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  • H E A V Y I N D U S T R Y

  • Company Profile

    Competencies & Services


  • In 1984, Mr. Elk Judith, a former KHD engineer

    founded the Elk Judith Repräsentant Ciment-Groupe

    Company for the purpose of representing German

    middle-size companies in the cement industry of

    North Africa and Middle East. These companies

    are the original sup-supplier of the cement turnkey

    constructor. Quality and reliability led to a great

    reputation in the cement sector, so that many

    customers began approaching our company with

    further-reaching requests.

    Company History



    H E A V Y I N D U S T R Y




    In 2006, Mr. Alexander Judith joints the Company after

    his study of Industrial Engineering and Management.

    By this way, we have constantly expanded our field of

    activities and are presently supplying a whole range

    of mechanical and electrical equipment for a divers

    range of industries.

    In 2011 Mr. Alexander Judith founded the Judith

    Industrial GmbH & CO. KG. The company is registered

    with the German commercial court of registration

    No. HRA 28389 and represents a limited commercial

    partnership legal form.

    We combine well-proven business principles with an

    innovative performance profile. Our company dispose

    a network of engineers and manufacturers out of which

    we form a unique and made-to-measure strategic

    alliance for every single contract, aiming to bring

    together the best practices and products.

    Since we profit from the excellent worldwide re-

    putation of German engineers and products in plant

    engineering, we also feel indebted to it. We can offer

    a wide range of state-of-the-art industrial equipment

    including an integrated engineering service of our

    renowned manufacturers.

    Our core business focuses on the export of spare parts,

    single machinery, individual equipment packages and

    complete turnkey projects. Our customers appreciate

    our willingness to assume the responsibility for the

    engineering, procurement and logistic of industrial

    components and spare parts.

    We are presently providing an extensive and

    market-orientated range of products for a divers

    range of industries such as:

    Cement / Lime / Gypsum Industry

    Mineral Processing Industry

    Metallurgy Industry

    Power Stations

    C O M P A N Y P R O F I L E

    Judith Industrial GmbH & CO. KG is an industrial solution provider with engineering, trading and export competences. The company is a technology independent vendor and supplier of industrial equipments. While implementing a project, we offer our customers solutions that are tailored to their individual needs.

  • BRAND NEW GENUINE PARTS (ORIGINAL) We deliver the original spare parts from the manufacturers including the original packing.

    ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER PARTS (OEM) These spare parts are originated from the official supplier and also packed by these suppliers.

    The quality directives are nearly equal to the brand new genuine parts.

    ENGINEERING OF SPARE PARTS AND EQUIPMENTS (OEM QUALITY) We replace spare parts and equipments in the industrial plants according to their existing dimensions by

    independent manufacturers. These components are engineered after a comprehensive on-site visit by experienced

    engineers and are manufactured as per the latest technological standards. Our customers can benefit from the

    engineering and manufacturing know-how of German technology leaders of industrial components.

    TRADING AND EXPORT SERVICES We provide industrial operators the most valuable brands in the world market. We act as a purchase agent for our

    customer by coordinating various supplies. For manufacturers of spare parts, single machinery and equipments

    we operate as sales and export service partner. Our service covers the complete export procedure.

    LOGISTICS We assume responsibility for the logistic and transport insurance. Our task is to facilitate the distance between

    Seller and Purchaser, to ensure a fast and secure delivery. Due to our profound knowledge concerning the flow

    of goods we can ship the goods by plane, ship, rail and truck including the highest level of transport insurances.

    INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING We are in the position to offer installation services together with our costumer or local installation partners.

    Our Company provides experts and specialist engineers from Germany for the Installation, supervision and

    commissioning of industrial equipments.

    REPRESENTATION We represent renowned manufacturers of industrial equipment. These companies have many years of experience

    and are highly specialized in technical expertise and thus are often called in Germany the “hidden champions.”

    INTEGRATION OF PARTNERS We are experienced enough to bring together partners for building industrial plants and realizing small-

    and mid-sized projects—some are one-off suppliers, some supply for the duration of a single project, while others

    supply for much longer. One of our most important contributions comprises of coordinating the works of all these

    partners and ensuring high quality in the resulting products and services.

    C O M P E T E N C I E S & S E R V I C E S

  • P R O D U C T S










    Ball Mill Solutions Sliding Bearings Mill Diaphragm Mill Shell Linings Mill Joints and Water Spray Systems

    Impact Crusher Hammer Mill Rotors For Clinker and Limestone Crusher Roller Press Roller Press Surface Wear Solutions Screening Technology Vibrating Feeder Jaw Crusher

    Generators Scanners All Types of Motors Switchgears Control Panels Current Transformers Gas Analyzers AC / DC Drives

    Bearings and Bearing Housings Valves Couplings O-Rings Oil Seals Rollers and Pulleys Conveyer Belts (Metal/Rubber) Pumps Hydraulic Pumps Liquid Injection Pumps Chemical Pumps Oil Pumps Vacuum Pumps Jack-up Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Water Pumps Other Pumps Sprockets Belt Drives Grinding Wheels Bolts and Nuts

    Storage, Bunker, Silo Discharge Units Stacker And Reclaimer Storage And Material Handling Vacuum Loader For Bulk Material Cement Transport Rotor Packer Palletizing Technology

    Girth Gear For Mills And Kilns Pinions For Mills And Kilns Central Drives Chain Drives Gear Boxes

    Spring Plate Sealing Pneumatic Sealing Pull-Rope Sealing Kiln Nose Ring Refractory Parts Kiln Shell Section Kiln Inlet Sealing Kiln Outlet Sealing Complete Kiln Hood Bearing Stations Tyres / Supporting Roller Cylinders Supporting Stations Grate Plates

    Carbon Brushes Circuit Breakers Contactors Lamps/Bulbs Thermocouples Fuses/Relays Sensors Actuators Magnetic Coils All Types of Switches Temperature Transmitters All Types of Cables Others

    Clinker Transport Chains For Cellular Steel Conveyor Cellular Steel And Pan Conveyor Trough Chain Conveyors (TKF) Apron Conveyor Screw Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Chains For Different Applications

    Slide Gates All Type Of Gear Boxes Rotary Valves Weight Feeders Actuators Flap Valves Heavy Industrial Fans Compressors Pipes Filter Elements Bag Filters Lubrication Technology High Performance Lubricants

  • J U D I T H I N D U S T R I A L . C O M

  • JUDITH INDUSTRIAL GmbH & CO. KG Vondelstraße 52 50677 Köln, Germany

    phone +49 (0) 221.2780.334 fax +49 (0) 221.2780.333

    e-mail mail@judithindustrial.com web www.judithindustrial.com

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