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  • 1. Growth HackingCase StudiesBy: Greg LenzCEO Reverse Infomation

2. Facebook-Dominate your target market-20% of students had to sign up before college would golive-Search email contacts at signup-Recommend friends on demo data & school-Add a photo (invested)-"How to use" feature education once live-First time back "Suggested Friends" in layout of newsfeed-People you may know emails Read more: Facebook Case Studies 1 and 2 (video) 3. Twitter-Super Simple Signup-Find Friends-5-10 Auto Selected Follows-People You May Know Retention Emails-30 Followers Magic Number For Daily Use-People You May Know Auto Suggest Read More: Twitter Case Study 4. Youtube-Built On Top of Existing Networks-Leveraged Myspace and Facebook-Created Embeddable Videos For Every Network-Monthly Prize Contests-Partnered with Content Creators-Ease of Use / Ease of Shareability-Subscriptions for Retention-Let Users Make Money-Comments for Engagement 5. AirBNB-Stealing Craigslist-Filled their marketplace with listings-Posted native listings to Craigslist-Created thousands of gmail addresses to flyunder the radar-Scaled on top of a pre-built 2 sided platformRead More: AirBnB Case Study 6. Paypal-Scaled on top of existing platform (eBay)-Created a bot that purchased eBay products-Bot demanded to use Paypal for payment tosellers-Traditional advertising failed-Spent marketing budget giving every new user$10 to sign up 7. LivingSocial-Scaled on Facebook and Twitter-When Customer Buys Its Shared To Both-When 3 Friends of Customer Buy, He or SheGets The Deal For Free-The Customer Could Also Send Out An EmailTo Their ContactsRead More: LivingSocial Case Study 8. Dropbox-Sign Up Driven Homepage-Easy Signup Process (Desktop or Browser)-Referrals (500MB Increase in Storage)-Social Follow (125MB Increase in Storage)-Super Simple Sharing (Only a link needed)-Gamification (Dropguest, complete puzzles for freestorage)-Multiple Devices (Availability Everywhere)Read More Here: How Dropbox HackedGrowth 9. Hotmail-Early Days of The Internet-First Browser Based Email Service-Free Service, Didnt Want To Spend onTraditional Advertising-Put, "P.S. I Love You. Get your free e-mail" at the bottom of every email.-Created A Viral Loop Read More: Hotmail Case Study 10. Apple iPhone-Took a huge risk-Brand new mobile hardware-New distribution model for software-"Sent from my iPhone" at the end of eachmessage-Helped them sell 316 million iOS devices-Made consumer hardware a fashion statement-Built exclusivity into the message 11. Zynga-Built on top of existing platform (Facebook)-Gamification-Leveled Users Up When They Invited Friends-Created Competition Amongst Friends-Played To Vanity (Social Value)Read More: Zynga Case Study 12. Linkedin-3 Main Channels: (Email Invitations, SEO, and Homepage)-Decreased Friction for Organic Searchers instead of EmailInvites-Invite Drip Campaign Formula: (invites sent = % of newusers that invite x average # of invites sent/inviter)-Focus On Strengths-They Focused on Increasing Activity of Already ActiveUsers over Onboarding Inactive UsersRead More: LinkedIn Case Study 13. Instagram-Public By Default-Asymmetric Follow Model (Twitter vs Facebook)-Used Speed As A Weapon-Cross Network PostingRead More: 4 Ways Instagram Hacked Early Growth 14. Hubspot-Created an Entire New Marketing Strategy-Best Content Marketing On The Planet-Resources To Help Entrepreneurs (Self-Generating Demand)-Pioneered Webinars, Ebooks, and Blogging-All Resources In Once Place (SEO, LandingPages, Analytics, and Blogging Platform)-Attacked Conventional Marketing 15. A Real Problem (Personal Finance)-Content Rich Personal Finance Blog-Extensive SEO Strategy-Traditional Public Relations-Guest Blog Posting and Tons of Landing Pages-Content Partnerships (Motley Fool)-Consumer Advocacy Email Alerts (Retention)-Leveraged Facebook and Twitter (Shareable)-Created Anticipation through a 20,000+ Waiting List Read More: Mint Case Studies 1, 2, 3 16. Know Anymore?Leave me a brief summary and a link to thearticle in the comments