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FortCare Provider Network Directory - Fort HealthCare PPO Guide-03... · PDF fileFortCare Provider Network Directory . ... 128 N. Tratt Street, Whitewater: (262) 473-4514 . ... Alan

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    FortCare Provider Network Directory WHAT IS FortCare? FortCare is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Since 1989, FortCare has helped employers improve their bottom line with cost-effective healthcare services for employees and their families. Just as important, Fort HealthCare has delivered consistent, quality care through a network of providers with the medical professionals of Fort HealthCare at its core. Self-insured or fully-insured employers in and around Jefferson County wishing to reduce their healthcare costs and improve their bottom line should consider contracting for reduced fee-for-service medical care with FortCare. Our comprehensive network of primary care, specialty care and tertiary care medical providers can deliver your insured exceptional care whenever it is needed. The Best in Provider Discounts FortCare members annually see bottom-line health care savings in excess of 20 percent, and the employer and their employees realize every dollar of these savings. These are real dollars available to employers to enhance profitability. FortCare does not keep any savings as administrative or service fees. FortCare members receive:

    Discounts with Fort HealthCare Business Health, the occupational medicine program of Fort HealthCare.

    Discounts for treatment with gambling, alcohol, drug, depression and anger management through Fort HealthCare Behavioral Health Center.

    Fifty percent discount on health-related classes offered by the Fort HealthCare Community Health & Wellness department.

    Other Benefits to FortCare Members The FortCare network is the most extensive provider network in Jefferson County, Cambridge and Whitewater. The network is easy to access and easy to use.

    The FortCare network can be paired with another network to serve employees who live outside the Jefferson County area.

    No referral is needed to directly access more than 70 area providers, facilities and services. Employees and dependents can access more than 200 specialty providers via an easy referral process.

    Self-insured, Fully Insured or a Combination: The Network is Easy to Implement FortCare can help establish total, cost-effective TPA services. Employers can maintain existing broker/agent relationships.

    To learn how the FortCare provider network might help control your group health plan costs, please contact us at: (920) 568-5406 or via email at: [email protected]

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    In-Network PPO Providers PRIMARY CARE (FAMILY MEDICINE / INTERNAL MEDICINE / PEDIATRICS) FORT HEALTHCARE CAMBRIDGE 39-0286215 704 Katie Court, Cambridge: 1-888-761-0036 or (608) 423-1100

    Stephanie Nottestad, MD (Family Medicine) Joshua Tueting, APNP (Family Medicine)

    FORT HEALTHCARE INTERNAL MEDICINE & PEDIATRICS 39-0286215 500 McMillen, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-5571 1461 W. Main Street, Whitewater: (262) 473-5888

    Internal Medicine Laura Koenig, MD (Internal Medicine) Geoffrey Smith, DO (Family Medicine) Thomas Tackman, MD (Internal Medicine) Donald Williams, MD (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics) Amber Heuss, APNP (Internal Medicine) Katie Lewellin, APNP (Internal Medicine)

    Pediatrics Julia Dewey, MD (Pediatrics) Katherine Lemon, MD (Pediatrics) Prerna Sinha, MD(Pediatrics) Donald Williams, MD (Pediatrics & Internal Medicine) Heidi Jennrich, APNP (Pediatrics)

    FORT HEALTHCARE INTEGRATED FAMILY CARE 39-0286215 1520 Madison Avenue, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-5500

    Aaron Beck, MD (Family Medicine) Ed Fischer, MD (Family Medicine) Sara Barnes, DO (Family Medicine) Mary Beck Metzger, APNP (Family Medicine) Laurel Runte, APNP (Pediatrics)

    FORT HEALTHCARE JEFFERSON 39-0286215 840 W. Racine Street, Jefferson: (920) 674-6000

    Linda Welniak, MD (Family Medicine) Noreen Lyons, APNP (Family Medicine)

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    FORT HEALTHCARE JOHNSON CREEK 39-0286215 400 Doctors Court, Johnson Creek: (920) 699-4000

    David Misorski, MD (Family Medicine)

    FORT HEALTHCARE LAKE MILLS 39-0286215 200 E. Tyranena Park Road, Lake Mills: (920) 648-8393

    Wahab Kazi, MD (Family Medicine) Jennifer Philbin, NP (Family Medicine) James Wishau, MD (Internal Medicine)

    FORT HEALTHCARE WHITEWATER 39-0286215 1461 W. Main Street, Whitewater: (262) 473-5888

    Laura Koenig, MD (Internal Medicine) Thomas Tackman, MD (Internal Medicine)

    FORT ATKINSON MEDICAL CENTER (Dean/St. Marys Regional Clinics) 39-1628491 740 Reena Avenue, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-0888

    Barry Cash, MD (Family Medicine) Alison Gomez, MD (Family Medicine) Michael Kruk, MD (Family Medicine) Stephen Riggs, MD (Family Medicine) Alyssa Tess, PA-C (Family Medicine)

    UW HEALTH 39-1824445 601 Handeyside Lane, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-5544

    Scott Brantmeier, DO (Family Medicine) Jeffrey McGuire, MD (Family Medicine) Shauna Meyer, MD (Family Medicine) Rachel Quinn, MD (Family Medicine) Jolie Nottelson, APNP (Family Medicine)

