Exploration of film trailers Ballu Koroma

Exploring film trailers

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Exploration of film trailers

Ballu Koroma

What is a trailer?

• A trailer is a promotional preview of a film shown on TV, in cinemas and on the internet (on Youtube, Vimeo etc. or in adverts). It contains clips which are highlights of the film. These clips are normally shown in quick succession and are only 1 or 2 seconds long each. Combined with a soundtrack and occasionally a voiceover they explain the plot and express the general mood or tone of the film. The main purpose is to attract an audience who will watch it in cinemas.

• Other information trailers include is:

• The film’s rating• The production company which

will give a hint about the film before the trailer even begins. For example if the audience sees the Pixar logo, they will assume it is a cartoon, family friendly film

• Who stars in it• Who directed it• When the film is being released• A website address

What does a good trailer do?• Evoke a mood and atmosphere,

e.g. the Spider-Man trailer evokes tension by the use of a dramatic soundtrack and well considered clips

• Uses enigma codes and the element of suspense to make the audience curious. For example, the Spider-Man trailer does not include any mention of a villain, something fans would expect

• For a major film, it might generate excitement by promoting a star actor or director

High concept

The image features an iconiccharacter, Spider-Man

Easily recognisableThe audience call already tell some of the plot: costumeand colours represent him as a superhero

How does the Spider-Man trailer attract an audience?

• It has a USP: a different story and characters, different production team which makes it seem new and exciting to an audience

• Much of the story’s details were left out as short clips were used

• It has a dramatic soundtrack with an emphatic voiceover

• Evokes a dark, tense atmosphere and the use of fades to black give an element of mystery to it

• It has interesting shot types showing the advanced technology used: e.g. from Spider-Man’s POV

• To attract a wider audience there is an emphasis on action and franchise rather than a star studded cast