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BEFORE THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSIONOF THE STATE OF HAWAII----In the Matter of----PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION ) DOCKET NO. 2008-0249Instituting a Proceeding to )Investigate the Issues and )Requirements of Adopting or )Establishing Standards for Solar ) rnWater Heater Systems as Mandated )by Act 204, Session Laws of ) mHawaii (2008) )-~f1-l-~,J________________________________ ~ >>>=rl .~ORDER INITIATING INVESTIGATION TO ADOPT ORESTABLISH STANDARDS FOR SOLAR WATER HEATER SYSTEMScDr- ~ a-LrqWBEFORE THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSIONOF THE STATE OF HAWAII----In the Matter of----PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION ) Docket No. 2008-0249Instituting a Proceeding toInvestigate the Issues andRequirements of Adopting orEstablishing Standards for SolarWater Heater Systems as Mandatedby Act 204, Session Laws ofHawaii (2008)ORDER INITIATING INVESTIGATION TO ADOPT ORESTABLISH STANDARDS FOR SOLAR WATER HEATER SYSTEMSBy this Order, the commission initiates thisinvestigation to examine the issues and requirements of adoptingor establishing standards for solar water heater systems asmandated by Act 204, Session Laws of Hawaii (2008) (Act 204),Section 3. This investigation is initiated pursuant to Act 204,Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) ~ 269-6 and 269-7, andHawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) ~ 6-61-71.I.BackgroundThe stated purpose of Act 204 is to increase the useof renewable energy to protect our environment, reduce pollution,make housing more affordable, and enhance Hawaiis local economyby:(1) Requiring the installation of solar water heatersystems, comparable renewable energy systems, or demandgas water heaters in all new residential developmentprojects constructed after January 1, 2010; and(2) Restricting the solar thermal energy system tax creditavailable for single-family residential properties tothose properties for which building permits were issued prior to January 1, 2010.Section 3 of Act 204 specifically directsthe commission to adopt or establish by rule, tariff, or order,standards for solar water heater systems to include, but notbe limited to, specifications for the performance, materials,components, durability, longevity, proper sizing, installation,and quality to promote the objectives of [HRS] section 269_124.,,2The commission must act in compliance with Act 204, Section 3by July 1, 2009, or as soon as reasonably practicable.II.DiscussionA. InvestigationThe commission is authorized to initiate thisinvestigation pursuant to several statutes. First,the commission is granted broad regulatory authority inHRS 269-7, which provides, in relevant part:See Act 204, Section 1.2~ Section 3.20080249 2(a) The public utilities commission and eachcommissioner shall have the power toexamine into the condition of eachpublic utility, the manner in which itis operated with reference to the safetyor accommodation of the public, thesafety, working hours, and wages of itsemployees, the fares and rates chargedby it, . . . and all matters of everynature affecting the relations andtransactions between it and the publicor persons or corporations.(C) Any investigation may be made bythe commission on its own motion, andshall be made when requested bythe public utility to be investigated, or by any person upon a sworn writtencomplaint to the commission, settingforth anj prima facie cause ofcomplaint.Similarly, in HRS 269-6, the commission is broadly vested withgeneral supervision . . . over all public utilities[.]4Finally, as discussed above, the commission isexpressly authorized to adopt or establish standards forsolar water heater systems under Section 3 of Act 204.B.Named PartiesSince all regulated electric utilities in Hawaii willbe impacted by the outcome of this investigation, the commissionwill name HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. (HECO), HAWAIIELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY, INC. (HELCO), MAUI ELECTRIC COMPANY,3HRS ~2 69-7 (a) and (C) (emphases added).4See ai?Q HAR 6-61-71 (setting forth the commissionsinvestigatory authority).20080249 3LIMITED (MECO) , ~ and KAUAI ISLAND UTILITY COOPERATIVE(KIUC) as parties to this docket. The DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCEAND CONSUMER AFFAIRS, DIVISION OF CONSUMER ADVOCACY(Consumer Advocate), who is statutorily mandated to represent,protect, and advance the interests of all consumers ofutility service and is an ex officio party to any proceedingbefore the commission, is also designated as a party tothis docket.6In addition, the commission will provide a copy ofthis order to the counties and representatives of the solar waterheating and building industries, as the commission anticipatesthat some of these entities may want to intervene or participatein the instant proceeding. If these entities are interested inparticipating in this proceeding, they may file a motion tointervene or to participate without intervention in accordancewith the requirements of EAR Chapter 6-61, Subchapter 4.C.Preliminary IssuesUpon preliminary review of existing standards forsolar water heater systems, the commission has identifiedtwo distinct standards to utilize as possible models to fulfillthe commissions mandate under Section 3 of Act 204.The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), which5HECO, HELCO, and MECO hereafter collectively referred toas the HECO Companies.6~ HRS 26951 and EAR 6-6162.20080249 4was first incorporated in 1980, appears to have establishednationally recognized standards for solar water heating systems,SRCC Document OG-300 Operating Guidelines and MinimumStandards for Certifying Solar Water Heating Systems, theJune 2008 version of which is attached to this Order asPUC Exhibit I (OG-300). SRCCs OG-300 and its standardsregarding solar collectors, OG-100, are purported to be utilizedin numerous states including, but not limited to, Arizona,Georgia, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wisconsin.Additionally, SRCCs OG-100 standard is currently utilized bythe HECO Companies and KIUC.Nevertheless, in Hawaii, the prevailing standardappears to be HECOs Residential Solar Water Heating SystemStandards and Specifications, a copy of which and itsaccompanying addendums, tables, and diagrams is attached to thisOrder as PUC Exhibit II (collectively, the RSWHS Standards) .~The commission understands that the HECO Companies and KIUC havehad incentive programs to encourage use of solar water heatersfor approximately 10 years, and that those who install suchdevices under the RSWHS Standards and requirements would beeligible for a rebate based upon each respective program.Recognizing the above, the commission sets forth thefollowing preliminary issues for consideration in this docket:1. Between OG-300 and the RSWHS Standards,which is the more appropriate and7During a September 16, 2008 phone conversation, arepresentative of KIUC indicated to commission staff that KIUCbasically adopted the RSWHS Standards approximately 10 years agoand incorporated its various updates throughout the years.20080249 5reasonable standard for the commissionto adopt or utilize as the basis toestablish standards for solar waterheater systems to comply with therequirements of Section 3, Act 204, andwhy?(a) If the response to issue no. 1 isOG-300, how should it be modifiedto address Hawaii specificrequirements, if at all?(b) If the response to issue no. 1 isthe RSWHS Standards, how should itbe modified, if at all? Are theRSWHS Standards too stringent?2. Regardless of the above, what arethe standards the commission should adopt or establish to comply withthe requirements of Section 3, Act 204,and why?3. Once adopted or established, what isthe most reasonable and feasible methodof updating the standards for solarwater heating systems in Hawaii?These are preliminary issues for consideration. Duringthe development of ~the procedural order for this proceeding,the parties (and intervenors and participants, if any) shall havethe opportunity to restructure these preliminary issues, orsuggest other issues for resolution in this proceeding forthe commissions review and consideration.20080249 6D.- Procedural MattersAny interested individual, entity, agency, or communityor business organization may file a motion to intervene orparticipate without intervention in this docket in compliancewith the commissions rules set forth in EAR Chapter 661,Subchapter 4.The parties (and intervenors and participants, if any)shall develop a stipulated protective order if necessary, anda stipulated procedural order to govern the matters ofthis investigation for the commissions review and approval.If the parties (and intervenors and participants, if any) are notable to stipulate, each of them shall file proposed orders forthe commissions consideration. Such orders should be filedwithin 20 days after passage of the intervention deadline;however, if any motions to intervene or participate withoutintervention are filed in this proceeding, the proposed orstipulated orders should be filed within 30 days afterthe commission issues its order(s) addressing the filed motions.8Furthermore, the parties (and intervenors andparticipants, if any) should be mindful of the current statutorydeadline that the commission, adopt or establish the standardsfor solar water heater systems no later than July 1, 2009,when proposing a procedural order (stipulated or otherwise).Thus, the commission finds it appropriate and reasonable to8The commission will not approve a stipulated proceduralorder that allows the parties to modify the procedural order byagreement of the parties without commission approval.20080249 7require any procedural order filed in this proceeding for thecommissions review and approval to have the substantive recordfully completed by May 1, 2009.The commission expects all parties (and intervenors andparticipants1 if any) to this proceeding to participate fully inthe development of the necessary procedures and issues for theorderly conduct of this investigatory proceeding, consistent withall applicable State laws and commission rules and regulations.III.OrdersTHE COMMISSION ORDERS:1. An investigative proceeding is initiated toexamine the issues and requirements of adopting or establishingstandards for solar water heater systems as mandated bySection 3 of Act 204.2. The commission, sua sponte, designates HECO,HELCO, MECO, KIUC, and the Consumer Advocate as parties to thisinvestigative proceeding.3. Any individual, entity, organization, or agencydesiring to intervene as a party or to participate withoutintervention in this proceeding shall file a motion to interveneor participate without intervention not later than 20 days fromthe date of this Order. Motions to intervene or participate20080249 8without intervention must comply with all applicable rulesof EAR Chapter 6-61, Rules of Practice and Procedure Beforethe Public Utilities Commission.4. The parties (and intervenors and participants,if any) shall develop a stipulated protective order, ifnecessary, and a stipulated procedural order to govern thematters of this investigation for the commissions review and approval. If the parties (and intervenors and participants,if any) are not able to stipulate, each of them shall fileproposed orders for the commissions consideration. Such ordersshall be filed within 20 days after passage of the interventiondeadline; however, if any motions to intervene or participatewithout intervention are filed in this proceeding, the proposedor stipulated orders shall be filed within 30 days afterthe commission issues its order(s) addressing the filed motions.Additionally, any propo~ed or stipulated procedural ordershall adhere to the timeframe established in Section II.D ofthis Order.20080249 9DONE at Honolulu, Hawaii SEP 262008APPROVED AS TO FORM:2008-02491aaPUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSIONOF THE STATE OF HAWAIIByCarlito P. Caliboso, Chairman)le, CommissionerLeslie H. Kondo, Commissioner 20080249 10PUC Hxhibit Iwww.solar-ratiflg.orgSRCC DOCUMENTOG-300OPERATING GUIDELINES ANDMINIMUM STANDARDSFOR CERTIFYINGSOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMSJune 2008Solar Rating and Certification Corporationdo FSEC, 1679 Clearlake RoadCocoa, Florida 32922-5703(321) 638-1537 Fax (321) 638-10101.0 PURPOSEThe purpose of this optional solar water heating system certification and rating program is to ensureproduct safety, reliability and performance by giving suppliers the opportunity to submit their SWHsystem designs to an open-endedreview in which standard practices and field experiences can be broughtto suppliers attention in order that they may produce the best possible products.This document contains the methodology and requirements for certifying solar water heating systemsbased on review of a solar water heating (SWH) systems design and analytical evaluation of itscomponents. This document also contains the methodology for rating the performance of SWH systemsbased on performance projections and test data of SRCC certified and rated solar collectors used in thesystems.Page 1 of39June 20082.0 SCOPEThis document applies to packaged domestic solar water heating systems for residential and smallcommercial buildings including conventional active systems, integral-collector-storage systems (ICS)and thermosyphon systems. For active systems, the solar collectors shall have been tested according toSRCC Standard 100, Test Methods and Minimum Standards for Certifying Solar Collectors and ratedaccording to SRCC Document RM-l, Methodology for Determining the Thermal Performance RatingsofSolar Collectors. Forpassive (ICS, self pumping, and thermosyphon systems), the solar system shallhave been tested according to SRCC TM-i, SDHW System and Component Test Protocols, or asimilar testprocedure approved by SRCC as specified in ofthis document.Page 2 of39June 20083.0 REQUIREMENTSCertification and thermal performance ratings shall only be awarded to those solar system suppliers whoexplicitly follow the process established in this document. All components shall be installed in accordancewith the manufacturers instructions unless an alternate method ofinstallation is approvedby SRCC.Installed certified solar energy systems shall comply with all codes in force at the installation site.In order to be awarded certification, the design and analytical evaluation of components whichcomprise the SWH system, i.e., collectors, controls, sensors, fluids, heat exchangers, pumps, plumbing,piping and tanks, shall meet or exceed the minimum standards established in this document.Page3of39June 20084.0 DEFINITIONS AND REFERENCES4.1 DefinitionsAccreditation - Formal evaluation and notification by the SRCC that a laboratory is qualified to performthe specific tests listed in the accreditation for the purpose of providing test data to supportrequests for solar equipment certification.Accredited Laboratory - A laboratory possessing the SRCC accreditation.Acidic/Caustic Fluids - A fluid is considered to be acidic if its pH is less than 6.7 and caustic if its pH isgreater than 7.3.Approved - Deemed acceptable in writing by authorized representative(s) ofthe SRCC.Apnroved (component) - Evaluated on the basis of suppliers data and application information andconsidered by SRCC to be suitable for use in solar energy systems. Tests are required for somecomponents and limitations on suitable uses may be stated.Auxiliary Heating Equipment - Equipment utilizing energy other than solar to supplement the outputprovided by the solar energy system.Backflow - The reversal ofthe normal direction offluid flow.Closed Loop - Refers to systems in which the fluid in the solar loop circulates between the solarcollector(s) and a heat exchanger and is not drained from the system, nor is it supplied to the load,during normal operation.Controller - Any device which regulates the operation ofthe solar waterheating system.Design Life - The intended useful operation life ofthe system as defmed by the Supplier.Double Wall Heat Exchanger - A heat exchanger design in which a single failure ofany fluidbarrier willnot cause a cross connection or permit back siphonage of heat transfer fluid into the potable watersystem. Any barrier which fails shall allow the discharge of exchanger fluid and/or potable waterto the atmosphere at a location visible to the operator or owner.Drain-Back - Refers to systems in which the fluid in the solar loop is drained from the collector into aholding tankunder prescribed circumstances.Drain-Down - Refers to systems in which the fluid in the solar collector is drained from the system underprescribed circumstances.Drainage Slope - The designed downward slope of installed piping or other components toward drainpoints.Equivalent - Those alternatives which have been officially approved by the SRCC.Page 4 of 39June 2008Indoor Tank - A tankwhich is not directly exposed to weather conditions.In-Service ConditiQi~- The conditions to which a SWH system and its components willbe exposed.Licensee - A person or business which provides a product or service under legal agreement with anotherperson or business.Manual - The total documentation package to be provided by the supplier to the purchaser whichdescribes the general operation and maintenance procedures of the system. The manual willinclude a parts list, a system diagram, a description of major components, and other featuresrequiredby this document.- Action indicated is allowed.No-Flow Conditinii - The condition obtained when the heat transfer fluid is not flowing through thecollector arraydue to automatic shutdown or malfunction.Nonpotable Water - Water containing impurities in amounts sufficient to cause disease or harmfulphysiological effects whentaken internally by humans or domesticated animals.Non-Toxic Fluids - Additives to the heat transfer medium which are listed on the Code of FederalRegulations, Title 21, Food and Drugs; Chapter 1, Food and Drug Administration; Part 182,Substances Generally Recognized as Safe; Part 184, Direct Food Substances Affirmed asGenerally RecognizedAs Safe.Owner - The person, group or organization who contracts to lease or buy thesolar energy system.Packaged - A standard system which is sold complete with collectors, tanks, pumps, controls, gauges,valves, etc., for the purpose ofproviding solar water heating.Potable Water - Water free from impurities in amounts sufficient to cause disease or harmfulphysiological effectswhen taken internallyby humans or domesticated animals.Revoke - Certification withdrawn.Seller - The solar equipment supplieror dealer who requests approval ofcomponents ora system.