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Fast and Furious

The first 5 seconds of the trailer includes fast cars and is shot at night time, so it sets the scene for the film and reinforces the name of the film.

The font used for ‘When the sun goes down’ is fitting for an action film as it is written in italic which creates the sense of movement, which links to the movement of the cars.

The rock music at 0:30 is intense and heavy guitar promoting an idea of raw energy, Again linking closely to the idea that it is an action film.

The scenes are short and change quickly to create a sense of urgency, which links in well to the fact that the cars are racing.

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The music from the start is quite peaceful and promotes the idea of hope, which fits the storyline of Will Smith’s character wanting to make a better life for himself.

The authoritative voiceover from the start describes the persona of the main character and the situation he is in by saying ‘Chris Gardner was doing his best for his family, but his best wasn’t enough’. This already makes the viewer assume that this film is a biography of his life.

The use of a slow motion fade as the owner of the apartment is asking for his rent adds drama to the scene. This then alters the mood, as the editing pace and music changes and suggests that the character is more determined than ever to get his financial life back in track.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

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The font style and background colour from the start is quite vibrant and happy, suggesting early that the film is a comedy.

The music that starts at 1:22 is upbeat and fast tempo, matching the hectic scenes that follow in the trailer. This coupled with the comical elements within the trailer such as the characters dancing and signing again gives the impression that the film is a comedy.

The dialogue used is crude at times, suggesting that the film is a comedy aimed at an older target audience (perhaps late teens).