FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa

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Part 1 of the two part GV Media Supplement for the Tournament


  • INSIDE Mokoena has his eyes on the prize South Africa are just three steps

    from heaven

    One goal for President Zuma Visitors set for the perfect balance Just how much do you know

    about the Rainbow Nation?

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  • South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

    The hosts are just threesteps from football heaven

    By Rodney Hinds

    EVEN IFyou dontrecognisegoal post from alamp post youcannot fail to have understoodthe significance of the firstWorld Cup finals be staged onAfrican soil.

    With African players grace-fully and continually plyingtheir trades in almost everyleague in the world, it is onlyfitting that the honour of stag-

    ing a World Cup should now goto an African nation.

    South Africa have gainedthat right and privilege and the

    world awaits to see if they candeliver.

    While praise and criticismabounds in equal measure,

    surely only positives can betaken from the staging of aglobal sports event that kicksoff on June 11 and climaxes on

    July 11.The opening and closing

    matches will be played at the94,000 capacity Soccer City in

    Johannesburg.It is an imposing modern sta-

    dium which bears testimony towhat progress has been madesince apartheid ceased.

    Africas first World Cup willdoubtless be a memorableevent but what it really needsto give the occasion a fillip isfor the host nation, known asBafana Bafana, to do well.

    The hosts could be just threesteps from heaven and the sec-ond round if they can see offMexico, Uraguay and France inthe opening skirmishes. Theirfootball dream can truly comealive after that.

    The legend that is Pele oncealluded that one day an Africannation would capture footballsultimate prize. The chancesincrease every four years asAfrican nations and theirrespective players add profes-

    sional savvy to their obviousphysical and technical gifts.

    Joining South Africa at soc-cers top table in a few monthswill be Algeria, Cameroon,Ghana, Ivory Coast andNigeria.

    Footballs global showcasewill be all the better andbrighter with Africas finestready, willing and able to com-

    pete with the very best.Bafana Bafana - led by cap-

    tain Aaron Mokoena - andboosted by Premier Leaguestars such as Benni McCarthyand Steven Pienaar can furtheradd to the feelgood factor sur-rounding African football ifthey can help the so calledRainbow Nation illuminate theWorld Cup.

    The tournamentneeds Bafana Bafana

    to do well

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    SEATS OF POWER: Soccer City in Johannesburg hosts the first and lastgames of the 2010 World Cup


    South Africa are ranked 85th in the world according to FIFA, footballs world governing body

    World Cup record 1998 (1st round), 2002 (1st round)

    Route to 2010 as hosts

    Coach Carlos Alberto Parriera from Brazil aged 66. Appointed October 2009

    World Cup experience as a player none. As a coach: Kuwait (1982),

    1990 (United Arab Emirates), Brazil 1994 and 2006


    FRIDAY, 11 JUNE 2010South Africa v Mexico, Gp A, 15:00

    WEDNESDAY, 16 JUNE 2010South Africa v Uruguay, Gp A, 19:30

    TUESDAY, 22 JUNE 2010France v South Africa, Gp A, 15:00

    IN CHARGE: South Africa coach Parriera

    HIT MAN: Benni McCarthy

    28 | MMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100

  • Eyes on the prizeBy Rodney Hinds

    SOUTH AFRICAS WorldCup captain, AaronMokoena, has his eyeson the prize.

    The Bafana Bafana teamleader is convinced that hisnation can lift the ultimatefootball trophy come the finalat the 94,000 seater SoccerCity stadium in Johannesburgon July 11.

    Mokoena told the Voice ofSport: I dont just want toenjoy the moment I want to liftthe trophy.

    Mokoena, who plays fortroubled Portsmouth in thePremier League, is not one foroutlandish statements, ratherhis belief captures the mood ofa nation.

    His country will create his-tory when the World Cup kicksoff on June 11. It will becomethe first African nation to playhost to the greatest footballshow on earth and Mokoena isin good shape to handle theexpectancy.

    It means a lot to the people.They are all proud. It means alot to everyone from Africa,not just South Africans.

    Ive been fortunate enoughto have played in a World Cupin Japan in 2002. The fact thatSouth Africa was to host thebiggest event ever is incredi-ble. I always felt the eventwould come to Africa.

