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Membership Doesn’t Cost… It Pays!. FNA : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. FNA’s Humble Beginnings. The first meeting was on March 1, 1909 in Jacksonville. SAVE THE DATE : CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION. TradeWinds Island Resort St. Pete Beach September 22-26, 2009. The Early Districts. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • FNA: Yesterday, Today and TomorrowMembership Doesnt Cost It Pays!

  • FNAs Humble Beginnings

  • SAVE THE DATE: CENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONTradeWinds Island ResortSt. Pete Beach

    September 22-26, 2009

  • District 1-Pensacola-1899District 2-Jacksonville-1909St. Augustine formed a separate chapterDistrict 3-Ocala-1921District 4-Tampa- 1919Orlando forms a separate chapterLakeland/ArcadiaSt. Pete ClearwaterSarasotaFort MyersDistrict 5-Dade County-1926District 6-Daytona Beach-1923

    The Early DistrictsFNA now has thirty active districts in operation!

  • Early Accomplishments1913-1st Annual Convention Jacksonville1926-Doubled the number of FNA Districts1950-Worked to Establish a Mandatory Nurse Practice Act1970- Worked to improve relationships with other health care organizations including FLN, FMA, FHA and Florida Nursing Home Association and Florida LPN Association1974- Undertook an initiative to rewrite the 23 year old Nurse Practice Act, The revised practice act was introduced and passed in the 1975 legislative session and signed by Governor Reuben Askew. 1977- Collective Bargaining Program begins with over 3900 public employees. 1981- The Florida Nurses Political Action Committee (FN-PAC) was established.1983- Florida Nurses Foundation was incorporated.

  • FNAs Humble Beginnings

  • Early AdvocacyOne of the early contributions of FNA was to add legitimacy and standards to nursing practice by establishing the precursor to the Board of Nursing. This group developed the first competency examination for nurses in Florida. Questions from the 1938 Exam: What benefits do you derive from being allied to any nursing organization which has for its aim the elevation and standards of nursing?What is meant by senile psychosis?Why have laws been made to prohibit spitting in public places?What kind of baths should be taken at night. Why?

  • MissionServe and support all registered nurses through professional development, advocacy and the promotion of excellence at every level of professional nursing practice.VisionThe Florida Nurses Association (FNA) is the professional organization of first choice for all Registered Nurses in Florida. FNA Today

  • Board of Directors

    Elected by the membership . Consists of an executive committee and directors.They conduct the business of the associationCreate a vision for action.StaffManages the business as it relates to daily operations.Carried out the work of the association as determined by the Board and the House of Delegates.Represents the Association when needed.House of DelegatesElected by the local districts to represent them at the biennial convention.Vote on bylaws revisions, proposals on issues of importance and set the Goals & Priorities of the Association. How FNA Works

  • Board of DirectorsDistrictsWorkForce Advocacy Commission (WFA)Labor Employment Relations Commission (LERC)Florida Nurses FoundationFlorida Nurses Political Action Committee (FN-PAC)Structural Units (Committees, Councils, etc.)Staff

    Organizational Components

  • Workforce Advocacy Programwww.centerforamericanurses.org

  • Florida Nurses FoundationEstablished in 1983, the Florida Nurses Foundation exists to promote nursing and the delivery of healthcare through the advancement of research, education and practice.ScholarshipsResearch Grants Nurses in NeedBarbara Lumpkin Institute

  • Legacy of Nursing AdvocacyMonitoring of issues related to:Licensure and registrationLegislation and Regulatory PoliciesNetworking and CollaborationCollective Bargaining

  • Collegial Relationships

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  • The Future of FNA

  • Q U E S T I O N SCONTACT FNA:www.floridanurse.org



    *Introduce yourself and tell audience what you will be talking about: FNA Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

    Interactive Session: Indulge me and Ill indulge you in a moment with some goodies. Ask everyone to put their hands over their mouths and say, I love chocolate after counting to three. Make a funny face. Pretend like you couldnt hear them. Ask them to take their hands away from their mouths and say, I love chocolate. Smile. Much better! You can really tell that people in this room LOVE CHOCOLATE.

    This is what FNA does for you. FNA provides nurses in the state of Florida with one unified, strong voice. A voice that will be heard. Imagine if the almost 200,000 nurses in the state of Florida spoke as one. Imagine the possibilities.

    Thank you for indulging me in this demonstration. Let me indulge you with some goodies before I continue. Hand out basket of chocolates.*The first meeting was convened on March 1, 1909 in Jacksonville in the home of Mrs. W.W. Cummer.

    Officers were elected and at the next meeting a constitution and bylaws were crafted and committees were formed.

    Miss Nan OBrien was the first President of the Florida State Nurses Association.

    Unfortunately, there was no activity until the late winter of 1912 when meetings were again held with the same officers as holdovers. This year, Florida sent its first delegate an ANA convention. In October 1912, the idea of a state convention was introduced. The first Annual Meeting was held at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce January 29-31, 1913.

    *Im no math major, but

    YES, FNA will be celebrating its Centennial in 2009! Please mark your calendars and plan on attending the FNA Centennial Celebration, September 22 26 at the TradeWinds Island Resorts in St. Pete Beach.

    The biennial convention is where FNA leaders and members meet to make major decisions regarding the future of nursing and healthcare in our state.

    It is also a place of gathering and networking, a necessary activity in building collegiality and coalitions.

    *****In 2005, FNA developed the Workforce Advocacy Program or WFA. This program focuses on improving the working conditions of Florida registered nurses. It is a member benefit for registered nurses not represented by the FNA collective bargaining program. Five elected commissioners serve as advocates for nurses and develop strategies to address and improve relevant workplace issues. The FNA-WFA program is a member of the national Center for American Nurses (www.centerforamericannurses.org) with two delegate seats for representation at its annual national meeting.

    *Each year, the Florida Nurses Foundation gives out thousands of dollars to support nurses throughout the state of Florida for scholarships, research grants, public policy education and Nurses in Need, a program developed for nurses that find themselves in immediate dire straits.

    All Foundation dollars comes from donations, mainly from members.

    The scholarship and research grant review process is currently in process at this time. If you are interested in applying for a 2009 scholarship or research grant, please visit floridanurse.org in Spring of 2009. The deadline for submission is always in June.**In fact, this year Governor Charlie Crist signed off on a law in regard to Clinical Nurse Specialists this year. This legislation will go into effect on October 1, 2008 and will permit those Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) who do not have a national certification exam available to them due to their area of specialty to sign an affidavit affirming 1000 hours of clinical experience in their area of expertise. They will then be able to obtain a CNS license from the Florida Board of Nursing.

    This success is due to the work of FNA lobbyists Anna Small, whos here today and long time FNA lobbyist Bob Levy - and Political Action Committee.*Board of Nursing (BON)Florida Organization of Nurse Executives (FONE)Florida Hospital Association (FHA)The American Association of Nurse AttorneysFlori