Is Fashion Becoming Seasonless?

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  • is fashion becoming seasonless?alyssa green

  • seasonless blending and blurring of periods marked by weather and activities

  • factors economyclimate changeenvironmental awareness

  • economy

  • environmental awareness

  • climate change

  • color forecasting methods

  • runway analysismethods

  • However broad the theatrics, very often a show will contribute something to the changing way we see fashion and the way we are likely to be seeing fashion in the future. Somewhat less frequently, it even tells you something about the way everyone will dress and look and feel about what they wear at some point twelve to eighteen months in the future.

  • diariesmethods

  • These days it is commonplace to say that consumers taste must be followed rather than dictated. Some argue this is because contemporary consumers no longer have time for browsing in shops and must simple be catered to. In addition, the internet has facilitated comparison shopping, bulk-buying, discount bidding, and auction shipping, empowering consumers in new ways a plethora of goods on the market means companies must work harder to carve out new markets

  • dress studymethods

  • window shoppingmethods

  • October 2009

  • futurewhat are the new rules?who are the new rule makers?how does it affect retail and runway?what is the new pace?

  • new trends:layerskey piecesunique uses of colorconscious materialsattention to accessoriesall season items

  • conclusionsFashion ismore versatile within seasonsreliant on classicsdriven by the economy rooted on stabilityadaptive to trendsaffected by the weatherbecoming universaldetermined by consumer

    *****Class talked about sustainability trend; consumption***Spring is vibrant so instead of buying all new, this season about adding splashes of colorsnow more than ever women are vigiliant when it comes to spendingFresh but thoughtful and cautious neutrals are a backbone*Shift in the economy is impacting consumers but they are just adding key color pieces to their own wardrobesInspire and uplift like the push in the economy*Spring 2005 passionate and hedonisticColors for travel, seduction and drama*Mediterranean and tropical travelStart of awareness organic and colors for layering **Catwalk politicsRunway fashion is so presented so far ahead of when it is worn that its useful in prediction of future trends*DVF 3 consecutive seasonsVery similarCoats with bathing suits LayersLess paterns more neutrals Runways and models simple*Ralph Lauren 5 year differenceCollection of all white 2005: elegant and dresses, silksdepression chic durable, denimClassical shapespretty similar silhouettes, playing it safe*Retail and runway are important to fashion but the consumer is critical therefore took personal accounts of how fashion is consumed*Sarah berry personalization and the web*Weather for one week 68-48*All participants took the time getting dressed to really consider what they would be doing for the day and how their outfit would affect their actionsFunction!Sunny warm enough for a sweater, didnt want constraints of a coat when carrying groceries*Wanted many supplements to outfitEmotions huge component Comfort and cozy**Common widespread retail stores

    *Tried on summer dress: florals and sleeveless were on the sale rack limits studyAsked sales associatesResponses: tights, leggings, sweaters layering look is in *Street style blogs have same laying look of summer and winter blending****So what?Affects different parts of the industry differentlyDesigners are losing their ability to be creative Consumer is driving the marketNow both bubble up and trickle downDesigners dont have the power to create trends, the cheapness is what is in styleWhite after labor day rules dont apply when seasons change inconsistently Slowing down fashion seasons from the environmental awareness but also speeding up inventory turnover for people trying to appeal to more and new consumers