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Buy Fair Trade Make Trade Fair. Information for public authorities. Peter Defranceschi - Sustainable Procurement team. What does Fair Trade mean?. Fair price for good work Environmentally sound & healthy production Socially just work (no child labour) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Buy Fair Trade Make Trade Fair

  • Buy Fair Trade Make Trade FairInformation for public authoritiesPeter Defranceschi - Sustainable Procurement team

  • Fair price for good workEnvironmentally sound & healthy productionSocially just work (no child labour) Stable, transparent and long-term partnershipDignity & respectWhat does Fair Trade mean?Photo: Credit: Fairtrade Foundation

  • Fair Trade also means...Fair market access for poverty alleviation & sustainable development. Guaranteed minimum wages & prompt payment Financial assistance, when needed (pre-harvest or pre-production financing)Encouraging better environmental practicesPhoto: Fairtrade Austria

  • Why buy Fair Trade products?Contribution to sustainable development Effective alternative to development aid Helps to reduce poverty Helps to improve working conditions in the majority worldValue for money Price differences are often smallHigh quality products (e.g. Awards for Fair Trade coffee in Italy)

  • Why buy Fair Trade products? Good image Fair Trade has very high recognition & approval among the general public

    Attractive, stable and transparent market Rapidly expanding marketFrom niche to the mass markethighly transparent supply chainPhoto: Fairtrade Austria

  • Where can Fair Trade products be used? Vending machines (coffee, tea, snacks) Canteens (offices, schools, hospitals) Catering (events, ) Gifts (anniversaries, Christmas)Photo: Credit: Fairtrade Foundation

  • Who checks Fair Trade products?FLO Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International is the worldwide Fairtrade standard setting and certification organisation for products. FLO comprises 21 national labelling bodies (such as Max Havelaar (several countries); Fairtrade Foundation (UK), Transfair Italia, etc) www.fairtrade.netIFAT The International Fair Trade Association does not mark products but Fair Trade organisations that identify and source products directly from small producers and co-operatives, and import and market them.

  • Good Practice: Cities making a change!Barcelona - Vending machinesAt the Autonomous University of Barcelona, approximately 6,500 kilos of Fair Trade coffee are sold annually through 50 vending machines which are run by three dealer companies. Achievement: Around 15 to 20 producer families in Chiapas/Mexico and Tanzania can make their living from the amount of coffee sold.

  • Good Practice: Cities making a change!Rome - School canteens In its technical specifications, Rome asked suppliers to supply one Fair Trade banana every week to each pupil. Achievement: In Italian schools canteens public authorities serve at least 3 million kg of Fair Trade bananas per year.

  • Good Practice: Cities making a change!Vienna - Catering at EU PresidencyFor all events held relating to Austrias EU Presidency in 2006, the official caterer had to provide the organising ministry with the choice of offering Fair Trade Coffee, chocolate (cocoa), tea, and orange juice. Achievement: A high number of ministries chose the Fair Trade option

  • Good Practice: Become a Fair Trade Town!Fair Trade Towns initiatives in UK, Ireland, Belgium , ItalyGenerally there are 5,6 Fair Trade goals to follow:Resolution for Fairtrade coffee/tea at meetings & in offices and canteens.Fairtrade products must be available in the areas shops/cafs & catering establishments Fairtrade products must be used by a number of local work places & organisationsAttract media coverage and popular support for the campaign Local Fairtrade steering group to ensure continued commitment to the initiative

  • Kick it off!For more info on: Buy Fair project: Trade links: FLO - www.fairtrade.netIFAT - NEWS - www.worldshops.orgEFTA - www.eftafairtrade.orgBecome a Fair Trade champion!Fair Trade footballPhoto: Fairtrade Austria

  • The Buy Fair projectPartner: European Fair Trade Association

    Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM)

    Objective: To develop practical guidelines for public authorities in Europe wishing to purchase Fair Trade products

    Website: Credit: Fairtrade Foundation

    Encourage LA to purchase Fair Trade products Provide clear and simple guidance for LA interested in Fair Trade procurementStimulate the Fair Trade market through procurementRaise awareness on responsible consumption Bring together key stakeholders on Fair Trade in Europe and the developing world.

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