Facebook fan page setup guide - The Travelers fan page setup guide TO ENSURE YOUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGE IS REGISTERED AND SET UP PROPERLY, CAREFULLY FOLLOW THESE STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS. • Go to and log in to ...

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    Go to www.Facebook.com and log in to your personal Facebook account, or sign up for a new personal account by clicking Sign up for Facebook and completing the form on the next page. *You must have a personal Facebook account in order to create a fan page.

    Once you have logged into your personal page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Create a Page link on the bot tom-right area of the screen.

    Click on Local Business or Place.

    In the Choose a category field, select Professional Services.

    Enter your agency information, read the Facebook Page Terms carefully, and if you agree with the terms, check the box next to I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click Get Started.

    When prompted, enter the security check words as they appear on your screen and click Submit.

    To modify your fan page settings, click on Edit Page located on the upper-right area of the screen.

    Click on the following links on the left side of the scr een, and modif y your fan page settings based on your preferences:

    Your settings (its a good idea to keep the t wo boxes in this sec tion checked) Manage permissions (control who sees your page and who has the abilit y to post) Basic information (consider including your mission statement in the D escription box) Manage admins (users must Like the fan page before becoming an admin) Profile picture (perform this step last, then click on View Page)

    Your agencys fan page setup is now complete! You should go to your Wall and make your first post announcing that your agency is now on Facebook.

    Start searching for your business partners using the Facebook search function. When you find their fan pages, visit them and click the Like button to start building your network.

    After 25 people Like your page you can create a username, which will generate a custom URL that you can use to promote your fan page. You should do this a s soon as you have 25 fans by going to Edit Page > Basic Information > Username.

    Helpful Tips:

    When people Like your page, they become your Fan. These terms are used interchangeably.

    To switch back and forth between your personal and fan pages, go to the Account tab on the top-right area of the screen and select Use Facebook as Page from the drop down list.

    You can control who has administrative rights to post and modif y content on your fan page by clicking the See All link in the Admins section located on the upper-right portion of the page.

    For additional information on a w ide variety of topics related to your Facebook page, click on the Account tab and select Help Center from the drop down list.

    (Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.)

  • Social Media statistics:

    Social Media is now the #1 online activity, beating even personal email (Nielsen Wire)

    Time spent on social networks is growing at 3x the overall Internet rate accounting for 10% of all Internet time (Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places)

    51% of Facebook fans say they are more likely to buy something from a business after becoming a fan (CMB Consumer Pulse 2010)

    60% of Facebook fans say they are more likely to recommend a business to others since becoming a fan (CMB Consumer Pulse 2010)

    Over 750 million active users spend more than 700 billion total minutes per month on Facebook (Facebook)

    Average user spends 55 minutes a day and 6.5 hours a week on the site (Facebook)

    Agent testimonials:

    As a conservative agency, we took a cautious approach to setting up our Facebook fan page. It was simple to set up, we are generating positive feedback and our fan base is growing daily. Joe Galiatsatos, Peter M. Bakker Agency, Inc.

    Facebook multiplies our reach and helps us to stay top-of-mind when our clients and friends have new insurance needs. In the last 30 days, weve received 30 visits to our primary website from Facebook and 17 from our blog. The Facebook visitors spend more time on our website and have a lower bounce rate than other searches and referring sites. So, the folks linking to our page from Facebook are more engaged and stay longer on our site. Claudia McClain, McClain Insurance Services

    Social media tools have changed the way I communicate and network for the good. They have opened doors and started conversations that never would have opened otherwise. Nibby Priest, Vaughn Insurance Agency Company

    Facebook has allowed me to not only keep in touch with my clients better, but to build more personal relationships, touch many clients at once, and in some cases, become truly friends. Ben Sowle, R.W. Troxell & Company

    Common objections:

    Setting up a Facebook page is too complicated.

    Not true! Registering for a Facebook account and setting up a Facebook fan page for your business can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes.

    Letting others post comments about our agency will make it harder to control our messaging.

    Actually, letting your fans post comments about your agency often enhances your agencys reputation. Most of the comments posted on your page will be positive, and you can remove any comments you want from your page at any time. You can also control who has admin rights to post on behalf of your agency and modify page content.

    It will take too much time to manage.

    Many agents effectively manage their Facebook fan page in as little as 20 minutes a day, depending on how much activity is taking place. Ten minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon has worked for many business owners, while others prefer to monitor their activity in real-time through automatic email and mobile alerts that can be set up by going to Account Settings > Notifications.

    Creating quality content to post on a regular basis will be too time-consuming.

    Its important to post original content to your page on occasion to create a personal connection with your fans, but you can also leverage existing content that has been created by your carriers and other industry publications to add value to your page and save time. Be aware of copyrights, and request permission from original content owners as necessary.


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