WebGL: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

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WebGL: yesterday, today, tomorrowBogdan GorpynchukNWG studios, co-founder & core developer

WebGL - one of manyWebAudioApiFileAPIWebRTCWebWorkersWebSocketsand lots more!

WebGL ?JS API to OpenGL ES [v2.0]Drawing to a canvas using special contextLow-level drawing [buffers, textures, shaders]Accelerated by GPU3D and 2D


What we hadChrome WebGL support 10+Firefox WebGL support 4+IE 10+ [poor support]Almost no mobile support [till recent time]Low performance

Pros and consLow supportQuite slowNo mobile [almost]Not enough features

But its FUN and looks nice

Main projectsThree.jsChrome experimentsPlayCanvasHexGL


Improvements ?Working stable 1.0 WebGL releaseFull browser support [and mostly mobile]Nice performanceLots of examples, tools and frameworksLarge community

EnginesThree.js (threejs.org)Goo engine (goocreate.com)PlayCanvas (playcanvas.com)Artillery Engine (artillery.com)Scene.js (scenejs.org)BabylonJS (babylonjs.com)

ToolsShaderToyWebGL inspector [chrome extension]Chrome webGL profilerWebGL node.js npm pluginsAnd lots more

Unity and Unreal + asm.jsFF supportChrome performance improvementsLLVM compilers [C++ / Python / Ruby support]

But has some problems


asm.js as it is

Awesome for newbiesDocumentationExtreme amount of examplesLargest webGL communityOpenSource [nicest js code I have ever seen]

Three.js (by mr.doom)

Basic scene

Some VARs

Create scene and camera

Setup renderer

Add cube object

Rotate / render

And THE hidden part

Allmost 500 lines of code!vs. 37 using three.js


WebGL 2.0

Moving to OpenGL ES 3.0More gl extensions [instancing, VAO, Fragment depth]3D TexturesSampler ObjectsUniform Buffer ObjectsSync/Query Objects.. and more!

Future is here?WebGL 2.0 still has a long way to go.WebAssembly! New way of asm.js-ing!Still has problems with support [minor, but problems]Still developing libs / frameworks / tools, and its not bad!NOPE!


QA?Bogdan Gorpynchuk

http://nwgstudios.comSkype: le.sunge-mail: hot.surnuk@gmail.com