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  • 1. intROduCtiOnWe are Hagen Human Capital, a full service recruitment firmheadquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. We offer recruitmentsupport across all major commercial sectors and at alllevels, from graduate entry to C level management.Our specialist divisions cover: Information and Communication Technologies Finance and Legal Sales and Marketing Engineering and TechnicalBy employing a thorough and creative approach and drawing on ourextensive network of client and candidate contacts; we are proud to offeryou a highly effective matching service.

2. SERviCESAt Hagen we recognise the value the right people can add to your business. For thisreason we offer our clients a range of recruitment services to enable access to thetop candidates in a time-efficient and cost effective manner.Our services include:Contingency/database recruitment at Hagen we employ one of the most sophisticated Recruitment CRMsystems on the market. Coupled with a strong online presence and our extensive use of the latest digitalcommunications media, we ensure our database of contacts is constantly updated with the freshest candidates.Advertising as part of our standard service we will advertise your vacancy on the leading online job portalsand networking sites. If appropriate we will advertise your vacancy in your choice of print media (e.g. localnewspapers, industry publications and trade journals)..testing upon request we can offer you a range of online tests (languages, technical skills, psychometric etc.)to help you refine the candidate selection process..talent Mapping - many companies engage in a reactive approach to recruitment, i.e. an employee resigns andthen they start searching for a suitable replacement. This can be a lengthy process, particularly when searchingfor people with rare or in-demand skills. Our talent mapping services enable our clients to take a more consideredand proactive approach to staffing. We locate, evaluate and monitor the top talent in your industry allowing yourorganisation to act swiftly to meet its critical resourcing needs. We also provide you with customized monthly orquarterly reports detailing market conditions and competitor activity within your specific sector..Executive search occasionally a more targeted approach may be required to ensure you hire the bestqualified person for the role. At Hagen we have experience in fulfilling numerous challenging search projectsboth within the CEE region and further afield. 3. MAnAg E M E nt tEAM Partner Paul Cooper (MA (Hons), Economics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen) Paul has over 10 years experience in the recruitment industry, working in the UK and Czech Republic. He has recruited for clients in all major commercial sectors and has placed candidates in various roles on 4 continents. Paul has held management positions in both international recruitment firms and niche independent consultancies. In addition to his general management duties, Paul focuses on the recruitment of senior level staff and oversees our Executive Search division. Partner Joao duarte (Lic., University of Lisbon, PhD. Computer Science, University of Western Bohemia Although Joao is better known to our clients as an exceptional recruiter he previously trained and worked as a programmer, developing financial trading systems with the German stock exchange in both Frankfurt and Prague. This background, coupled with his years of recruitment experience gives him great insight into identifying and recruiting the very best IT and Finance specialists for our client firms. Joao also supervises our internal quality management system. Operations Director Andrew Elliott (VT SSAK College of Applied Cybernetics, Hradec Krlov) Originally from the United States, Andrew has established himself as one of the top IT recruitment professionals in the Czech Republic. Prior to joining Hagen, Andrew was Managing Consultant at a wellknown independent consul- tancy where he managed and mentored a team of high performing consultants. At Hagen Andrew continues to lead by example and is responsible for developing and delivering our in-house training programmes. 4. W H At t H E y S Ay A B O u t u S . . .. a hard-working and eager to make it work consultant. It was a pleasure to work with him, he gives candidatesthe right attention and is willing to take the extra step. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is seriousthinking about getting himself represented by a professional business partner.May 19, 2010Peter Newman, Senior Consultant, Alpha Management Consultants .he has the insight to look further, research deeper, and analyse extensively. Polite, punctual and positive; if hesresearching for you, relax, its in good hands. I have and always will keep in touch with him and follow his instincts.March 16, 2011Howard Clark, Design Consultant, Targo Promotions.. a true professional and has been one of the most friendly and helpful recruiters Ive worked with. He helpedme get my current job and was extremely honest with me, which was really welcome. He gave me all the inputI needed to fully prepare my interviews, the most suitable and wise advice in the right moment. I definitively wouldrecommend him to anyone who wants to be successful in job hunting.April 16, 2010Valentin Sandu, Assistant Vice President, Barclays Capital.. has a strong IT background and in conjunction with his distinct communication skills he is doing a great job infinding the right people for our company. It would be a pleasure for me if I would get the opportunity to work againtogether with him.December 16, 2009Dr. Ute Masermann, formerly Project Manager, Deutsche Boerse a very good HR professional who has an excellent understanding of his role of a facilitator between the employerand the potential employee. Hes approach is accommodating and very responsible and remains such beyond closeof contract. I can fully recommend him .June 22, 2009Michail Tsvetanov, Senior Account Director, Grey Healthcare Group 5. I was impressed with his amicable, calm, and professional manner, in addition to his unusually strong understandingof both the IT industry and of my own skillset and values. In finding the right role for me, he applied careful consid-eration and selection; I felt that the roles for which he recommended me were always a good match for my abilities. Ishould add that as a result of attending interviews arranged by him, I gained an excellent job in the center of Prague.Brian Fearon, IT Developer, Deutsche Boerse a true professional and the best recruiters Ive ever worked with. He helped me get my dream job. October 31, 2010Dymtro Fedonin, Consultant, Acision. a top-notch recruitment professional: trustworthy and reliable. He seemed equally devoted to both the prospectand the hiring company: honestly representing both shows a balance that is rare. His quick analysis of all relevantfactors meant there was no time wasted in achieving positive results.September 1, 2010Tim Addison, Senior Director, Add-in-Onea highly professional consultant that will go the extra mile to promote your skills and increase your chances ofgetting that great job that that you deserve. I endorse him 100%.January 17, 2010Alex Guzman, Independent IT ConsultantWorking with him can only be described as superlative: he is productive and precise, leaving nothing to chance. Heapproaches work with great commitment making sure that all steps of the hiring process go well both for the hiringcompany and for the hire. I wish all recruiters work like this.October 5, 2010Slobodan Pavkov, Senior Software Engineer, Valtera Corporation..thank you for the fantastic job! We really appreciate it.November 24, 2010Iva Guthova, HR Manager, Ersnt & Young 6. C O n tA C t u S For further information on our range of services please contacts us: Phone: +420 222 930 238 Email: info@hagenhc.com Registered offices: Hagen Human Capital, s.r.o. Ostromesk 1383/14 Praha 3 PS 130 00 IO: 24695262