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The Skinner European Furniture & Decorative Arts auction in Boston begins on July 12, 2013 with Session I: Featuring The Bent Family Collection: Furniture and Decorative Arts from Quattro Venti along with a selection of European Furniture and Decorative Arts, Lots 1-413. On July 13, 2013, Skinner will present Session II: Featuring Fine Sculpture & Ceramics, Including The Harry A. Root Jr. Collection of 18th Century English Pottery, Lots 500-1377.


<ul><li><p>The Bent Family Collection : Furniture and Decorative Arts </p><p>from Quattro Venti</p><p>Fine Ceramics featuring the Harry A. Root Jr. Collection </p><p>of 18th Century English Pottery</p><p>Sale 2663B July 12 &amp; 13, 2013 Boston </p><p>European Furniture &amp; Decorative Arts </p></li><li><p>European Furniture &amp; Decorative Arts </p></li><li><p>View all lots online at</p><p>cover: 896; frontispiece: 317; back cover: 298</p><p>Auction Information</p><p>Auction 2663B Friday, July 124PMSession I: Furniture &amp; Decorative Arts featuring the Bent Family Collection</p><p>Saturday, July 1310AM Session II: Fine Sculpture &amp; Ceramics featuring the Harry A. Root Jr. Collection</p><p>63 Park PlazaBoston, MA</p><p>Stuart SlavidDepartment Director508.970.3278</p><p>Absentee Bidding </p><p>T: 617.874.4318F: 617.350.5429</p><p>General Inquiries: 617.350.5400</p><p>SkinnerLive!:</p><p>Leah Kingman508.970.3289</p><p>Stephanie Opolski508.970.3282</p><p>Specialists</p><p>Preview </p><p>Thursday, July 1112 to 7PM </p><p>Friday, July 12 12 to 8PMFriday session preview ends at 3PM</p><p>Department Inquiries: 508.970.3203</p></li><li><p>Bid online with SkinnerLive!</p><p>Simply click the button on the auction schedule:</p><p> SkinnerLive!</p><p>BID LIVE</p><p>Log in to bid or just watch the </p><p>action</p><p>See full catalog descriptions and condition reports</p><p>Hear the bidding with crystal-clear </p><p>audio</p><p>Follow the auction in real time</p><p>See upcoming and past lots while </p><p>bidding</p></li><li><p>Table of Contents</p><p> 1 Auction &amp; Specialist Information</p><p> 2 Web Site &amp; Online Bidding</p><p> 4 Glossary of Terms</p><p> 5 Session I: Lots 1413</p><p> 89 Session II: Lots 5011377</p><p>199 Conditions of Sale</p><p>201 Absentee Bid Form</p><p>202 Company Directors &amp; Specialty Departments</p><p>203 Administrative Staff &amp; Client Services</p><p>204 Map &amp; Driving Directions</p><p>205 Parking &amp; Accommodations</p><p>207 Catalog Subscription Form</p><p>Please Note: All lots sold subject to our Conditions of Sale. </p><p>Please refer to page 199 of this catalog for the full terms and conditions governing your purchase.</p><p>Copyright Skinner, Inc. 2013</p><p>All rights reserved</p><p>MA/Lic. #2304</p></li><li><p>4All items in this catalogue are described according to the following table of terminology. Please note that all statements in this catalogue as to Authorship, Period, and Origin, are qualified statements subject to the Conditions of Sale.</p><p>Authorship will be described in the following ways:</p><p>John Joseph EnnekingIn our judgment, the work is by the artist.</p><p>Attributed to John Joseph EnnekingIn our judgment, the work may be ascribed to the artist on the basis of style, but leaves some question as to actual authorship.</p><p>School of John Joseph EnnekingIn our judgment, a work of an unknown follower executed in the style of the artist and contemporary in period.</p><p>Manner of John Joseph EnnekingIn our judgment, a work executed in the style of the artist by an unknown hand and probably from a later period.</p><p>After John Joseph EnnekingIn our judgment, an intended copy of the work of the artist.</p><p>American School, 19th CenturyIn our judgment, the work of an unknown hand that can only be identified as to period and culture.