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  • GREEN MY LIFEWe are a company which celebrates GREEN with a fun and refreshing approach Our services range from Garden Design, Execution to Maintenance. Lets give you a glimpse of our work

  • WHAT CAN WE DESIGN ? -Balconies, Terrace, Front and Back Yard

    -Residential community, Hotels ,Restaurants and Offices

    -Farm houses, Large Residential Multi-floored complexes , Commercial projects like Malls and Large Office complexes

  • Balconies

    We can give you a cosy corner for yourevening coffee amidst the green.

  • Terraces Get a space to enjoy a hot bath in your jacuzzi or find your self hosting barbeque parties for your friends

  • Front & Back Yard You can get a Front yard for hosting a party or a simple backyardfor family time .

  • Residential Community, Hotels, Restaurants & OfficesWe design and plan for your residential community by giving each house its own green space

    The architecture of your hotel can be enhanced by beautifying its open spaces

    With our design, your office will no longer look mundane

  • Farm Houses,Large Residential & Commercial complexesWe help you give your Farm house a theme/ character

    Get garden spaces on Multi floor level for your residential and commercial complexes where your kids can play and you can relax

  • WHAT OUR DESIGN SERVICES INCLUDE?With us you can be assured of getting a good design proposal . We provide you with information on Drainage, Lighting and Planting. You will also know the best materials suited for your design. Dont worry about the execution - we will do that for you

  • WHAT CAN WE EXECUTE?We can remove debris from your garden. -Get your site excavated for a new garden-give you a green wall for your home or a green roof to walk on

  • WHAT CAN WE EXECUTE?Your Driveway, Pathway, Entrance Porch pavings canget a new look through us

    You can even have specific elementsfor your garden likeTrellis, Pergola, Gazebos,for shade orDecks for seating

  • WHAT CAN WE EXECUTE?We can get you your own Vegetable garden that your were long dreaming of or Herb garden that youve always wanted to grow.

  • WHAT CAN WE EXECUTE?Allow us to give an artistic touch to your plain garden walls by making it a feature wall with murals or other design

  • WHAT CAN WE EXECUTE?Entrances to your home form the first impressionwe can make it the best impression for you

  • WHAT CAN WE EXECUTE?We can get you a small water body like a Koi orLotus pond for a sense of calmness or a waterfountain to compliment your dynamic personality

    If you desire to take a swim, then giveus the space to design you a swimming pool

  • WHY GreenMyLife?

    - We are a Transparent, Hassle free company with not too many procedures- Every design will be Customized/ Personalized for your requirements- Fresh designs and ideas making every garden a conversation topicWe will engage you through the design process and the result will be truly what you always wanted We are available for you throughout for discussions/ suggestions and help


    For further queries visit our webpage