- The criterion is required to comply with the standard.Should - Recommended, but not required.Significant Deterioration - Deterioration that results either in the creation of a hazard or a debilitatingdecrease in performance as determined by the SRCC.Solar Loop - The portion of the solar system which transports the heated gas or fluid to storage and backto the collector.PageS of 39June 2008SRCC - The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, Inc., the organization which is responsible forconducting the program, describedherein, for certifying SWH systems.Subsystem - A separable, functional assembly of components.Supplemental Heating Equipment - Equipment utilizing energy other than solar to supplement the outputprovided by the solar energysystem.Supplier - An entity which assumes responsibility for the solar water heating system approved by theSRCC, according to theprocedures described herein.Suspend - Certification temporarily placed in inactive status pending further action as specified by theSRCC.SWH - Solar water heating.System (Also referred to as Solar Water Heating System, or SWH System or Solar Water Heater) - A unitorpackage of components designed to provide solar heated water to residential-type loads.Toxic Fluids - Fluids which are poisonous or irritating in nature or composition.Water Hammer - The hammering noises and severe shock that occurs in pressurized water supplysystems when flow is halted abruptly.4.2 ReferencesThe following documents are referenced in OG-300.ANSI Z21.10.1-2004/CSA 4.1-2004 Gas Water Heaters Volume 1, Storage Water Heaters With Input Ratings of75,000 Btu Per Hour or LessANSI Z2i . lO.3-2004/CSA 4.3-2004 Gas Water Heaters - Volume III, Storage Water Heaters WithInput Ratings Above 75,000 Btu per Hour, Circulating and Instantaneous.SRCC Standard 100, Test Methods and Minimum Standards for Certifying Solar CollectorsSRCC Document OG-100, Operating Guidelines for Certifying Solar CollectorsSRCC Document TM-i, SDHW System and Component Test ProtocolsSRCC Document RM-i, Methodology for Determining the Thermal Performance Ratings of SolarCollectorsPage 6 of 39June 2008SRCC Document CS-i, Operating Guidelines Governing Component Substitution in the SRCC SolarCollector and Solar Water Heating System Certification and Rating ProgramsSRCC Document P1-i, Operating Guidelines Governing Product Inspections at Suppliers Facilities inthe SRCC Solar Collector and Solar Water HeatingSystem Certification and Rating ProgramsHUD Minimum Property Standard 4930.2ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Division 1, Section VIII, Rules for Construction of PressureVesselsASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section X, Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure VesseisCode of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Food and Drugs, Chapter 1, Food and Drug Administration, Part182, Substances Generally Recognized as Safe; Part 184, Direct Food Substances Affirmed asGenerally Recognized as SafeAmerican Water Works Association, Cross Connection Control ManualNational Sanitation FoundationFederal Hazardous Substances Act, Title 15National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) No. 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquid CodeNational Fire Protection Association (NFPA) No. 321, Basic Classification of Flammable andCombustible LiquidsNational Roofmg Contractors Association. -U.S. Department ofEnergy test for water heaters (Federal Registervolume 55 number 20 i page 42161 42i77, October 17, 1990)GAMA Consumers Directory ofCertified Efficiency Ratings for Residential Heating and Water HeatingEquipment, April 1994 (page 134)National Electrical CodeTRNSYS: A Transient System Simulation Program, Solar Energy Laboratory, University ofWisconsin Madison, Madison, WI, July 1994Page7of39June 20085.0 CERTIFICATION GUIDELINES5.1 Initiating the ProcessThe supplier shall initiate the system certification process by submitting a complete application forsystem certification using the forms provided by the SRCC.5.2 ConfidentialityAny supplier who submits information to the SRCC may designate information to be kept confidential bymaking such a request in a plain and legible manner on the application. Certified performance ratingscalculated in accordance with this document, however, may not be designated confidential, i.e., all ratingscertified by SRCC shall be published.5.3 System IdentificationA. Suppliers model name or number for the system.B. Collector name and model number, SRCC collector certification number, number ofcollectors used in the system, and collector or system performance rating, cumulativefor all collectors in the system.C. Storage tank(s) name and model number, and volumetric capacity.D. Method ofheat transfer to tank: direct or through a heat exchanger and model and typeofheat exchanger where applicable.E. Pump(s) name and model number and rating where applicable.F. Controller name and model number, and operational type where applicable.G. System diagram showing components and their interconnection.5.4 System ClassificationA supplier may submit certification application(s) for basic, equivalent, or similar system(s) as givenbelow.5.4.1 Basic SystemA system with a particular design including the plumbing arrangement and control scheme is a basicsystem.Page 8 of39June 20085.4.2 Equivalent SystemA system which has one or more components which differ from those of the basic system but whichproduces essentially the same performance rating is an equivalent system. Equivalent systems mayinclude component options within the limitations in this section. However, the combination ofcomponents which results in the lowest rating will be used for determining the systems Solar EnergyFactor.A. Collectors: Shall be in the same collector class as identified in the SRCCOG-lOO Collector Program.B. Storage Tanks: Shall be ofsimilar design and within 5%ofthe same volumetriccapacity.C. Circulating Pumps: Shall be of the same design principle, performance anddurability.D. Controllers: Shall be of the same operational type, performance anddurability.5.4.3 Similar SystemA system which has one or more components which differ from those in a basic system only in size isa similar system. There may be equivalent similar systems based on the same basic system, but thecombination of components which results in the lowest rating will be used for determining thesystems Solar Energy Factor.5.5 Component SubstitutionSubstitution of components which were not approved as a part of either the originally certified basicsystem or its equivalent systems shall be submitted to SRCC to determine if the new system is eligible forcertification as an equivalent system.Certification may be reissued subject to review by the SRCC following the procedures contained in SRCCDocument CS-i, Operating Guidelines Governing Component Substitution in the SRCC Solar Collectorand Solar Water Heating System Certification and Rating Programs. The analysis shall detail any and allchanges and their effect on durability, safety and performance and shall clearly indicate that the newsystem is equal to or better in all respects than the system originally certified.5.6 Systems Supplied by LicenseesA SWH system certified by SRCC that also is fabricated/assembled and sold by another supplier who is alicensee ofthe first (where fabrication/assembly entails activities which include packaging ofthe system),may be certified by SRCC upon (1) authorization from the original applicant to issue certification to theLicensee/Private Labeler, (2) execution by the Licensee/Private Labeler of a Solar Water Heating SystemCertification Program Agreement and Solar Water Heating System Certification and License, (3)submittal by the Licensee/Private Labeler ofa complete system certification application, and (4) paymentofrequisite fees.Page 9 of39June 2008Private Labelers shall meet the same conditions and program requirements for certification as are requiredofother SRCC solar waterheating system certificationprogram participants.5.7 Application RequirementsA complete listing and description of all components used in the system shall be included with theapplication on forms supplied by SRCC. Test reports, suppliers specification sheets, and supplementaldrawings and/or specifications shall be provided which accurately detail their construction and functionand which document the systems compliance with these minimum standards. Compliance with industrialstandards and/or listing by approved agencies shall be documented.The following minimum information shall be supplied, where applicable, on the major components ofthebasic system and shallbe partof the system certification file:A. Solar Collector1. Manufacturers name and address.2. Model number.3. SRCC Solar Collector Certification License Number and a copy ofthe SRCCSolar Collector Certification Award. (For active systems, the collectorcomponent of the system shall be SRCC tested, rated, and certified in order forthe system to be eligible for certification under this document.)4. Certification of compliance with standards concerning ultraviolet stability forglazing, sealants, gaskets, and other materials exposed to ultraviolet radiation.B. Controller1. Manufacturersname and address.2. Model number.3. Descriptive brochure including specifications and application information.4. Reports on safety or other certification tests, if available.5. Operating temperature differences and tolerances, and environmentaltemperature limitations.6. Statement by the manufacturer or by an independent laboratory that the unitmeets all applicable provisions ofthe National Electrical Code.7. Recognized third party listing agency approval file number (where applicable).C. Storage Tanks1. Manufacturers name and address.2. Model number.3. Descriptive brochure including specifications and application information.4. Dimensions and construction ofintegral heat exchanger if one is used.5. Recognized third party listing agency approved file number (where applicable).6. R-Value rating oftankinsulationPage 10 of39June 2008D. Puini~1. Manufacturers name and address.2. Model number.3. Descriptive brochure including specifications and application number.4. Materials ofpump body and impeller in contact with the pumped fluid.5. Recognized third party listing agency approved file number and description ofoverload protection, such as by overcurrent or overtemperature device or byimpedance ofwindings according to the National Electrical Code.6. Maintenance requirements.7. Limitations on fluids used.E. Heat Exchanger1. Manufacturers name and address.2. Model number.3. Descriptive brochure including specifications and applications information.4. Materials in contact with heat transfer fluids on both sides of the heat exchanger.5. Heat Exchanger effectiveness from independent test laboratory when available.F. Other Components1. Manufacturers name and address.2. Model number.3. Descriptive brochure.4. Appropriate approvals from recognized third party listing agencies.5. Performance information.Separate application forms shall be submitted for separate water heating system designs.5.8 Review of ApplicationThe SRCC shall review the application submitted and give written notice to the supplier ofcertification or denial ofcertification.SRCC shall review the components, assemblies and materials in the system for compatibility.Major system components, the contents of the suppliers manual delivered with the system, and thesuppliers instructions for system installation shall be approved by SRCC. Certification shall be awardedbased upon the determination by SRCC that the system successfully meets the minimum design,reliability and durability, safety, operation and servicing, installation, and manual criteria contained herein.If the SRCC determines that the applicant does not satisfy all the criteria for certification, the SRCCshall give the applicant written notice containing a statement of reasons for the denial. An applicantdenied certification may file within thirty (30) days a written request for review with the SRCC. TheSRCC shall appoint a review board which will consider the evidence on file. The SRCC shall, basedupon the recommendation of the review board, affirm, modify or reverse the initial decision and shallinform the applicant ofthe review boards recommendations.Page 11 of39June 20085.9 LabelingThe supplier of a certified solar system shall identify that system as certified by means of a label.Certification label specifications shall be provided by the SRCC upon approval of the application forcertification. An approved certification label shall be permanently and conspicuously affixed to allproduction units ofthe certified solar system within sixty (60) days from receipt of notice ofcertification.In addition, the supplier shall be required to include a Certification Award as provided by SRCC withevery certified solar system shipped, sold, oroffered forsale and/or on display.The SRCC registered certification trademark may be used in advertising, in catalogs and salespromotion material by the supplier of a certified system provided clear reference is made as to whichsystem(s) certification applies.5.10 Periodic Verification ofSRCC CertificationEach SWH system model which has been granted SRCC certification and an SRCC thermalperformancerating shall be recertified every five (5) years, for as long as that system is manufactured.5.10.1 Verification of Supplier Compliance with CertificationEach SWH system which has been granted SRCC certification and an SRCC thermal perfonnance ratingshall be subject to periodic verification and review in accordance with SRCC Document P1-i, OperatingGuidelines Governing Product Inspections at Suppliers Facilities in the SRCC Solar Collector and SolarWater Heating System Certification and Rating Programs.5.10.2 Field VerificationSystem installations will be inspected in accordance with procedures established by SRCC. Systemsfound to be installed in non-compliance with the requirements of this document are liable to have theircertification revoked by SRCC.5.11 Suspending, Revoking, or Terminating Certification and/or Program Agreement5.11.1 Supplier InitiatedThe supplier of a certified SWH system may voluntarily terminate certification by giving writtennotification to the SRCC.5.11.2 SRCC Initiated .The SRCC may revoke or suspend certification of a SWH system or may terminate the ProgramAgreement in the event of:1. Misrepresentation ofmaterial fact in an application for certification.Page 12 of39June 20082. Misrepresentation that a certification of a particular model applies to other models whichhave not been officially certified. This includes the use of components other than thoselisted with theoriginal certification application.3. Component changes not approved by the SRCC.4. Claiming continued certification fora solar water heating system which, aftercertification,has been changedormodified without thewritten approval ofthe SRCC.5. Failure to comply with a condition ofcertification or labeling.6. Failure to meet the rectification criteria as stated in Section 5.10.7. Failure to comply with the conditions and terms ofthe System Program Agreement and/orSystem Certification and License.8. Failure to pay fees as established by the SRCC Board ofDirectors.The SRCC shall determine if suspension or revocation of a previously granted certification or thetermination of a participants Program Agreement is warranted. Ifso, the SRCC shall give the programparticipant confidential written notice containing a statement of reasons for the proposed action andthose steps, if any, available to the program participant to avoid the proposed action. Whereapplicable, specific instructions of steps which shall be taken to correct the cause(s) for revoking orsuspending certification shall also be contained in the notice.The programparticipant maycontest the reason(s) forthe proposedrevocation, suspension orterminationby filing with the SRCC a written request for review within thirty (30) days of receipt of the writtennotice. In the event of a request for review, the SRCC Board ofDirectors shall conduct an independentreview of the evidence on file and the reasons for contention. The SRCC shall, based upon therecommendation of the review report, affirm, modify, or reverse the proposed revocation, suspension ortermination and shall so inform the program participant of the review boards recommendations. If awritten request for review is not received by SRCC within thirty (30) days ofthe program participantsreceipt ofthewritten notice,theproposed action ofthe SRCC shall become final and conclusive.In the event ofrevocation, suspension or termination in accordance with the preceding paragraph, noticeto such effect shall be made pursuant to Paragraph 5 of the Solar Water Heating System CertificationProgram Agreement. In the event of revocation, suspension, or termination, the right to the use of theOfficial Seal and SRCC ratings by the program participant shall, consistent with the action to be taken,cease and be concluded immediately. Ifthe program participant fails to discontinue use ofthe OfficialSeal and all references to SRCC certification and/or ratings, SRCC shall have the right to an immediatetemporary and/or permanent injunction restraining the system supplier from any and all further use of, orreference to, the Official Seal, certification and/or ratings.Page 13 of39June 20086.0 CERTIFICATION CRITERIA6.1 Design Criteria6.1.1 Overall System Design Criteria6.1.1.1 Operating LimitsMeans shall be provided to protect the SWH system within the design limits of temperature andpressure. Solar Loop IsolationIsolation/bypass valves must be installed to allow the system owner to bypass the solar storage tank inthe case of a two-tank system, or to shut off the cold water supply to the solar tank in a one-tanksystem. All isolation valves shall be labeledwith their normal operating position indicated.6.1.13 Thermal ExpansionThe system design, components and subassemblies shall include adequate provisions for the thennalcontraction and expansion ofheat transfer fluids, thermal storage fluids and system components that willoccur over the design temperature range. Auxiliary Water Heating EquipmentA backup system shall be provided such that the combined system will provide the same degree ofreliability and performance asa conventional system.Auxiliary (nonsolar) water heating equipment shall be compatible with the solar system heat output,temperatures, flow rates and fluid types. Auxiliary equipment shall be listed and labeledby a recognizedthird party listing agency. Back Thermosyphon PreventionMeans shall be provided to prevent undesired escape of thermal energy from storage throughthermosyphoning action. Fluid System SizingPumps, piping, fans, ducts and other components shall be sized to carry the heat transfer fluid at designflow rates without significant operational impairment, erosion or corrosion. Consideration should begiven to minimizing pressure drops and vibrations. The SRCC rating will be determined for 4.9 meter(16 ft.) head and 7.6 meter (25 ft.) pipe runs to and from the collector array.Page 14 of 39June 20086.1.1.7 Blank6.1.1.8 Vacuum-Induced Pressure ProtectionAll components of the solar energy system shall be protected against the maximum vacuumwhich couldoccurwithin the system. Thermal Shock ProtectionThe system shall be able to withstand any thermal shockcaused by an electric power failure. Different Metallic MaterialsAll metals used in the storage system which come into contact with the heat transfer fluid shall be inaccordance with Tables S-515-2.3.2 or S-515-2.3.3 of HUD Minimum Property Standard 4930.2.Documentation shall be provided to demonstrate that material usages not covered in these tables meet theintent of S-S 15-1.4 and S-S 15- Airborne PollutantsSolar components and materials that are exposed to airborne pollutants such as ozone, salt spray, SO2 orNO~shall not be adversely affected by these factors to the extent that their function will be significantlyimpaired during their design life. Effects Of Decomposition ProductsChemical decomposition products that are expelled from solar components under in-service conditionsshall not cause the degradation of solar components or building elements to the extent that wouldsignificantly impair their ability to perform their intended function over theirdesign life.6.1.2 Collector Design Criteria6.1.2.1 CollectorsThe collector component(s) shall be tested in accordance with either SRCC Standard 100, TestMethods and Minimum Standards for Certifying Solar Collectors, SRCC TM-i, SDHW System