</p><p>Other terms:</p><p>Bears SignatureIn our judgment, the signature not of the artist. This term is generally used separately, or together with a description of the work as attributed to, school of, manner of, or after the artist.</p><p>Glossary of Terms</p></li><li><p>Session ILots 1413</p><p>to be sold Friday, July 12, 2013, at 4PM</p></li><li><p>Quincy Bent, vice president in charge of production at Bethlehem Steel at the turn of the last century, built the summer retreat </p><p>around 1912. His forebears purchased quarries in West Gloucester in 1820 and originally used the property, situated on the tip </p><p>of the Annisquam peninsula, to transfer stone from river barges to schooners for delivery to cities up and down the East Coast. </p><p>Quincys wife, Deborah Norris Bent, oversaw the design and construction of the house and decorated the interior. She spent </p><p>many summers in Europe with her mother, Deborah Norris Brock, and these travels undoubtedly influenced her aesthetic. </p><p>While the house was under construction, mother and daughter purchased most of the furnishings in Italy. Family lore has it that </p><p>they were shipped directly to Gloucester along with building materials such as marble and roofing tiles. </p><p>Mediterranean Revival, popular in the early 20th century with Grand Tour alumnae, combined elements of Gothic, Renaissance, </p><p>and Baroque furniture and decorative arts from northern Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, and the Spanish colonies. The </p><p>dcor from Quattro Venti, which translates from the Italian as four winds, epitomizes this eclectic style with its juxtaposition </p><p>of verdure tapestries, heavy dark furniture, bright ceramics, and wrought iron accents. The homes sterling silver, including an </p><p>extensive dining suite, illustrates the lavish lifestyle the Bent family maintained at Quattro Venti. </p><p>Designed and furnished in the Mediterranean Revival style, </p><p>Quattro Venti is the last great private residence in Annisquam Village, a </p><p>small fishing hamlet near Gloucester, Massachusetts.</p></li><li><p>The Bent Family Collection: Furniture &amp; Decorative Arts from Quattro VentiLots 1114</p></li><li><p>8 Additional information and photos at</p></li><li><p>9Online bidding at</p></li><li><p>1Thomas Sully (American, 1783-1872)</p><p>Portrait of Mrs. William Brown (Miss Deborah Norris), 1833Inscribed and dated TS 1833 on the reverse, sitter identified on a label affixed to the frame backing.Oil on canvas, 30 1/4 x 24 7/8 in. (76.8 x 63.0 cm), framed.Condition: Lined, minor retouch, scuffing, fine stable craquelure, surface grime.</p><p>Literature: Edward Biddle and Mantle Fielding, The Life and Works of Thomas Sully (Philadelphia: Wickersham Press, 1921), entry number 215, p. 108.$1,000-1,500</p><p>2Northern Italian Inlaid Chest of Drawers, early 19th century, demilune-shape veneered throughout in a geometric pattern in various woods including olive wood, with three drawers mounted with neoclassical hardware, raised on four caster-mounted feet, ht. 35 3/4, wd. 50 3/8, dp. 23 5/8 in.$1,500-2,500</p><p>10 Additional information and photos at</p><p>2</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>3Swiss Alpine Baroque-style Walnut and Pine Center Table, mid-19th century, the rectangular paneled top over a single deep drawer and four splayed block- and ring-turned legs joined by a box stretcher, ht. 28 3/4, wd. 48 1/2, dp. 39 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500</p><p>4Large Group of Blue Venetian and Steuben Glassware, 20th century, the Steuben with ribbed celeste blue bowls and colorless stems, some pieces marked, forty-two underplates, ten small goblets, eight sherbets, seven large goblets, six finger bowls, four cordials and two compotes; the Venetian glass of a similar blue, seventeen low compotes with applied polychrome flowers, two candelabra with removable arms topped by applied polychrome fruit, total ht. 19 1/2, two ribbed balustroid candlesticks, two candlesticks with spiraled colorless stems, two covered compotes with applied polychrome flowers, ht. 10 1/4, two salts with cobalt blue accents, and an oblong bowl with applied fruit; together with three circular platters, dia. 14 in.