    There is a real possibilitythat Mokoena will celebrate his100th appearance for his coun-try during the World Cupshowcase.

    He has been a talisman forBafana Bafna and feels that hedeserves the honour of leadinghis country out when they playthe opening match againstMexico.

    I have been so loyal to mycountry and served them well.I think I deserve to be leadingthe team into the new stadi-ums, I feel so privileged.

    It is a challenge that I amlooking forward to. I haveovercome so many challengesthroughout my career at ayoung age.

    Mokoenas nomadic footballjourney began while playingon the dusty pitches located inthe township in Boipatong.

    It was there that he honed

    his skills as a professionalfootballer, falling on the hardsurface but resolutely alwayswilling to get up again to com-pete.

    It was here that I that Icombined my passion of foot-ball and basketball everydayonly to decide that footballwould be the one for me.

    Ive sacrificed in order to do

    well and here I am today.Helping the player known as

    The Axe with his challengeshas been his mother who hecites as his inspiration.

    My mum encouraged me inso many ways. She was thepillar in the family. I reallywanted to do well at school butfootball distracted the wholeplan but I have no regrets orcomplaints.

    I have managed to travelthe world, to taste the cultureof different countries and dif-ferent people. I matured at ayoung age.

    Leaving South Africa at a

    young age was one of the bestdecisions I have ever made andtravelling has played a big rolein my life.

    My journey has been amemorable one with manyfeats that I and my family areextremely proud of.

    Mokoenas career really tookoff at the age of 17 when hewas called in to the national

    squad following impressiveform at Jomo Cosmos andAjax Cape Town.

    Among his many impressivepersonal landmarks is hisrecord of being the youngestever player to represent hiscountry.

    After success at home hewould pack his bags and moveto Europe where he played forBayer Leverkusen, Ajax andlastly Genk before moving tothe English Premier League tosign for Blackburn Rovers andPortsmouth.

    Now Mokoena, 29, is deter-mined to make a difference to

    the lives of the manyunderprivileged young peo-ple in his homeland. Helaunched the AaronM o k o e n aFoundation inJanuary 27,2010 at theS o u t hA f r i c aH i g hCommission in cen-tral London.

    The inspiration forthe Foundation isMokoenas desire toimprove opportuni-ties for children andyoung people toaccess high qualityfootball experiencesin South Africa.

    Underpinning theFoundation's ethos is anunderstanding of the

    role football can play notonly in creating andimproving the skills and

    performance of youngplayers but also

    the key rolefootball can

    play as am e c h a -

    n i s mt h a tplays a

    uniquely broaderrole in society bybringing commu-nities together.

    The plan is towork in partner-ship with abroad range oforganisationsto shape,design anddeliver a rangeof safe, stimu-

    lating and exciting opportuni-ties targeting young people.

    Ive been involved in manycharities as Ive always wantedto give something back to mycommunity in South Africa.

    I love kids and workingwith them. I want to make adifference and leave a legacy.When the opportunity came upto launch the Foundation Ithought it was too good anopportunity to waste.

    I am so pleased that somany people are buying intothe Foundation and it reallykeeps me going.

    Right now is the perfecttime to promote theFoundation. Me and my teamare looking to maximise thenext six months as much as wecan.




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    01623 441 445 / 0208 763 2162 / 0845 3000 322 0121 270 2152 / 0161 241 0381



    BORN LEADER: Mokoena

    LEADER: CaptainMokoena ready forthe world

    I dont just want toenjoy the moment - I

    want to lift the trophy

    South Africa World Cup 2010 SupplementMMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100 | 29

  • 30 | MMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100

    South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

    By Rodney Hinds

    SOUTH AFRICAS JacobZuma was only thethird South AfricanPresident to be invited by theQueen to visit the UK sincedemocracy in South Africa in1994 following in the foot-steps of former PresidentsMandela and Mbeki.

    Alongside Aaron Mokoena,captain of the South Africannational team, President Zumavisited Buckingham Palaceand Downing Street to markthe state visit.

