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  • Google Sketchup Lab Mr. GarnerTech Ed Lime Kiln MS

  • Day 0ne

    Objectives:Learn how to use Basic Draw commands Line, Rectangle, Circle and Arc.Learn how to use Edit commands Move, Push/Pull, Move/Copy and Offset.Learn how to use Camera commands Zoom, Orbit and Pan.How to create components and place them.

  • Todays exercise you are going to be drawing a castle. First open the program. You will find the program located in the Applications folderSelect the architectural feet an inches template.Second save the file the following way 6*last name3Q (*is your day A or B) into your documents file. Example 6B3QSmithson

  • Now to start drawing:Select the woman and deleteSelect the Rectangle Icon Starting at the Origin point Drag the corner of the Rectangle out to the right & set it.Now type 40, 70 in the little box in the bottom right hand corner with the label Dimensions and press Enter

  • The Zoom, Pan and Orbit commands

    These commands can also be accessed in the Camera menu.Make sure to set the drawing back to where the solid blue line is facing up and to the left of the screen. Use the Zoom extents foe this

  • Drawing CirclesTo draw a circle. Access the Circle CommandSet the Center for the circleThen stretch it out & set it Now input the desired Radius in the dimensions box

  • Creating a circle for the projectYou need to draw a circle with the radius of 5Make sure it is off to the side of the Rectangle

  • Moving an objectMove/Copy are nested commandsYou are going to copy the circle to each corner of the rectangle.First window select the circle turning it BlueNow select the Move command

  • Moving an objectThe Move icon it will prompt you to pick a point to move fromSelect the center of the circle. (do this by going to the edge of the circle then moving towards the center of the circle a bubble should pop up indicating the center)Set your point

  • Moving an objectPress the option key and copy the circle to a corner of the rectangle; repeat this for each corner.

  • Cleaning up extra linesUsing the Select icon clean up the corners of the rectangle removing the extra lines inside of the Rectangle.

  • Using the Offset commandThis function creates offset parallel lines around the selected shape.Access the Offset Icon

    Select the Rectangle with the corner circles. (make sure the extra lines have been edited)

  • Using the Offset commandWith the Rectangle and arcs selected (they will be Blue) Access the Offset Icon and pull the drawing outside frame and set.Set this distance to 18 in the measurement box hit Return.

  • Push Pull functionThis function creates an extrusion of a profileSelect the outer ring then access the Push/Pull icon

    Pull the walls up & enter 25 in the measurement box

  • You now have walls for your Castle Use the Orbit command and zoom around your castle

  • Learning how to use the Component Command

    Components allows complex objects to be moved around the drawing easier. Components can be given attributes, this allows them to inventoried in a drawing In this case we are going to create blocks for the top of the castle wallSave them as a component , then place them where they need to be

  • Creating a componentFirst you must draw an object, in this case you are going to draw a block.Draw a rectangle that is 18 by 48Using the Push/Pull command make the Rectangle 24 tallWindow select the block

  • Creating a componentWith the block selected access the Make Component menu nested in Edit MenuYou will be prompted to save the component Give the component the name Wall Block & select Create

  • Moving a componentNow when you select the block, this object is grouped.This makes it easier to Move/Copy and RotateNow you are going to place the component on the top of the wallThen perform an array copy that spreads the blocks down the wallThen do a rotational copy to do the other walls

  • Moving a componentMoving a component is similar to moving an object except how it is grabbedA component has limited handle points I almost always use the objects vertices

  • Moving a componentGrab the component from the bottom left corner & Copy to the top of the wallBy grabbing back corner it is easier to place it on another vertices

  • Moving a componentNow move the component so it is not on the ArcGrab back right corner and slide to the right

  • Making Multiple copiesHuge advantage of CAD is the ability automate redundant tasks this case drawing the same object 40 timesThis called an Array copy

  • Making Multiple copiesTo do this select the block on the access the copy functionGrab the block on the front right side & move to the end of the wall

  • Making Multiple copiesAfter setting the block type /9 in the measurement sectionThis makes 9 evenly spaced copiesTry some different numbers to see what it looks like

  • Making Multiple copiesYou can also Move/Copy multiple items at once, In this case copy the blocks from one side to the otherUsing Select tool hold down the shift key to make multiple selections

  • Making Multiple copiesSelect the outer bottom corner activate the option key Place all the blocks on the opposite wall

  • Rotating an ObjectNow to place blocks on the other walls you have to rotate that first block you madeIf you forgot to make a copy of that block, that is not a problem just make a copy of one of the blocks on the wallRotation command is similar to the Move command, but changes an objects orientation

  • Rotating an ObjectSelect the object to Rotated & access the Rotation commandA protractor will appear over the objectPlace the center of the protractor on a convenient corner

  • Rotating an ObjectThe next step is to create a starting line for rotating the objectThen rotate the object to the desired angle on the protractor

  • On your Own !Copy the blocks just like you did in previous stepsUse the Move/Copy to create a new arrayYour castle needs a doorA ledge for your archersSteps to get to the ledgeHow about some Color

  • On your Own !Making a castle door can be done a few waysThis a way it could be doneFirst draw the profile of the door on wall & pull it out 6Rotate copy the front door on to the groundAnd pull it up 6Look at sequence in next slide

  • Making Steps !Create a component with the dimensions 12 high,48 long 15 deep)Copy component by grabbing lower left corner & moving to thats components upper right cornerType *9 return, that will create nine copies of the component

  • Making a TurretDraw a circle with a Radius of 5Draw a vertical Rectangle on the circle (use hovering technique)Bisect rectangle into two trianglesGet rid of extra linesAccess follow me commandFollow sequence in next slides

  • Making a Turret

  • Making a TurretIn the tools menu access the follow me tool

  • Making a TurretSelect the triangle & map it around the circle it should create a cone.

    Make sure the triangle is vertical

  • Making a Turret

  • Moving the TurretFirst make the Turret a componentNext center a turret on top of each cylinder (use the move/ copy command)Add a walk wayAdd landscape featuresAdd some color