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First we are going to talk about privacy on facebook.
Please do notput anything on facebook you do not want your child, your mother or your boss to see.
It is better to keep your page just for friends and then open it up than try to close the gaps.
3. First we are going to do the privacy setting.
Go through all of these and really read what they mean.
Again, its better to start very private and then open then try to stop the flood gates
4. 5. Go thru each of these settings and decide just want you want to share.
When you are finished it will give you the option to see your page as your friends see it.
6. Remember, its ok to keep some things as just for yourself
7. 8. This is how you get you facebook page out of a google, yahoo or any search engine.
It is also how you stop facebook from giving outside website information about yourself so the outside websites can show you things they think you are interested in.
ie. advertisements
Not a bad thing, but not private either
9. This is how you can block someone from finding you on facebook
they must have a facebook account
they can see you through anothers page
10. 11. This is where facebook tells you how they share your information
12. Tips
& Tricks
13. You can pick and choose which friends you would like shown in the preview window, facebook does in randomly.
You can also choose how many you would like displayed
14. Take yourself off line hide while you are on
You can also display your friends in groups so that you can check by group who is on
15. To create a group of friends
16. 17. You can also change your privacy setting to exclude groups from certain information.
You can share with just certain people
18. You can also share your updates with just certain people
19. This is where your can unlike a group.Facebooks new way of following a group is liking
You will get updates from those sites that may be too much info so you want to disassociate yourself from the group
20. If you find you have too many friends that are giving too much information, you can display :
Just status updates, updates from certain groups and so on
21. Photo
22. 23. This is where you can choose who gets to see photos you have posted
24. 25. You can also tag other people in photos, they will get an email saying you have done so
You can only untag yourself from a bad photo.The poster must be the one to take the photo down.
If you untag yourself, a search under your name will no longer produce that photo but it will still be in facebook land
26. You can choose a new person or someone from your friend list
27. 28. Create
29. 30. If you are receiving friend request from unwanted people, do not respond.They can not re-request your friendship as long as they are in the list.