    On March 4 Mokoena, whois also a 1GOAL Ambassador,was presented alongsideEngland vice-captain, StevenGerrard to President Zumaand Prime Minister GordonBrown at number 10 Downing

    Street. The 2018 England Bid

    Team, headed by LordTreisman (Chairman ofEngland 2018 Bid team) host-ed a press conference atWembley stadium to markPresident Zumas visit.

    Members of the panelincluded President Zuma,Danny Jordaan (CEO SouthAfrica World Cup OrganisingCommittee) and BaronessKinnock (Minister for Africa)

    This was followed by apresentation to promote the 1Goal Education for all cam-paign. Mokoena Aaron,alongside Baroness Kinnockoutlined the reasons for hisinvolvement to an audiencethat included PresidentZuma, England managerFabio Cappelo and Liverpool

    legend John Barnes. Mokoena told the audience:

    Education is important tome and I am committed tosupporting 1 Goal.


    I am delighted thatPresident Zuma has decidedthat South Africa will host asummit for education. UnderPresident Zumas leadershipSouth Africa has made hugestrides in getting all of itschildren into school and nowthe challenge is for us tospread across the continent.

    Now is the time for theinternational community toact and establish a legacyfrom this years World Cupthat will benefit millions ofchildren.

    Just one goal for Zuma

    FAMOUS FOUR: (from left to right) England captain Steven Gerrard, Prime Minister Gordon Brown,

    President Zuma and Mrs Tobeka Zuma at 10 Downing Street

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    South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

  • South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

    Focus of the world setto target South Africa


    The capital city is Pretoria.

    South Africa has the world's22nd-largest economy by grossdomestic product.

    The African nation is the world's32nd-largest country by land area,and 28th-largest by population.

    South Africa completely sur-rounds the country of Lesotho andalmost completely surroundsSwaziland. By area, the country isone-eighth of the size of the UnitedStates, just over a third of the sizeof the European Union, and twiceas big as France and nearly fourtimes the size of Germany.

    South Africa has the world's32nd-largest labour force. It is the17th-largest global producer ofelectricity, has the 15th-longestnetwork of railway tracks in theworld, and the 17th-longest lengthof roadways.

    The country is made up of nineprovinces: Eastern Cape, Free State,Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo,Mpumalanga, Northern Cape,North West, Western Cape

    There are 11 official languages:Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele,isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho,

    Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda andXitsonga

    The population of South Africa isapproximately 47.9million.

    The national currency is the rand.R1 = 100 cents

    Until 1994, the country wasknown for apartheid - white-minority rule.

    Now ruled by a democratic gov-ernment of all races, South Africais often referred to as the rainbownation", a phrase coined by NobelPeace Prize winner Desmond Tutu.

    Africans are in the majority at37.7 million, making up 79.5% ofthe total population. The whitepopulation is estimated at 4.4 mil-lion (9.2%), the coloured popula-tion at 4.2-million (8.9%) and theIndian-Asian population at 1.2-million (2.5%).

    In May 2004 Fifa president SeppBlatter announced that SouthAfrica had beaten four other coun-tries to win the right to host theFootball World Cup in 2010 - thefirst time the festival of soccer willbe held on African soil.

    Christianity is the most widely

    recognised religion in South Africa,with 75 per cent of the populationfollowing the faith, 21 per cent hasno religious affiliation and amongthe rest of South Africans religionsare Muslim, Hindu and Jewish.

    20 per cent of the worlds gold ismined in South Africa.

    The only street in the world tohouse two Nobel Peace Prize win-ners is in Soweto. Nelson Mandelaand Archbishop Desmond Tutuboth have houses in VilakaziStreet, Orlando West.

    Four of the five fastest land ani-mals live in South Africa thecheetah (70 mph), wildebeest, lionand Thomsons Gazelle (all timed atan average of 50 mph).

    The first multi-racial parliamentwas elected in 1994. NelsonMandelawinner of the NobelPeace Prize in 1993 in conjunctionwith former President Frederik Klerkbecame the new presi-dent, and the black homelandswere abolished.

    Exports include gold, diamonds,platinum, minerals and machinery.

    Agricultural items include corn,wheat, sugarcane and fruits.

