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  • Philosophical Perspectives on HospitalityThe Origins of Hospitality and Tourism


  • Hospitalitya reciprocal right to protection and shelterOrthe act of taking somebody into ones home without any thought of recompense. It brings together an action (a welcome), an attitude (the opening of oneself to the face of another, whether that somebody is poor or a passing traveller, and the opening of ones door and the offering of the space of ones house to a stranger), and a principle (disinterestedness).

  • What makes someone a hospitable person?Personal characteristics e.g. appearance, personalityThe manner in which hospitality is provided e.g. giving of a giftManagement of the process of hospitality e.g. service qualityResultant benefits for host and guest e.g. satisfactions

  • Jacques DerridaUnconditional hospitality implies that you dont ask the other, the newcomer, the guest to give anything back, or even to identify himself or herself. Even if the other deprives you of your mastery or your home, you have to accept this. It is terrible to accept this, but that is the condition of unconditional hospitality: that you give up the mastery of your space, your home, your nation. It is unbearable. If, however, there is pure hospitality, it should be pushed to this extreme (Derrida 1998b:71).

  • Emmanuel LevinasFace: the way the Other presents himself, something that goes beyond the mere notion of the Other as he exists in me A face is a living presence an expression A face speaks. It manifests itself immediately as a discourse.

  • Tahar Ben Jelloun Receiving somebody as a guest is a passive phenomenon by which you fill yourself with the other person.

  • Nature of Hospitality?I will give him even more than I have.My guest is more important than my home it imparts an idea of infinity. But it also means learning something.Hospitality doesnt always imply reciprocity.

  • The Test of HospitalityWhen another person comes to my house, he teaches me things about myself. His mere presence makes me confront myself. He upsets my space and my habits and teaches me what I am. Its a kind of test. My accessibility.. ought to be wide and unlimited - .. Real. There should be no mask, no placating. No question of pretending or forcing oneself. Welcome and feigning are incompatible.


  • Hospitality and the Nation StatesHospitality between peoples and states

    Emigration versus immigration

    Hospitality and postcolonial theory

    Fortress Europe

  • We know that there are numerous what we call displaced persons who are applying for the right to asylum without being citizens, without being identified as citizens. It is not for speculative or ethical reasons that I am interested in unconditional hospitality, but in order to understand and to transform what is going on today in our world.(Derrida 1998b:71).

  • Moroccan Hospitality a tradition, a part of the Moroccan character, the legacy of a culture that isnt to say total and unqualified will be hospitable to a stranger, will provide bed and breakfast generously and with pleasure. But he wont give up his privacy. He may be a good host but he doesnt really open up.

  • Hospitality ParadoxTravellers often stay without paying a penny. Perfectly natural a pleasure.. A source of pride part of cultural tradition act of entertaining a guest both honours and humanizes the host. Makes the guest recognise as someone capable of sharing improves my status, as someone capable of existing in relation to others.

  • Kant Guest ObligationsUniversal hospitality A right to visit is not the right to stay. This is a conditional hospitality: the foreigner must be on his best behaviour. If his conduct is disruptive or objectionable he should be deported, unless that puts his life in danger. Kant also says that the natural relationship between man and man is a state of war

  • Questions:How are we to pass from home to the space of a whole nation?How can the law be made to include the right to hospitality?


  • Racism is caused by hospitality thresholds and boundaries?Unconditional hospitality implies that you dont ask the other, the newcomer, the guest to give anything back, or even to identify himself or herself(Derrida 1998:71)

  • Questions:To what extent is hospitality at a national level the same as hospitality at an individual level?What relevance, if any, does hospitality at a national level have to hospitality at an individual level?Hospitality is what brings people together.Theres no such thing as fly-by-night hospitality. Its either immutable or it doesnt exist.

  • Hospitableness Can commercial hospitality be hospitable?

    What makes someone a hospitable person?

    Differences between hospitality and friendship?

  • Various Philosophical Perspectives: Indicate the potential complexities of the phenomenon of hospitalityDemonstrate the potential for misinterpretation of the past, when applied to the present, and the potential for biasAlthough influential, a clear and coherent philosophy of hospitality has yet to be proposed.