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Fair Trade - University of Adelaide · PDF file 2016-12-11 · 4 Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2015 Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTA). The Fair Trade Association

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  • Fair Trade Shopping guide

    A guide for shoppers & retailers 2015

  • 2 Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2015

    Dear Readers,

    On behalf of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, we are delighted to present the 2015 edition of the Fair Trade Shopping Guide.

    The Fair Trade Association is the peak agency promoting the Fair Trade Movement in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Our goal is to educate individuals and community groups about what makes trade ‘fair’, and about the impact of Fair Trade on empowering disadvantaged producers in developing countries. By engaging people in the work of the Fair Trade Movement, our hope is that individuals and community groups will gain a stronger understanding and appreciation of their connectedness as consumers, with producers and artisans around the world.

    As part of this work, the Fair Trade Association produces the Fair Trade Shopping Guide, which aims to provide consumers and retailers with up-to-date information on Fair Trade businesses and the wide variety of products available. In its fourth edition, the Fair Trade Shopping Guide continues to be the most detailed and widely distributed Fair Trade Guide available in Australia and New Zealand.

    Also contained in the Guide is information on how you can participate in the Fair Trade movement, beyond your purchases, including joining a local Fair Trade Network or forming an accredited Fair Trade Community in your school, university, town, church or workplace.

    If you are interested in finding more about Fair Trade, Fair Trade Networks or the work of the Fair Trade Association, we would encourage you to visit us via our website / or to connect with us via our Facebook page The small act of putting a fair trade product in your shopping basket or on your shop’s shelf assists vulnerable producers to lift themselves out of poverty. Thank you for using this guide and supporting the products and businesses that are dedicated to Fair Trade. Every purchase choice matters.

    A letter from the Fair Trade Association

    Cheryl Kernot Chris Hartley Chair of the Executive Committee Executive Director

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    Why Fair Trade?

    This guide enables you to support trade justice, and say ‘no’ to exploitation, through your purchasing choices.

    Every Fair Trade purchase makes a difference to farmers, workers, artisans, their families and communities.

    This guide will help you find products that are not just unique and beautiful, but also bring the benefits of Fair Trade back to the people who created them.

    Each business in the guide provides a story: their philosophy and how they support Fair Trade, the people who create their beautiful wares, the products themselves, or all of the above.

    Each entry also specifies the range of products available, and how you can shop for them.

    DISCLAIMER: While we have sought to include only businesses that stock Fair Trade products or operate according to Fair Trade principles, no guarantee or endorsement is given of any listed business in regard to their Fair Trade operations other than Fairtrade Certified products which carry the Fairtrade Label, Fair Trader endorsed businesses, or WFTO member organisations.

    Fair Trade is a movement: a socially innovative response to market failure - the failure of the conventional trade system to provide just wages, safe working conditions and environmental standards for vulnerable communities.

    Fair Trade challenges unfair trading practices by creating an alternative approach to international trade. Fair Trade provides: a system that seeks greater equity for producers, farmers, crafters and workers; a fair price that covers the cost of production; a wage that covers the living basics of food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care; and reinvestment into community schools, health care clinics and skills development.

    Using this guide GUIDE LEGEND How to shop:

    online | Wholesale | instore

    Product symbols

    The below symbols indicate the type of products available through each supplier. NB: the range of available Fair Trade products is wide and may fall outside these categories.

    Children and family

    giftware and homeware

    Food and drinks

    Fashion and accessories

    Fair Trader endorsement

    Accredited as Fair Traders by the Fair Trade Association

    photo courtesy of Mehera shaw

  • 4 Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2015

    Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTA). The Fair Trade Association is the peak agency driving the growth of the Fair Trade Movement in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. It is a member driven not-for-profit organisation that: increases awareness, understanding and support of Fair Trade; supports the development of a

    strong and sustainable Fair Trade movement; and links producers in South East Asia and the Pacific with Fair Trade markets. Visit or

    The Fair Trade Association also endorses Fair Traders: Fair Traders is an International network of endorsed small- scale traders of Fair Trade crafts and other products. Fair

    Trader endorsed businesses sell a variety of fairly traded products. More information, along with endorsed Fair Traders can be found on pages 8 to 15 or visit

    Fair Trade organisations

    The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) is a global body of producers and traders committed to 100% Fair Trade. The

    WFTO Fair Trade Guarantee System is robust and certifiable, and guarantees the compliance of members with the WFTO Standard and its Ten Principles of Fair Trade. Any use of the Label guarantees the organisation rather than the product. Visit

    Fairtrade is a product certification label. A business can use the Fairtrade Label on products which have been certified

    as meeting international Fairtrade standards set by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International. In Australia, common Fairtrade™ products include coffee, tea, chocolate, cotton and sports balls. Rice, quinoa and sugar are also available. Visit

    The Fair Trade Association recognises the following credible Fair Trade systems

    Some businesses listed in this guide are Fair Traders, endorsed through the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. Some other listed businesses sell products which are Fairtrade Certified™ or sourced from members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). See below for more information.

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    Get involved with Fair Trade

    Purchasing Fair Trade products is just one of the ways that you can help to promote Fair Trade and the Fair Trade Movement.

    The Fair Trade Association offers the following opportunities to get involved.

    Become a Fair Trade Community

    The Fair Trade Communities project recognises the support of towns, businesses, schools, universities and faith groups whom embrace and practice Fair Trade. To find more information about how you could sign your local community up to be a Fair Trade Community please visit: trade-communities.html

    Join your local Fair Trade Network

    Fair Trade Networks are groups of volunteer advocates, businesses and communities that work to promote the Fair Trade Movement in their local area. They are spread throughout New Zealand and Australia and enable local groups to get together and share their passion for Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Association currently supports 14 Fair Trade Networks in Australia and New Zealand. To find details on your local Fair Trade Network please refer to the list below or visit fair-trade-network-groups.html

    Volunteer with the Fair Trade Association

    Our volunteers play a critical role in helping us to promote the Fair Trade Movement in Australia and across the globe. Internships are a great

    way to get hands on experience in certain areas, or on issues that you’re passionate about. To find out how you could volunteer with the Fair Trade Association please visit au/volunteer-opportunities.html


    The Fair Trade Association relies on contributions from supporters to assist us to run a wide variety of activities to promote Fair Trade and ethical procurement. To find more information about how you can donate to the Fair Trade Association please visit

    Become a member

    Joining the Fair Trade Association gives you a voice to promote and spread the message of Fair Trade. The more voices we have, the stronger we grow. To become a member please visit 5

  • 6 Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2015

    ACT Fair Trade Collective


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