    SOUTH AFRICA will be the focus of global attention when the World Cupkicks off on June 11. Ben Lettman highlights 20 things about the Africancountry creating history by staging the greatest football show on earth

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  • South Africa World Cup 2010 SupplementMMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100 | 33

  • 34 | MMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100

    South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

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  • By John Portch

    EVERTONS STEVENPienaar was not thefirst black SouthAfrican left winger to bringhis pace and panache to theEnglish game.

    That honour belongs toAlbert Johanneson, the formerLeeds United star who lit upElland Road with his dazzlingdisplays in the 1960s.

    Like Pienaar, Johannesonpossessed explosive pace anda beguiling array of tricks. Hewas a significant creative out-let in the early ascendency ofDon Revies Leeds side just asPienaar is crucial to Evertonscurrent ambitions.

    Yet more striking are thecontrasts between the careersof a teenager who honed hisskills in apartheidJohannesburg and a boy wholearnt his trade on those samestreets four decades later inthe era of the emergingRainbow Nation.

    Pienaars career trajectoryfollows the well-worn path ofthe gifted African boy whomakes his name in Europe.

    Plucked from Ajaxs CapeTown franchise and taken toAmsterdam at the age of 18, ayoung Pienaar played inHollands Eredevisie for fiveseasons before finding his way

    to Merseyside via a spell inthe Bundesliga withBorussia Dortmund.

    His loan move from theGerman giants was madepermanent for 2mil-lion in 2008.

    This insti-tutionalisedprocess is instark contrast to

    t h e

    infor-mal phone call ofrecommendationmade by Johannesonsschool teacher to Leeds in1960-1.

    The 21-year-old left

    Johannesburg for a three-month trial with the SecondDivision outfit before impress-ing Revie enough to earn apermanent deal in April 1961.

    A timorous Johanneson ini-

    tially enquired if he waspermitted to join hiswhite colleagues in the

    team bath. They respond-ed by strip-

    p i n g

    him of his kit and throwinghim in. This gesture of accept-ance was unprecedented for ayoung man who had beenschooled under the racistapartheid regime.

    Pienaar is a proud torchbearer of South African foot-ball. The Everton star has

    won 38 caps for BafanaBafana as the nationprepares to host

    Africas first World Cup. It is ascenario unimaginable inJohannesons day.

    At Leeds the winger wasfinally being judged on hisfootballing merit and it

    inspired a series of wondrousdisplays as he establishedhimself as a first-team regular.

    Johanneson quickly wonover fans who appreciated thespontaneity and exuberancehe brought to Revies prosaicside.

    He helped Leeds stave offrelegation to the third tier in1962 and was joint top scorerwith 13 goals as they clinchedpromotion to the First Divisionin 1964.

    Disappointment beckonedthe following May asManchester United pippedLeeds to the title on goal dif-ference, while Liverpooldefeated them 2-1 in the FACup final.

    Johanneson did not shineon the Wembley turf but hisplace as the first black foot-baller to have played a star-ring role in English footballsshowpiece occasion was a tri-umph for black football.

    Though he would not haveknown it as he ascended to theRoyal Box to collect his run-ners-up medal, Johannesonscareer had reached its zenith.He was a man of brittle confi-dence and was never quiteable to match the lustre of hisearly seasons.

    By 1970 he was deemed sur-plus to requirements by Revie.He departed for York City and

    retired in 1971. Johannesondied alone in a Leeds councilflat in 1995, aged 55, afteryears of alcohol abuse.

    Perhaps the most fittingtribute came from fellow foot-ball wizard and alcoholic,George Best.

    Albert was quite a braveman to actually go on thepitch in the first place, wasn'the? And he went out and didit. He had a lot of skill.

    A nice man as well, whichis, I suppose, the more impor-tant thing, isnt it? Moreimportant than anything.

    Johannesons FA Cup finalodyssey was retraced byPienaar last season when theToffees fell 2-1 to Chelsea.

    But while Johannesonnever topped his day in thespotlight Pienaar has beenable to reapply himself toEvertons cause despite apending drink-driving chargeand a lawsuit concerning anex-girlfriend.

    If Johanneson sufferedfrom a lack of adaptability, anaffliction that blights manywide men, Pienaar suffers no

    such limitations. His accomplished perform-

    ance in the midfield holdingrole for Ajax against Arsenalin 2002 is testament to that.But it is in attack where hecontinues to flourish, con-tributing seven goals so farthis season.

