FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa

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Part 1 of the two part GV Media Supplement for the Tournament


  • INSIDE Mokoena has his eyes on the prize South Africa are just three steps

    from heaven

    One goal for President Zuma Visitors set for the perfect balance Just how much do you know

    about the Rainbow Nation?

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  • South Africa World Cup 2010 Supplement

    The hosts are just threesteps from football heaven

    By Rodney Hinds

    EVEN IFyou dontrecognisegoal post from alamp post youcannot fail to have understoodthe significance of the firstWorld Cup finals be staged onAfrican soil.

    With African players grace-fully and continually plyingtheir trades in almost everyleague in the world, it is onlyfitting that the honour of stag-

    ing a World Cup should now goto an African nation.

    South Africa have gainedthat right and privilege and the

    world awaits to see if they candeliver.

    While praise and criticismabounds in equal measure,

    surely only positives can betaken from the staging of aglobal sports event that kicksoff on June 11 and climaxes on

    July 11.The opening and closing

    matches will be played at the94,000 capacity Soccer City in

    Johannesburg.It is an imposing modern sta-

    dium which bears testimony towhat progress has been madesince apartheid ceased.

    Africas first World Cup willdoubtless be a memorableevent but what it really needsto give the occasion a fillip isfor the host nation, known asBafana Bafana, to do well.

    The hosts could be just threesteps from heaven and the sec-ond round if they can see offMexico, Uraguay and France inthe opening skirmishes. Theirfootball dream can truly comealive after that.

    The legend that is Pele oncealluded that one day an Africannation would capture footballsultimate prize. The chancesincrease every four years asAfrican nations and theirrespective players add profes-

    sional savvy to their obviousphysical and technical gifts.

    Joining South Africa at soc-cers top table in a few monthswill be Algeria, Cameroon,Ghana, Ivory Coast andNigeria.

    Footballs global showcasewill be all the better andbrighter with Africas finestready, willing and able to com-

    pete with the very best.Bafana Bafana - led by cap-

    tain Aaron Mokoena - andboosted by Premier Leaguestars such as Benni McCarthyand Steven Pienaar can furtheradd to the feelgood factor sur-rounding African football ifthey can help the so calledRainbow Nation illuminate theWorld Cup.

    The tournamentneeds Bafana Bafana

    to do well

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    SEATS OF POWER: Soccer City in Johannesburg hosts the first and lastgames of the 2010 World Cup


    South Africa are ranked 85th in the world according to FIFA, footballs world governing body

    World Cup record 1998 (1st round), 2002 (1st round)

    Route to 2010 as hosts

    Coach Carlos Alberto Parriera from Brazil aged 66. Appointed October 2009

    World Cup experience as a player none. As a coach: Kuwait (1982),

    1990 (United Arab Emirates), Brazil 1994 and 2006


    FRIDAY, 11 JUNE 2010South Africa v Mexico, Gp A, 15:00

    WEDNESDAY, 16 JUNE 2010South Africa v Uruguay, Gp A, 19:30

    TUESDAY, 22 JUNE 2010France v South Africa, Gp A, 15:00

    IN CHARGE: South Africa coach Parriera

    HIT MAN: Benni McCarthy

    28 | MMaarrcchh 2299 -- AApprriill 44,, 22001100

  • Eyes on the prizeBy Rodney Hinds

    SOUTH AFRICAS WorldCup captain, AaronMokoena, has his eyeson the prize.

    The Bafana Bafana teamleader is convinced that hisnation can lift the ultimatefootball trophy come the finalat the 94,000 seater SoccerCity stadium in Johannesburgon July 11.

    Mokoena told the Voice ofSport: I dont just want toenjoy the moment I want to liftthe trophy.

    Mokoena, who plays fortroubled Portsmouth in thePremier League, is not one foroutlandish statements, ratherhis belief captures the mood ofa nation.

    His country will create his-tory when the World Cup kicksoff on June 11. It will becomethe first African nation to playhost to the greatest footballshow on earth and Mokoena isin good shape to handle theexpectancy.

    It means a lot to the people.They are all proud. It means alot to everyone from Africa,not just South Africans.

    Ive been fortunate enoughto have played in a World Cupin Japan in 2002. The fact thatSouth Africa was to host thebiggest event ever is incredi-ble. I always felt the eventwould come to Africa.

    There is a real possibilitythat Mokoena will celebrate his100th appearance for his coun-try during the World Cupshowcase.

    He has been a talisman forBafana Bafna and feels that hedeserves the honour of leadinghis country out when they playthe opening match againstMexico.

    I have been so loyal to mycountry and served them well.I think I deserve to be leadingthe team into the new stadi-ums, I feel so privileged.

    It is a challenge that I amlooking forward to. I haveovercome so many challengesthroughout my career at ayoung age.

    Mokoenas nomadic footballjourney began while playingon the dusty pitches located inthe township in Boipatong.

    It was there that he honed

    his skills as a professionalfootballer, falling on the hardsurface but resolutely alwayswilling to get up again to com-pete.

    It was here that I that Icombined my passion of foot-ball and basketball everydayonly to decide that footballwould be the one for me.

    Ive sacrificed in order to do

    well and here I am today.Helping the player known as

    The Axe with his challengeshas been his mother who hecites as his inspiration.

    My mum encouraged me inso many ways. She was thepillar in the family. I reallywanted to do well at school butfootball distracted the wholeplan but I have no regrets orcomplaints.

    I have managed to travelthe world, to taste the cultureof different countries and dif-ferent people. I matured at ayoung age.

    Leaving South Africa at a

    young age was one of the bestdecisions I have ever made andtravelling has played a big rolein my life.

    My journey has been amemorable one with manyfeats that I and my family areextremely proud of.

    Mokoenas career really tookoff at the age of 17 when hewas called in to the national

    squad following impressiveform at Jomo Cosmos andAjax Cape Town.

    Among his many impressivepersonal landmarks is hisrecord of being the youngestever player to represent hiscountry.

    After success at home hewould pack his bags and moveto Europe where he played forBayer Leverkusen, Ajax andlastly Genk before moving tothe English Premier League tosign for Blackburn Rovers andPortsmouth.

    Now Mokoena, 29, is deter-mined to make a difference to

    the lives of the manyunderprivileged young peo-ple in his homeland. Helaunched the AaronM o k o e n aFoundation inJanuary 27,2010 at theS o u t hA f r i c aH i g hCommission in cen-tral London.

    The inspiration forthe Foundation isMokoenas desire toimprove opportuni-ties for children andyoung people toaccess high qualityfootball experiencesin South Africa.

    Underpinning theFoundation's ethos is anunderstanding of the

    role football can play notonly in creating andimproving the skills and

    performance of youngplayers but also

    the key rolefootball can

    play as am e c h a -

    n i s mt h a tplays a

    uniquely broaderrole in society bybringing commu-nities together.

    The plan is towork in partner-ship with abroad range oforganisationsto shape,design anddeliver a rangeof safe, stimu-

    lating and exciting opportuni-ties targeting young people.

    Ive been involved in manycharities as Ive always wantedto give something back to mycommunity in South Africa.

    I love kids and workingwith them. I want to make adifference and leave a legacy.When the opportunity came upto launch the Foundation Ithought it was too good anopportunity to waste.

    I am so pleased that somany people are buying intothe Foundation and it reallykeeps me going.

    Right now is the perfecttime to promote theFoundation. Me and my teamare looking to maximise thenext six months as much as wecan.




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