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  • 8/9/2019 Gerson Brochure Web


  • 8/9/2019 Gerson Brochure Web


    Making the Right Choice for Your Treatment

    When you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening ailment, choosing the best strategy

    can be a bewildering task. No treatment works forevery person every time.

    Most conventional therapies, and even many alter-native therapies, treat only the individual symptomswhile ignoring what is ultimately causing the disease.

    The Gerson therapy is effective with so many differ-ent ailments because it restores the bodys incredibleability to heal itself, with no damaging side effects.Rather than treating only the symptoms of a particulardisease, it treats the underlying cause of the disease.

    Heal ing Your Body w ith the

    Gerson Therapy

    The Gerson Therapy uses a whole-body approach tohealing that boosts your bodys own immune system andother defenses to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease andallergies, as well as many other chronic conditions.

    Metabolism is stimulated through the addition of natu-ral thyroid hormone, potassium and other supplements, andby avoiding heavy animal fats, excess protein, sodium andother toxins.

    With generous, high-quality nutrients, increased oxygenavailability, detoxification, and improved metabolism, thecells, and thus the body, can regenerate, become healthyand prevent future illness.

    Components of the Therapy




    Medications & Supplements Rest


  • 8/9/2019 Gerson Brochure Web



    The Gerson Therapy regenerates the bodyby flooding it with nutrients from almost 20pounds of organic fruits and vegetables daily,most of which is used to make fresh raw juice,one glass every hour, 10 to 13 times a day.

    Dr. Gersons research indicates that it isimperative for cancer patients to have a two-step juicer with a separate grinder and hydraulicpress. One-step juicers generally do not producethe same quality of enzyme, mineral or micro-

    nutrient content.In fact, some patients have failed to experi-

    ence results simply by using the wrong juicer. Wedo not recommend the use of any masticatingor centrifugal-type juicers for the GersonTherapy.


    The Gerson diet is naturally high in many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micro-nutrients,while low in sodium and fats. It is also rich in fluids. The following are the typical daily foods for aGerson patient:

    Three full vegetarian meals, freshlyprepared from organically grownvegetables and whole grains.

    10-13 glasses of two types of fresh raw

    juice: a green leaf/apple juice blend anda carrot/apple juice blend.

    A typical meal will include salad, cooked

    vegetables, baked potatoes, vegetablesoup, fruit and juice.

    Breakfast includes oatmeal, fruit and

    orange juice.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are alsoallowed for snacking.

  • 8/9/2019 Gerson Brochure Web



    Medications and Supplements All are made from natural derivatives

    Potassium Compound

    Lugols Solution (iodine)

    Thyroid Hormone

    Injectable Crude Liver Extract

    Injectable Vitamin B12

    Pancreatic Enzymes

    Acidoll (digestive enzyme)



    Desiccated Liver Capsules

    Organic Flax Seed Oil

    DetoxificationDegenerative diseases render

    the body increasingly unable toexcrete waste materials adequately.

    The Gerson Therapy uses intensivedetoxification to eliminate wastes,regenerate the liver, reactivate theimmune system and restore enzyme,mineral and hormone systems.

    Coffee enemas help the liverto detoxify the tissues and blood.Patients report that the enemas decrease pain and hasten healing. The scientificbasis for the use of coffee enemas is well documented and can be obtained fromthe Gerson Institute. Enzyme systems of the gut wall and liver are stimulated, andbile flow is increased. Castor oil is used as an additional stimulant of bile flow. This

    enhances the bodys ability to eliminate toxic residues accumulated from theenvironment, chemotherapy and other sources.

    Detoxification also helps to more rapidly eliminate tumors and other deadtissue after they are broken down by the body. In addition, digestive enzymesserve to enhance the absorption of nutrients and assist in the elimination of dam-aged tissue.

  • 8/9/2019 Gerson Brochure Web



    Because the body is working so hard to detoxifyand heal, people on the Gerson Therapy need a greatdeal of rest. It is especially important at this time to listen toyour body. If patients overexert themselves, it can under-mine the healing process. Rest and more rest are essential.

    Starting the Gerson Therapy at a HealthCl inic or at Home

    For best results, we encourage starting the Gerson Therapy at a Gerson Institute certifiedtreatment center. The Gerson Institute does not own, operate or control any treatment facility. Wemaintain a licensing program with clinics to ensure that patients are receiving true, 100% Gersoncare. Contact the Gerson Institute for a list of licensed Gerson Clinics.