$1,000-1,500</p><p>11Online bidding at</p><p>4partial</p></li><li><p>5Pair of Italian Renaissance Demilune Walnut Console Tables, 16th/17th century, each with top over shallow carved frieze and three turned legs joined by D-shaped stretchers, ht. 30 1/2, lg. 52 1/2, dp. 21 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000</p><p>6William McGregor Paxton (American, 1869-1941)</p><p>Portrait of Deborah Norris (Brock) BentSigned and dated PAXTON 1934 l.l.Oil on canvas, 36 x 30 in. (91.5 x 73.3 cm), in a signed Frederick Harer frame.Condition: Paint losses, scattered retouch, mild surface grime.$10,000-15,000</p><p>12 Additional information and photos at</p><p>5</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>7Pair of French Porcelain and Dor Bronze Three-light Candelabra, 19th century, the turquoise-glazed roosters modeled after Alphonse-Alexandre Arson (1822-1880), and incised ARSON, the undersides stamped SEVRES, mounted to unmarked Rococo-style bronze bases with three scrolling arms, total ht. 21 in.$1,000-1,500</p><p>8Chinese Export Porcelain Canton Blue and White Foot Basin on Stand, 19th century, of typical design, the wood stand with casters, basin dia. 26 1/4, stand ht. 16 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500</p><p>9Charles II-style Walnut Armchair, 20th century, upholstered seat and backrest with scrolled armrests with acanthus-leaf carving, raised on four legs carved with flowerheads and joined by an H-form stretcher carved to the front with floral scrolls, ht. 46, wd. 26, dp. 25 in.$250-350</p><p>13Online bidding at</p><p>8</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>Lots 10-13partial</p></li><li><p>10Four Sterling Silver Vases, late 19th/early 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, each with a flared, reticulated rim and foot, on a tapered, engraved stem, with armorial and monogram D.N.B., ht. 7 1/4 in., approx. 36.9 troy oz.$800-1,000</p><p>11Four Sterling Silver Compotes, late 19th/early 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, each with a shallow dish with engraved floral and foliate scrolls centering on an armorial and D.N.B. monogram, with a reticulated rim and domed foot decorated with floral garlands amidst scrolls, ht. 3 in., approx. 96.5 troy oz.$3,500-4,500</p><p>12Eight Sterling Silver Candlesticks, late 19th/early 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, each with removable reticulated bobeches above a bulbous sconce, raised on a baluster stem terminating in a flared, reticulated foot, decorated allover with engraved floral and foliate scrolls with a central armorial and monogram D.N.B., six ht. 10 1/2, two ht. 12 in., approx. 170.2 troy oz. total.$8,000-10,000</p><p>13Eighteen Sterling Silver Dinner Plates, late 19th/early 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, with engraved scroll and floral motif centering an armorial and D.N.C.B. monogram, with lattice, scroll, and floral reticulated border, dia. 12 in., approx. 462 troy oz.$15,000-20,000</p><p>14Sterling Silver Punch Bowl, 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, with a pierced rim and foot decorated with a floral garland amidst scrollwork, body with additional engraved floral designs and armorial, ht. 6 1/4, dia. 14 1/2 in., approx. 75.7 troy oz.$3,000-4,000</p><p>15Twelve Sterling Silver Bread Plates, late 19th/early 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, each monogrammed to center DNB with engraved floral scrolls to interior and a pierced rim decorated with a floral garland amidst scrollwork, dia. 7 in., approx. 86.4 troy oz.