andComponent Test Protocols, or a similar test procedure approved by SRCC provided that the alternatetest procedure includes the durability tests specified in Section IV of SRCC Standard 100 and thecollector component of the system meets the collector standards specified in Section VT of SRCCStandard Protection From Ultraviolet RadiationUltraviolet radiation shall not significantly alter the performance of any component or subcomponent ofthe system.Page 15 of 39June 20086.1.2.3 Blank6.1.2.4 Collector Flow Rate/DistributionIn multiple collector arrays, the instantaneous flow rate variations between collectors shall not exceed10% ofthe array average flow.When an array ofcollectors is connected by manifolds to form a parallel flow configuration, provisionshall be incorporated in the manifold and/or collectors to maintain the proper design flow rate of theheat transfer fluid through each collector. Blank6.1.2.6 Blank6.1.2.7 Collector Circulation ControlThe collector subsystem control shall be designed to be compatible with control requirements of thesystem.6.1.3 Tank and Heat Exchanger Design Criteria6.1.3.1 Tank Design RequirementsBoth pressurized and non-pressurized tanks shall meet the requirements set by a nationally acceptedstandardsetting organization.Non-pressurized tanks shall be vented to atmospheric pressure.Non-Fiberglass hot water storage tanks shall comply with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code,Division 1, Section VIII, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels unless they fall into one of theclasses ofvessels exempted in Part U-i(c).Fiber-reinforced plastic pressure vessels shall comply with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code,Section X, Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels unless they fall into one of the classes of vesselsexempted in Part RG- 121.Gas water heaters shall comply with ANSI Z2 1.10.1 -2004/CSA 4.1-2004 Gas Water Heaters Volume1, Storage Water Heaters With Input Ratings of 75,000 Btu Per Hour or Less or ANSI Z21 .10.3-2004/CSA 4.3-2004 Gas Water Heaters - Volume III, Storage Water Heaters With Input RatingsAbove 75,000 Btu per Hour, Circulating and Instantaneous.Page 16 of39June 20086.13.2 Tank InsulationExcept where required by system design or constrained by safety considerations tankinsulation shall havea minimum ofR-2.1 0K~m2/W(R-l2 F-&-hr/Btu). An exterior insulation blanket may be used to satisfythis requirement.6.1.33 WaterproofingUnderground and above groundunsheltered storage tanks shall be waterproofed to prevent water seepage. Expansion TanksExpansion tanks shallbe sized in accordance with ASHRAE recommendations. Blank6.13.6 Heat ExchangerWhen toxic fluids are used as the heat transfer medium, a double wail heat exchanger shall be used. Theheat exchanger design shall be such that any failure of a barrier material shall allow the discharge ofexchanger fluid and/or potable water to the atmosphere. The discharge location shall be visible to theoperator or ownerofthe system and be located so that no hazards are created by such discharge.A single wall heat exchanger maybe usedwhen in compliance with both ofthe following:1. Heat transfer medium is taken from a potable water source or is distilled water suitable fordomestic use. Any additives shall be listed in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Food andDrugs, Chapter 1, Food and Drug Administration, Part 182, Substances Generally Recognized asSafe, Part 184, Direct Food Substances Aflinnedas Generally Recognized as Safe.2. Operating pressure within the heat exchanger shall be less than the normal minimum operatingpressure ofthe potable water system.Page 17of39 ~June 20086.1.4 Blank6.1.5 Pumps and Controls Design Criteria6.1.5.1 Blank6.1.5.2 Control System OverrideThe control subsystem shall include such provision for bypass, adjustment or override controls as arerequired to facilitate installation, startup, operation, shutdown and maintenance of the system. Safetycontrols shall not have provision forbypass or override. All switches and their function shall be labeledand easily accessible.6.1.53 Wiring IdentificationControl circuit wiring and terminals shall be identified in accordance with Chapter 2 ofthe NationalElectrical Code. Temperature RatingWiring under insulation shall be rated for expected increased temperature conditions. Control Lines and SensorsAll wires and connections, sensors, pneumatic lines, hydraulic lines or other means for transmitting sensoroutputs to control devices shall be sufficiently protected from degradation or from introducing falsesignals as a result of environmental or system operating conditions. Temperature ControlThe system shall be equipped with a means for automatically limiting the temperature of the hot water atthe fixtures to a selectable temperature. The range of selectability shall be at least 10C(18F)and shallinclude a set point of 50C(122F).6.1.6 Plumbing and Piping Design Criteria6.1.6.1 Protection From Foreign SubstancesThe entire heat transport system shall be protected to prevent contamination by foreign substances thatcould impair the flow and quality ofthe heattransfer fluid beyond acceptable limits.Page 18 of39June 20086.1.6.2 Blank6.1.6.3 InsulationAll interconnecting hot waterpiping and the fmal 1.5 meters (5.0 feet) ofmetallic cold water supply pipeleading to the system, or the length ofpiping which is accessible if less than 1.5 meters, shall be insulatedwith R-0.46 Km2/W (R-2.6 F-&-hr/Btu) or greater insulation.All exterior piping insulation shall be protected from ultraviolet radiation and moisture damage. Blank6.1.6.5 Water Shut-OffThe SWII system shall be valved to provide for shut-off from the service water supply withoutinterrupting normal cold water service to the residence. Service ConnectionsSuitable connections shall be provided at readily accessible locations for filling, draining and flushingliquid systems. FiltersFilters, if included, shall be designed and located so that they can be cleaned or replaced withminimum disruption to the system and adjacent equipment. Blank6.1.6.9 Blank6.1.6.10 Coupling HosesCoupling hoses shall be tested in accordance with the current version ofASTM D750, ASTM D47 1, andASTMD1149. Piping SystemThe piping system shall be provided with valves which can be closed for the purpose ofisolating the solarhot water supply system from the auxiliary hot water heater, thereby permitting operation of the auxiliaryhot water heater when the solar hot water system is inoperative or being serviced.Page 19 of 39June 20086.2 Reliability and Durability Criteria6.2.1 StagnationThe system shall be able to withstand prolonged periods of stagnation (high solar flux, no hot waterdemand) without significant system deterioration and with no maintenance. This includes conditionsduring loss of electric power to the system.6.2.2 Solar DegradationComponents or materials shall not be affected by exposure to sunlight to an extent that will significantlydeteriorate their function during theirdesign life.6.2.3 Operation ConditionsCollectors, tanks, pumps, valves, regulating orifices, pressure regulators, heat exchangers, piping, hosesand other components shall be capable ofoperating within design pressures and design temperature rangesand withstanding environmental extremes anticipated in actual service without significantly reducingsystem design life.6.2.4 Incompatible MaterialsIncompatible materials shall be isolated or treated to prevent degradation to the extent that their functioncould be significantly impaired under in-service conditions.6.2.5 Freeze ProtectionProtection from freeze damage under the most severe environmental conditions that can be expected inactual use shall be provided for all system components containing heat transfer liquids. The Supplier ofeach system shall specify the limit (Freeze Tolerance Limit) to the systems tolerance of freezingweather conditions. Systems installed in a location which has no record of an ambient air temperaturebelow 5C(41F)may be exempted from the requirements ofthis paragraph except the specification ofafreeze tolerance limit.For systems that rely on manual intervention for freeze protection, the Supplier shall specify the systemsfreeze tolerance limit based on exposure for 18 hours to a constant atmospheric temperature. SRCC willevaluate the system design to determine the reasonableness ofthe specified limit.For solar systems where the collector fluid is water, a minimum oftwo freeze protection mechanisms shallbe provided on each system. Manual intervention (draining, changing valve positions, etc.) is suitable asone mechanism. At least one freeze protection mechanism, in addition to manual intervention, shall bedesigned to protect components from freeze damage, even in the event of power failure. The thermalmass ofa system can be consideredto be a limited form offreeze protection.Page 20 of 39June 2008A system in which components and/or piping are subject to damage by freezing shall have the properfittings, pipe slope and collector design to allow for manual gravity draining and air filling ofthe affectedcomponents and piping. Pipe slope for gravity draining shall have a minimum 2 cm vertical drop for eachmeter ofhorizontal length (1/4 inch per foot). This also applies to any header pipes or absorber plate risertubes internal to the collector.At the time of installation, a conspicuously placed label explaining how the system is protected fromfreezing and what actions the homeowner should take shall be attached to the system. For systemswhich rely on manual intervention for freeze protection, this label shall indicate the minimum ambienttemperature conditions (Freeze Tolerance Limit) below which owner action is recommended and theprocedure to be followed.6.2.6 Protection From LeaksAll potable water sections ofa solar water heating system shall Snot leak when tested in accordance withthe codes in force at the installation site. All non-potable sections ofa solar water heating system shall betested for leaks in accordance with the suppliers instructions.6.2.7 Fluid CompatibilityFluids in contact with SWH system materials shall not corrode or otherwise adversely affect systemmaterials to the extent that theirfunction will be significantly impaired during the design life.6.2.8 Deterioration Of FluidsExcept when allowed by the system design, fluids shall not freeze, give rise to excessive precipitation orotherwise lose their homogeneity, boil or develop excessive vapor pressure, change absorptivity, orchange pH, viscosity or thermal properties beyond design ranges when exposed to their maximum andminimum service temperatures and pressures during their design life.6.2.9 Thermal Storage SystemMaterials comprising the thermal storage system shall not cause corrosive wear which would result inpremature failure or degradation in performance greater than that specified within the system.6.2.10 Buried ComponentsSolar components and materials that are intended to be buried in soils shall be protected from degradationunder in-service conditions to insure that their function shall not be impaired.6.2.11 Deterioration ProtectionGaskets, sealants, and coupling hoses shall not be adversely affected by contact with fluids or theenvironment to an extent that will significantly impair their ability to function (See 21 of 39June 20086.2.12 Water HammerWhen a liquid is used as the transfer fluid and quick-closing valves are employed in the design, the pipingsystem shall be able to control or withstand the effects ofwater hammer.6.2.13 Sound And Vibration ControlPiping and associated fittings shall be designed to cany the heat transfer fluid at design flow rates withoutexcessive noise or vibrations which could be annoying or induce mechanical stress levels high enough tocause damage.Pumps and compressors, or other components involving moving parts, shall be balanced or mounted insuch a manner that they do not induce excessive noise or vibration that could be annoying or causedamage.6.3 Safety Criteria6.3.1 Blank6.3.2 Protection Of Electrical ComponentsOverload and overcurrent protection of electrically operated components shall be consistent with themaximum current rating of the device and with the provisions of Article 240, Chapter 2 ofthe NationalElectrical Code.6.3.3 Blank6.3.4 System Failure PreventionThe control subsystem shall be so designed that, in the event ofa power failure or a failure ofany ofthesystem components, the temperatures or pressures developed in the SWH system shall not damage thesystem, or thebuilding, or endanger its occupants.6.3.5 High Temperature ControlMeans shall be provided to limit tank temperatures to a value not to exceed the tank suppliers specifiedhigh temperature limit. The pressure/temperature relief valve shall not be used for this purpose undernormal operating conditions.6.3.6 Protection Against Auto-Ignition Of CombustiblesCombustible materials used in solar equipment shall not be exposed to elevated temperatures which couldcause ignition.Page 22 of 39June 20086.3.7 Fluid Safety LabelingLabels shall mark all drain and fill valves in the SWH system. Each label shall identify the fluid in thatloop. The location of fluid handling instructions shall be referenced. The label shall list the heatexchanger type and heat transfer fluid class as defmed by the American Water Works Association, CrossConnection Control Manual. The label shall include a warning that fluid may be discharged at hightemperature and/or pressure. The label shall contain the following warning:No other fluid shall be used that would change the original classification of this system.Unauthorized alterations to this system could result in a hazardous health condition.6.3.8 Contamination Of Potable WaterMaterials which come in direct contact with potable water shall not adversely affect the taste, odor orphysical quality and appearance of the water and shall meet the standards of the National SanitationFoundation.6.3.9 Entrapped AirSuitable means air or gas removal from all high points in thepiping system and any other location whereair is most likely to accumulate shall be provided. The method ofremoval shall be appropriate forthesystem type as follows:- Automatic for open loop (direct) circulating systems using potable water as the heat transfer fluid,- Manual or automatic for closed loop (indirect) systems,- Not required for integral collector storage (ICS) and open 1oop thermosiphon systems.6.3.10 BackflowMeans shall be provided to prevent backflowofnon-potable fluids into the potable water system.63.11 Blank6.3.12 ToxicityThe use of toxic fluids shall comply with the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, Title 15, or itsequivalent, and the requirements ofthe health authority having jurisdiction.6.3.13 Combustible LiquidsThe storage, piping and handling ofcombustible liquids shall conform to the requirements ofthe NationalFire Protection Association (NFPA) No. 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquid Code.Page 23 of 39June 20086.3.14 Liquid Flash PointThe flash point ofa heat transfer fluid shall exceed by 28C(50F),or more, the design maximum no-flowtemperature to be reached by the fluid in the collector. The flash point shall be determinedby themethodsdescribed in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) No. 321, Basic Classification ofFlammableand Combustible Liquids. In systems using a gaseous heat transfer fluid; a flammable gas shall not beused.6.3.15 Blank6.3.16 Pressure ReliefEach portion of the system where excessive pressures can develop shall have a pressure relief device toensure that no section can be valved off or otherwise isolated from a relief device. Automatic pressurerelief devices shall be set to open at not more than maximumdesign pressure.6.3.17 Heated ComponentsSystem subassemblies which are exposed to public traffic and are maintained at elevated temperaturesshall either be insulated sufficiently to keep exposed surface temperatures below 60C(140F)duringoperation, or they shall be suitably isolated. Any other exposed areas that are maintained at hazardoustemperatures shall be identified with appropriate warnings.6.4 Operation and Servicing Criteria6.4.1 Operating IndicatorsThe SWH systems shall include means for an observer to determine readily that the system is operatingproperly and providing solar heated water.6.4.2 Blank6.43 TanksFiberglass reinforced tanks shall be used within the temperature limitations established by the tanksupplier. Tanks shall be labeled to show the maximum operating pressure.and temperature.6.4.4 WasteDisposalSystems utilizing a toxic heat transfer fluid or thermal storage fluid shall provide for the catchments andharmless removal ofthese fluids from vents where fluid may be automatically discharged.Page 24 of39June 20086.4.5 Dirt Retention And StainingSolar systems and collectors shall be accessible for periodic cleaning if conditions are such thatself-cleaningby rain is not sufficient to keep the collectors operating efficiently.6.4.6 Maintenance And ServicingAll individual components of the system which may require periodic examination, adjustment, serviceand/or maintenance shall be easily and safely accessible by the owner and in accordance with the codes inforce at the installation site. Individual collectors in any array shall be replaceable or repairable withoutdisturbing any other collector in the array.6.4.7 Permanent Maintenance AccessoriesPermanent maintenance accessories such as hose bibs and drains necessary for maintenance of thesystem shall be provided.6.4.8 Blank6.5 Installation Criteria6.5.1 FirestoppingThe SWH system components shall be assembled such that firestopping shall be possible at time ofinstallation, ifrequired by local codes and ordinances.6.5.2 Auxiliary SystemInterconnection ofthe auxiliary system to the solar energy system shall be made in a manner which willnot result in excessive temperature orpressure in the auxiliary system orbypassing ofsafety devices oftheauxiliary system.6.5.3 Space UseSolar components should not reduce or increase humidity, temperature or thermal radiation beyondacceptable levels or interfere with required headroom or air circulation space.6.5.4 AccessibilityThe location of the solar components should not impair accessibility needed to maintain the building orsite.Page 25 of 39June20086.5.5 Building PenetrationsPenetrations of the building through which piping or wiring is passed shall not reduce or impair thefunction ofthe enclosure. Penetrations through walls or other surfaces shall not allow intrusionby insectsand/or vermin. Required roofpenetrations shall be made in accordance with applicable codes and also bypractices recommended by the NationalRoofing Contractors Association.6.5.6 WaterDamageCollectors and support shall be installed in such a manner that water flowing offthe collectorsurface willnot damage the building or cause premature erosion ofthe roof. Water tanks located in or above the livingspace shall be installed on a drip pan with a drain line to a waste line or outside or have other means tosafely remove any excess liquid.6.5.7 Blank6.5.8 Structural SupportsNeither wind loading (including uplift) nor the additional weight of filled collectors shall exceed thelive or dead load ratings ofthe building, roof, roofanchorage, foundation or soil. Collector supportsshall not impose undue stresses on the collectors. The design load shall be as specified by the codes inforce at the installation site and shall include an additional load due to snow accumulation forapplicable locations.6.5.9 Expansion And Contraction Of SupportsStructural supports shall be selected and installed in such a manner that thermal