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    76 Water Hardness Test Strips 6 PackCode: 901008

    78 Heating System Water Quality Check KitCode: 505092

    77 Water Leak DetectorCode: 709109



    In the event of any query please email wqc@scalemaster.co.uk quoting the sample reference/ report number

    Heating System Water Quality Report Sample Reference/Report No: 1-80000 Date: 9/11/2012

    Customer Name & Email Address A Customer customer@email_address.com Property Address/Postcode No. 123 PO57 CODE

    Sample Details Date sample taken: 05/11/2012 Date sample analysed: 08/11/2012

    Observations and System History 4yrs old Boiler Believe dosed with Inhibitor

    Reason for Water Analysis Pin-holing of radiators Laboratory Analysis Results

    Parameter Units Sample Source Result Ideal Value or Range* Mains System Colour Clear Good Clear to light straw pH pH 7.2 8.1 At Limit 6.8 - 8.1 Conductivity (20C) uS/cm 243 898 Depends upon treatment method Hardness mg/l CaCO3 280 120 Poor Not more than 25% below mains water Alkalinity mg/l CaCO3 120 330 Depends upon inhibitor used Chloride mg/l 33 270 Poor No more than 30mg/l above mains Sulfur mg/l 7 10 Sodium mg/l 12 177 Depends on treatment method Molybdenum mg/l N/a 5 Low Depends on inhibitor used Boron mg/l N/a 10 Depends on inhibitor used Phosphorus mg/l N/a