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Production Company Logos:

The inclusion of the production company's logo is usually a good indication to the audience on the quality of the film. For example, if you see the Warner Brothers logo, you instantly know the film is likely to have had a large budget. The familiarity of a popular production company could work in the films favour, as people may generally enjoy the films that company produces.

Equally it could work against the film, if people don’t tend to enjoy the films that company produces.

What are the conventions of a film trailer?

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The company logo is also a good indication of the genre of the film. For example, when seeing the PIXAR logo, we instantly know the film is going to be a cartoon aimed at children as they release films under ‘Walt Disney Pictures’.

Other companies give us an indication of the genre by changing the theme of their logo so it’s appropriate for the film.

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It is important that the trailer includes the main characters so

people will get a better idea of what to expect from the film. People may also recognise them from previous films they enjoyed, and this could then persuade them to go and watch the film.

This could also be said for the inclusion of the film directors, if someone has enjoyed their previous work and appreciate their creativity, they are then more likely to want to see what they have done within the film.

Big celebrities automatically mean a bigger fan base, as the majority of their fans will go and see the film. Even though some celebrities are only featured in the film for a short period of time, many people will be willing to go and see the film, simply because they are a fan.

The introduction of the main characters, the film director and popular


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The British Board of Film Classification is

responsible for determining the minimum age that is appropriate for viewing videos, DVDs and video games.

A certificate from the British Board of Film Classification.

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The pace of the shots and genre of music, instantly tell us

whether the film will be full of fast paced action, or slow and romantic.

These are both important within the trailer as it is extremely influential on the audience, and the reaction they have towards the trailer.

However many trailers include fast paced clips simply to fit everything they want to show within the trailer. They may also do this to build up to a climax and create intense viewing.

Appropriate shot lengths and music.

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Trailers will often include review quotes, awards it has

won and star ratings from respected companies such as ‘The Guardian’, to help persuade people through other peoples personal opinion. This is because it then seems less biased, and the audience feel as if they are getting a honest opinion/ rating.

The release date is usually revealed at the end of the trailer, as its guaranteed the majority of the audience will be paying attention at this point and are wondering when they can go to view the film.

Reviews and Release date.

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If everything about the film was included in

the trailer, it wouldn’t persuade people to go and watch the film. Therefore, it’s important that there is a cliffhanger or a general element of mystery throughout so people are left with unanswered questions about the film.

An element of mystery.

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The purpose of a film trailer is to advertise and

promote the film by revealing the basic storyline. It gives the audience a little taste of what to expect

from the film and tries to entice them using a range of persuasive techniques.

Film trailers are essential, and the most effective technique that encourages people to then go and watch the film, or buy the DVD.

They are short length to ensure that they do not reveal too much, or bore the person viewing them and discouraging them from seeing the film.

What is the purpose of a film trailer?

Page 10: Film trailers  task 1

The editing/shots of a trailer, informs us of the general pace of the film. For

example, by showing long scenes it implies it is a slow paced film(e.g. a romantic film), whereas continuous fast changing clips imply it’s a action or horror.

Music is another indication of what genre the film is. For example rap music, usually means the film contains violence, a ballad means its likely to be quite inspirational/ romantic.

The Narration/Tone: What the actors say, and the tone they say it in immediately informs us of the position/personality of the character, and their contribution towards the film.

Lighting, colour and location set the mood of the film. E.g. dim lighting connotes danger, death, fear etc. Whereas bright lighting usually connotes happiness, romance, humour etc. The location also does this, and instantly informs us of the type of lifestyle the characters live (e.g. wealthy or poor), and contributes towards informing us of the genre (e.g. an secluded old house usually means a horror).

The actors and director are not only a good indication of the films budget, but also the general direction of the film. For example, some actors refuse to do sex scenes, or portray violence. When speaking of directors the Auteur Theory can be considered. This is when the director is the fundamental creative force behind the film, and this is recognisable amongst all/the majority of their films, and is extremely influential on the outcome of the trailer, as it is the first representation of the film an audience will see.

How to analyse a trailer.