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  • 7/30/2019 Garden Landscaping Bradstone2011


    Garden landscaping collection

    Here to inspire you

  • 7/30/2019 Garden Landscaping Bradstone2011




    04 Bradstone. The responsible supplier

    Create the feel05 Urban garden

    06 Cottage garden

    07 Small space garden

    Contemporary paving08 Create the feel: Urban garden

    10 Vogue

    11 Ventura

    Tuscany 3D

    12 Polished Natural Sandstone

    14 Modena

    15 Natural Travertine


    16 Finesse

    17 Woven

    18 Create the feel: Relax in peace,

    entertain in style

    20 Panache

    22 Natural Granite

    23 Old Town Chelsea Cobble

    24 Natural Limestone

    25 Natural Slate

    Traditional paving26 Create the feel: Cottage garden

    28 Cloisters

    30 Old Town

    32 Restoration

    33 Honeymede

    34 Gironde

    35 Bamburgh Mill

    36 Yorkvale

    37 Old Riven

    38 Ashbourne

    39 Textured

    40 Create the feel: Small on space,

    big on possibilities

    42 Carpet Stones

    43 Tile

    44 Tuscany

    46 Antique Natural Sandstone

    48 Natural Sandstone

    50 Log sleepers andsteppings stones

    51 Peak

    Weathered Riven

    Block paving52 Create the feel: First impressions

    54 StoneMaster

    56 Woburn Rumbled

    58 Driveway

    60 Woburn Rumbled Infilta

    Driveway Infilta61 DriveFlair

    62 Monksbridge

    63 Woburn Original

    64 Magnablock


    65 Kerbs

    Landscaping features66 Walling


    Natural Sandstone

    Old Town








    72 Edging


    Panache Textured

    Old Town

    Rope Top

    Natural Sandstone

    Stone Tile on Edge



    Round Top

    Decorative stone78 Decorative aggregates

    79 Pebbles, cobbles and

    rockery stones

    80 Fixing products

    82 Laying patterns

    87 How to...88 General information

    89 Technical information

    99 Help and advice

  • 7/30/2019 Garden Landscaping Bradstone2011



    Welcometo Bradstone

    The stunning garden youve always dreamt of owning is closer than you think.

    Its not easy putting a garden design together. Theres a whole host of different

    considerations including the style of garden youre looking for, the planting

    choices, colour schemes, textures and features. Hardly surprising that sometimes,

    you just dont know where to start. Thats where we come in. Bradstone.

    This year, more than ever before, weve structured our brochure to make it easier

    for you to create something that is beautiful, harmonious and exciting. Your own

    unique outdoor space, designed to provide many long years of pleasure.

    StoneFlair by Bradstone

    Looking for that something special? Our stunning StoneFlair by Bradstone

    range of aspirational paving and accessories offers that extra touch of quality.

    From stunning traditional concrete paving inspired by original reclaimed stone

    to contemporary paving, walling and edging to complete the look.

    Simply look for the StoneFlair by Bradstone logo and you'll be assured that

    you are selecting the best.

    Create the feel

    Need some help to fire your imagination - then why not take

    inspiration from our create the feelpages (pages 08, 18, 26,

    40 and 52).

    Whether youre looking to create an urban sanctuary, a place

    for relaxation and entertainment, make the most of a small

    space or simply recall all the charm of yesteryear with a

    traditional cottage garden - we hope our create the feelpages

    will inspire you. These pages contain simple paving ideas and

    how to use complementary accessories to help achieve thetotal look.

    Dont worry, theres plenty of advice too. As well as the create the feel

    ideas for paving and accessories, we have also offered some practical hints

    on how to approach the design and build of your garden, including ideas

    on landscaping solutions, colour schemes and the ideal plants to add the

    finishing touches. See pages 05-07.

    In short, everything you need to help inspire you to create the perfect

    room outside.

    Customer service

    Our customer service team is here to assist you. If you have any queries,

    no matter how small, please call 01335 372289.

    Visit for technical support

  • 7/30/2019 Garden Landscaping Bradstone2011



    BradstoneThe responsible supplier

    Bradstone has been focusing its efforts on developing

    sustainable solutions for well over a decade.

