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  • 1.Get involved,you can get an impact!S. Ducasse

2. Thanks SCG, T. Girba and you 3. Sensus HighOctane 4. It feels like... 5. PharoPure object languageGreat community of active doersPowerfulElegant and fun to programLiving system under your ngers 6. VM running on MacOSX, linux, WindowsCompiler, Core classes (stream, collections, unicode)IDE (editor, inspector, debugger, code versioning,...)UI frameworks (widgets, theme)FFIGraphics (soon opengl)Hyper fast object serializerNetwork, HTTP 7. Web frameworks: seaside, iliad, HTTP2XML, HTML scraping, Zodiac (HTTPS)Graphics frameworks: Roassal, Mondrian, EyeSeeTool builder: Glamour, MetaTools: MooseDatabase: DBXTalk, Mongo, Riak, CouchDBProxy, LoggingUnits (Aconcagua, Units)Parser: Petit Parser, SmaCCMathematical ... 8. Our goal... 9. Create an ecosystemwhere business/innovation can bloom 10. We want that **you** can makemoney with Pharo.We want to be able to inventsolutions to existing problems. 11. We want a powerful innovativedynamic language with which wecan build our future. 12. Some Pharos, SmalltalkHub,, netstyle.chPier, DrGeo, VBridge,,, T3 Easy (Pharo server side),, synectique, miriamTech, 2denker... 13. We want more successstories! 14. We are a cool community 15. Companies 16. TeachersUniversity of Bueno AiresUniversity of Bern scg.unibe.chUniversity of Brussels des mines www.ensm-douai.frUniversit de Savoie www.imus.univ-savoie.frUniversity of LvivNorthen Michigan University www.nmu.eduUniversity Catholic of Argentina of Santiago www.uchile.clUniversitat Policnica de Catalunya 17. Research GroupsLafhis (University of Bueno Aires )Software Composition Group ( (Ecole des mines (Inria)Ummisco (IRD)Reveal (University of Lugano)Lysic (University of Bretagne Occidentale)Pleiad (University of Santiago)CEA-List 18. If you know some we forget,please tell us :) 19. Let us step back a bit 20. ... 21. Do we expect him to be alone?Do they win by luck? 22. Certainly not!Why would it be anydifferent for Pharo? 23. Software development istedious, full of stupid andboring tasks 24. Why do we think that theywill be magically be solved? 25. May be you will be able to compile your own vms?May be or may be notMay be you will be able to get a better widget sets?May be you will be able to get a vector graphic engine?May be you will be able to implement event touch?May be you will get 64 bits support? 26. Why do we rely on free timeof smart engineers? 27. We built legal toolsUse themWe set them for you! 28. Sustaining PharoHow to sustain Pharo?How to structure the community?Lot of small companies can get an impactLot of individual can get an impact 29. Pharo Consortium@@ Web site @@ 30. Consortium MembersManaged by Inria for nowWho: companies, institutions, user groupsPrivileged access to the core development teamInuence priorities of the next developmentEngineering support timeJob postsTraining/Conferences special prices 31. FeesGold 4000 4 days of engineering time + multiple job descriptions for job dashboard + diamond sponsor.Silver 2000 two days of engineering time + one job description + diamond sponsor.Bronze 1000 one day of engineering time+ diamond sponsor. 32. FYIStarted discussions with INRIA in 2009Inria put 4 years of salary (Igor, Esteban)RMoD put money on the tableMore than 25 companies are interestedJoin! 33. Consortium FAQPharo will stay free!No negative impact: just a better PharoCompanies participate to the consortiumIndividuals participate to the association 34. Pharo User Association 35. Pharo User AssociationManaged by the Pharo AssociationIndividualsPremium (99 Euros)Normal (40 Euros)Join and participate what we do! 36. We all have differentagendas but why not gettingan impact? 37. Advertize your cool projects 38. Write/Participate to a bookchapter! 39. Get exposure! 40. Share & confront your ideas 41. Blog, tweet... 42. Each time Pharo gets betterwe all get better andcooler ;) 43. The future is what we do! 44. Every single contribution isimportant 45. Everybody can helpReporting bugsConrming bugsWriting testsWriting examplesWriting commentsSimple contributing xesDiscussion, feedback 46. Open Pharo SprintsMay 2008 BernJuly 2009 BernOctober 2009 LilleNovember 2009 Buenos AiresMarch 2010 BernMay 2010 Buenos AiresJune 2010 BernJune 2010 BruxellesJuly 2010 LondonSeptember 2010 BarcelonaSeptember 2010 LilleJanuary 2011 LilleJuly 2011 LilleOctober 2011 BruxellesFebruary 2012 BernOctober 2012 BernApril 2012 LilleSeptember 2012 GhentNovember 2012 LilleNovember 2012 Puerto MadrynJanuary 2013 SantiagoFebruary 2013 Lille 47. You can get impact ... 48. even with 30 min a week 49. 50. Join UsCreating good energy,software quality, learning and having fun