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F-8-107 Dublin Road Lime Kiln - Maryland Historical ... Survey No. F-8-107 Dublin Road Lime Kiln Woodsboro, Maryland Private Ca. 1825-1850 The Dublin Road Lime Kiln is a well-preserved

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  • F-8-107

    Dublin Road Lime Kiln

    Architectural Survey File

    This is the architectural survey file for this MIHP record. The survey file is organized reverse-

    chronological (that is, with the latest material on top). It contains all MIHP inventory forms, National

    Register nomination forms, determinations of eligibility (DOE) forms, and accompanying documentation

    such as photographs and maps.

    Users should be aware that additional undigitized material about this property may be found in on-site

    architectural reports, copies of HABS/HAER or other documentation, drawings, and the “vertical files” at

    the MHT Library in Crownsville. The vertical files may include newspaper clippings, field notes, draft

    versions of forms and architectural reports, photographs, maps, and drawings. Researchers who need a

    thorough understanding of this property should plan to visit the MHT Library as part of their research

    project; look at the MHT web site ( for details about how to make an appointment.

    All material is property of the Maryland Historical Trust.

    Last Updated: 11-21-2003

  • Survey No. F-8-107

    Dublin Road Lime Kiln

    Woodsboro, Maryland


    Ca. 1825-1850

    The Dublin Road Lime Kiln is a well-preserved example of a private lime burning

    kiln of the mid-19th century. Many farms in the Woodsboro vicinity had kilns

    due to the easy access to limestone outcrops and deposits in the area. Lime

    was used in fertilizers and in building mortar.

  • Survey No. F-8-107 Dublin Road Lime Kiln Woodsboro Frederick County



    Geographic Organization: (Harford, Baltimore, and Baltimore City)

    Piedmont Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery Counties,

    Chronological/Development Period: Agricultural-Industrial Transition 1815-1870 A.O.

    Prehistoric/Historic Period Themes: Agriculture

    Resource Type: Category: Structure

    Environment: Rural

    Function & Use: Agriculture/Subsistence/processing

    Known Design Source: None

  • Tax Map 41 Parcel 68 Survey No. F-8-107

    Magi No. Maryland Historical Trust HlSTc11;c PRCF::Rr::: State Historic Sites Inventory Form

    1. Name (indicate preferred name)


    and/or common Dublin Road Lime Kiln

    2. Location street & number 10700 block Dublin Road, east side

    city, town Woodsboro

    state Maryland

    3. Classification Category __ district _ building(s) _lL_ structure __ site

    __ object

    Ownership __ public _x private _both Public Acquisition __ in process __ being considered __!not applicable

    --1L vicinity of


    Status __ occupied __x_ unoccupied __ work in progress Accessible __x_ yes: restricted _yes: unrestricted __ no

    DOE _yes Xno

    __ not for publication

    congressional district 6th


    Present Use _ agriculture _ commercial _ educational _ entertainment __ government __ industrial _military

    __ museum __ park __ private residence __ religious __ scientific __ transportation _K_ other: not in use

    4. Owner of Property (give names and mailing addresses of ~ owners)

    name S. Douglas Leach, Jr.

    street & number io North Second St. telephone no.:

    city, town Woodsboro state and zip code MD 2i798

    5. Location of Legal Description

    courthouse, registry of deeds, etc. Frederick County Courthouse liber

    street & number 100 W. Patrick St. folio

    city, town Frederick state MD 21 701

    6. Representation in Existing Historical surveys


    date __ federal __ state __ county __ local

    .posltory for survey records

    city, town state

  • 7. Description

    Condition __ excellent ~good __ fair

    __ deteriorated __ ruins __ unexposed

    Check one __ unaltered _x_ altered

    Survey No. F-8-107

    Check one ___K_ original site ___ moved date of move

    Prepare both a summary paragraph and a general description of the resource and its various elements as it exists today.