    WHITEWATER FAMILY PRACTICE CLINIC (Dean/St Marys Regional Clinics) 39-1628491 1305 W. Main Street, Whitewater: (262) 473-4548

    Nathaniel Besch, DO (Family Medicine) Kenneth Kidd, MD (Family Medicine) Roberta Wedl, MD (Family Medicine) Laura Carney, APNP (Family Medicine)

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    ACUPUNCTURE RIVER OF HEALTH ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC & WELLNESS CENTER, LLC 110 W. Linden Drive, Suite D, Jefferson: (920) 674-6707

    Carolyn Custer - Service coverage applies to acupuncture only ANESTHESIA FORT HEALTHCARE SURGERY 39-028615 Fort Memorial Hospital, 611 Sherman Avenue East, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5000 BARIATRICS 39-0286215 Fort HealthCare Specialty Clinic, 611 Sherman Avenue East, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5242

    Marc Erickson, MD BEHAVIORAL HEALTH 39-028615 FORT HEALTHCARE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CENTER Psychiatry Stanley Fudala, MD 500 McMillen Street, Fort Atkinson, WI: 920-563-9542 Nicolette Weisensel, MD Fort HealthCare Specialty Clinic (Enter via Ambulatory Surgery on McMillen Street) 611 Sherman Avenue E, Fort Atkinson, WI: 920-563-9542 Psychology Stephen Seaman, PhD 1520 Madison Avenue, Fort Atkinson, WI: 920-563-9542 Behavioral Health

    Michele Norris, LCSW 500 McMillen Street, Fort Atkinson, WI: 920-563-9542

    BUSINESS HEALTH (OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE) 39-0286215 520 Handeyside Lane, Suite 3, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5018

    James Martin, MD CHIROPRACTIC ALLIED HEALTH OF WISCONSIN, S.C 39-1794159 113 Sherman Avenue, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-2281

    Bradley Kees, DC

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    ANDERSON CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 39-1287480 120 E. Oak Street, Lake Mills: (920) 648-2711

    Gregory Anderson, DC

    CENTRAL JEFFERSON CHIROPRATIC 39-1513702 202 N. Main Street, Jefferson: (920) 674-5025

    Alan Lewis, DC Andrew Uhl, DC

    CROSSROADS CHIROPRACTIC 27-3541574 545 Village Walk Lane, Suite C Johnson Creek: (920) 699-5300

    Kimberly Turner, DC FIRST CHOICE HEALTH & WELLNESS 39-1348069 1000 Madison Avenue, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-9295

    Douglas Schildt, DC LUEDTKE-STORM-MACKEY CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 39-1154715 825 Lexington Blvd, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-4970 1173 W. Main Street, Whitewater: (262) 753-0017

    Stephen Dewitt, DC Jeffery King, DC Todd Tesch, DC

    VEALE CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE 39-1495672 543 S. Putnam Street, Whitewater: (262) 473-7274

    Brian Veale, DC VOLK CHIROPRACTIC 39-1918065 220 E. Racine Street, Jefferson: (920) 674-6108

    David Volk, DC

    WHITEWATER CHIROPRACTIC, LLC 39-1960804 108 S. Fremont Street, Whitewater: (262) 472-0209

    Peggy Linneman, DC

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    DERMATOLOGY FORT HEALTHCARE DERMATOLOGY 39-0286215 611 Sherman Avenue E, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5470

    Robert Glinert, MD EAR NOSE AND THROAT (OTOLARYNGOLOGY) FORT HEALTHCARE EAR, NOSE & THROAT SPECIALISTS 39-0286215 512 Wilcox Street, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-6667 1461 W. Main Street, Whitewater: (920) 563-6667 (Audiology services only)

    Michael Anderson, MD William Hofmann, MD David Rowe, MD Lori Fish, Au.D, Audiologist

    EMERGENCY SERVICES FORT ATKINSON EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS, S.C. 39-2015178 Fort Memorial Hospital 611 Sherman Avenue E, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5330 EYE CARE DAVIS DUEHR DEAN 39-1628491 240 Reena Avenue, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-8468 128 N. Tratt Street, Whitewater: (262) 473-4514

    Colleen Hebert, OD Carmen Kneiert, OD Jeffery Kneiert, OD Alyce Hofmann, OD John Vukich, MD

    GENERAL SURGERY FORT HEALTHCARE SURGICAL ASSOCIATES 39-0286215 212 Milwaukee Avenue West, Fort Atkinson: (920) 563-7900

    Marc Erickson, MD Bill Kontny, MD Jonathan McLaughlin, MD

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    GASTRO-INTESTINAL (GI) CLINIC Fort HealthCare Specialty Clinic, 611 Sherman Avenue East, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5334 39-0286215

    James Wishau, MD HOME HEALTH See Extended Network Providers Marquardt Home and Community Based Services, Inc. HOSPITAL FORT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 39-0286215 611 Sherman Avenue E, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5000 HOSPITALISTS (Treating patients admitted to Fort Memorial Hospital) FORT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 39-0286215 611 Sherman Avenue E, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5000 MEMORY CARE FORT HEALTHCARE MEMORY CENTER 39-0286215 611 Sherman Avenue E, Fort Atkinson: (920) 568-5334

    David Byrne, PhD James Freiburger, PhD Geoffrey Smith, DO