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Gelato by Cheryl Malkoswki Featuring Gelato Tonga Treats · PDF fileGelato by Cheryl Malkoswki Featuring Gelato Tonga Treats Finished quilt size: 57" x 71" • Finished block size:

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Text of Gelato by Cheryl Malkoswki Featuring Gelato Tonga Treats · PDF fileGelato by Cheryl Malkoswki...

Gelato by Cheryl Malkoswki

Featuring Gelato Tonga Treats

Finished quilt size: 57" x 71" Finished block size: 10" square

Photo: D. Jam

es Dee

Fabric Requirements2 packages Tonga Treats 212" strips in Gelato colorway

1/2 yard Tonga-B8403 Magenta (binding)

178 yards XTonga-B6289 Beige for backing (Note: Thisfabric is 106" wide. If you choose 45"-wide fabric, you willneed 4 yards.)65" x 79" batting

Strip Sets1. Each Treats package has two strips each of twenty differ-ent fabrics (forty strips total). Remove the strips from thepackaging and separate them according to fabric. There arefour strips of each fabric.2. Separate the four stacks of yellow and beige/yellow fabricsfrom the purples and label them Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y4.3. From the remaining sixteen stacks of purple fabrics,choose four sets of four fabrics each that gradate from lightto dark. Label each from light to dark as P1 (lightest), P2,P3 and P4 (darkest). Keep your groupings together, as theywill each form a set of X and Y Blocks made with the samefabrics.

CuttingFrom each yellow fabric, cut:Forty 212" squares.

From each P1 and P4 fabric, cut:Five 212" squares, five 212" x 412" rectangles and ten

212" x 612" rectangles.

From each P2 and P3 fabric,cut:Five 212" x 412" rectangles,

ten 212" x 612" rectangles

and five 212" x 812" rec-


From Tonga-B8403 Magenta,cut: Seven 214"-wide strips.

Block Construction Block XMake five of each colorway. (figure 1)4. Stitch a 212" square of Y1 fabric to a 212" squareof P1 fabric. Press toward P1. (figure 2)5. Stitch a 212" x 412" rectangle of P1 to the unitmade in Step 4. Press toward the first unit. (figure 3)

6. Stitch a 212 x 412" rectangle of P2 fabricto the top of the unit made in Step 5.Stitch a 212" x 612" rectangle to the side ofthe unit. Press toward the new piece afterstitching each piece. (figure 4)7. Repeat Step 6 with a 212" x 612"rectangle and a 212" x 812" rectangle ofP3 fabric. (figure 5)8. Stitch a 212" square of Y2 fabric toone end of a 212" x 612" rectangle ofP4 fabric. Press toward the Y2 fabric.(figure 6). Stitch this unit to the topof the unit made in Step 7. (figure 7)9. Stitch a 212" square of Y3 andY4 fabrics to opposite ends of a212" x 612" rectangle of P4 fabric.Press all the seams toward Y4.(figure 8) Refer to figure 7 for theorientation of the unit and stitch itto the block. Press the seam towardthe inside of the block. 10. Repeat Steps 4 through 9 tomake blocks in each colorway. Notewhere you have placed each of theyellow fabrics, Y1-Y4, in the firstblock. In every subsequentblock, place them in the sameposition so they can form the4-patch secondary design.

Block YMake five of eachcolorway. ( figure 9)11. Repeat Steps 4 through10 for Block Y, only start withthe darkest color, P4, next to Y1, then using P3, P2, and P1on the outside of the block with the Y2-Y4 squares.

Quilt Top Assembly 12. Use figure 10 as a guide to arrange the blocks on point.

The X Blocks and corresponding Y Blocks will be side byside in this arrangement, so that each set of blocks in acolorway forms a zigzag pattern. There are eight staggeredvertical columns with five blocks each.

Y2 P4 Y3


P2 P3 P4

P1 P2

Y1 P1 Y4


Y3 Y4

Y2 P1 Y3


P3 P2 P1

P4 P3

Y1 P4 Y4

fig. 1Block X

fig. 2

fig. 3

fig. 4

fig. 5

fig. 6

fig. 7

fig. 8

fig. 9Block Y

13. To make the quilt rectangular, draw a straight line diago-nally through the blocks at the quilt top from the outsidecorner of the Y1 fabric square to the outside corner of theY3 fabric square in the three Y Blocks. Staystitch 1/8" on eitherside of the line and cut on the line to straighten the edge.14. Put the top half of those three blocks on the bottom ofthe quilt.15. Repeat Step 13 with the five Y Blocks on the right sideof the quilt, only draw the line from the Y2 square to the Y4square. Place those half blocks on the left side of the quilt.16. Use the same procedure to stabilize and cut the two halfblocks at the outside edges of the quilt into four quarterblocks. (figure 10) They form the very outside corners of thequilt.17. Stitch the quilt top together into diagonal rows, pressingeach row in the opposite direction of the previous row.18. Stitch all the rows together and press seams to one side.

Finishing19. Layer the quilt top, batting and backing and quilt as desired.20. Stitch the binding strips together end to end using diag-onal seams. Fold and press the resulting long strip in halflengthwise with wrong sides together. Stitch to the quiltfront, matching raw edges and mitering the corners.

Cut blocks in half and move to left side of the quilt

These half blockscame from right side

of quilt

Cut this top half blockagain and move half tothe bottom of the quilt

These half blocks came from the quilt top

This quarter block came from the quilt topfig. 10

21. Fold the binding to the quilt underside and hand-stitchthe folded edge to the quilt back.

Timeless Treasures, 483-485 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 Phone 212-226-1400 Fax 212-925-4180

2011 Cheryl

Permission is granted to shop owners and teachers to make copies for promotional oreducational purposes only.This pattern may not be reproduced for commercial purposes (i.e., may not be sold).This pattern may not be reproduced for ANY PURPOSE after June, 2012.

TongaB6291 Tearose

TongaB7787 Snow

TongaB8409 Pansy

TongaB8423 Bubblegum TongaB8424 Gelato TongaB8424 Wisteria TongaB8425 Yellow TongaB8426 Mustard

TongaB8420 Plum TongaB8421 Dusty TongaB8421 Lavender TongaB8422 Opal

TongaB7796 Citrine TongaB7813 Purple TongaB8403 Berry TongaB8403 Magenta

TongaB6430 Violet TongaB7779 Peony TongaB7782 Stone TongaB7786 Jazzberry


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