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Summary of designs presented at Oxford Fashion Week.


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    MONDAY, 14 MARCH 2011

    The Runway Shows at Oxford Fashion WeekThe 5th March 2011 was the day of The Couture Show at Oxford Fashion Week. Set in thestunning venue of the Oxford Examination Schools, the event was not one to miss.

    As soon as the enchanting, mysterious music started, models floated elegantly down thecatwalk. Black lipstick and hair in plaits was a common make-up feature for this years show,with red lipped models finishing up the show. The black lipstick against the model's colourfuldresses gave them a somewhat harsh look.

    There were designs by:

    Valentin Yudashkin Matthew WilliamsonOmar MansoorViv WhelanBelle SauvageFahad HussainPierre GarroudiNina JovanovicDar Sara

    Valentin Yudashkin featured designs containing a lot of velvet, sequins and midnight colouredshades. The long train that trailed behind one dress was made of satin and flowed right behindher. A short, all gold sequin style dress was next to pop up on the catwalk.

    Matthew Williamson's designs were colourful and featured a leopard print style;blues/whites/purples made up his designs. The narrow, one shoulder strap gave this dress analternative look. Fur was another popular scene on the catwalk at Oxford Fashion Week,Williamson showed a stunning brown coloured evening dress with fur bolero draped aroundeach shoulder.

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  • Omar Mansoor's dresses were pale but featured sequins and elegant chiffon. His floor lengthdesigns flowed beautifully on all the models as they walked down the catwalk. Although whatwith the dark black lipstick this looked quite harsh against such pale dresses.

    Viv Whelan also showcased her designs, which were all designed with fur in mind. One modelwore a purple coloured dress with front split up the leg and a pale pink coloured fur bolero.Another one of her designs looked more like a silky nightdress with a fur collared dark purpledressing gown over the top. A perfect evening dress of Viv's was yet again a very deep shadeof purple and halter neck. The halter neck of this dress had sequins all the way down the

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    The Runway Shows atOxford Fashion Week


  • back. It was truly gorgeous.

    Belle Sauvage stuck with her wacky designs and had many different dresses which featured ajungle style print in many different colours including; black, orange, yellow and white. Stylesvaried from high shoulders to a one shoulder extra large wide sash.

    Fahad Hussain's designs took their inspiration from Indian culture. A statement dress from hiscollection was pink in colour and had small gold flowers all down the front of the dress. Themodel wore high gladiator style strappy sandals and carried a thin orange and emerald greensash behind her.

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  • Pierre Garroudi, who actually spoke to me TWICE on the night had the most stunning dresseson the catwalk. His dresses were large, bold and bright and contained hundreds of smallruffles making each dress look like feathers. Two gorgeous, vivid blue and purple dresseswaltzed down the catwalk made up of small ruffled sections of material. His other slimlinedesigns featured yet more ruffles - one in blue which had thin shoestring straps over theshoulders and a side split up the leg. The next was a shorter purple styled dress with yetagain more ruffles.

    Nina Jovanovic had numerous amazing dresses on display. One of her dresses, pale blue incolour, had high, pointed shoulders and contained hundreds if not thousands of individually

  • hand stitched ruffled material pieces in a pale cream/yellow. These ruffles were all down theback of the dress and at the top half on the model's front. She also had a bright red dress withsequins all down the front which shimmered as the model flowed down the catwalk. Her nextdress was slightly different and featured a corset style top half with flowers, whilst having afloaty bottom half made of more ruffles. The top half of this dress was halter neck - but notany ordinary halter neck, it was made up of beads which fitted perfectly around the model. Herlast dress on display was again pale blue in colour and had gold and blue sequin style areasall over the front of the dress.

  • Dar Sara finished the show with a few different designs - all were magnificent and got theaudience clapping. Her first was a gold ball gown style dress with sequins in a circular motion.The dress had been designed so that the bottom half was in a panelled style - each panel inbetween the sequins had a thicker mesh part which flowed as the model walked. Her nextdesign to hit the catwalk was more straight down as opposed to flowing outwards. It was deepred in collar and featured gold detailing on the hips, top of chest and bottom of the dress. Thetop half of the dress was so sheer that you could be mistaken for it being the model's skin - itwas however part of the dress which formed a collar to the dress. Her last two designs werewedding dresses and they were gorgeous. The first was white and had rings of sequins goingall the way around. Whilst the second was a one shouldered style wedding dress with a tieredbottom and long mesh vale.

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    Oxford FashionWeek

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    Oxford FashionWeek - The EthicalFashion Fair

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    These designs are amazing.

    19 March 2011 23:24

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