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  • Finite element analyses for engineering and design

    Comprehensive engineering services for various industries from a single source

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    s Illustration courtesy of MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Friedrichshafen, Germany

  • Complex FE analyses are our specialty

    Time savings during product development Cost savings due to design optimization Competitive advantage through the use of

    external know-how High effi ciency thanks to our many years '

    FEM experience

    Your benefits

    Complex FE analyses are a challenge even for experienced fi nite element users. Our special focus is on such demanding tasks, because we have special expertise and many years of expe- rience in the FEM world. Furthermore, our comprehensive know-how from various industries and the corresponding tech- no logy transfer facilitates a quick approach to your specifi c task. We provide measuring technology and simulation from a single source – because their combined application is often required to solve diffi cult vibra- tion and acoustic problems. Thus we offer several advantages over other providers of fi nite element analyses – and we are exactly the right partner for solving complex problems.

    What we can do for you

    We provide our sophisticated FE analyses and other simulations as well as measuring services

    in the engineering process to design optimized structures,

    for problem solving when immediate assistance is required and

    during product development, when fundamen- tally new concepts have to be worked out.

    Furthermore, we provide expert advice in all matters of simulation and measuring technology.

    Sophisticated finite element analyses from experts

    Program Application CAE, HyperMesh, Femap

    Finite element modeling

    Abaqus, Nastran, Ansys

    Finite element method (FEM) Finite element analysis (FEA)

    TOSCA, OptiStruct Optimization Abaqus, Simpack Multi-body simulation (MBS) MDesign Machine elements SolidWorks Computer-aided design

    (CAD) Matlab, Simulink Control technology Matlab, MEDA, MEScope

    Measurement data processing

    Professional tools

    We are experienced in various fi nite element pro- grams and we always use the most suitable one for a specifi c task. We work with

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    ee ring Problem solving

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  • Project example: Development of a torque converter

    A torque converter is a complex device in which several technological functions interact in a very small space. Our task is to ensure the technical functions as well as the strength and the service life of the torque converter by means of simulations in the product development phase. This requires the calculation of numerous static and dynamic load combinations, the so-called load cases, on sometimes very detailed models (up to 1 million degrees of freedom and more).

    Simulation during the design process

    Sophisticated finite element analyses from experts

    Based on our customer’s CAD data we build the corresponding models for our simulation software, using the necessary cleaning and abstraction techniques (regarding geometric details, loads, etc.). Our customers particularly appreciate the clear representation and the subsequent thorough interpretation of results, providing a perfect sum- mary of the issue. Due to their many years of experience, our engineers focus on the essentials: In this way we ensure that the products for which we provide the simulation always combine mechanical solidity with economic effi ciency.

    Converter housing

    Illustration courtesy of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Schweinfurt, Germany

    Torsion damper

    Turbine blade

  • With complex simulation models of brake drum and brake shoe our engineers managed to identify the specifi c mode of vibration that is responsible for the acoustic emission – the squeaking. In addition, they could detect the mechanism of action which excites this mode of vibration.

    There had been increasing complaints about squeaking brakes of bicycles with drum brakes for the Dutch market. Our task was to identify the cause and to work out suggestions how to im - prove the product. The fi rst step was the acoustic measurement of the bicycle brake. The included frequency analysis clearly showed the squeaking disturbance frequency.

    Project example: Squeaking of a bicycle brake

    Problem solving

    Vibration simulation brake drum

    Drum brake

    Airborne noise analysis

    Vibration simulation brake shoes

    Illustration courtesy of SRAM Deutschland GmbH, Schweinfurt, Germany

    Accompanying experimental modal analyses, e.g. with a scanning laser vibrometer, verifi ed the simulation models. By means of specifi c variant simulations it was thus possible to show successful ways to prevent the squeaking noise.

    Solving diffi cult acoustic and vibration problems often requires the combined use of measuring equipment and simulation. We offer both – from one expert source.

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  • For a safety-relevant facility we had to develop a crash element for a very large mass (150 t), which limits the loads on the ceiling of a building in case of a crash.

    Our engineers tackled the task from scratch: First the ideal force-displacement characteristic of the crash element was determined, taking into con- sideration the permissible ceiling load. Then the different principle solutions that had been tested by computer simulation were measured by this ideal characteristic.

    Finally, technology transfer was the solution: Thanks to our experience and our contacts in almost all industry sectors we could fi nd a manu- facturer who can produce customizable crash elements with honeycomb structure. He produced a crash element according to our specifi cations and by means of tolerance analyses our engineers carefully ensured the function of the crash element under any imaginable circumstances.

    The designed solution was then subjected to a 1:1 test in which its effectiveness was impressively confi rmed.

    Project example: Design of a crash element

    Sophisticated finite element analyses from experts

    Engineering services

    Preparations for the crash test

    Deformed crash element

    Computer simulation of the crash test

    Illustration courtesy of EnBW Kernkraft GmbH, Obrigheim, Germany


    Displace- mentIdeal force-displacement characteristic


    Standard spring

    Fmax Tolerance analyses

    max. deformation

    time (sec)

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