    He wont be among thecontenders for Footballer ofthe Year, but there haventbeen too many more consis-tent players, said JamieRedknapp in the Daily Mailrecently.

    He travels all over thepitch, left and right, wants theball and makes things hap-pen. He has good balance,can pass and dribble withboth feet and scores goals.Im not surprised other clubsare looking at him.

    With his off-field problemsPienaar can fall upon a sup-port network that was neveravailable to Johanneson.

    If the Everton winger canput his personal problemsaside he is capable of writinga momentous chapter inAfrican football history.


    MMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100 | 35

    South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

    Albert was quite abrave man to actuallygo on the pitch in the

    first place

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    South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

    Visitors set for a perfect balance

    Advancing knowledgeand leadership throughcommunity development

    SOUTH AFRICAN Tourismhas launched an excitingand new element to itssuccessful My South AfricanFeast campaign, with a focuson health and wellness,designed to create the perfect-

    ly balanced trip for potentialvisitors.

    Over the past year, the SouthAfrican Tourism campaign hasfocused on the countrys foodand wine and literal feasting.

    While South African

    Tourism will continue to pro-mote this key driver fortourism, the new wellnesscampaign builds on the successof the campaign to date andaims to uncover South Africasstrength as a destination that isa feast for all the senses: aplace where its possible to takein sights, sounds, and smellsthat rejuvenate and refresh.

    New promotions that high-light memorable experiencesthat offer value for money inSouth Africa will all be fea-tured via multiple platforms,appealing to both the trade andconsumer audiences.

    The key theme will be howindigenous African products,such as Rooibos - the plantused to make herbal SouthAfrican red tea are being

    integrated into Western prac-tices such as spa treatments.

    As part of this theme, SouthAfrican Tourism hasannounced details of a part-nership with Conde NastTraveller, which targets trav-ellers who wish to relax andget away.

    The Conde Nast Group willbe working with South AfricanTourism to create a booklet,entitled Z-A: The UndiscoveredAddress Book to South Africawhich will provide the readerwith an instant insight into thewell-known and as yet undis-covered aspect of the destina-tion.

    The magazine has run acompetition for two luckyreaders to win a trip to SouthAfrica. Those who have trav-

    elled to South Africa, will beencouraged to submit theirown first-hand accounts oftheir experiences in SouthAfrica and those who have notvisited will be asked to sharetheir aspirations about the des-tination.

    On completion of their tripthe winner will be asked tosubmit a video diary whichwill be published on-line.

    Lebo Mokhesi, CountryManager for South AfricanTourism in the UK explains theconcept behind the campaign:This year we are looking tobuild on the success of ourFeast campaign by highlight-ing a new reason for people tovisit. Unique spa and wellnessexperiences are possible in thecountry at great value for

    money thanks to a veryfavourable exchange rate.

    There is an enormous vari-ety of experiences on offer inSouth Africa. Whether visitorsare looking to get a taste of ourfood and wine; interested inwellness; or want to try theirhand at activity and adventure- South Africa offers some-thing for everyone.


    By Milton Boyce

    RENEWAL, ADVANCEMENT,Financial Freedom, Autonomy(RAFFA0, Mandela HouseMuseum and Mbuyisa Schoolof Art & Culture are workingtogether to raise awarenessand opportunities for youngpeople and adults to experi-ence the benefits of collabora-tion within their local com-munities.

    Mandela House Museum is aleading centre for the preserva-tion, presentation, and researchof the history, heritage andlegacy of the great MandelaFamily.

    The Mbuyisa School of Art &Culture, provides after-schoolactivities for children andyoung people and co-ordinateQYD Breakfast Club.

    RAFFA will facilitate theintroduction of programmepartners who have a proventrack record of achievementand expertise in the provisionof community-based services: Horizons RegenerationInitiative (HRI), aims to pro-mote links between physicaldevelopment and economicregeneration for the benefit of

    socially excluded communities. Community Health,Enterprise, Learning & Skills (CHELAS ) supports socialtransformation. Its purpose isto implement the provision ofcommunity development as aservice, by mobilising intellec-tual capital and collaborative

    skills of practitioners, profes-sionals and social entrepre-neurs.

