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General overview of Global Technology Integrators and core service offerings - enjoy!

Text of Global Technology Integrators

  • 1. Engineering Effective Global Communications Solutions

2. Founded in 2007
Team has over 50+ years combined of global experience from IT and Communications disciplines
Team approach utilizing necessary resources from each of the six company divisions.
Customer focused globally
Operations driven not technology driven solutions
Global Technology Integrators, Inc.
3. Global Footprint
Dallas, Texas (Global HQ)
Houston, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Tampa, Florida
New York, New York
Amman, Jordan
United Arab Emirates
New Locations Coming Soon
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Global Technology Integrators, Inc.
4. Six divisional groups to serve our clientele:
Systems Integration Group (SIG)
Operational Analytics Group (OAG)
Public Safety Group (PSG)
Portable Communications Group (PSG)
Corporate Services Group (CSG)
Financial Services Group (FSG)
Global Technology Integrators, Inc.
5. Communications Engineering/Design
Audio Visual Presentation Systems
Video Teleconferencing Networks
Audio Teleconferencing Networks
Unified Communications Networks
Television Networks
Local Area Networks (LAN)
Wide Area Networks (WAN)
Wireless Networks
UHF/VHF Radio Communications
Access Control/Security Networks
CCTV/Video Surveillance and Analytics
Systems Integration/Installation Services
Interdisciplinary Project Management Services
Control System Programming
Systems Commissioning Services
Systems Integration Group (SIG)
6. Program and Project Management Services
Correctional Facility Consulting Services
Operational Analytics Group (OAG)
7. Operational Analytics Group (OAG)
Program and Project Management
Strategic contract, project design and oversight activities
Document client operational processes
Develop high-level user experience requirements
Assists SIG in identifying technical requirements and conducts gap analysis
Defines/develops specific end user operational environment improvements
Develop project plans, budgets, staffing plans and a phased approach for implementation
8. Operational Analytics Group (OAG)
Corrections Facility Consulting Services
Conduct assessments of domestic/international prison operations that enable restructuring and modernization of correctional systems
Perform operational reviews, including facility operations and infrastructure, security systems and equipment, policies and procedures, management/tactical training
Analysis of organizational structure, operating protocols and policies to identify strengths and mitigate obstacles to organizational efficiency
Develop security solutions for :
Institutional security and systems design
Complex security systems integration and engineering
Gang intelligence tracking system design
Provide training in corrections security skills and equipment, including Emergency Response Unit procedures and protocols
9. Operations Center Environment Planning/Integration
Civilian (Police/Fire/OEM/Aviation)
Military (Naval, Air, Ground Forces Integration)
Inter-agency and Joint Operations
Homeland Security Integration
Wide Area Video Surveillance and Intelligence gathering
City/County Level
State/Provincial Level
National Level
Public Safety Group (PSG)
10. Smart Cart on-demand presentation solutions
Custom communications projects
Portable Communications Solutions (PCG)
11. Outsourcing Services / Staff Augmentation
Onsite Audio Visual Meeting Support
Onsite Video Conferencing Scheduling/Bridging Support
Systems Engineering and Maintenance Services
Onsite Technical Support plans
Offsite Technical Support plans
Repair/Replace programs
Creative Services
Web design and hosting services
Presentation design services
Communications design services
Internal (Employee-centric)
External (Customer/Public-centric)
Corporate Services Group (CSG)
12. FSG provides our clients with flexible financing options:
Eases the strain on working capital by providing 100% financing. It converts a large cash sale price into a low, affordable, tax deductible monthly payment.
Offers 100% financing, and unlike a bank loan, requires no down payment. Taxes, delivery, service contracts and other soft costs not typically financed by a bank can be included in the cost of the lease. One or two payments in advance are usually all that is required.
Payments are often lower than purchase installments, making the most of your current budgets. This allows acquisition of all the equipment needed to meet current demands, rather than being forced to work with outdated or inferior equipment.
Offset inflation with fixed lease payments. Acquire the equipment needed at today's prices, and pay for it with tomorrow's, less valuable dollars. The monthly payment may be 100% tax deductible as an operating expense.
Financial Services Group (FSG)
13. Client Experience
Upon request
14. Thank You