    The responsible source

    In straightforward terms, responsible sourcing is all about measuring and

    managing the specific environmental, social and economic impacts of anyproduct, taking into account all elements including its manufacture, delivery,

    use, reuse and recyclability.

    The good news is that Aggregate Industries is the first company in the world

    to achieve BES 6001 Responsible sourcing certificate from BRE global.

    As such, you can have absolute confidence that Bradstone products have been

    responsibly sourced and that youre getting the garden landscaping industrys

    most sustainable and future proof solutions.

    Ethical trading policy

    When you see the ethical trading logo, its your assurance that Bradstone is

    working harder than ever to ensure our imported natural stone products meet

    strict ethical criteria.

    Bradstone works with our global suppliers to support the principles of the UN

    Global compact and ETI base code.

    Examples of the criteria Bradstone insists our suppliers have to meet are:

    Provision of a safe and healthy workplace

    Prohibition of child labour

    Paying wages which meet or exceed national legal standards

    Provision of employment rights

    Prohibition of bonded or forced labour

    Carbon labelling

    In simple terms, a carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide and

    other greenhouse gases created during the life of a product from production

    to use and disposal.

    Working with one of the industrys most respected governing bodies, the

    Building Research Establishment (BRE), we have developed a system that

    calculates the carbon footprint for any Bradstone landscaping product.

    To find out the carbon footprint of each product, please visit

    Bradstone Surface Protection

    Wherever you see this logo, it means that the product has been pre-coated

    with Bradstone Surface Protection. This makes everyday contaminants suchas oil, grease, moss, bird droppings, wine and soft drinks much easier to clean

    from patios and driveways. The protection will last from 4-6 years.

    If youd like to find out more about any of the issues that we mention above

    please visit

  • 7/30/2019 Garden Landscaping Bradstone2011



    So, you want to createthe perfect urban garden

    Let Bradstone guide you to a little piece of urban paradise. A tranquil

    and welcome sanctuary you can escape to from the hustle and bustle of

    everyday life.

    Here are our top tips to set you on your way to the urban garden youve

    always wanted.

    Get rid of the clutter. Clear the area completely so you can see just how

    much space youve got to work with

    Dedicate some time to planning.Think about the type of garden you

    want - and other key factors too such as the sunlight available

    Architectural is in. Dont let a lack of soil hold your garden design back.

    Let your landscaping materials do the talking with different colours, clean

    lines and textures to add real visual interest

    Make the most of your features.Take advantage of walls by using

    creeping plants such as vines, trained up trellis or wire mesh

    No soil doesnt have to mean no planting. Get the urban greenery you

    yearn for with attractive containers and pots

    Sometimes, simple is best. Consider one stand-out feature container or

    water feature to create that all-important focal point.

    See how we have created

    the perfect urban gardenon pages 08-09 and how

    products such as Vogue,

    Ventura, Natural Travertine,

    Modena and Finesse

    (pages 10-17) can be used

    to develop the ultimate

    contemporary mood.

    Call us on 01335 372289 for technical support

  • 7/30/2019 Garden Landscaping Bradstone2011



    Fancy recalling the charmof yesteryear with abeautiful

    Here at Bradstone, we have everything you need to help you turn your

    cottage garden dream into a stunning reality.

    Here are some of our top tips to help you achieve that classic country

    garden look.

    See how we have created the perfect

    on pages 26-27 and how

    products such as Cloisters, Restoration,

    Old Town, Yorkvale and Bamburgh Mill

    (pages 28-39) can create real impact and

    evoke that feeling and style of yesteryear.

    Remember, with cottage gardens, the plan is there is no plan.

    The more haphazard the planting the better. Messy is in

    Create the frame. Enclose your garden with the archetypal picket fence

    look - or what about a Bradstone wall draped in clematis?

    Evoke the spirit of the past. Choose popular traditional plants such as

    foxgloves and snapdragons, pansies and columbines

    Say hello to the edible landscape. Eating what you grow is all the rage