Harborside Soiree

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Cast off your weekend from the harbor. Enjoy the panoramic view by the waterfront of the Boston Skyline as the sun sets, while listening to the acoustic serenades of Matt Hartke.Join us at the Harborside Hyatt patio, as we pay homage to all YAVA members and welcome any new people interested in YAVA!

Text of Harborside Soiree

  • 1. YAVA presents:HarborSide Soiree cocktails, hors douevres, socialize, live music...at the Hyatt HarborsideHotelDate of Event: july 30th, Friday 2010Time of Event:7pm- 10pm Address:101 Harborside DriveBoston, MA 02128 Tel: 617-426-6397Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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