expansion of thecollector and piping will not cause damage to the collector structural frame or thebuilding.6.5.10 Penetration OfStructural MembersWhen penetrations are required in structural members to accompany passage of solar components, thosemodified structural members shall comply with local building codes.6.5.11 Protection From Thermal DeteriorationBuilding materials adjacent to solar equipment shall not be exposed to elevated temperatures which couldaccelerate their deterioration. Many non-metal roofmg materials will soften in the temperature range of60 - 80C(140-180F)and begin to degrade above this temperature.6.5.12 Tilt And AzimuthThe collector shall be installed on a mountcapable ofmaintaining tilt and azimuth to design conditions.Page 26 of 39June 20086.5.13 Shading Of CollectorThe location and orientation ofthe collector shall be such that it is not shaded by external obstructions ormutual shadowing more than the specified periodallowed in thedesign.6.5.14 Pipe And Component SupportsHangers shall provide adequate support and correct pitch ofpipes. Hangers or supports for insulated pipesor components shall be designed to avoid compressing or damaging the insulation material.6.5.15 Pitch Or Angle Of Piping InstallationPiping should be sloped toward drain ports with a drainage slope ofno less than 2 cm vertical drop foreach meter ofhorizontal length (1/4 inch per foot).6.5.16 Blank6.5.17 Underground PipingUnderground piping subject to vehicular traffic shall be installed to withstand the additional loadingapplied by this traffic. The trenches and backfill shall be free ofsharp objects in contact with the pipe.6.5.18 Control Sensor InstallationControl sensors and the means for transmitting sensor outputs to control devices shall be protected fromenvironmental influence such as wind, moisture, temperature or other factors which may alter theirintended sensing function.6.5.19 Penetrations Through Fire-Rated AssembliesPenetrations through fire-rated assemblies etc. shall not reduce the buildings fire resistance required bylocal codes, ordinances and applicable standards.6.5.20 Emergency Egress And AccessThe design and installation of systems shall not impair emergency movement of the buildingoccupants.6.5.2 1 Rain and Snow on CollectorThe location, orientation, and position ofthe collectorrelative to nearby objects and surfaces shall be suchthat water run-off from the collector surface is not impeded nor is excessive build-up of snow on lowerportions ofthe collector glazing permitted to occur.Page 27 of 39June 20086.6 Manual Criteria6.6.1 Provision For ManualsA manual or manuals shall be provided with each SWH system. The manual shall contain the name andaddress ofthe system supplier, the system model name or number and shall describe the operation ofthesystem and its components and the procedures for installation, operation and maintenance.Manuals shall be approved by the SRCC for content as described in Sections 6.6.2 to 6.6.7. This approvalshall be indicated on the manuals as follows:The solar energy system described by this manual, when properly installed andmaintained, meets the minimum standards established by the SRCC. This certificationdoes not imply endorsement or warranty ofthis product by SRCC.6.6.2 Installation InstructionsThe manual(s) shall include an explanation ofphysical and functional requirements of the system and itscomponents and the general procedures for their proper installation. The instructions shall describe theinterconnection requirement of the various subsystems and components and their interface requirementswith the building and the site. The instructions shall be available at the installation site orfrom normallyaccessible sources.6.6.3 Operation InstructionsThe manual shall clearly describe the operation of the SWH system, explaining the function of eachsubsystem and component. The manual shall include a system diagram showing the components and theirrelationships in the typical installed system. Major components shall be described in a separate section orby enclosed descriptive material furnished by the supplier ofthe components.The manual shall describe procedures for system start-up, routine maintenance and special conditionaloperations such as drain-down. The manual shall specify fill weights, pressure ratings and temperatureratings for servicing and routine maintenance of the system. It shall also specify temperature, pressureand flow conditions expected at various access points to allow simple operational checks andtroubleshooting. The manual shall include instructions for valving offdifferent sections ofthe system inemergency situations and shall include instructions for leaving the system unattended and unused for longperiods oftime. The manual shall indicate the minimum ambient temperature above which the system isdesigned not to be damaged due to freezing (Freeze Tolerance Limit). The manual shall include thestatement:Freeze tolerance limits are based upon an assumed set ofenvironmental conditions.If the freezing point of the fluid in an exposed part of the system is above the freeze tolerance limitspecified for the system, the following statement shall be added to the one above:Page 28 of 39June 2008Extended periods ofcold weather, including ambient air temperatures above the specified limit,may cause freezing in exposed parts of the system. It is the owners responsibility to protect thesystem in accordance with the Suppliers instructions if the air temperature is anticipated toapproach the specified freeze tolerance limit.6.6.4 Maintenance PlanThe manual shall include a comprehensive plan for maintaining the specified performance of the SWHsystem.The plan shall include a schedule and description ofprocedures for ordinary and preventive maintenanceincluding cleaning ofcollector exterior surfaces. The manual shall describe minor repairs and give theprojections forequipment replacement.6.6.5 Fluid QualityThe manual shall identify the fluid(s) used in the SWH system and state whether or not the fluid(s) aretoxic or hazardous. Proper procedures for handling, safe disposal, and first aid shall be provided forhazardous fluids. A technical data sheet shall be provided for each non-water fluidused in the system.Procedures shall be described for maintaining the heat transfer fluids chemical composition at levelsadequate to prevent unacceptable deposits on the heat transfer surfaces, corrosion of the heat transfersurfaces or loss offreeze resistance.6.6.6 Service And Replacement PartsThe manual shall include a parts list giving a sufficient description ofeachpart forordering a replacement.Parts, components and equipment required for service, repair or replacement shall be commerciallyavailable or available from the system or subsystem supplier. All options (make and model), allowed bythe Participantholding the OG-300 certification, for the following components must be listed on the samepage ofboth the installation and operation manuals: solar collector, solar storage tank, pump, controller,heat exchanger, and heat transfer fluid. The piping material(s) shall be listed. This page shall also includetemperature, pressure, and/or flow conditions expected at system access points to allow simple operationalchecks. The manual shall include the name and address of at least one company in close geographicproximity to the purchaser that offers service on the system. An 800 telephone number maintained by thesupplier that a consumer cancall to get in contact with a local service agent will satisfy this requirement.6.6.7 HazardsThe manual shall provide warning against health and safety hazards that could arise in the operation andmaintenance of the system and shall fully describe the precautions that shall be taken to avoid thesehazards. For collector(s) that are not grounded via the plumbing components, a warning label shall beaffixed to the system and the manual should recommend lightning protection.Page 29 of39June 20086.6.8 Warranty CoverageThe manual shall provide a full description of the warranty coverage on the system. In addition, themanual shall describe what actions the purchasershall undertake to obtain warranty coverage.6.7 BlankPage 30 of 39 June 20087.0 PERFORMANCE RATING7.1 Determination ofThermalPerformance RatingA thermal performance rating shall be based upon component tests completed in accordancewith Section6.1.2.1 of this document in conjunction with a computer program. The computer program shall be basedon the TRNSYS computer code version 13.1 or later or an approved equivalent code. The test data willprovide performance parameters for the solar collectors and any other components as deemed necessary.The computer program will use these performance parameters along with accepted engineering practicesand the conditions presented in section 7.3 of this document to model the balance of the system andcalculate the performance ratings.The performance rating is presented as a Solar Energy Factor (SEF) defmed as the energy delivered bythe system divided by the electrical and/or gas energy put into the system:SEF = QDEL / (QAUX + QPAR)Where:QDEL = Daily energy delivered to the hot water load MJ (Btu).QAUX = Daily amount of energy used by the auxiliary water heater or backup element,MJ(Btu).QPAR = Daily amounts of energy used to power pumps, controllers, shutters, trackers, orany other item needed to operate the SWH system, MJ(Btu). Parasitic energy)7.2 Blank7.3 Rating ConditionsThe following conditions shall be used for calculating the daily energy savings and the solar energy factor.These conditions are the same as those used in the U.S. Department of Energy test for water heaters(Federal Register volume 55 number 201 page 42161 -42177, October 17, 1990) except for the following: a solar radiation profile has been added. an outdoor ambient air temperature profile has been added. the draw profile has been set to begin at9:30 am solar time. the amount of energy to be drawn from the system was obtained from the GAMA ConsumersDirectory of Certified Efficiency Ratings for Residential Heating and Water HeatingEquipment, April 1994 (page 134). This amount of energy is drawn rather than the normalizedvolume draw specified in the DOE test. the performance of the systems is determined from a computer simulation as specified inSection 7.1 above rather than by the actual test specified by the DOE procedure.Page 31 of39June 2008Rating Conditions:Environmental Temperature 19.7C (67.5F)Auxiliary Set Temperature 57.2C (135F)Water Mains Temperature 14.4C (58F)DrawType energyNumber ofDraws 6-one at thebeginning ofeach hour starting at 9:30amTotal Energy Draw 43.302 MJ (41,045 Btu)Approximate Volume Draw 243 1 (64.3 gal)Draw Rate 0.189 I/s (3.0 gpm)The outdoor ambient temperature, solar radiation, and incident angle profiles are defmed as follows:Solar Time Ambient Temperature Solar Radiation Incident Angle(hour) (C) (F) (W-hr/m2) (Btu/hr-&)0-1 13 55.4 0 0 --1-2 12 53.6 0 0 --2-3 11 51.8 0 0 --3~4 10 50.0 0 0 --4-5 9 48.2 0 0 --5-8 8 46.4 0 0 --8-9 8 46.4 315 100 609-10 11 51.8 470 150 4510_li 13 55.4 570 180 3011-12 15 59.0 660 210 1512-13 17 62.6 700 220 013-14 19 66.2 660 210 1514-17 21 69.8 570 180 3015-16 21 69.8 470 150 4516-17 21 69.8 315 100 6017-18 20 68.0 0 0 --18-19 19 66.2 0 0 --19-20 18 64.4 0 0 --20-21 17 62.6 0 0 --21-22 16 60.8 0 0 --22-23 15 59.0 0 0 --23-24 14 57.2 0 0 --Page 32 of39June 20088.0 PROCEDURE FOR THE CHALLENGE OF EXISTING SRCCCERTIFICATIONThis section addresSes the function of the SRCC to ensure that products being produced and marketedconform to the SRCC requirements. In addition, it addresses the procedures for handling the challenges toSRCC certification ofa product by an interested party or by the SRCC.Under the provisions of this section, the SRCC, or its designated representative, may conduct periodicinspections of manufacturing facilities and/or field inspections of certified installed systems for thepurpose of ascertaining if the certified product conforms to the product description on file with SRCC.(As used in this section, the phrase product description shall be understood to mean the descriptionprovided to SRCC by the Supplier for certification as it relates to all aspects ofthe material, specifications,parts design, and construction techniques ofthe product.) This action may be taken at the SRCCs requestor as the result ofa formal challenge by an interested third party.If a site-inspection initiated either by the SRCC or the challenge by an interested third party documents achange in product description not previously approved by SRCC, the SRCC representative will be givenaccess to the Suppliers premises to permit the inspection ofany current production unit or units designatedby SRCC.NOTE: Additional details on site inspections and program enforcement require further developmentby the Standards Committee.Page 33 of 39June 20089.0 AGREEMENT FOR CERTIFYING AND LABELING SWH SYSTEMSAn agreement (known as the Solar Water Heating System Certification Program Agreement and SolarWater Heating System Certification and License) between the Solar Rating and CertificationCorporation and a supplier is required for certification of a solar water heating system meeting therequirements of SRCC Document OG-300, Operating Guidelines and Minimum Standards forCertifying Solar Water Heating Systems. The System Certification Program Agreement shall berenewed annually in order to continue participation in the program. The Certification and Licenseshall be executed with each grant of system model certification and rating. These agreements aregoverned by the SRCC Board of Directors and shall accompany this document as a separateaddendum.Page 34 of 39June 200810.0 SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEM CERTIFICATION PROGRAMFEESThe costs ofparticipating in the SRCC Solar Water Heating System Certification and Rating Programare governed by the SRCC Board of Directors and shall accompany this document as a separateaddendum.Page 35 of 39June 2008BIBLIOGRAPHY1. ASHRAE Handbook of Applications, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and air-conditioning Engineers, Inc., 1791 Tullie Circle, NE, Atlanta, GA 30329, 1978.2. 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Minimum Thermosiphon System Tank Supports, SupportAnchoring Fasteners and Tank Mounting Brackets (06/01 /99)8) Accepted Products List (08/07) HEWH RNC & REWH AcceptedProduct List (06/07 Update)~Hawaiian Electric Co., Honolulu, HI 96840-0001P0 Box 2750July 17, 2003[fn:SSA07173JTO: All Participating Contractors and Product SuppliersFROM: Ron Richmond, REWH Program Technical AdvisorSUBJECT: Addendum No.dated SeptembI to the HECOer2l, 2002Solar Standards and SpecificationsEffective July 17, 2003 the HECO Residential Solar Water Heating System Standardsand Specifications dated September 21, 2002 are amended as follows.Part IGENERAL1.06.1. Water Storage. The minimum water storage for the combined capacity of theprimary and any additional tanks in retrofit systems and owner builder new constructionshall be-i~umbe~-o~-Fe&i4entsequal to or greater than the required storage asdetermined on Form I but not less than the Minimum Storage listed in Table 1. Theminimum water storage for the combined capacity of the primary and any additionaltanks in systems for new construction, rental, and military family housing units shall bebased on the number of bedrooms as listed in Table 1.Lined through language signifies deleted language. Underlined language signifies newlanguage.Please note that separate approvals are required by the HELCO and MECO Programs.~~~Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc. Honolulu, HI 96840-000fP0 Box 2750February 27, 2004~fn:SSAO2274jTO: All Participating Contractors and Product SuppliersFROM: Ron Richmond, REWH Program Technical AdvisorSUBJECT: Addendum No. 2 to the HECO Solar Standards and Specificationsdated September 21, 2002Effective February 27, 2004 the HECO Residential Solar Water Heating SystemStandards and Specifications dated September 21, 2002 are amended as follows.Part II- PRODUCTS2.01. All products shall be accepted for use in the Program by the Company prior to systeminstallation. Specific product catalog data; equipment test data/approval, where applicable;local Building Department approval, where applicable; manufacturers written installationinstructions; and detailed manufacturers written product warranty statements shall besubmitted only by Participating Contractors or local product suppliers to Company for productacceptance consideration. Accepted products shall be listed on an Accepted Products List.The acceptance, rejection, or de-listinQ of any product from the Acceg~tedProducts List shall bewithin the sole discretion of the Company.Underlined language signifies new language.Please note that separate approvals are required by the HELCO and MECO Programs.EDERGYSQLUIIOflSFOR THE HOMEDecember 2, 2004Nen12024b1TO: All HECO Participating Contractors and Product SuppliersFROM: Ron Richmond (543-4784)SUBJECT: Addendum No. 3 to the HECO Accepted SolarSpecifications dated September 21, 2002Standards andEffective immediately, Section 2.16.1 of the HECO Residential Solar Water HeatingSystem Standards and Specifications dated September 21, 2002 is replaced in itsentirety with the following language.2.16.1. Ball Valves. Ball valves shall be provided to isolate major systemcomponents such as tanks, collectors and circulating pumps. Factory suppliedpump isolation flanges listed on the Accepted Products List are acceptable toisolate the pump in lieu of ball valves. A ball valve or pump isolation flange isnot required between the tank and pump as long as the pump remainsabove the top of the tank.(Note: New language is in bold, italics print.)Please place this addendum in front of your master HECO Standards andSpecifications document file and be sure to notify your entire staff of the change.These changes are independent of the HELCO and MECO programs.Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.P.O Box 3920 H~r.OIuhj.H~wai~9681 2-3920telephone (808) 537-5577RESIDENTIAL SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMSTANDARDS AND SPECIFICATiONSSeptember 19, 2007(supercedesprior versions)PART I - GENERAL1.01. PROGRAM CONTRACT. The terms and conditions of the Customer EfficiencyProgram Contract, in their entirety, are hereby incorporated into these ProgramStandards and Specifications.1.02. OTHER DOCUMENTS. Program figures, forms, tables, charts, approvals,Accepted Products List, and Policies and Procedures referred to herein are herebyincorporated into these Program Standards and Specifications.1.03. SYSTEMS. Solar systems installed under the Company Customer EfficiencyResidential Efficient Water Heating Program shall conform to applicable local building,plumbing and electrical codes, these Standards and Specifications, and other programrequirements described in this document and shall be approved by Company prior tosystem installation. Where discrepancies, if any, exist between local codes and theseStandards and Specifications, local codes shall govern.1.04. SYSTEM DESIGN. Systems shall be designed specifically for residential waterheating. Systems shall be of forced circulation or thermosiphon design which containpotable water. Systems may consist of single or multiple tanks and/or collectors.Multiple tank systems shall have the tanks connected in series. Multiple collectorsystems shall have the collectors connected in parallel. Single and multiple collectorsshall be plumbed in a reverse return (i.e. opposite-end) method to achieve balancedflow through collectors. The solar return collector connection shall be at the highestpoint on each collector. Systems shall be designed to prevent back-siphoning.Acceptable system designs for forced circulation systems are bottom-return, side-returnand top-return. Side-return and top-return system designs shall incorporate checkvalves and heat loops. Multiple tank bottom-return system designs shall incorporateswing check valves. Forced circulation system component sequence shall conform toFigure 1 for bottom-return systems; to Figure 2 for side-return systems; to Figure 3 fortop-return systems; or as approved by Company prior to installatiob. The rmosiphonsystem designs shall conform to the manufacturers recommendations. Systemmounting method shall conformed to the mounting method as approved by Companyprior to system installation. Systems installed in areas which experience freezingconditions shall incorporate appropriate freeze protection measures.1 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 91xx120071.05. SYSTEM PERFORMANCE. Systems shall be designed to provide a minimum of90% of the annual average water heating load, except as provided for in Section 1.06.4of these Standards and Specifications; to provide consistency of performance over thelife of the system; and to achieve a minimum 15 year useful life.1.06. SYSTEM SIZING. Systems shall be sized to yield an acceptable solar fraction.Solar fraction, expressed as a percentage, is the contribution by the solar system to theaverage daily water heating requirements. Solar fraction is a function of the actualsystem hot water storage, design finish tank temperature, daily BTU requirement toachieve design finish tank temperature, and daily collector output as determined bycollector tilt, orientation and sunshine zone.1.06.1. Water Storage. The minimum water storage for the combined capacityof the primary and any additional tanks in retrofit systems and owner builder newconstruction shall be number of residents as determined on Form 1 but not lessthan the Minimum Storage listed in Table 1. The minimum water storage for thecombined capacity of the primary and any additional tanks in systems for newconstruction, rental, and military family housing units shall be based on thenumber of bedrooms as listed in Table Tank Temperature. Tank temperature rise for system sizing shall be 55degrees F. to a finish tank temperature of 130 degrees F.1.06.3. Daily BTU Requirement. The daily BTU requirement shall bedetermined by multiplying the total actual system storage in gallons asdetermined in Form 1 by 8.33 lbs. per gallon and by 55 BTU per pound for a 55degrees F. temperature rise. Table 2 lists the daily BTU requirements forcommon nominal size residential heaters and storage tanks.1.06.4. Solar Fraction, The system design solar fraction shall be not less than90% and not more than 110% of the total actual system storage BTUrequirement. The solar fraction shall be determined by dividing the total adjustedcollector BTU output per day by the total actual system storage STU requirementper day as provided on Form 1. In sizing retrofit systems based on the numberof residents, when the required storage equals the actual storage as determinedon Form 1, the design solar fraction shall be not less than 95% and not morethan 110% of the total actual system storage BTU requirement.2 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 91xxJ20071.07. COLLECTOR TILT. Collectors shall be tilted not less than 14 degrees or morethan 60 degrees from the horizontal. Forced circulation system collectors mounted onroofs whose pitch is less than 14 degrees shall be tilted to no less than 20 degrees andno more than 30 degrees. Thermosiphon system collectors mounted on roofs whosepitch is less than 14 degrees shall be tilted to no less than 20 degrees and no morethan 30 degrees. Collectors mounted on roofs whose tilt is above 35 degrees shallhave their output rating derated by percentages listed in Table 3. Collector tilt factorsshall be determined by rounding collector tilt to the nearest 5 degrees.1.08. COLLECTOR ORIENTATION. Collectors shall be oriented between South ofdue East and South of due West. Collectors oriented East of 135 degrees true or Westof 225 degrees true shall have their output rating derated by the percentages shown onChart 1. Orientation Factors for Solar Installations (Compass Rose Diagram). Chart 1shows allowable collector orientations and orientation factors corrected for magneticdeviation.1.09. COLLECTOR SHADING. Collectors shall not be shaded by any permanentobstacle at any portion of the time after 9:00 a.m. or before 3:00 p.m. on December 21or any other day of the year, except by prior Company approval.PART II- PRODUCTS2.01. GENERAL. All products shall be accepted for use in the Program by theCompany prior to system installation. Specific product catalog data; equipment testdata/approval, where applicable; local Building Department approval, where applicable;manufacturers written installation instructions; and detailed manufacturers writtenproduct warranty statements shall be submitted only by Participating Contractors orlocal product suppliers to Company for product acceptance consideration. Acceptedproducts shall be listed on an Accerted Products List.2.02. COLLECTOR RATINGS. Collectors shall be of the liquid type and shall have acurrent Solar Rating & Certification Corporation OG-1 00 rating and certification. OG-100 Category C data for clear day, mildly cloudy and cloudy days sky conditions shallbe correlated to the Oahu Sunshine Map at 500, 400, and 300 cal. per sq. cm. per dayand interpolated linearly at 450 and 350 cal. per sq. cm. per day. Table 6 lists acceptedcollectors and their output ratings for each sunshine zone. The sunshine zone closestto the collector installation site shall be used to determine collector output. Sitesequidistant between two zones may be considered to be in either zone. Sites in the300 zone shall be considered to be in a 350 zone for system sizing purposes.3of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9/xxJ20072.03. COLLECTOR MATERIALS. For flat plate collectors, collector frame materialshall be aluminum, stainless steel, copper or approved equal. Collector glazing shall below-iron tempered solar glass. Collector waterways shall be of Type M minimumcopper tube. Other collector materials are acceptable, subject to prior Companyapproval.2.04 COLLECTOR/SYSTEM MOUNTiNG BRACKETS. Collector/system mountingbrackets which secure the collector/system to the support structure or directly to theroof structural member shall be designed specifically for the equipment to be bracketedand shall be fabricated by an established manufacturer.2.05. COLLECTOR/SYSTEM LEG SETS. Collector/system leg sets which secure thecollector/system to the support structure or directly to the roof structural member shallbe designed specifically for the equipment to be supported and shall be fabricated byan established manufacturer.2.06. COLLECTOR/SYSTEM SUPPORT STRUCTURE. Collector/system supportstructure shall be of structurally sound material. The material shall be of non-corrosivemetal channel or similar sections of approved material and finish which are compatiblewith the collector, collector mounting brackets, collector leg supports and leg set crossbraces. Acceptable support structure materials are extruded aluminum solar strut,channel and double T, isolated, galvanized steel and UV resistant plastic. Unlessotherwise approved by Company prior to system installation, solar strut shall be 1 5/8 x1 5/8 x 1/8 in size, channel and double T shall be 3 x 1 x 1/8 in size, and anglealuminum shall be 2 x 2 x 3/16 in size. Wood or wood products are not acceptable.2.07. TANKS. Tanks shall be designed specifically as residential water heaters orwater storage tanks. New tanks shall be warranted by the manufacturer for at least 5years and shall be listed in the Company Accepted Products List or in the Company Listof Accepted High-Efficiency Electric Water Heaters List. Where use of high-efficiencyelectric water heaters are not practical, the new tank shall be listed in the GasAppliance Manufacturers Association Consumers Directory of Certified EfficiencyRatings. Incorporation of existing water heaters and/or storage tanks into the solarsystem shall be accepted at the sole discretion of the Company. In single tanksystems, the tank shall be equipped with an internal thermostat and heating elementrated at not more than 4500 Watts. In single tank systems, the lower element, if any,shall be disabled at the upper element. In multiple tank systems, the tank which directlysupplies the hot water load shall have an internal thermostat and heating element of anapproved rating and the lower element, if any, shall not be disabled.4 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9/xx/20072.08. PUMP. Pumps shall be of a circulating type. The pump shall be designed toattain the manufacturers recommended collector flow rate for the total number ofsystem collectors and the total developed head of the solar lines. AC powered pumpsshall be compatible with the pump controller. DC powered pumps shall be compatiblewith the photovoltaic module. Pump isoflanges are not acceptable in lieu of ball valves.2.09. CONTROLLER. Controller shall automatically control the operation of thecirculating pump so that optimum system performance is attained. The controller shallbe compatible with the circulating pump. Controller sensors shall be thermisters, whichconform to the manufacturers specifications for the controller.2.10. PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE. Photovoltaic modules used to power DC pumpsshall be compatible with the pumps performance rating and power requirements.2.11. TIME SWITCHES. All systems shall have time switches, which control theoperation of the auxiliary heating system. Acceptable time switches are electric,electronic and spring-loaded mechanical switches. Electric and electronic timeswitches shall have a manual override feature.2.12. ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR. Electrical conductors exposed to direct sunlightshall have sunlight resistant insulation. Conductors interconnecting the photovoltaicmodule and DC circulating pump shall not have more than a 3% voltage drop over theone way distance between the pump and module. Refer to Table 5 for conductor sizesbased on one way distances.2.13. PIPING. Piping shall be copper tubing Type M minimum. Solar supply andreturn pipe shall be sized to attain the manufacturers recommended collector flow, ratefor the total number of system collectors and pump size. The pipe size for forcedcirculation systems with not over 120 sq. ft. of collector area and not over 120 feet totalround trip distance shall be 1/2-inch minimum. The pipe size for forced circulationsystems with collector area over 120 sq. ft. and/or over 120 feet total round trip distanceshall be approved by Company prior to system installation. The pipe size for waterheater/storage tank supply, distribution, multiple tank interconnections and overflowlines shall be 3/4-inch minimum. The hot and cold supply lines to a thermosiphonsystem shall have a pipe size of 3/4 minimum. Water heater flex connectors are notacceptable.2.14. FITTINGS. Fittings shall be bronze, brass, or wrought copper approved forpotable water distribution. Factory installed galvanized tank nipples are acceptable.2.15. PIPE SUPPORTS, BLOCKS AND SPACERS. Pipe supports shall be copper,stainless steel or other approved material. Rooftop piping support blocks or spacers,when used, shall be 2 x 4 painted wolmanized wood blocks, UV resistant non-metallicspacers, solar strut or equal.5 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9Ixx/20072.16. VALVES. Valves shall be bronze or brass.2.16.1. BaIl Valves. Ball valves shall be provided to isolate major systemcomponents such as tanks, collectors and circulating pumps. Factory suppliedpump isolation flanges are acceptable to isolate the pump in lieu of ball valves.2.16.2. Check Valves. Check valves shall be provided with side-return, top-return and multiple tank, bottom-return forced circulation systems or where backsiphoning may occur. Check valves shall be of the swing check type.2.16.3. Flush Out Valves. Flush out valves shall be provided to allow forstorage tank and collector draining and periodic flushing. Acceptable valves arehose bibs and boiler drains.2.16.4. Pressure Relief Valve. A pressure relief valve shall be provided at thecollector(s). The pressure setting shall be non-adjustable and rated at 125 or150 PSI. The valve lever shall be stainless steel and the valve pin shall bebrass.2.16.5. Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve. A temperature & pressure reliefvalve shall be provided for single or multiple pressurized water storage tanksystems provided that the location complies with local code requirements. Thetemperature and pressure relief settings shall be non-adjustable and rated at 210degrees F. and 150 PSI, respectfully.2.17. UNIONS. Unions shall be bronze or brass. Unions shall be used to connectdissimilar piping materials. Dielectric unions connecting corrosion causing dissimilarmetals are acceptable.2.18. TEMPERATURE MEASURING DEVICE. A temperature-measuring device shallbe provided to measure the temperature of the storage tank, which directly supplies thehot water load. Acceptable temperature measuring devices are temperature gaugesand electronic temperature devices.2.19 FASTENING HARDWARE. All fastening hardware, including, but not limited to,strut-nut sets, through-bolt sets, lag-bolt sets, and hanger-bolt sets, shall be stainlesssteel Series 300 minimum or other approved material.2.19.1. Strut-Nut Sets. Strut-nut sets shall consist of one strut nut, bolt, and flator lock washer each. The size, length and quantity of strut-nut sets shall be thatrecommended by the manufacturer or one strut-nut set per collector mountingbracket with a minimum bolt diameter and length of 5/16 by 3/4, whichever isgreater.6 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9/xx/20072.19.2. Through-Bolt Sets. Through-bolt sets shall consist of one bolt, nut, flator fender washer and lock washer each. The size, length and quantity ofthrough-bolt sets shalt be that recommended by the manufacturer or onethrough-bolt set per collector mounting bracket with a minimum bolt diameter andlength of 5/16 by ,whichever is.greater.2.19.3. Lag-Bolt Sets. Lag-bolt sets shall consist of one lag bolt and one flat orfender washer. Lag bolt diameter shall be that recommended by themanufacturer or 5/16 minimum, whichever is greater. Lag bolts shall be ofsufficient length to penetrate a minimum of 1 3/4 into the roof structural member.The number of anchoring lag bolts shall be that recommended by themanufacturer or that listed in Table 4, whichever is greater, or as approved byCompany prior to installation.2.19.4. Hanger-Bolt Sets. Hanger-bolt sets shall consist of one hanger bolt,and lock washer each and two nuts and flat or fender washer each. Hanger boltdiameter shall be that recommended by the manufacturer or 3/8 minimum,whichever is greater. Hanger bolts shall be of sufficient length to penetrate aminimum of 1 3,4 into the roof structural member. The number of anchoringhanger bolts shall be that recommended by the manufacturer or that listed inTabJeA, whichever is greater, or as approved by Company prior to installation.2.20. INSULATION. Piping insulation shall be flexible and elastomeric with a minimumwall thickness of 1/2 and a minimum design temperature of 220 degrees F.2.21.. SOLDER. Solder shall be lead free.2.22. FLASHING. Flashing, when used, shall be designed to positively seal roofpenetrations resulting from the solar system installation. Acceptable flashing materialsare lead, copper, aluminum or other approved material. Lead shall not be used wherewater supplying a catchment system contacts the flashing.2.23. OTHER PRODUCTS. Neoprene, EPDM spacers or other approved materialshall separate corrosion causing dissimilar metals. Minor component products nototherwise listed in these standards and, specifications may be used provided that theiruse does not detract from overall system performance.2.24. PRODUCT WARRANTIES. Manufacturer warranties shall apply to all products.Contractors and/or vendors who unilaterally extend manufacturer product warrantiesshall provide the Company with a copy of the warranty and shall provide the solarsystem purchaser with a written statement approved by the Company that the extensionis not guaranteed by the Company.7 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9/xx120072.25. ASBESTOS PROHIBITION. No materials containing asbestos shall be used inany product.PART III - EXECUTION3.01. GENERAL. Solar system installations shall result in fully operational systems.Solar systems shall be installed by licensed solar water heating contractors approvedby Company. All required governmental permits shall be issued prior to systeminstallation. Installations shall be in accordance with applicable governmental codesand Companys Residential Solar Water Heating Standards and Specifications ormanufacturers recommendations where they meet or exceed these Standards andSpecifications. Systems shall be installed in a professional, workmanlike manner usingCompany accepted products.3.02. COLLECTORS/SYSTEMS. Solar collectors/systems, mounting brackets, legsets, support structure and support structure anchoring fasteners shall be attached toform a secure mechanical bond between adjoining components and the roof structuralmembers.3.02.1. Collectors/Systems. In multiple collector systems, collectors shall beinstalled with the same tilt and orientation or as approved by Company prior tosystem installation. Solar collectors/systems shall be mounted in a stand-offmethod with a minimum of 2 inches between the roof and the bottom edge of thecollectors/system, except where the collectors are integrated into the roof.3.02.2. MountIng Brackets. Mounting brackets shall secure flush mountedcollectors directly to the collector support structure or the roof structuralmembers. Unless otherwise provided by the collector manufacturer, a minimumof four brackets per collector shall secure each flush mounted collector. Formounting brackets which require penetration of the collector box, the number offasteners attaching each bracket to the collector shall equal the number of holesin the bracket, unless otherwise provided by the collector manufacturer.Collector box penetrations by mounting bracket fasteners shall be positivelysealed to prevent moisture infiltration. Brackets attached directly to roofstructural members shall be secured with a minimum required diameteranchoring fastener. Brackets attached to support structures shall be secured withlock-nut sets on solar strut and with through-bolt sets on channel.3.02.3. Mounting Flanges. Fastening of collectors with mounting flangesdirectly to the support structure through the mounting flange is acceptableprovided that collector manufacturer documentation of the acceptability of thismounting method is submitted to the Company prior to installation. Whencollectors with mounting flanges are fastened directly to the support structurethrough the mounting flange, collectors shall be secured with strut-nut sets or8of12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 91xx12007through-bolt sets. These bolt-sets shall be through-bolted to the supportstructure in accordance with the collector manufacturers recommendations, orsecured with a minimum of four bolt-sets of the size and length described formounting brackets per collector, whichever is greater.3.02.4. Leg Sets. Leg sets shall secure tilted collectors directly to the collectorsupport structure or the roof structural