wish to choose an at-home session. I enjoy both types of shoots equally and, regardless of location, I always follow the baby's lead with lots of time for diaper changes, nursing, etc. I try to keep things as relaxed and stress-free as they can possibly be during such a harried yet wondrous time!</p><p>newborn</p></li><li><p>a sample Lifestyle session</p></li><li><p>the Marietta studio</p></li><li><p>a sample Studio session</p></li><li><p>Our exquisite canvases are a work of art and a conversation piece in one. Your image is painstakingly printed on artists canvas, stretched around a sturdy frame, and lustre-coated for added protection. Best of all--canvases arrive ready to hang! Standouts give a similar effect in that they are unframed and stand out from the wall. These clean, modern pieces are lustre prints mounted on foamcore which is then finished around the edges and comes with hanging openings in the back. They are ready to display the minute they arrive in your home.</p><p>Time and care are devoted to retouching each image before prints are created. Images are then developed pro-fessionally according to the highest archival standards. Portraits 11x14 and larger are lustre-coated for protection (and for the option of framing with or without glass) as well as mounted. Mounting ensures that your heirloom por-traits remain perfect both before and after framing.</p><p>a la carte rates</p><p>Signature session clients experience a custom-styled shoot at their home, both indoors and outdoors, or the natural light studio in Marietta or alternate location if preferred. Between twenty-ve and thirty portraits featuring detailed, artistic pro-cessing of each image will be presented in a slideshow during your Ordering Appointment, which is held at the studio. After your personal Ordering Session an online ordering gallery will be posted for friends and family. </p><p>Our most popular items include the exquisite session albums and boxes, which allow clients to preserve all of their images beautifully. Archival prints, museum ne art gallery wrapped canvases and digital images may also be added to your order if desired. See below for details. Prices do not include Georgia sales tax. Nina Parker Photography accepts all major credit cards and checks.</p><p>the signature session in detail</p></li><li><p>Mini Albums - $180 (Set of 2)</p><p>These precious, miniature books come in the same leathers and have the same features as the Custom Session Album, but in a smaller format. They can be ordered by themselves or as complimentray duplicate versions of a Custom Session Album.</p><p>The Image Box - $800</p><p>A custom designed keepsake box holding all images from your session as 5x7s. Your prints are mounted on styrene and suitable for framing, placement on an easel, or elegant display and later storage in the box. Images are easily rotated between different display options and placed back into the box for safekeeping. An elegant yet modern piece, perfect for beginning an annual collec-tion of images. </p><p>Custom Session Album - $1100</p><p>All images from your session carefully designed into a family heirloom album. The 8x8 album features a solid leather cover available in a variety of colors, ranging from classic black to white to bright pink or green. The Fuji Crystal paper is acid free and archival quality, rendering your images in stunning clarity. Design and Revisions are complimentary.</p><p>Coee Table Book- $300</p><p>All images from your session carefully designed into an 8.5x11 hardcover coffee table book. The solid linen cover comes in a variety of colors, or you can add a custom photographic cover. Your images are printed on acid free and archival quality paper, and the book features vellum enpapers from and back. Design and Revisions are complimentary.</p><p>fine art albums and boxes</p></li><li><p>Digital Collection 1 - $1000A complete set including all images from your gallery on CD presented in a Keepsake Tin featuring your favorite image embossed on the cover </p><p>Digital Collection 2 - $700Ten images from your gallery on CD presented in a Keepsake Tin </p><p>Digital Collection 3 - $300Five images from your gallery on CD </p><p>Clients love owning the digital files to their session for a number of reasons. A set of archival high-resolution digital files featuring images from your gallery, along with reprint-ing rights granted and lab recommendations, is available a la carte and in the top three Portrait Collections.</p><p>While most clients add at least one significant wall portrait to their order, others prefer to design a wall portrait collection. The possibilities are virtually limitless and I would love to create an art display tailored to your home and style.</p><p>and in addition</p></li><li><p>Platinum$1000</p><p>10 gift prints(2) 11x14 Wall Portraits(1) Coffee Table BookDigital Collection 1</p><p>40% Off Additional Items40% Off Additional Items</p><p> A savings of $350 off a la carte </p><p>Gold$800</p><p>8 gift prints(2) 11x14 Wall Portraits(1) Coffee Table BookDigital Collection 2</p><p>20% Off Additional Items20% Off Additional Items</p><p> A savings of $270 off a la carte </p><p>Silver$500</p><p>6 gift prints(1) 11x14 Wall PortraitDigital Collection 3</p><p>15% Off Additional Items</p><p> A savings of $90 off a la carte A savings of $90 off a la carte </p><p>Bronze$250</p><p>6 gift prints(1) 11x14 Wall Portraits</p><p>10% Off Additional Items</p><p> A savings of $40 off a la carte </p><p>Clients may choose from our a la carte rates or opt for a collection. Collections include our most popular signature items as well as a savings from a la carte pricing.</p><p>portraitcollectionsportrait collections</p></li><li><p>the mini session</p><p>Simplicity mini-sessions are oered periodically on specic weekday mornings at the natural light studio in Marietta or a nearby park. Sessions last for twenty minutes and include artistic processing of each image and 8-10 portraits presented in a private online shopping cart. </p><p>SimpliciSimplicity mini sessions are suitable for one to two children; those desiring newborn or family images will want to explore our signature custom session option. A simplicity session is perfect if you've recently had a signature session with Nina but would love new images to mark a milestone. Or perhaps you're a friend of a client who wants to get a small taste of what it's all about. While our simplicisimplicity sessions cannot compare to the completely custom experience of a full session, they are the perfect choice for many situations.</p><p>All clients hold their date with a deposit of $150; $70 of this deposit will be applied as a credit to your print order. There are special mini-session collections as well as digital les to choose from. Prices do not include Georgia sales tax. Nina Parker Photography accepts all major credit cards and checks.</p></li><li><p>mini portrait collections</p><p>Gold$700</p><p>All Images in your gallery,printed as 5x7s</p><p>All Images as Digital FilesOne 11x14 Print</p><p> A savings of $260 off a la carte A savings of $260 off a la carte </p><p>Silver$400</p><p>Five Images printed as 5x7sFive Images as Digital Files</p><p>One 11x14 Print</p><p> A savings of $160 off a la carte </p><p>Bronze$200</p><p>Two Images printed as 5x7sOne Digital FileOne 11x14 Print</p><p> A savings of $80 off a la carte </p><p>the mini session in detail</p></li><li><p>www.portraits.ninaparkerphotography.comAtlanta ~ Marietta ~ The Southeast</p><p>770-330-5414nina@ninaparkerphotography.com</p></li></ul>