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<p>GROUP WORK RECORDING</p> <p>GROUP WORK RECORDINGIN SOCIAL GROUP WORK1SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING INTRODUCTION2SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING DEFINITIONAccording to the social work dictionary (1995) defines recording as the process of the putting in writing and keeping on file relevant information about the client system; the problem; the prognosis; the intervention; the process of treatment; the social economic and health factors contributing to the situation and the procedures for termination or referral.3SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING Cont..Recording is defined as the process by the social welfare agency maintains an account of its dealing with a service user.4SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING IMPORTANCE OF RECORDING IN GROUP WORKBy maintain records a group worker can improve his provisional skills and techniques can learn by his own errors,Can thus make his help more effective and systematic.Records not only help a group worker to evaluate to his own risk but he can also improve upon his own methods.Through records a worker can show his agency what work he has done Records helps the group worker to understand the group</p> <p>5SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING </p> <p>Cont..</p> <p>Records provide a permanent and continuous register of facts for the agency Through records the worker can trace out the emergence of group consciousnessRecords can be used for social research and planningRecords help in providing service on a systematic basis6SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING PRINCIPLES7SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING 78SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING 9SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING 10SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING 11SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING 11THE RELATIONSHIP AND THE ROLE OF THE GROUP WORKER12SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING SPECIAL ASSISTANCE GIVEN13SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING EVALUATION14SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING 1516SOCIAL GROUP WORK RECORDING </p>