members. The type, number, location andinstallation method of leg sets shall be in accordance with the collectormanufacturers recommendations. Unless otherwise provided by the collectormanufacturer, each tilted collector shall be supported by a minimum of two legsets. For leg set brackets which require penetration of the collector box, thenumber of fasteners attaching the collector leg sets to the collector shall equalthe number of holes in the leg set bracket, unless otherwise provided by thecollector manufacturer. Collector box penetrations by leg set bracket fastenersshall be positively sealed to prevent moisture infiltration. Leg sets shall besecured to the support structure with strut-nut sets on solar strut and withthrough-bolt sets on channel. Leg sets which are 4 feet or longer in length shallbe cross-braced diagonally. Cross braces shall be through bolted to the leg sets.3.02.5. Support Structure. Collector/system support structures shall beanchored by fasteners firmly secured to the roof structural members. Supportstructure runners, When used, shall be located no farther in than 24 from theshorter ends of the collector(s). Anchor fasteners along each runner shall belocated no farther from the edge of outer most collector than one-half thecollector width and no farther than 4 feet apart. Collector/ system supportstructures and anchoring fastener size and spacing for roof structural membersgreater than 4 feet apart shall be approved by Company prior to systeminstallation. Collector/system support structure anchoring fasteners shall not beexposed. on the interior side of roof structural members. Support structuresinstalled parallel to the roof ridge shall provide sufficient clearance from the roofcovering to allow for adequate water and debris shed.3.03. TANKS. Water heaters and/or storage tanks shall be plumbed so that theattached equipment, cover plates and warning labels are visible and accessible.Attached equipment shall be defined as pump, controller, time switch, piping and anyother components attached or connected to the tank. All pressurized tanks shall beequipped with a securely attached temperature and pressure relief valve. Pipingconnections to the tank shall be made with brass or bronze fittings. The tankcombination temperature and pressure relief valve drain line shall be securely attachedto the temperature and pressure relief valve and shall terminate no more than 2 norless than 6 above the ground and pointing downward or as otherwise approved byCompany. Adjustable auxiliary heating thermostats shall be set at 120 degrees F.9 of 12H ECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9Ixx/20073.03.1. Ground Mounted Tanks. Vertical and horizontal ground mounted tanksshall be set level on concrete or other approved base extending not less thanthree (3) inches above the adjoining ground level. Cement bricks placedbetween the tank and the supporting base shal.l support tanks. Cement bricksshall be whole and of a nominal minimum size of 2 high, 3 wide and 7 tong. Aminimum of three bricks evenly spaced shall be used to support vertical tanks.Bricks are not required for tanks with non-metallic bottoms. Horizontal tanksshall be supported in accordance with the tank manufacturers recommendationsor as approved by Company prior to system installation. Acceptable levelingdevices are manufactured plastic shims, or other approved material. In side-return, top-return single and multiple tank systems, the solar return line shall beplumbed with a heat loop which extends to within 12 inches of the bottom of thetank. Required swing check valves shall be installed horizontally on the solarreturn line at the bottom of the heat loop. In bottom-return multiple tanksystems, the required swing check valve shall be installed horizontally at thesolar return line connection to the tank drain port. Nipples replacingmanufacturer supplied tank drain valve shall be of sufficient length to allowadequate access to tank sensor. All contractor installed flush out valves shallhave thread caps with hose washer securely attached to the valve.3.03.2. Roof Mounted Tanks. Roof mounted thermosiphon system tanks shaltbe supported by the number of tank supports, support fasteners and tankmounting brackets recommended by the manufacturer or those whichcorrespond to the tank length ranges shown on Table 7 Minimum ThermosiphonSystem Tank Supports, Support Anchoring Fasteners and Tank MountingBrackets, whichever is greater. The number of supports and fasteners arebased on roof structural member spacing of 24 on center or less. The numberof tank supports and support fasteners for roof structural members with spacinggreater than 24 shall be approved by Company prior to system installation. Thelength of tank supports shall be not less than the tank diameter or width andshall conform to Section 2.06. Collector/System Support Structure of theseStandards and Specifications. Each tank support shall be installed parallel toand directly over a roof structural member. Each tank support shall be securelyattached to the roof structural member with a minimum of 2 anchoring fastenersper support, which shall be located no farther than 4 from the ends of eachsupport. Tank mounting brackets shall be located on and secured to oppositesides of each tank support. Tank mounting brackets shall be secured to the tanksupports with strut nut sets on solar strut, with through-bolt sets on channel,and with lag bolt-sets on approved plastic lumber.3.04. CONTROLLERS. Pump controllers shall be installed in accordance withmanufacturers recommendations. The top of the controller shall not be higher than 6ft. 7 in. above the floor/ground level and shall not be located behind the tank. Controllersensors shall be attached at the hottest and coldest points in the solar piping loop by10 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9Ixx/2007stainless steel clamps. Collector sensors shall be attached no farther than 6 from the collector header connection to the solar return line. Tank sensors shall be attached nofarther than 12 from the coldest point at the tank on the solar supply line. Attachmentof the tank sensor to factory provided tank sensor stud is permitted. Controller sensorattachment shall form a positive mechanical bond between the sensor and the sensingpoint to optimize heat transfer to the sensor. The sensor shall be clamped on itsflanged end. Clamping of sensors over the sensor barrel end is unacceptable.Sensors shall be connected to sensor wire with all plastic wire nuts. Wire nuts shall besealed with silicon and wrapped with electricians tape. Sensor wiring shall be securedin a workmanlike manner.3.05. TIME SWITCHES. Time switches shall be installed in accordance withmanufacturers recommendations. The top of the time switch shall not be higher than 6ft. 7 in. above the floor/ground level and shall not be located behind the tank. Timeswitches shall be set so that tank thermostats are not energized during the solar day(i.e. between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM). Recommended automatic time switch settingsare 4 PM on, 5 PM off. Multiple automatic time switch settings, exclusive of the solarday, are acceptable. At a minimum, electric time switches shall have at least one offtab securely affixed to the face of the timing mechanism and electronic time switchesshall be programmed to turn off within 24 hours of being turned on. Time switch wiringshall be secured in a workmanlike manner.3.06. PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES. Photovoltaic modules shall be securely installedwith approved support structure materials in the same tilt and orientation as the systemcollectors. Module location shall conform to Section 1.09 Collector Shading. Wire nutsused to interconnect module and pump shall be all plastic and shall be sealed withsilicon and wrapped with electricians tape.3.07 PIPING, FITTINGS AND VALVES. Solder joints shall be sanded, fluxed andsoldered with approved solder. Threaded fittings and valves shall be wrapped withTeflon or equal tape and/or joint sealant. Piping shall be plumb and level wherepractical. Vertical piping shall be supported at each story or at maximum intervals of 10feet. Horizontal piping shall be supported at approximately 6-foot intervals. Pipesupports shall not penetrate piping insulation. Rooftop piping shall be raised off theroof by blocks or spacers. Blocks/spacers shall be placed at approximately 6-footintervals on straight runs and not more than 2 feet of each side of an angular joint.Piping shall be attached to blocks/spacers with acceptable pipe supports.Blocks/spacers shall be adhered to the roof. Roof penetration shall not be made toattach blocks/spacers to the roof. Valves, including hose bibs and boiler drains, shallbe installed in the sequence shown on the Company accepted system schematic.3.08. PIPING INSULATION. Insulation shall be installed on all new hot water piping,including solar supply and return lines and on accessible existing hot and cold watersupply pipe for a minimum of 6 feet leading to the system. Insulation is not required on11 of 12HECO Solar Standards & Specifications 9/xx/2007the cold water supply tine to thermosiphon systems. The tank temperature & pressurerelief overflow line and collector pressure relief overflow line, where present, shall beinsulated to within the 12 of the end of exposed pipe. Insulation butt joints shall besealed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. Packing of insulation buttjoints in attics and within walls, in lieu of sealing, is acceptable. Abutment of valves,unions and tees with pipe insulation is acceptable. Insulation shall in no way restrict theoperation of any valve. Collector headers and interconnections shall be insulated.Collector headers and interconnections insulation may be slit and ny-tied withoutsealing. The entire circumference of rooftop exposed insulation shall be UV protected.Acceptable UV protection is latex based paint or other approved product. UV protectionof insulation on exterior vertical piping is acceptable. -3.09. ROOF/WALL/CEILING PENETRATIONS. Roof penetrations shalt be detailedon system mounting detail drawings and shall be positively sealed in accordance withstandard roofing practices. Flashing installed on metal roofs shall be compatible withthe roofing material. Exterior/interior wall penetrations shall be made watertight.Ceiling penetrations shall be sealed.3.10. TEMPERATURE MEASURING DEVICE. In forced circulation systems, thetemperature-measuring device shall be installed at the hot water outlet port on the tank,which directly supplies the domestic hot water load. In thermosiphon systems, thetemperature-measuring device shall be installed only on an accessible hot water supplyafter the storage tank and before any hot water fixture; the device shall not be requiredon inaccessible hot water supply lines.3.11. OTHER PRODUCTS. Minor component products not otherwise listed in thesestandards and specifications shall be installed in a professional, workmanlike manner inaccordance with manufacturers recommendations.3.12. SYSTEM WARRANTY. Contractors shall provide full labor warranty for one (1)year from the date of Company acceptance for each system installed. Contractorsand/or vendors who unilaterally extend manufacturer product warranties shall providethe Company with a copy of the warranty and shall provide the solar system purchaserwith a written statement approved by the Company that the extension is not guaranteedby the Company.12 of 12~Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc.P0 Box 2750PRESSURE RELIEFVALVESOLJkR HOT WATERSTORAGE TANK,/ . 1,= OP11ONAL COMPONENTSUNIONCAP or PLUGHOSE BIBS orBOILER DRAINBALL VALVESWATER PUMPHonolulu, HI 96840-o~TEMPERATUR.E andPRESSURE REUEF VALVEELECTPJC ELEMENTTiME CLOCKHOSE BIB orTANK DRAINReference: HECO Residential Solar Nater Heating SystemStandards and Specifications Section 104. System DesignFIGURE 1.BOTTOM-RETURN RESIDENTIAL FORCED CIRCULATION SYSTEM DESIGNPANEL SENSOR\,~.CONTROLLERorPVPANEL -(Location Varies)TEMPERATURE GAUGE orTEMPERATURE SENSORUNIONS or FLEXCONNECTORSTANK SENSOR~-Bottedtostud on tank or Clampedto solar supply pipe at tankAPPROVED SPACERS(Erfective 7112199)~Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc.P0 Box 2750. Honolulu, HI S684Q-oo~fFIGURE 2.SIDE-RETURN RESIDENTIAL FORCED CIRCULATION SYSTEM DESIGNPRESSURE RELIEFSOLAR HOT WATERSTOP~GETANK PANEL SENSOR0-4.CONTROLLEROr PV PANEL -(Location Varies)HOSE BIBS orBOILER DRAiNBALL VALJESWATER PUMPHEAT LOOPTEMPERATURE GAUGE c:TEMPERATURE SENSORTEMPERATURE andPRESSURE RELIEF VALVEUNIONS or FLEXCON NECTO RSELECTRIC ELEMENTTIME CLOCKTANK SENSOR_SOi~Cdt:stud on tank or Cta~e~to solar supply pipe a:CHECK \JALVE=opTiCN~LCCMPO~4~TSTANK DRAINAFPROJED ~Reference: HECO Residential Solar.Vater Heating SystemStandards and Specifications Secticn 1.04. Sys:em Design(Effective 7112199)~J~Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc.TOP-RETURN RESIDENTIALHonolulu, HI 96840-0001FIGURE 3.FORCED CIRCULATION SYSTEM DESIGNHOSE BIBS orBOILER DRAINBALL VALVESWATERPUMPUN~ONUNIONS or FLEXCONNECTORSCONTROLLERor PV PANEL(Location Varies)SOLAR HOTWATERSTORAGE TANKHEAT LOOP12~from bottomof tankCHECK VALVETEMPERATURE GAUGE orTEMPERATURE SENSORTEMPERATURE andPRESSURE RELIEF VALVEELECTRIC ELEMENTTIME CLOCKTANK SENSOR8alt~dto stud on tank orclamped to solar suop1ypipe at tankAPPROVED SPACEPSP0 Box 2750PRESSURE RELIEFVALVE.UNIONPANEL SENSOR.~ TAlK DRAINOPTIONAL COMPONENTS (Effective 7/1 2199)Reference: HECO Residential Solar Water Heating SystemStandards and Specifications Section 1.04. System DesignForm 1. Residential Solar System Sizing VerificationCustomer ________________________________ Contractor_______________________________Authorization No(s). Phone ________________________________Subcontractor(s) Used El Yes El No ContactIf yes, Name & License No. ___________________ Centralized Dual System E Yes El NoCollector Access: One Story I Two Story / Other Tank Access: Locked / UnlockedSYSTEM DATA Accepted Denied12Installation Reason Burnout / Retrofit I New ConstructionPrevious Water Heater Type Electric / Heat Pump / Solar I None 34System Type I Active / PassiveNeighborhood I Community56Sunshine Zone 300 350 400 450 500Collector Manufacturer7 Collector Model No.8 CollectorSize 3x73x8 4x6 4x8 4xlO9 Absorber Coating chrome I paint -10 Collector Orientation deg.l~iij14Collector Orientation Factor~Collector Tilt Factor%flush I side tilt lend tilt. % .15 Actual Hot Water Storage -_____ gal.16 Back-Up Heating Type Electric / Gas / Heat Pump17 Pump lVpe AC / DC / None18 System Solar Fraction %HOT WATER STORAGE SIZING gal/day Line1. Hot Water Use (No. of Residents x 20 gal./person/day) OR 1New Construction, Rental, Military (from Table 1) No. of Bedrooms2. Total No. of Additional Showers/Day (_ x 10 gal.) 23. Tub Bath Hot Water Use (No. of Tub Baths Taken/Week x 20 7 days) 34. Clothes Washing Hot or Warm Water Use (No. of Loads/Week x 18 7 days) 45. Required Storage (add Lines 1, 2, 3, 4) or Table 1 minimum whichever is greater 56. Actual System Storage (from Table 2) gals BTUs/day 67. Tank #1 78. Tank#2 89. Tank #310. Total Actual Sys. Storage/BTUs/Day (add Lines 7, 8, 9)COLLECTOR OUTPUT SIZING11. Collector Rated BTU Output/Panel/Day/Sky Condition (from Table 6) .12. Number of Collectors 1213. Total Collector BTU OutputlDay (Multiply Lines 11 & 12) 1314. Off-Orientation BTUs Required/Day (Multiply Chart 1 Factor & Line 13) 1415. Off-Tilt BTUs Required/Day (Multiply Table 3 Factor & Line 13) 1516. Total Adjusted Collector BTU OutputiDay (Subtract Lines 14 & 15 from Line 13) 16SOLAR FRACTION17. Percent Solar Fraction (Divide Line 16 by Line 10 BTU/day value) % 17INSPECTOR ACTION .~{ Inspector ~ ~-..-.~~i__ I!~~mf I ii~CornmentsINSTRUCTIONS: Contractor to complete alt unshaded areas. Company to complete shaded areas.Mail blue & pink copies to HECO. Contractor to retain yellow copy.C-}~M.-t \.HAWAII ELECTRIC LIGHT CCMPANYResidencial Etficiert~Water Heating ProgramOrientation Fector2 for Solar Instailations .~ !) 311~JThis compass rose diagram is to be used in conjunction with Table 4 arid Form 1.Steos to determine True direction of splat collector_panels usjp.g.the comoass rose~1. With a Magnetic compass, determine the Magnetic bearing (direction) that the long axis of thepanels will sit at when installed. This bearing must be between 080and 260Magnetic,(090and 270True).2. On the compass rose, lay a straightedge along the X at the center of the compass rose and,using the inner circle, through the Magnetic bearing (determined in step 1).3. Read the Tn.ze beaming from the outer circle. This is the True bearing which is used todetermine the orientation factor, if any, which must be used on Form 1..i~..li~07~Orientation FactorTrue compass direction can also be found on the Island of Hawaii by adding 10to the Magneticcompass beating. (The current magnetic variation in Hawaii is 10East). _____- I0 -o~, 2..U00/~b ~,N. I,180~~~-~----- 0%ORIENTATION FACTORCOMPASS ROSE DIAGRAM COURTESY OF HAWAII ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANYN350 0S5TRUE NORTflTh..$, SYS,,0JohP- 1O30,74.~t bEC1~~~\~,&/i90TABLES 1-5. RESIDENTIAL SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEM STANDARDS{9/12.C6 In: tables 1.51Effective September 12, 2006(supercedes 7/1/99)Table 1. Minimum Water Storage for Retrofit and New Construction, Rentals, Military Family HousingNo. of Resid~P.~1 to 44 to 55to6over 6Storaqe80 gals.100 gals.120 gals.20 per personStorage80 gal.120 gal.customTable 2Daily 6Th Requirements for Common Nominal Size Residential Heaters & Storage Tanksat 55 Deg. Rise to Tank Temperature of 130 Deg.NominalStorage Capacjj~30 gals.40 gals.50 gals.52 gals.60 gals.66 gals.Daily BTURequirement13,74518,32622,90823,82427,48930,238NominalStorage Capacity70 gals.80 gals.90 gals.100 gals.115 gals.120 gals.Daily BTURequirement32,07136,65241,23445,81552,68754,978~FTRC~FIT.O~JNERBU[LDER NEW CONSTRUCTION. RENTALS, MILITARY FAMILY HOU~(~No. of Bedrooms1-34-5over 5Table 3. Tilt FactorsTilt (in dep.) Addl Collector BTU Tilt (in deg.) Addl Collector BTU14 0% 50 15%35 0% 55 20%40 5% 60 25%45 10%Table 4. MinImum Support Structure AnchorsNo. of Collectors Collector Size No. of AnchorsI anysize 42 Sx7 or 3x 8 42 1~3x8and1@4x8 42 4x6or4x8 or 4xlQ 63 3x7 or 3x 8 63 2@3x8andl @4x8 63 1 @3x8and2~4x8 63 4x6or4x8 or 4xlO 84 3x7~or 3x 8~ 84 2t~3x8and2~4x8 8 .4 4 x 6 or 4 x 8 or 4 x 10 10Applies to extruded aluminum &zes: 1 E.8~x 1 5/8 x 1/& solar strut, 3 x 1, x 1~8channel .?~ doube 1, 2 x 2 x 3/16 angIe.Table 5. Minimum Conductor Size, for PV Powered Pumps (One Way Distance)Module Output Jj~3 16 AWO 14 AWG 12 AWG 10 AWG 8 AWG5W 54ft 109ft 219ft 327ft 545 ft >1000ft10W 26ft 52ft 104ft 156ft 269ft 429ft20W n/a 26ft 52ft 78ft 130ft 208ft43 W n/a nla 24 ft 36 ft 60 ft 96 ftHECO Table 6. Solar Collector BTU/Day Output by Hawaii Sunshine Zone~OG-100 Protocol Format (BTIJ/sq ft day)Hawaii SunshIne Zone (Cal/sq cm/day)~~1 18455001661450147640012923509,~j1107300jl7~52S17,5281 19,37314,707 I 11,808 9,299EP-20EP-2115,18216,60512,7921 13,77610,33211,36510,33211,365;EPI-308CU (3 X 7) 18,450~ EPI-308SS (3 X 7) 18,450J Collector 20,29513,838 MSC-21E 17,528-TT~P-2T~~ 18,450ST-21E 17,528~iiiiI11_____~1h1~O21 18,4503 x7 liv iJ~AE-21 19,373.Aprlus AP-lO 11,070 jBt 21,218 EC-20 18,450 EC-21 20,295 - 1K Collector 21,218M Collector ~17,528MSC-21 19,373SSC-21 19,37315,65615,65617,07911,86115,18216,1311 12,79212,792 -13,7769,84012,792I 13,7769,8159,81510,8497,2329,81510,8499,8159,81510,8497,2329,81510,84915,182 12,79215,656~ 12,79216,605 j 13,776I 9,489 I 7,87218,503 15,744J 16,131 13,77617,554 14,76018,503 15,74415,182 12,79217,079 14,76016,605 13,7769,815 9,8159,815 9,81511,365 11,3656,716 6,71612,398 12,39811,365 11,36512,398 12,39812,915 12,9159,815 9.81511,882 11,88211,365 11,365~~8~~Paint AE24EEPI-308CU (3 x 8)EPI-308SS (3 x 8) IP-24~~19,37320:29520,29522,14020,29516,60517,55417,55419,45217,55413,77614:76014,76016,72814,76010,84911:365 t11,365 ~13,43211,36510,84911,36513,43211,36522,140 19,452 16,728 13,432 13,432~2~j SunPro2421,21821,21818,50318,02815,74414,76012,91511,36512,91511,365~308P-HP 21,218 18,028 14,760 11,882 11,882i~i1~iREFF 308C-HPAE-24EC-24+~T~j4MSC-24SC-24SSC-24 I23,98522,14023,98523,98522,14023,98520,87518,97720,87520,87519,45220,87517,71215,74417,71217,71216,72817,71214,465 fi 14,46512,915 I 12,91514,465 ~ 14,46514,465 14,46513,432 I 13,43214,465 i 14,46522,140 19,452 16,728 13,432 13,432--~- i_I~j~~__!p5irjjIi~iAE26E 121,218 18,028 14,760 11,882 1MSC-26E ! 