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Fair trade. EsselungaVaredo. Damato - Vittorio. Damato and vittorio Went To esselunga varedo , for search Some fari trade products for Project of balloni. There are fair trade products :. Rice Thay Black Tea Dulcita Biscuit cocoa and cashew ciki Friotè. BLACK TEA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fair trade

Damato - Vittorio EsselungaVaredo Damato and vittorio WentTo esselunga varedo, for searchSome fari trade products for Project of balloni

2There are fair trade products: Rice ThayBlack TeaDulcitaBiscuit cocoa and cashewcikiFriot

Black teawas borninindia .Thisis a type ofteamadewith leavesof the plantCamellia sinensis.


Grains of coffee covered of extra dark chocolate. With cocoa from the Dominican Republic and sugar of Costa Rica.CikiDulcitais extractedfrom sugarcane,is brown sugarnot refined, processed ina traditional way and simple.


Oriental ricegrainfromalong andvery refinedspicyscent.Perfect forsaladsas a side dishof rice andboiledThai Rice

Biscuitswith cocoaand cashew.with the addition of honey and sugarcane, blend withthe pure cocoa. An original mix!BISCUITThanks for the your attention !