    Contributing Resource Count: l

    (Typed on separate sheet)

  • 8. Significance Survey No. F-8-107

    Period __ prehistoric _ 1400-1499

    -1500-1599 _ 1600-1699 _ 1700-1799 __lL 1800-1899 _ 1900-

    Areas of Significance-Check and justify below __ archeology-prehistoric __ community planning __ landscape architecture __ religion __ archeology-historic __ conservation __ law __ science -1L agriculture __ economics __ literature __ sculpture __ architecture __ education __ military __ social/ __ art __ engineering __ music humanitarian __ commerce __ exploration/settlement __ philosophy __ theater __ communications __ industry __ politics/government __ transportation

    __ invention __ other (specify)

    Specific dates Ca. l825-l850 Builder/ Architect

    check: Applicable Criteria: JLA and/or

    Applicable Exception: A

    Level of Significance:

    B c




    c D E F G

    state _x_local

    Prepare both a summary paragraph of significance and a general statement of history and support.

    (Typed on separate sheet)

  • 9. Major Bibliographical References . Survey No. F-8-107 Smith, F.M., Woodsboro Remembers, privately published, 1976, p. 37. Titus, C.o., Atlas of Frederick County, 1873.

    1 O. Geographical Data Acreage of nominated property _________ _

    Quadrangle name Woodsboro. Maryland Quadrangle scale 1 :_2_4_0_0_0 ___ _

    UTM References do NOT complete UTM references

    ALLJ I I I I I I I I I I sw I I I I I I I I I Zone Easting Northing Zone Easting Northing

    c LU _I .....__.__ __ ....... E L..i_J ._I ...___.~ ........ - G Li.J .__I ............... _____ _

    Verbal boundary description and justification

    D l.iJ F Li_j H Li_j

    I I I I

    List all states and counties for properties overlapping state or county boundaries

    state code county

    state code county

    11. Form Prepared By name/title Janet L. Davis, Historic Sites Surveyor

    organization Frederick County Planning & Zoning Dept. date June, 1991

    I I



    street & numt>1e'f E. Church St. telephone 301-696-2958

    city or town Frederick state MD 21701

    The Maryland Historic Sites Inventory was officially created by an Act of the Maryland Legislature to be found in the Annotated Code of Maryland, Article 41, Section 181 KA, 1974 supplement.

    The survey and inventory are being prepared for information and record purposes only and do not constitute any infringement of individual property rights.

    return to: Maryland Historical Trust Shaw House 21 State Circle Annapolis, Maryland 21401 (301) 269-2438



  • Dublin Road Lime Kiln Frederick County

    7.1 Description

    Survey No. F-8-107

    The Dublin Road Lime Kiln is a rubble stone, single chimney lime burning kiln built possibly in the second quarter of the 19th century on the east side of Dublin Road, about 1/3 mile south of the intersection of Gravel Hill Road near Woodsboro, Maryland. The kiln is built into a hillside facing south and is about 20 ft. high by 15 ft. wide. A semi-circular opening is centered in the base, outlined by a gauged stone arch. The kiln is on private property behind a locked gate, but is located about 40 ft. from the edge of Dublin Road and is easily visible during winter months. The site is overgrown by vegetation and is not in use.

  • Dublin Road Lime Kiln Frederick County

    8.1 Significance

    Survey No. F-8-107

    The Dublin Road Lime Kiln is a well-preserved example of a farm lime kiln of the second quarter of the 19th century. The geology of central Frederick County includes many outcrops of limestone near the surface and lime kilns were a common feature in the vicinity of Woodsboro. Agricultural lime for use in fields was the principal product, but lime for building mortar was also burned in the kilns. The 1873 Titus Atlas of Frederick County shows many lime kilns in the vicinity of Woodsboro; few are in such good condition or as visible as tt1e Dublin Road Kiln. It is not shown on the Titus map, indicating the small kiln was for private use rather than a commercial kiln.

  • .Oll~ ~R\PhU



    T p





    Dublin Road Lime Kiln Frederick County


    ~' ~;..

    ~.\:· ... ocdl·-=

    :~ll~~ ' : :t ~


    i~·E ~ -_ ., ~~~ .. ·


    C.o. Titus, Atlas of Frederick County, 1873 Approximate location at arrow; Other lime kiln locations underlined

  • l

    0 1

    ,o ~ I a

    1~~ .·- .. -·

    F-8-107 Dublin Road Lime Kiln Frederick County USGS Woodsboro, Maryland 1:24000

    WALKERSVILLE 1.8 Ml FRE n_~Jill,Cl{ [email protected]

    . (WALKERSVILLE) - _F56" '"MF". __ _

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