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    mentees from all across the UK the chance to show their appreciation and recognise mentors who have made a difference.

    The theme for National Mentoring Day is ‘Mentoring Rocks’ which focuses on sharing mentoring experiences and paying tribute to mentoring received or given. Talks, discussions and presentations should not only be informative but should aim to generate increased awareness about mentoring and facilitate shared experiences and success stories

    in an interactive way.

    The aim is to cover the different types of mentoring available, personal experiences, success stories, the mentee/mentor relationship, what to expect, the benefits of mentoring, the role of a mentor, what mentoring is? The value of mentoring, the skills needed to be a mentor and how mentoring works.

    National Mentoring Day aims to raise awareness of the many fantastic mentoring initiatives that exist across the UK as well as celebrating the success and rewards good mentoring relationships can bring to individuals, communities, companies and countries across the world. National Mentoring Day will be running its own social media marketing and national press campaigns to help raise awareness on the day.

    Everyone from individuals, companies, schools, colleges, universities, communities, local government and authorities are encouraged to join in and celebrate National Mentoring Day. This is your opportunity to share your own mentoring success stories or case studies and to use the day to participate in raising awareness about mentoring, available mentoring schemes and promoting the positive benefits that mentoring brings.

    The day will pay tribute to individual mentors and allows

    N a t i o n a l M e n t o r i n g D a y

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  • Please find below some useful tools, tips, ideas and guidance to help you create your own mentoring event, awareness campaign or activities to celebrate National Mentoring Day.

    N a t i o n a l M e n t o r i n g D a y

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    Create a panel discussion or talk series where students can discuss the benefits of mentoring. This can be a great opportunity to showcase any previously successful mentoring relationships and offer a Q&A session with the mentors and their mentees to promote what mentoring programs you have available or how to consider

    starting a new mentoring initiative.

    Consider hosting a lecture, workshop or seminar about mentoring for students. The aim is to create awareness around the positive effects of mentoring so students are better informed and more understanding of what mentoring programs are available and how mentoring can help them. You may want to give examples of successful businesses, individuals or entrepreneurs that use mentoring, such as

    Richard Branson.

    1 2

    Create a Mentor wall of fame where mentors can be selected to Win ‘Mentor of

    the Year’

    Create a ‘Spotlight on Mentoring’ talk/workshop or event where students can showcase their successful mentoring examples and case


    Create a ‘Meet a Mentor’ event/evening or have a ‘Coffee with a Mentor’



    N a t i o n a l M e n t o r i n g D a y

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  • Host a mentoring competition where students pitch for 2-5 minutes on why they need personal mentoring or business mentoring. For personal mentoring they might express a lack of confidence or the need for personal development and direction. For business mentoring they might pitch a new business idea and its potential. The prize could be a free two hour mentoring session or a prize of your choice.

    Consider organising a mentoring taster experience, free mentoring session or group mentoring workshop where students can learn about the benefits of mentoring and engage in discussions to provide encouragement and information about mentoring, how it works and the real value of mentoring.

    Schools, Universities and Colleges can promote their own mentoring initiatives to students, staff, alumni and key stakeholders and allocate a member of staff that will be the key contact for the institution.

    Offer a free observation mentoring session for an audience to watch a real mentoring session taking place. Ask the Mentor and Mentee to share their thoughts and insights at the end of the session and provide feedback as to what makes a successful mentoring relationship.

    Don’t forget to download our marketing materials, posters, appreciation cards and social media graphics






    N a t i o n a l M e n t o r i n g D a y

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    http://www.NationalMentoringDay.Org/downloads http://www.NationalMentoringDay.Org/

  • If you have been mentored and would like to recognise a significant mentor who has made a difference you can use #MentoringRocks to show your appreciation or simply connect with your

    mentor by email or text to show your gratitude.



    Prepare inspirational stories, case studies, blogs or articles in advance of the day so you are ready to generate awareness and create promotional campaigns in time for National Mentoring Day.

    Tell everyone what you’re doing and how they can get involved, get them onside supporting you to raise awareness about mentoring.

    Show your support for mentoring by joining in the National discussions on social media @MentoringRocks

    Upload a personal message to thank your mentor on National Mentoring Day.

    Think of different ‘Mentoring Day’ activities you can create that could be interactive.

    Could you write an article, blog or case study or distribute information to create awareness about the positive effects of mentoring?

    Are you a mentor? Mentors are being asked to join in and celebrate National Mentoring Day. You can share your own success stories, mentoring tips and experiences @MentoringRocks

    Consider connecting with other mentors / mentees and work together to see how you could help make a difference.

    On behalf of National Mentoring Day I would like to thank you personally for taking the time to get involved in celebrating and raising awareness on mentoring.










    N a t i o n a l M e n t o r i n g D a y

    P a g e 6w w w . N a t i o n a l M e n t o r i n g D a y . o r g http://www.NationalMentoringDay.Org/

  • THINGS TO CONSIDER Think about what you are going to do to celebrate National Mentoring Day.

    Decide what you are trying to achieve – awareness, promotion or introducing mentoring.

    What mentoring schemes do you currently have if any and how are they working?

    Could you offer free mentoring sessions, a talk or group mentoring session?

    Would you like to put on a mentoring showcase of past case studies or success stories?

    Will you choose to host an event at your college/university or school?

    Will you create a video, article, or blog on mentoring?

    Will you conduct some phone/Skype mentoring?

    How will you promote this on your school, college or University website?

    Will you produce a hand out or leaflet on mentoring?

    Will you create a newsletter or advert to inform students?

    Will you do a live mentoring talk/demonstration?

    How will you share your mentoring experiences?

    Will you produce a guidance sheet about your available mentoring schemes?

    Who do you need to ask permission from to conduct any of the above activities?

    How can you get their involvement and how can they support you?

    Have you set aside time to plan and prepare for your event?

    Who will you get to assist you with your mentoring day event/workshop/talk?

    How will you manage the day/workshop?

    Decide what mentoring topics you will raise awareness on?


    N a t i o n a l M e n t o r i n g D a y

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    If you are holding an event then you might want to consider contacting your local radio station or newspaper. As well as promoting via social media you can also use traditional methods such as putting up posters in dedicated areas i.e. libraries, college notice boards, or in community halls.


    If you already have a mentoring initiative then consider ways

    to promote your initiative.

    Host a “Mentoring Rocks” event on this day to recruit

    mentors/mentees for your already established initiative(s).

    You can download our marketing materials to use and

    send out to your alumn