21,218 18,028 14,760 11,882 11,882-.-.--..-~--i~ AE-26 23,063 19 926_ 16728 j 13432 MSC-26 23,985 20,875 17,712 14,465 14,465~i~LCO-3o 24,908 ] 21,349 1 17,712 14,465 14,46528,598 24,670 20,664 17,048 17,048-~ -.-..-.AE-28E 23,063 19,926 16,728 12,915 12,91523,985 ~2O,400 16,728 12,915 12,915~~--.. , .. ..TABLE6RevO91 72007.XlS 1 of 3 Effective 6/21/07HECO Table 6. Solar Collector BTU/Day Output by Hawaii Sunshine ZoneOG- 0 Protocol Format ~(BTWsqftday)Hawaii Sunshine Zone ~(CaL/sqcm/day~Nom. Size ~oating, Model~4 x7 Selective AE-28Gobl 3366~MSC-28#~~REF!~~P-HPjAE.32E.EP-32EPI-308CU (4 x 8)EPI-308SS14x 811845 ,_1661 1476 - 1292 1107500~-450 4004.350~.______30025,83027,67526,75328,59826,75329,52028,59828,59822,298 24,19623,24724,19622,77325,61924,19624,19618,6961 19,68019,68018,69621,6481 19,75019,75014,98117,048 17,048, 16,015 16,01514,981 14,98114,465 14,46517,564I 16,531 ~,16,53116,531 16,531#REF!.MSC-32E~CR-30SP-32lSunPro32#REFL 408C-HPAE-32 -EC-32GobI 408IC-32MSC-32.30,44.326,75330,44329,52027,67533,21029,52031,36534,13331,36529,52026,09426,56825,61923,72128,94025,61927,51729,41527,51725,61921,64822,773__j18,69622,63221,64819,75024,60021,64823,61624,60023,616 21,64817,564_j.~17,564 14,98119,114 19,11417,564 17,56415,498 1_15,49819,631 19,63117,564 17,56419,114 19,11420,147 1 20,14719,114 [ 19,114,SC-32SLCO-32 SLCR-32SSC-3231,36532,28832,28830,44327,51727,99128,46626,56823,61623,61624,60022,63219,11420,14718,59819,11420,14718,598#REFI #REF! 410P-HP 35,055 29,889AE-40E 33,210 28,466- EP-40 - 36,900 ~ 32,261 37,823 J 32,736MSC-40E 33,210 28,466SP-40 36,900 32,261SSP-40 35,978 131,312.--------hj~u~io4~ ~ ~ 1#REFI #REFI 410C-HP I 41,513 35,58236900 I 31 78EC-40 38,745 , 33,684GobI 410 42,435 . 36,53139,668 ~ 34,633MSC-40 38,745 33,68438,745 33 684SLCO-40 -~ 38,745 I 33,684 TSLCR-40 40,590 35,58224,600 18,598 18,59823,616 18,598 18,59827.552 22,214 22,21427,552 22,214 ~ 22,21423,616 ~ 18,598 I 18,59827,552 j 22,214 22,21426,568 1 21,697 I 21,697~ ~29,520 23,764 23,76426 568 21 697 21 697_28,536 - 23,247 23,24730,504 25,313 25,313 29,520 23,764 L2376428,536 23,247 23,24728 536 L232472324728,536 L22730~ 22,73030,504 25,313 25,313- 37,823 32,736I I27,552 22,730 22,730ITABLE6RevO91 72007.XIS 2 of 3 Effective 6/21/07HECO Table 6. Solar Collector BTU/Day Output by Hawaii Sunshine ZoneOG-100 Protocol Format (BTU/sq ft day)Hawaii Sunshine Zone (Cal/sq cm/day)1845 1 1661 1 500~ 450~~________~2,435 35,582147640012923501107300Nom. Size Coating Model4 x 12 Paint 1412P-HP 28,536 21,697.21,6974 x 12 Selective 412C-HP 49,815 43,173 36,408 29,446_ 29,44i5 X 7 Selective Aprius AP-20 21,218 18,9771 16,728 14,465 14,465Aprius AP-22 23,985 21,349 18,696 16,015 16,0157 x 7 tSelective Aprius AP-30 32,288 28,4.66 24,600 21,181Notes:tValues for the 350 and 450 Sunshine Zones are Interpolated assuming a linear relationship.21,1812. Values for the 300 Sunshine Zone equals the 350 Sunshine Zone per Section 2.02. ,TABLE6RevO9172007.xIs 3 of 3 Effective 6/21/07HECO Solar Water Heating System Standards & Specificationst06101199 fn:table7]Effective June 1,1999Table 7. Minimum Thermosiphon SystemTank Supports, Support Anchoring Fasteners & Tank Mounting BracketsNo. of Tank No. of Support No. of TankTank Lenctth Supports Fasteners2 Mount Brackets348- 56 2 4 469- 75 3 6 691-108 4 8 8120-130 5 10 10160 6 12 121. Based on typical rafterljoist spacing of 24 on center or less. For rafter/joist spacing greater than 24 on center refer toSection 3.03.2. Minimum support length not less than tank diameter or width.2. Minimum of 2 support fasteners per support of 5/16 diameter for direct mount method. Fasteners of sufficient lengthtopenetrate a minimum of 1 % into the roof structural member.3. Tank mounting brackets shall be located on and secured to opposite sides of each tank support.HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTCOLLECTORS r 1Manufacturer Brand Name -. Model No. Type Absorber CoatingAlternate Ene!gyTechnologiesAlternate Energy.American EnergyAE-21AE-24AE-26AE-28 IAE-32 ~AE-40 [AE-21 EAE-24EFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateBlack ChromeT Black ChromeBlack ChromeBlackChromeBlack ChromeBlack ChromeSelective PaintSelective PaintAE-26E Flat Plate Selective PaintAE-28E j~AE-32EAE-40EFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateSelective PaintSelective PaintSelective PaintMorning StarMorning Star~MSC-21MSC-24MSC~-26 MSC-28~ MSC-32MSC-40MSC-21 EMSC-24EMSC-26EMSC-28EMSC-32EMSC-40EFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateBlack ChromeBlackChromeBlack ChromeBlack ChromeBlack ChromeBlack ChromeSelective PaintSelective PaintSelective PaintSelective PaintSelective PaintSelective PaintStar Fire ST-21 EST 40EFlat PlateFlat PlateSelective PaintSelective PaintCorona~j~SLCO-30 (4x6)SLCO-32 (4x8)SLCO-40 (4xl0)Flat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateBlack ChromeBlack ChromeBlack ChromeChromagen SLCR-30 (4x6)SLCR-32 (4~x8)SLCR-40 (4xlO)Flat PlateFlat PlateFlat PlateBlack ChromeBlack ChromeBlack ChromeHeliodyne Gobi Gobi 3366 Flat Plate Black ChromeIGobi Gobi 408 Fiat Plate Black ChromeGobi 410 Flat Plate Black ChromeR & R Services Copper Star 21 EPI-308CU(3x7)I Flat_Plate I Black_PaintCopper Star 24 I EPI-308CU (3x8) Flat Plate Black PaintCOPPer Star 32 EPI-308CU (4x8) I Flat Plate Black PaintSunlast 21 EPI-308SS (3x7) Flat Plate Black PaintSunlast 24 EPI..308SS (3x8) I Flat Plate Black Paint_______ ~Sunlast32 EPI-3OBSS (4xB) Flat Plate Black Paint .JSunpro 21 Sunpro 21 I Flat Plate Black Paint-__________ ISunpro 24 Sunpro 24 Flat Plate I Black PaintSunpro 32 4 Sunpro 32 Flat Plate I Black Paint-_________ Surtpro 40 Sunpro 40 I Flat Plate Black PaintAPL..AugO8....2007.xls 1 of 9 Effective August 2007HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTCOLLECTORS (cont.)I~nutacturer Brand Name Model No. Type Absorber CoatingRacico Products Inc. Radco 308C-HP j Flat Plate Black Chrome408C-HP I Flat Plate Black Chrome410C-HP Flat Plate Black Chrome412C-HP 1 Flat Plate Black Chrome308P-HP Flat Plate Black PaintIIr 408P-HP Flat Plate Black Paint41 OP-HP Flat Plate Black Paint412-P-HP Flat Plate .Black PaintS~~l~la~a Bt Collector Flat Plate SelectiveJ Collector Flat Plate Black PaintI K Collector Flat Plate Black ChromeL Collector Flat Plate Black Paint4 M Collector Flat Plate I Black ChromeSunEarth Empire EC-20 Flat Plate Black ChromeEC-21 Flat Plate Black ChromeEC-24 Flat Plate Black ChromeEC-32 Flat Plate Black ChromeEC-40 Flat Plate BlackChrome-Empire EP-20 Flat Plate Black Paint -EP-21j EP-24Flat PlateFlat PlateBlack PaintBlack PaintI EP-32 Flat Plate Black PaintEP-40 Flat Plate Black PaintImperial lC-24 flC-32Flat PlateFlat Plate I.Black ChromeBlack ChromelC-40 Fiat Plate Black ChromeImperial IP-24 Flat Plate Black Paint IP-32 Flat Plate I Black PaintBlack Paint lP-40 Flat Plate 1SolarStar SSC-21 Flat Plate Black ChromeSSC-24 Flat Plate Black Chrome SSC-32SSC-40 Flat Plate Black Chrome~. Fiat Plate Black Chrome Flat PlateISolarStar SSP-21- ~_ I SSP-24SSP-32-___________ SSP-4OSunWise SC-24 -SC-32- SC-40Black PaintFlat Plate Black PaintFlat Plate Black PaintFlat Plate L Black PaintFlat Plate Black ChromeFlat Plate~~ BlackChromeFlat Plate Black ChromeI SP-24SP-32SP-40_______ IFlat Plate j Black PaintFlat Plate Black PaintFlat Plate Black Painti.----APLAugO&2007.xls 2 of 9 Effective August 2007HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LIST~ORAGETANKS & HEATERS I(HECO Listed Hi~EfficIent Electric Water Heaters Are Automatically Accepted)Manufacturer Brand NameIModel No. Type Heating ElementA.O. Smith ProMax SUN-80I SUN-120Open Storage. Open StorageyesyesAmerican Solar Storage Tanks SE62-80H-45SSE62-1 1 9R-45SOpen Storage~ Open StorageyesyesBradford White iSolar Saver MS65R6 (SS) Open Storage yesMS8OR6 (SS) 1 Open Storage yesMS12OR6 (SS) .~. Open StorageLochinvarCo~p_~ SunSaver FTAO66-K Open Storage yesFTA-082-K Open Storage yesFTA-120-K Open Storage yesFTS-066 Open Storage noFTS-082 Open Storage noFTS-1 20 Open Storage noRadco Products Inc. Copper SunSation CSS-60 Heat Exchange noCSS-80 Heat Exchange noj CSS-1 00 Heat Exchange noRheem Sotaraide 81VR80-1 Open Storage yes81 VR1 20-1 Open Storage yes._________________81 VR8O-T81VR12O-TOpen StorageOpen StoragenonoRichmond Solar Model S80-1 Open Storage yesS120-1 Open Storage yesS8OTC-1 Open Storage yesS12OTC-1 Open Storage yesRuud Solar Servant RSPER8O-1 Open Storage yesRSPER12O-1 Open Storage yesRSPER8O-T Open Storage noRSPER12O-T Open Storage noSolar Servant TC RSTCR8O-1 Open Storage yesRSTCR12O-1 Open Storage r yes- RSTCR8O-T Open Storage no ____noRSTCR12O-T Open Storage ISolahart Industries Solahart 150 J180 J220 J I-~ 300 J I 440 JClosed StorageClosed StorageClosed Storageyes yes~ yesyesClosed StorageClosed Storage yesAPL.AugO8_2007.xls 3 of 9 Effective August 2007HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTSolahartSolahart150 L180 L220 L300 L440 L150 LX180 LX220 LX300 LX440 LX252 SL303 SLOpen StorageOpen StorageOpen StorageOpen StorageOpen StoraoeOpen StorageOpen StorageOpen StorageOosn StoraaeOpen StorageOpen StorageOpen StorageClosed StorageClosed StorageClosed StorageOoen StoraoeOpen StorageOpen StorageyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesSTORAGE TANKS & HEATERS (cont.) Model No. Type Heating Element(HECO Listed High Efficient Electric Water Heaters Are AutomatIcally Accepted).Manufacturer Brand Name~150 K Closed Storage yes180 K220 KClosed StorageClosed StorageyesyesSolahart Industres ISolahart 300 K Closed Storage yes440 K Closed Storage yesT 150 KBCXII Closed Storage yes180 KBCXII Closed Storage yes--__________________220 KBCXII Closed Storage yesSolahart Industries Solahart 300 KBCXII Closed Storage yes440 KBCXII-~___Closed Storage:yesEdwards L180 (48 gal.) Open Storage yesj L305 (80 gal.) Open Storage ~ yesj L440 (116 gal.) Open Storage I yesI L600 (160 gal.) Open Storage I yesState Industries State SBV-66-1OTS Open Storage yesSBV-82-1OTS Open Storage I yes~_j OST-66-E I_Open_Storage yesOST-80-E I Open StorageI OST-120-E Open Storage yesSolar EdwardsSolahartEdwards27OSL2USA34OSL4USA43OSL4USADES125 (42 oal.)DES25O (80 gal.)DES 350 (92 gal.)yesyesyesyesyesyesyesAP~Aug08_2OO7.xis 4 of 9 Effective August 2007HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTCIRCULATING PUMPSManufacturer Brand Name Model No. Type *Bell & Gossett Bronze Fox J NBF-8S/LS ACNBF-9U/LW ACII NBF-1OSILWNBF-12U/LWACAC 1NBF-12F/LW ACNBF-18S ACNBF-22U ACNBF-22U ACGrundfos ~Gwndfos UM15-10B5 ACUM15-10B7 AC11- UP15-18SU ACUP15-42SU AC1 UP15-18SF ACUP15-42SF ACUP15-18B5 ACUP15-42B5 AC~______________ UP15-18B7 ACUP15-42B7 AC1 UP25-64SU ACUP25-64SF ACUP26-96BF ACUP26-99BF J ACUP43-75BF ACHartell Brushless MD-i 0-HEH DCHartell j Brush MD-3-DCL DCI J~MD-10-DCH DCIvan Labs Inc. El Sid 2W2RD331200 DC2W2RD341500 DC2W2RD31730 DCLaing ecocirc solar J~ 720 Becocirc solar I 090 BDCDCMarch Manufacturing March 809 AC/DC809HS AC/DC815 ACL 821 J830ACAC -_______________Taco #0066 AC#006-BC7-1 IFC#006-BC7-IFCACACAC . #007B#008B#009BI #O1OB~AC IACAC -~APL_Aug082007.xls 5 of 9 Effective August 2007HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTPUMP CONTROLLERS~ urer 1 Model No . T~~otro~The~~DeRa-f D11-84 ACDU-94 AC 4Goidline Controls~~i~iline GL-30I GL-30-LCOACACTSun Earth Isun EarthIPHOTOVOLTAJC MODULESSETR 0301 U ACManufact rer Brand Name Model No . TypeIAlternative Energy Engineering AE-5GAE-1OGDC --.______DCI AE-20G DCBP Solar, Inc. IBP Solar~BP SX 10 DC 1BPSX2O DCShell Solar~.Shell Solar ST5 DC .ST1O DCST2OSunWize SunWize OEM1 0 DCOEM2O DCYingli Solar Vingli Solar YL1OYL2ODCDCTIME SWITCHESM~act~reT~ Brand Name Model No. TypeTS212 ACBRK Electronics Inc. ~BRKElectronicsl~tAl~ TS212RP ACWH4O ACEH1O AC IAC AC -IEH4OT104;.M.H. Rhodes Marktime 72133 AB ACElectric 4004714014-71Pi~AC~AC- 4 P1O4P -~ P1O4PC. AC IACP104-SP1O4P-SACAC APLAugO8_2007.xls 6 of 9 Effective August 2007HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTTIME SWITCHES (Cont.) IManufacturer Brand Name Type] Model No.Solahart ISolar Optimiser TEK 414 DCTEK415 ACIPIPING INSULATION ____________Manufacturer I Brand Name Model No. 1 Type iI IAeroflex International ~Aerocel AC5812 1/2 wall mm.AC7812 1/2 wall mm.Aramceil LLC AP Armaflex AP Armaflex 1/2 waIl mm.Bridging China Intl Solar FlexIMMAC 05812MMAC 078121/2 wall mm.1/2wall mm.Mueller Industries Streamline CT-98 1/2 waIl mm.Nomaco K-Flex FlexTherm Pipe Insulation 1/2 wall mm.lnsul-Tube Insul-Tube 180 1/2 wall mm.VALVESManufacturer Brand Name Model No. Type DescrIptionAmerican Valve American Valve Ml 00 Bronze Ball ValveM100S Bronze Ball ValveArrowhead Brass Arrowhead Brass 220 Brass Boiler Drain221 Brass Boiler Drain222 Brass Boiler Drain223 Brass Boiler DrainArrowhead Brass 251 Brass Hose Bib253 Brass Hose Bib. 351. Brass Hose Bib353 Brass Hose BibB&K Industries ~B&KIndustries 107-403HC Brass Ball Valvej 107-404HC Brass Ball ValveI 107-453HC Brass Ball Valve107-454HC . Brass Ball ValveIB&K lndustnes 101 -003 Brass I Swing Check Valve101-004 Brass Swing Check Valve101-503 Brass Swing Check Valve101-504 Brass Swing Check Valve:B~KIndustries 102-003 . Brass Boiler DrainI 102-004 Brass I Boiler Drain102-OO3HC Brass I Boiler DrainI 102-OO4HC Brass Boiler Drain7 of 9 Effective August 2007APL_Aug082007.xlsHECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTVALVES(cont.J ~ ~--~ ~B&Klndustnes -- -Model No. Type DescriptionHose BibbHose Bibb103-023HC103-024HCBrassI Brass,ProUne.101 -203 Bronze SwingCheck Y101-204 Bronze SwingCheck Y101-703 Bronze SwingCheck Y~101-704 Bronze J Swing Check YProLine 102-703 Brass Boiler Drain102-704 Brass Boiler DrainCash Acme LCash Acme #8316 Bronze Temp./ Press. ReliefErie M~.Company ~jMotortroI #0654C0307GB00 - Electric - Motorized Check v~i~Familian Northwest Inc FNW Valve FV 12 420 Brass Ball ValveFV 34420 Brass Ball ValveFV 12 421 Brass Ball ValveFV 34 421 Brass . Ball ValveGrundfos Grundfos 519852 Bronze Flange Isolation ValveGuardian Guardian 16-202-1 25 Bronze Press. ReliefHammond Valve. Hammond~#8201 Brass Ball Valve. #8211 Brass Ball ValveMueller Industries Streamline M42001 2 Brass / Bronze Boiler DrainM420034 Brass / Bronze Boiler DrainS210012 ] Brass / Bronze Ball ValveS21 0034 Brass / Bronze Ball ValveNibco Inc. Nibco S-413T-41 3BronzeBronze ~Check ValveCheck ValveT-580 Bronze Ball Valvef T-585 Bronze Ball ValvePremier Premier ~ #252259 BrassRed-White Valve Corp. Red-White #247 I Bronze I5044F Brass Ball Valve Check ValveBall Valve5049F ~ Brass Ball ValveSolar Edwards RMC I HT575H1748{Brass Temp. / Press. ReliefBrass I Temp. / Press. ReliefSunEarth SunEarth B-6001-Yi11 Bronze Ball Valve -Taco Taco I 258-2 - I.Bronze Isolation ValveAPL_AugO8_2007.xls 8 of 9 Effective August 2007HECO SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS ACCEPTED PRODUCTS LISTVALVES (cont.)Manufacturer Brand Name Model No..____________Type DescriptionWatts Regulator Watts No. 3L-Z9 Bronze Press. Relief.No. 53L Bronze Press. ReliefI_________________ j FBV-1 Brass Ball ValveFBVS-1 Brass Ball ValveBlue Ribbon No. 1 OOXL I Bronze Tempf Press. ReliefSeries CVY Brass Check ValvesSeries CVYS i Brass Check ValvesSeries B-6000 Bronze Ball ValveSeries B-6001 4 Bronze Ball ValveWBV BrassWBVS BrassZurniWilkins Zurn/WilkinsTEMPERATURE GAUGESTP1 1 OOA BronzeModel No. TypeTemp./ Press. ReliefManufacturer Brand NameClifton Industrial Clifton 13-2-06-03 Bi-Metal13-2-06-04 Bi-MetalA4-2-06-03 Bi-MetalJ~ A4-2-06-04 Bi-Metal#71 226 Bi-MetalHeliotrope General Two-Temp Two-Temp ElectronicQuadra-Temp Quadra-Temp ElectronicGoldline Controls Goldline TD-GL ElectronicGrainger Taylor 9940-10 Digital PanelThermometer,Letro Products, Inc. - Letro SL2DW Bi-MetalSL2DW3 Bi-MetalPasco Pasco 1449 Bm-Metal1449~C J Bi-Metal1450 Bi-MetalI 1450-W Bi-Metal1455 Bi-Metal1457 Bi-MetalWinters Thermogauges T100 Industrial 9lT I T174 Bi-MetalI 130040 Bi-MetalT30060 Bi-MetalI T31 060 I Bi-MetalAPLAugO8_2007.xls 9 of 9 Effective August 2007ENERGYSOLU TIONS.FOR THE HOMEHawaiian Electric.Giving you the pov~erDate: July 28, 2008To: All HECO Participating Contractors and Product SuppliersFrom: Bryan Law, 543-4784Subject: Addendum No. 2 to the HECO Solar Water Heating Systems AcceptedProducts List dated February 1, 2008Effective immediately the following solar collectors are added to the HECO ResidentialSolar Water Heating System Accepted Products List and S&S Table 6 dated February1, 2008. Use of these products prior to the date of this Addendum is acceptable.Hawaii Sunshine Zone Btu RatingsCollect~r NominalSupplier Mod~L# ~QQ ~Q ~QQ 350 Type CoatingSolene SLCO-32P 4 x 8 24,908 20,875 16,728 12,915 FIat Plate Black PaintSolene SLCO-40P 4 x 10 29,520 25,145 20,664 16,015 Flat Plate Black PaintHeliodyne Gobi 336 013 4 x 7 23,985 20,875 17,712 14,465 Flat Plate Black ChromeHeliodyne Gobi 406 001 4 x 7 25,830 22,773 19,680 16,015 Flat Plate SelectiveHeliodyne Gobi 406 002 4 x 7 23,985 20,400 16,728 12,915 Flat Plate Black PaintHeliodyne Gobi 408 001 4 x 8 31,365 27,517 23,616 19,114 Flat Plate SelectiveHeliodyne Gobi 408 002 4 x 8 29,520 25,145 20,664 16,015 Flat Plate Black PaintHeliodyne Gobi 408 013 4 x 8 29,520 25,145 20,664 16,531 Flat Plate Black ChromeHeliodyne Gobi 410 001 4 x 10 39,668 34,633 29,520 24,280 FIat Plate SelectiveHeliodyne Gobi 410 002 4 x 10 36,900 31,787 26,568 20,664 Flat Plate Black PaintHeliodyne Gobi 410 013 4 x 10 36,900 31,787 26,568 21,181 Flat Plate Black ChromePlease attach this addendum in front of your HECO Approved Product List and S&STable 6 documents, and notify your staff of the change.RESIDENTIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION AND RETROFIT PROGRAMSLIST of ACCEPTEDHIGH-EFFICIENCY ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS[fn:\revisedAccWHList O6/O7~Electric resistance water heaters must meet the energy efficiency requirementsstipulated in the following table to qualify for financial incentives under the ResidentialEfficient Water Heating Program. This table is based on the 1990 federal efficiencystandards established by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA).Residential New Construction and Retrofit ProgramsHigh-efficiency electric water heater specifications and incentive rebate levels*Tank CapacityEfficiencyFactorRetrofitRebateNew ConstructionRebate35 gal or less .94-$40 $6036-45 gal .93 $40 $6046-64 gal .92 $50 $8065 gal .91 $50 $8066 118 gal .88 $70 $80119+ .83 $70 $8080 + w/ load control device .88 $270**119 + w/ load control device .83 --- $270*** Specification and incentive amounts are subject to change.