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<ul><li><p>Skyview Harmony Garden Presents Their Spring Flower Fundraiser SPRING FLOWER SALE ORDER FORM All flats contain 18 count 4 cups </p><p> # of Flats 4 Cups Please Circle Color Totals ___BEGONIAS, BRONZE/RED LEAF (Mix, Red, Pink or White) Full sun @$20___ ___BEGONIAS, GREEN LEAF (Mix, Red, Pink or White) Shade @$20___ ___PENTAS (Mix, White, Red, Pink, Rose, Violet) Full sun @$20___ ___SALVIA (Blue) Full Sun @$20___ ___MOSS ROSE (Mix, Yellow, Fuchsia, Red, Orange, Pink) Full sun @$20___ ___COLEUS (Wizard Mix) Shade (Burgundy Sun, Florida Sun Jade) Full sun @$20___ ___DIANTHUS (Mix, Crimson, Purple or Pink) Full sun @$20__ ___PURSLANE (Mix, Yellow, Rose or White) Full sun @$20___ ___IMPATIENS (Mix, White, Red, Rose, Orange, or Violet) Shade @$20___ ___ANGELONIA (Mix, Pink, Purple or White) Full sun @$20___ ___PERIWINKLES (Mix, Burgundy, Pink, White, Polka Dot, Violet or Red) Full sun @$20___ ___MEXICAN HEATHER Full sun @$20___ ___DUSTY MILLER Full sun @$20___ ___LANTANA (Yellow, Dallas Red, Confetti) Full sun @$20___ ___HANGING BASKETS (10)Begonias (Red Leaf-Sun)_____Impatiens (Mix-Shade)_____Mix Assmt_____(Sun or Shade) @ $13_____ ____PATIO POTS (10) Mixed_____ Sun or Shade (please circle one) @ $18 ____COLOR BOWLS (14) Mixed_____ Sun or Shade (please circle one) @ $25_____ ___GRASSES (1 gals) Purple Fountain____ Mexican Feather_____ Both full sun @ $ 8_____ ____LANTANA (1 gals) Yellow____ Red____ Pink____ Rose____ Orange____ White____ Full sun @ $ 8_____ ____COREOPSIS (1 gals) Yellow_____ Full sun @ $ 8_____ ____BALLOON FLOWERS (1 gals) Blue ______ Pink _______ Full sun @ $ 8_____ ____HERBS (Qts) Rosemary____Basil____Cilantro____Oregano____Thyme____ Sun or shade @ $ 5_____ TOTAL# Flats______Baskets______Patio Pots_______Bowls_______Grasses______Coreopsis_____Balloon Flowers_____Lantana_____ Herbs______ PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Skyview PTA TOTAL ORDER $$___________ </p><p> Name:_________________________________ Email address:__________________________ Phone#: Day_______________Evening_________________Cell________________ </p><p>Pick Up Time &amp; Date of Delivery 1:00 pm, Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the Skyview Harmony Garden, 9229 Meadowknoll Dr. </p><p> _______________Check # &amp; Amt _____________Cash &amp; Amt </p><p>Please send this form &amp; money to your Skyview connection on or before Saturday, April 16th, 2016 Payments must accompany all orders Fundraiser questions? Call Sarah Greenman at 805-268-5822 Plant Questions?? Please feel free to contact Gena Evans at 972-754-4888 or floweringfunds@hotmail.com. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please retain this receipt to remind you to pick up your beautiful bedding plants on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 beginning at 1:00 pm. We will be distributing them at the Skyview Harmony Garden located at 9229 Meadowknoll Drive, Dallas TX 75243. Thank you for your support!! </p></li></ul>