Glocal Social Gaming! The next big thing

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Glocal Social Gaming! The next big thing. Presented by Alok Kejriwal CEO - Games2win - India. Games2win in one slide. Is a casual gaming company that owns over 500+ flash and 40+ mobile games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Glocal Social Gaming!

    The next big thing Presented by Alok KejriwalCEO - Games2win - India

  • *Games2win in one slideIs a casual gaming company that owns over 500+ flash and 40+ mobile games

    We publish these games on our portals - & and on the iTunes and Android app stores.

    We entertain approx 20 million unique users a month (comScore April 2012 data). Mobile Game downloads now exceed 10+ million.

    Games2win is Mumbai (India) based with offices in San Francisco, Delhi and Bangalore

    We are venture funded by Clearstone/Silicon Valley Bank

  • As a Games Company, we had a problem:Many of our games were drifting sideways in traffic and plays.

    Yes, we had not made Angry Birds, but we thought we deserved more game plays.

    Creating more games or changing old games was not the solution.*

  • *Location had become a major game in itselfWe looked outside for inspiration & found:

  • We looked inside & found:Our Game leader boards sucked


  • We had an Inspiration!!! Why not MASH up leader boards and locations and create a new reason to play games?*

  • We created


  • How Appucino works..*A player starts playing an Appucino powered game

  • How Appucino works*After the game level is over, the player gets a CAPTURE prompt

  • How Appucino works..*Players from all the world use their scores to capture their favourite locations!

  • How Appucino works..*Each time a user loses a captured locations, he is notified to go back and claim it!

  • A battleground is created amongst gamers, and a virtuous cycle of engagement takes over! What is the Appucino magic?*

  • Appucinos Core philosophy #1

    In todays digital age why are location based apps restricted to places near me?

    If we can travel anywhere with the click of a button, why shouldnt I Capture the Merlion while sitting in Mumbai?

    * Location is for anyone, anywhere!

  • Appucinos Core philosophy #2Engagement can be increased without making any changes to the game!

    Instead we add a few lines of code to the existing game (via an SDK) and that creates instant Appucino Magic!*+Every game has hidden potential

  • *A few months and 7 games later, we have strong proof of concept!

  • Key results and learnings:*Appucino engaged a much higher % of users than traditional leader boards did

    Appucino improved the time spent in our 1st game by 40%!

    Appucinos effect varied, with better performance levels on quick snacky games as compared to long level based games

  • Turning insight to action:*We wanted everyone to benefit from our learnings, so we turned Appucino into an SDK for Android and Flash game developers

    We continue to build location based competition features on Appucino by finding new ways to engage our users!

  • Summary:Think of what what you can do beyond just game plays

    Leverage engagement tools such as leader boards to the fullest.

    MASH UP what people like to do (Checking in, location mapping etc and used them in your games and apps)

    Make the solution a platform and an SDK so that it becomes massively adopted!


  • *BREWMASTERSMahesh K COOmahesh@appucino.comAlok Kejriwal CEOalok@appucino.comVivek Manghnanivivek@appucino.comThe Core Team + 87 others