** New-construction developers installing a qualifying 80+ gallon tank with aHECO-supplied load control timer qualifies participating homeowners to receive amonthly $5 credit on their electric bills.The financial incentive available to the purchaser of one of the qualifying high-efficiencyelectric water heaters depends on (1) the tank size of the water heater being purchasedand (2) assuring the efficiency factor is the correct rating for the selected size tank.The following list of high-efficiency electric water heaters is based on specificationscontained in the May 2007 Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (Gama)Consumers Directory of Certified Efficiency Ratings for Residential Heatinci and WaterHeating Equipment. This list may not be complete and it may be updated periodicallywithout notice.HECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) 06/07 GAMA Guide UpdateAmerican Water Heater CompanyTrade Names: ACE, Ameilcan, American Hardware, Americas Best, Apex, AquaTemp, AquaTherm,Aquamatic, Best. Best Deluxe, Champion, Craftmaster, De-Limer, Deluxe, Eagle, The Earls EnergyConservation Water Heater, The Earls Energy Saver Plus, Evirotemp. Four Most, Hotmaster,Hotstream King-Kleefl, King-Line, Master Plumber, Natlonallne, Neptune, PenguIn, Premier Plus,Premier Plus Self Cleaning Presstlge, ProLine and ProLIne Plus, Quaker, QuickFlo, Raywall,Revere, Riveria, Sands, Sentinal, Servi-Star, Shamrock, Special Deluxe. Standard, Super Eagle,Super-Flo, Supreme, SureFire, ThoroClean. TrueTest, Tru Value, US Supply, XCL Energy Saver.Comments:First asterisk after letter E may be replaced with any number (1,3,5,6,8,9,10 or 12) signifying warrantyperiod.May have prefix SMay have prefix LDCFirst three asterisks after model number are changes to total wattage.May have suffix ~O~or SMay have any comintation of the folowing suffixes: V,M or X.May have suffix CC.Model # Energy Factor Gallon SizeEE40R~~ 0,95 40EE2-50R~ 0.92 50*~E*360H~C*~ 0,93 60 discontinued, still qualifiesEE3-5OHm~ 0.93 50EZ3 50H~C~ 0,93 50 discontinued, still qualifiesE3-50H~O 0.93 500.93 50EE*3.5OR~*~ 0.95 50Ez3~5oR_*c~ 0.93 50EE*2.65H*~~ 0.90 660.91 66EE*365H~**~ 0.92 66EE*2~80H~*~** 0.90 800.91 80EE*3~80Hrn* 0.92 80~ 11 ~ 0~83 449 discontinued, still qualifies****E*~11 9R~*Ci* 03 449 discontinued, still qualifiesEE2.50H~ 0.92 500.90 66***E*3 50H***O~ 0~93 50 discontinued, still qualifies06107 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 1 of 14Bradford White CorpTrade Names: Bradford White, JetGlasComments:The M or J prefix in the model number by be replaced with A.B,D.P, PH or R.The 6 may be replaced with 1.2,3,4.5,7,8,9 or 10.An additional suffix number may be added to indicate an engineering change.The S may be replaced by a Ds.An additional S may be added as a suffix to indicate screw-in elements.-12 may be substituted for -14. -16 may be substitued for -17.Asterisks may be replaced by letters S or 0 or the numbers 0,1.2,3,4.5,6,7,8 or9.Model # Energy Factor Gallon SizeM230LS3 . 0.94 30M230L~S5 0.94 30M230L~S(A) 0.94 30 NewM230L~S(B) 0.94 30 NewM2HE40S~S3 0.93 40M2HE40S~S5 0.93 40M2HE4OS**S(A) 0.93 40 NewM2HE4OS**S(B) 0.93 40 NewM240L~S3 0.93 40M240LS5 0.93 40M240L~S(A) 0.93 40 NewM240L**S(B) 0.93 40 NewM250SS2 0.92 50M250SS5 0.92 50M250S**S(A) 0.92 50 NewM250S~(B) 0.92 50 NewM2HE50S~S3 0.93 50M2HE5OSS5 0.93 50M2HE5OS**S(A) 0.93 50 NewM2HE5OS**S(B) 0.93 50 NewM2HE65R~S3 0.91 65M2HE65R~S5 0.91 65M2HE6SR**S(A) 0.91 65 NewM2HE65R~S(B) 0.91 65 NewM280RS2 0.88 80M2HE80R~S3 0.91 80M2HE8OR**S5 0.91 80M2120RS2 0,$5 449 discontinued, still qualifiesM-lll-40TS-13 0.93 40M-Ilt-sor-s-17 0.92 50M-lIl-50T~S-19 0.93 50M~lll~65R***S~13 0.91 65M~llI.65R***S~17 0.91 65M-Ill-80RS-13 0.91 80PA II 120RS 13 0~84 449 discontinued, still qualifiesPA II 120RS-45 0~84 449 discontinued, still qualifies06/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Watet Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 2 of 14GSW Water Heating CompanyTrade Names: John Wood, GSW, Moffat, MedalComments:All models may have a parefix number to indicate warranty period, and G, JW orSS to indicate brand.Model # Energy Factor Gallon Size5OTDE3 0~93 50 EF reduced, but still qualifies11DSDE 0,83 449 discontinued, still qualifies66S0E 0.88 66Lochinvar Water Heater Corp.Trade Name: Energy Saver, Golden Knight, KnightComments:The model number may be further suffixed with a K to denote double element heater.K may be replaced with one or two of the following: A,B,C,D,E,F.G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N or P to denote elementwattages other than 4500.Model # Energy Factor Gallon SizeETAO4OKK-3 0.93 40STAO4OKK-3 0.93 40ETAO52KK-3 0.93 50STAO52KK-3 0,93 50ETAO66KK-3 0.91 65STAO66KK-3 0.91 65ETAOB2KK-3 0.91 80STAO82KK-3 0.91 80LTAO41KK 0.93 40XTAO4IKK 0.93 40LTAO5IKK 0.93 50XTAO51KK 0.93 50LTAO65KK 0.91 65XTAO65KK 0.91 65LTAO8IKK 0.91 80XTAO81KK 0.91 80LTAI2OKK 0,84 149 discontinued, still qualifiesX1A420KK 0,94 . 149 discontinued, still qualifies06/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 3 of 14Marathon Water Heater CompanyTrade Name: MarathonModel # Energy Factor Gallon SizeMR-30230B 0.94 30MR30238B 0.94 30MR30245B 0.94 30MR40230B 0.94 40MR40238B 0.94 40MSR5O23OB 0.94 50MSR50238B 0.94 50MR40245B 0.94 40MSR50245B 0.94 50MR50230B 0.94 50MR50238B 0.94 50MR502458 0.94 50MR75230B 0.92 75MR75238B 0.92 75MR75245B 0.92 75MR85230B 0.92 85MR85238B 0.92 85MRE85238B 0.92 85MR85245B 0.92 85MR105230B 0,91 105MR105238B 0.91 105MR105245B 0.91 105UC0N302388 0.94 30UC0N30245B 0.94 30UC0N40238B 0.94 40UCONS5O238B 0.94 50UC0N402458 0.94 40UCONS5O245B 0.94 50UC0N50238B 0.94 50UC0N50245B 0.94 50UC0N75238B 0.92 75UC0N75245B 0.92 75UC0N85238B 0.92 85UC0N85245B 0.92 85UC0N105238B 0.91 105UC0N105245B 0.91 10506/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 4 of 14MaytagTrade Name: MaytagComments:(*) indicates 8 or 9 for warranty.(~)indicates X or 12 for warrantyModel # Energy Factor Gallon SIzeHE2~10S 0~93 40 discontinued, still qualifiesHE3IOS 0,93 40 discontinued, still qualifiesHE2**50PC~~ 9,93 60 discontinued, still qualifiesHE2**60T 0~93 60 discontinued, still qualifiesHE3*~!6OT 0,93 60 discontinued, still qualifiesHX622ERTW 0~88 66 discontinued, still qualifiesHE2**82PC* 0~91. 82 discontinued, still qualifiesHE282T 0,94 80 discontinued, still qualifiesHE~~82T 0~94 80 discontinued, still qualifiesHR66DJRT 0,88 66 discontinued, still qualifiesHRE2I 2405 0,96 40 discontinued, still qualifiesHR3ODERT 0.95 30HRE2I25OPC 0.95 50HRE212 SOT 0~96 60 discontinued, still qualifiesHR90 DERT 0,93 40 discontinued, still qualifiesHRE2I2 SOS 0,96 59 discontinued, still qualifiesHR**40 DERS 9,93 40 discontinued, still qualifiesHRE212 82PC 0.95 80HRE2I2 82T Q~96 80 discontinued, still qualifiesHR**62 DERT 9,93 59 discontinued, still qualifiesHR**52 DERS 0,93 69 discontinued, still qualifiesHRE29 66T 0.88 66HR677DJRT 0~88 66 discontinued, still qualifiesHR~66DERT 0,93 66 discontinued, still qualifiesHR~82DERT 0,93 80 discontinued, still qualifiesHM3IOSHMSE3 o~a3 40 discontinued, still qualifiesHM352SHMSE3 0.93 40HM352SHMSE3 0.95 50#HR6 30 DERT 0.95 30 NewHRT 40 DERT 0.93 40 NewHRX 40 DERT 0.93 40 NewHRT 40 DERS 0.93 40 NewHRX 40 DERS 0.93 40 NewFiRS 52 DERT 0.93 50 NewHRX 52 DERT 0.93 50 NewHR6 66 DERT 0.93 66 NewHRX 66 DERT 0.93 66 NewHRT 82 DERT 0.93 80 NewHRX 82 DERT 0.93 80 New06/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 5 of 14Reliance Water Heater CompanyTrade Names: Ace, Ambassador, Barnett, Century, Crosley, Energy Stretcher, Freedom,Freedom/Nipsco, Hardware House, Master Plumber/True Value, Mission, Nationaline, Patriot,Penfield, President, Regency. Reliance, Sentry, Superior, The Plumbery, Thelma-King, Top Line.Comments:The following prefix may be added to the Reliance water heater line to reflect private brand names:A,C,N,RE,SW,UP,BS,IN and MN.The prefix (~)may be replaced by 1 through 15 for warranty changesAll model numbers may have one or more of the following suffixes: B.E,G,J,K,M,NC.R,V,W,X or VFirst digit of suffix may be replaced by ito denote a single element model.Model # Energy Factor Gallon SizeLT522LR1W~* 0.92 506522OCTJW~ 0.93 50**662AR1W 0.88 66662ER1W 0.88 666620RTW 0.88 666662OCTJWm 0.91 66LT822LRTW 0.89 8068220CTW 0.91 80#930 DKRT 0.95 30640 SlIMS 0.93 409 40 DKRT 0.93 40640 DOCT 0.93 40940 DKRS 0.93 4012 40 OARS 0.95 409 50 DKRS 0.93 50~52 DKRS 0.93 509 80 DKRT 0.93 80~50 DKRT 0.93 556 50 DOCT 0.93 55LT 50 DLRS 0.95 5050 OARS 0.95 5050 DART 0.95 55LT 50 OLRT 0.95 556 66 DORT 0.88 66966 DKRT 0.92 66666 DOCT 0.92 66LT 80 DLRT 0.95 8012 80 DART 0.95 8080 DOCT 0.93 80~4pDOLS 9,93 40 discontinued, still qualifies06/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 6 of 14Trade Name: HofpointModel #HE3OMOIEnergy Factor9,93Gallon Size89 EF lowered, but qualifiesTrade Name:Professlonal (previously named Hotpolnt)Model # Energy Factor Gallon SizeRHEPROIG 21 0,93 40RHEMPRO52~2 0~92 60RHEPROS2-2 9,92 60RHEPRO522T 0,03 60RHEPRO662 0,94 65RHEPRO66 2T 0,94~ 65RHEPRO8O2 0,00 89RHEPRO8O2T 0~94- 80RHE PRO4O--A 0.94 40RHEM PR052--A 0.93 50RHE PR052--A 0.94 50RHE PR066--A 0.92 65RHEMPRO3OA 9~9Q 30RHE PRO8O--A 0.92 80RHEPRO40-~T 0~93 40RI4EMPROS2 * 9,92 60Rl4PR062 0~92 60RHEPRO62 T 0~93 50R~4EPRO66 0~g4 65RHEPRO66~~1: 0~94 66RHEPRO8O * 0~0 80PJ.IEPRO8-1 9~94 89discontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesLower EF. but qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifiesdiscontinued, still qualifies06(07 GAMA Guide UpdatePage 7 of 14Rheem Mfg CompanyTrade Name: General ElectricComments:The denotes change to wattage and may be replaced by the following alphanumerics: A, or KCOO.ModelI Energy Factor Gallon SizePE4OMO9 0.93 40SE4OM12~ 0.94 40 EF change qualifiesSE5OM12MOI 9,92 50 discontinued, still qualifiesGE5OT6EA 0~93 69 discontinued, still qualifiesSE6OT12MO~ 0,93 60 disontinued, still qualifiesPE66TOA 0,94 66 discontinued, still qualifiesSE8OTI2MO1 0,91. 80 discontinued, still qualifiesPE5OMO9 0.93PEM5O1 2* 0~93 50 discontinued, still qualifiesPE5OTO9 0.93 50SE5OTI2* 0.94 50PE65T09 0.92 65GE4OTO6* 0.93 40GE3OTO6 0~92 30 EF change but qualifiesPE3OSOO 0,92 30 EF change but qualifiesSE80112* 0.92 80SE4OMI2 0.94 40GE5OTO6 0.94 50GE8OTO6 0~6 80 discontinued, still qualifiesSE5OM12* 0.93 50PE65TOOAIJ400 9,89 66 discontinued, still qualifiesSE8OTI2MHOO 0~86 80 discontinued, still qualifiesHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH)Trade Name: RheemCommentsThe first denotes the warranty period and may be replaced by the following letters: V,l,J,K,X, ora dash.The second denotes the single or double element model and may be replaced by the followingalphanumerics: S, D, I or 2.Model I Energy Factor Gallon Size7240- 0.93 4082*R40_*T 0,03 40 discontinued, still qualifies82MR52 * 0~92 60 discontinued, still qualifies82*R52* 0~92 60 discontinued, still qualifies82R52 1 0~93 50 discontinued, still qualifies82*R66~* 044 66 discontinued, still qualifies82*R66_*T 044. 66 discontinued, still qualifiesB2~R80~* 0,00 80 discontinued, still qualifies82*R8G~*T 0,94. 80 discontinued, still qualifies81*120*T ~ 0,86 449 discontinued, still qualifies83VR40_* 0.94 40 EF change still qualifies83MVR52~* 0.93 5083VR52- 0.93 5083R52- 0.94 5083VR66- 0.91 6683*R66_* 0.92 6583VR8O~* 0.92 80 EF change still qualifies82V120-2 0,85 449 discontinued, still qualifies83*R4O~* 0.94 4083M*R52~* 0.93 5083*R52R* 0,94 50 discontinued, still qualifies82R1O T 0,93 40 discontinued, still qualifies82M*R62 * 0,92 60 discontinued, still qualifies82*R52 * 0,92 50 discontinued, still qualifies82R52 T 0~93 60 discontinued, still qualifies________ 0,94 65 discontinued, still qualifies82R66 T 0,94 66 discontinued, still qualifies82*R80~~* 9,90 80 discontinued, still qualifies82*R80_*T 0,94. 80 discontinued, still qualifies81 *1 20*1 ~ 0~86 449 discontinued, still qualifiesTrade Name: Rheem-Ruud Light Duty ElectricModel I Energy Factor Gallon Size0,88 80 discontinued, still qualifiesELD4O-B 0.94 40ELD52-B 0.94 50ELD66-B 0.92 65ELDS3O B 0~99 80 EF change but qualifiesELD8O-B 0.92 80Trade Name: VanguardModel I Energy Factor Gallon Sizelpzs4 0~93 40 discontinued, still qualifies1pz88 0,93 60 discontinued, still qualifieswz~s 044 80 discontinued, still qualifies4-pZ82 045 4-19 discontinued, still qualifies0~92 80 EF Changed, but qualified3WA70 0.94 403WA73 0.94 503WA76 0.92 8006/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 8 of 14Richmond Water HeatersTrade Name: RIchmondComments:The first denotes the warranty period and may be relpaced by the following letters: V,l, K or X.The second denotes the single or double element model and may be replaced by the followingnumbers: I or 2Model I Energy Factor Gallon SizeRMEM*R4O~*TI 0.93 409EMR4O- 0.93 409,94 49 discontinued, still qualifies0.94 40RMEMR5O-Tl 0.92 50RME*R5O~*Tl 0.93 509EMR5O- 0.92 50EMR5O- 0.93 509ER50- 0.93 50*ER50~* 0.94 50RME*R65~*Tl 0.91 659ER66- 0.91 65ER66- 0.92 65RME*R80~2 0~88 80 discontinued, stilt qualifiesRME*R80~*TI 0.91 80RME*R80~* 0.88 809ER80- 0.88 80 Lower E.F, but qualifiesER8O~* 0.92 808V120-2T B 0,85 449 discontinued, still qualifies6E120 2 0~85 449 discontinued, still qualifiesT2V40-2 0.93 40Trade Name: Richmond Light Duty ElectricModel I Energy Factor Gallon SizeTELD8O 0.88 80TELD4O-B 0.94 40TELD52-B 0.94 50TELD66-B 0.92 65TELDS3O B 0,90 30 EF change still qualifiesTELD8O-B 0.92 80TELDI 20 B 046 449 discontinued, still qualifies06/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater list (RNC and REWH) Page 9 of 14Ruud Water Heater DivisionTrade Name: ProfessionalModel I Energy Factor Gallon SizeRIJEPRC4O-T 0.93 40RUE PRO4O--A 0.94 40RUEMPRO52- 0.92 50RUEPRO52- 0.92 50RUEM PRO52~*~A 0.93 50RUEPRO52.*T 0.93 50RUE PR052--A 0.94 50RUEPRO66- 0.91 65RUEPRO66.T 0.91 65RUE PRO66~*~A 0.92 65RUEPRO8O- 0.90 80RUEPRO8O-T 0.91 80RUEM PRO3O A 0,90 30 EF Change, still qualifiesRUE PRO8O--A 0.92 80Trade Name: RuudComments:The first denotes the warranty period and may be relpaced by the following letters: V.1, J,P,X or M.The second i denotes the single or double element model and may be replaced by the followingnumbers: I or 2Model # Energy Factor Gallon SizeE*R40~*T 0.93 40E3R49, 0.94 40EM*R52~* 0.92 50E*R52~ 0.92 50E*R52~*T 0.93 50PE3MR.52~* 0.93 50ER66- 0.91 65E*R66~*T 0.91 650.92 65E*R80~* 0.90 80ER80~*T 0.91 80RE2M 30 * 0,90 30 EF Change, still qualifies*E3R~80~* 0.92 80E120 *1 B 0~85 449 discontinued, still qualifiesPE2 120 2 0,85 449 discontinued, still qualifies*E3R~52~* 0.94 5006/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWN) Page 10 of 14Sears, Roebuck and CompanyTrade Name: KenmoreModel I Energy Factor Gallon Size153.320492HT 0.93 40153.320493111 0.93 40153.321512HT 0.92 50153.321513111 0.92 50153.320592 HT 0.93 50153.320593 HT 0.93 50153.320692 HT 0.91 66153~320693HT 0.91 66153.320892 HT 0.91 80153.320893 HT 0.91 80153.321340 0.95 30 E. F. change still qualifies153.321341 0.95 30153.329360 0.95 30153.329361 0.95 30153.329460 0.93 40153.329461 0.93 40153.321440 0.95 40153.321441 0.95 40153.313640 0.93 50153.326660 0.93 50153.326661 0.93 50153.329560 0.93 55153.329561 0.93 55153.321540 0.95 55153.321541 0.95 55153.321640 0.95 66153.321641 0.95 66153.329660 0.92 66153.329661 0.92 66153.321840 0.95 80153.321841 0.95 80153.329860 0.93 80 EF change still qualifies153.329861 0.93 80 EF change still qualifies153.329262 0.93 38 New06/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 11 of 14A.O. Smith Water products Co.Trade Names: National, A.O. Smith, Glascote, Perma-GlasModel I Energy Factor Gallon SizeEEH-52 0.92 50EEH-52-920 0.92 50PEH-52 0.92 50PEH-52-920 0.92 50EEH-52-930 0.93 50PEH-52-930 0.93 50EEH-66 0.95 66PEH-66 0.95 66EC-BOT 9,89 80 discontinued, still qualifiesPES-80T 0.89 80EEH-80 0~92 80 discontinued, still qualifiespE.H-.80 9~92 80 discontinued, still qualifies043 449 discontinued, still qualifiesEES 120 9~83 449 discontinued, still qualifiesp~s120 0,83 449 discontinued, still qualifiesEC t201 0~85 449 discontinued, still qualifiesEES 1 20T 0,85 449 discontinued, still qualifiesPES 120T 9,85 449 discontinued, still qualifiesPEC 120 0,83 449 discontinued, stillqualifiesPXHS-40 0.95 40ECRT-40 0.93 40PXHT-40 0.95 40ECRT-52 0.93 50PXHT-52 0.95 50ECRS-50 0.93 50PXHS-52 0.95 50 discontinued, still qualifiesECT-66 0.88 66PXHT-66 0.95 66ECRT-66 0.92 66PXHT-80 0.95 80ECRT-80 0.93 80PXHS-50 0.95 50ESM-40 0.93 40ESM-50 0.95 5006/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 12 of 14State lndustiiesTrade Name: StateComments:(~)indicates 1 through 15 or X for warranty.All models may have one or more of the following suffixes: B,E,G,J,K,M,NC,R,V,W,X or Y.First digit of suffix may be replaced by 1 to denote a single element model.Model I Energy Factor Gallon SizeP**5220CTJW*** 0~90 60 EF changed, but still qualifiesP6620CTJW~ 0~9# 66 discontinued, still qualifiesp**8290CT,Jw** 80 EF changed, but still qualifiesES6 40 DOCT 0.93 . 4QEPX 40 DXRT 0.95 40lNl 50 DHMT 0.92 50SCV 50 DHMT 0.92 50ES~52DOCT 0.93 50EP52 DXRT 0.95 50ES50 DOCS 0.93 50EP50 DXRS 0.95 50ES~66DOCT 0.92 66ES**66 DORT 0.88 66INI 66 DORTE4 0.88 66lNl 66 DORTE5 0.88 66EP**66 DXRT 0.95 66EP**66 DOCT 0~92 66 discontinued, still qualifiesEP**80 DXRT 0.95 80ESX 40 DOCT 0.93 40 NewES80 DOCT 0.93 8050 DLRS 0.95 5050 DLRT 0.95 5550 DART 0.95 5580 DLRT 0.95 8080 DART 0.95 8040 DXRS 046 40 discontinued, still qualifies1141 52 DHMTEH 045 50 discontinued, still qualifieslNI 40 DHMSE3 0.93 40lNl 40 DHMSE4 0.93 40lNl 40 SHMSE3 0.93 40lNl 40 SHMSE4 0.93 40lNl 52 DHMTE3 0.93 40INI 52 DHMTE4 0.95 50SCI 40 DHMS 0.93 40 NewSCI 52 DHMT 0.95 50 NewSCV 40 DHMS 0.93 40SCV 52 DHMT 0.93 40EP4O DXRS 0.95 40lNl 52 SHMTE3 0.95 50lNl 52 SHMTE4 0.95 5006/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECOAccepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 13 of 14U.S. Craftmaster Water HeatersTrade Names: ACE, American Hardware, Americas Best, Apex, Aqua Temp. Aqua Therm,Aquamatic, Best, Best Deluxe, Craftmaster, De-Limer, Deluxe, Eagle, The Earls EnergyConservation Water Heater, The Earls Energy Saver Plus, Envirotemp, Four Most, Hotmaster,Hotstream King Kleen, King-Line, Master Plumber, Nationailne, Neptune, Penquin Prestige, Pro-Line, Pro-Line Plus, Quaker, Quick-Flo, Raywall, Revere, Riviera, Sands, Sentinel, Servistar,Shamrock, Special Deluxe, Standard, Supereagle, Super Flo, Supreme, Sure-Fire, Thoro-Clean,True-Test, Ire Value, U.S. Craftmaster, U.S. Supply, XCL Energy Saver, WhirlpoolComments:First asterisk after first number in model number may be replaced with any letter(A,E,F,H.J or Z) signifyingwarranty period.May have prefix SFirst asterisk after model number may have D or S.Second through fourth asterisk after model number may have change to total wattage.May have any combination of the following suffixes: V.M or X.May have suffix CO.Model I Energy Factor Gallon SizeEE3*40R*~~~ 0.95 40E3*50H~~C~ 0,93 50 discontinued, still qualifiesEE2*50H~~~* 0.92 50EE3*50H~*~~ 0.93 50E3SORC 0.93 50EE3*50R*~~~ 0.95 50EE2*~50R**~*** 0.92 50EE2*65H~***** 0.90 66E3*65H****C*** 0.91 66EE3*65H*~~** 0.92 66EE2*80H*~~_* 0.90 80E3*80H~*C*~ 091 80EE3*80H***~~ 0.92 80E2l19R*~*C~* 9,83 449 discontinued, still qualifiesE21 19R**H*** 9~83 449 discontinued, still qualifiesE3*50H****O*** 0.93 50E2*65H~*~~~ 0.90 66Vaughn Manufacturing Corp.Trade Names: Sepco, Hydrohot, D.W. WhiteheadModel I Energy Factor Gallon SizeM-50 0.92 50S-50 0.92 50S-70 0.88 70M-80 0.91 80M-SOPS 0.90 80S-80 0.90 80M-100TPS 0.90 10006/07 GAMA Guide UpdateHECO Accepted Water Heater List (RNC and REWH) Page 14 of 14CERTIFICATE OF SERVICEThe foregoing order was served on the date of filing bymail, postage prepaid, and properly addressed to the followingparties:CATHERINE P. AWAKUNIEXECUTIVE DIRECTORDEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRSDIVISION OF CONSUMER ADVOCACYP.O. Box 541Honolulu, HI 96809WILLIAM A. BONNETTVICE PRESIDENTGOVERNMENT & COMMUNITY AFFAIRSHAWAIIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC.P.O. Box 2750Honolulu, HI 96840-0001JAY M. IGNACIOPRESIDENTHAWAII ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY, INC.P.O. Box 1027Hilo, HI 967211027EDWARD L. REINHAPJJTPRESIDENTMAUI ELECTRIC COMPANY, LIMITEDP.O. 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