    For more information onprogramme partnership,please contact: Rudi at or visit


    PICTURESQUE: Cape Town

    INDIGENOUS: Rooibos

  • MMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100 | 37

    South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

    By Ben Lettman

    WHILE SOUTHAfricas men maytake centre stage atthis summers World Cup, thecountrys women footballershave a decent pedigree oftheir own.

    Banyana Banyana, as theSouth Africa women's side areknown, played their first inter-national in May 1993 whenthey entertained Swaziland atthe Milpark Stadium inJohannesburg. It took justthree minutes for them to reg-ister their first goal and by the

    end of the game they hadscored a further 13. Their 14-0victory remains a record forany South African side.

    Terry Paine, a member of theEngland squad that won theWorld Cup in 1966, was thefirst coach of the women'steam and has since been fol-lowed by Sandile Bali, EphraimMashaba and the PeruvianAugusto Palacios.

    The current coach is AugustMakalakalane, who was amember of the men's team thatwon the Africa Cup of Nationsin 1996.

    Makalakalane also played atFC Zurich and FC Baden inSwitzerland and is a product ofa new generation of foreign-trained coaches who havereturned home to South Africato impart their knowledge to anew generation.

    The influence of FranHilton-Smith in establishingequality for the women's gamein South Africa, cannot not be

    underestimated. Hilton-Smith,a FIFA instructor and formerBanyana Banyana player, hasserved as a coach and teammanager for over a decade andhas been an extremely influen-tial individual for hundreds ofplayers, including PortiaModise.

    Modise finished in the topthree in the voting for the 2006CAF Women's Footballer of theYear award and was selected toplay in the all-stars squad inthe match which preceded theofficial draw for the FIFAWomen's World Cup China2007.

    She is the latest footballer toenjoy a high profile in SouthAfrica, preceded by formercaptain Desiree Ellis, who wenton to become a successful tele-vision pundit and GloriaHlalele, who was famous forplaying in a men's team andthen later owned and managedher own side in the top ama-teur divisions.

    Net gains forBanyana Banyana

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    VOICE READERS have the chance to win a Bafana Bafana World Cup wristband.

    The Bafana Bafana Social Project is part of the national footballteams legacy programme for 2010 their way of making adifference through a credible social programme; and at thesame time leaving a positive mark in the community fromnow leading up to the World Cup.

    The project takes the form of a unique and colourfulrubber wristband, the United 4 Bafana Bafana band.

    The wristband represents a tangible unifying symbol;as well as being an affordable accessory with whichall South Africans can identify.

    By purchasing a band, South Africans are not onlyable to show their support for the team, they arealso contributing to the success of World Cup2010 and contributing to social upliftment.

    TO WIN A BAFANA BAFANA WRISTBAND ANSWER THIS QUESTION:In which city will the first match of theWorld Cup take place?

    Send your answer to:


    The 2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaOfficial Book is an authoritative and com-prehensive preview of footballs greatesttournament. Packed with stunning photo-graphs and expert analysis of each team,its star players and its prospects in thefinals, this is essential reading for footballfans everywhere. The book also features aguide to each of the stadiums and hostcities, a history of the World Cup and atournament progress chart that can befilled in as the competition progresses.No other event in the sporting world can

    rival the glamour, impact, fervent followingand universal appeal of the World Cup and no other tournament comes close tothe 2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaOfficial Book. The only FIFA endorsedtournament guide to the 2010 FIFA WorldCup in South Africa, with an easy-to-useguide to the finals in South Africa packedwith features on the qualifying teams, starplayers, host cities and stadiums. Filled with expert and authoritative analy-sis by one of the worlds leading footballwriters and illustrated with 100 amazingphotographs.

    To win an official World Cup book all youhave to do is answer this question:Who is the captain of theSouth Africa team?

    To enter call: 0901 307 7095To enter via textText VFUN (space) your answer,name, and full address to 84070.

    Calls are charged at 50p per call, and the text charge is 25p per messageplus standard network charge.

    *For competition guidelines go to TheVoice website:


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