    If you would like to pursue the Gerson Therapy on your own, contact the Gerson Institute toobtain the Gerson Therapy Home Package and to get referrals for Gerson Certified Caregiverswho can help you set up your home and get started on the non-medical aspects of the Therapy.

    Caution: Do not start the Gerson Therapy without guidance if any of the following conditions exist:

    Brain metastasesChemotherapy (prior or current)Diabetes

    Severe heart diseaseSevere kidney diseaseSevere liver diseaseForeign bodies, such as a pacemaker, breast implants, steel plates or screws

    Patients must be able to eat,drink and eliminate normally.

    The Gerson Therapy should notbe administered to organ or stem celltransplant recipients, people onkidney dialysis or those with acuteleukemia.

  • 8/9/2019 Gerson Brochure Web


    Mary Harr ingtonMelanoma With Liver Metastasis

    Mary was diag-nosed with malignantmelanoma in Janu-ary, 1996, at age 39.Her original tumorwas removed andshe was given 25radiation treatmentsalong with fourmonths on the drugInterferon.

    During the treat-ments, it was discovered that the cancer hadspread to the liver. Her oncologist said that shecould possibly live up to nine months if sheresponded to the right type of chemotherapy.

    Mary decided to go to the Gerson Clinic.Her condition improved during the two weeks shespent at the hospital; she felt stronger, gained fourpounds and had a new positive attitude. She con-tinued the treatment at home and 10 monthslater, in September 1997, her scan showed clear.

    To this day, Marys oncologist refers to heras his amazing patient. Mary remains well 12years later with no recurrence. Her story is on theDVD Dying To Have Known.

    KilayaCir iel loChronic


    For three years before beginning the

    Gerson Therapy Kilaya experienced debilitatingfatigue, memory and concentration difficulties,sore throat, tender lymph nodes, muscle/joint

    pain, insomnia and many other symptoms. Hehad already been to a battery of doctors andhad tried other juicing/fasting programs. Hedecided to research the theories of Dr. MaxGerson within the field of molecular and cellularbiology before starting the program.

    From what he learned, he became con-vinced that the Gerson Therapy would work.And it did. After nine months on the full programhe had not only recovered but had reached anew level of physical, emotional and mental

    health that he had never known before. Hecredits the Gerson Therapy with providing alevel of contentment, calmness and strengththat he had never dreamed was even possible.

    Gerson Recoveries

    I rene StananaughtMelanoma

    In 1996 Irene was diagnosed with stage III melanoma. Her healthcontinued to decline. After reading A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50Cases, she decided to do the Gerson Therapy. At first some of her familymembers thought it was a foolish idea, but after seeing the results theycame to support Irene and the therapy completely.

    In 1997, Irene visited the Gerson Clinic for two weeks. She did thestrict diet prescribed by Gerson doctors without wavering (13 juices per

    day and coffee enemas) for two-and-a-half years.

    In June 2001 Irene revisited Gerson doctors for a check-up and all the tumor markers werenormal. A PET Scan showed her clear of any melanoma. Twelve years after beginning the TherapyIrene feels fine and still continues eating healthy and only organic food.

  • 8/9/2019 Gerson Brochure Web


    Mercedes LaPineCarcinoma

    In 1970, Mercedes had a Pap smearwhich showed a malignancy: carcinoma in situ.She had a hysterectomy. Her ovaries were left

    intact, but one of them

    showed a spot. Thecancer recurredand metastasizedwithin a few years.

    Despite muchadvice to the con-trary, Mercedesdecided to fight hercancer the naturalway. She startedthe Gerson Therapy

    as best she could onher own, and also tried several other therapies.

    By 1979 she had not made much progressso she came to the Gerson Clinic for an in-depthexperience of the Therapy. Mercedes recoveredand has remained in good health ever since as aresult of her commitment. She actively continuesher Naturopathic practice, teaching othersabout the benefits of natural healing.

    Lawrence KirkPancreatic Cancer

    Lawrence wasdiagnosed withpancreatic cancerin 1993. His doctortold him that con-ventional therapieswould not help.Lawrence began

    treatment at theGerson Clinic inDecember 1994.

    After completing 20

    months of the Gerson Therapy, a CT scan foundno evidence of a tumor on his pancreas and allhis organs appeared