$800-1,200</p><p>15Online bidding at</p></li><li><p>16Twelve Sterling Silver Bowls, late 19th/early 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, lacking liners, pierced bowls decorated with a floral garland amidst scrollwork, ht. 2, dia. 4 in., approx. 79.9 troy oz.$800-1,200</p><p>17Assembled Five-piece Sterling Silver Childs Dining Set, late 19th/early 20th century, all retailed by J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., comprised of a two-handled bowl and cup, a small plate, and a Barbour Silver Co. tray, all with raised gold-washed initials HBB, and a fork made by Dominick &amp; Haff with the raised gold-washed initial B, tray lg. 14 in., approx. 31.8 troy oz. total.$300-500</p><p>18Six Sterling Silver Pepper Shakers and Five Salt Cellars, Gardner, Massachusetts, 20th century, Frank Smith Silver Co., maker, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, each monogrammed DNB and decorated with C-scrolls and foliate arabesques, with engraved From/FB/1910 to underside, cellar lg. 3 1/2, pepper ht. 5 1/4 in., approx. 37.4 troy oz. total.$300-500</p><p>19Two Sterling Silver Cake Plates, each monogrammed DNB to center: a J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co. cake plate with a reticulated edge decorated with grotesques and putty amidst scrollwork, dia. 11; and a Meriden Britannia cake plate with reticulated registers of geometric patterning, dia. 10 1/4 in., approx. 27.3 troy oz. total.$300-500</p><p>20Sterling Silver Platter with Lid, late 19th/early 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, the shallow dish and lid each decorated with engraved foliate scrolls and flowers, lid with an armorial and monogram D.N.B to one cartouche, dish dia. 13 1/2, ht. with lid 4 in., approx. 40.8 troy oz.$300-500</p><p>21Two Sterling Silver Serving Platters, retailed by J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., each with a shaped and scrolled rim, one circular, made by Graff, Washbourne &amp; Dunn, dia. 15; the other oval, unmarked, lg. 18 in., approx. 84.4 troy oz. total.$1,000-1,500</p><p>22Three Assorted Sterling Silver Serving Trays, 20th century, two Gorham, retailed by J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., oval, the larger with monogram to center, dia. 14 and 16; and round Unger Brothers tray, retailed by Shaw, Brown &amp; Co., monogrammed to center, dia. 14 in., approx. 76 troy oz. total.$1,000-1,500</p><p>23Three-piece Towle Paul Revere Reproduction Sterling Silver Coffee Service, Newburyport, Massachusetts, 20th century, J.E. Caldwell &amp; Co., retailer, coffeepot, creamer, and covered sugar, each with a slender, paneled body on a square foot with engraved monogram M.V.P, coffeepot ht. 11 5/8 in., approx. 41.1 troy oz.$600-800</p><p>16 Additional information and photos at</p><p>14</p><p>24</p><p>16</p><p>15</p></li><li><p>24Late Federal Period Coin Silver Teapot, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1815-30, Thomas Fletcher &amp; Sidney Gardiner, maker, bulbous form with acanthus leaves to spout and lid, and a register of shell and scrolls to body, on a flared circular foot, marked FLETCHER &amp; GARDINER, PHILA. to underside, ht. 10 1/2 in., approx. 52.0 troy oz. </p><p>N.B. The firm of Fletcher &amp; Gardiner was featured in 2007-2008 exhibition presented by Winterthur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, titled Silversmiths to the Nation: Thomas Fletcher and Sidney Gardiner: 1808-1842.$800-1,000</p><p>25Set of Bailey Banks &amp; Biddle Sterling Silver Demitasse Cups and Saucers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, late 19th/early 20th century, comprised of eleven demitasse cup holders and twelve monogrammed saucers, each with floral and foliate scrolls throughout, cup ht. 1 7/8, saucer dia. 3 5/8 in., approx. 31.9 troy oz.$800-1,200</p><p>26Davis &amp; Galt Sterling Silver Dish, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, late 19th century, oval, with a pierced floral-decorated rim, with a monogram to the center, lg. 14 in., approx. 15.2 troy oz.$400-600</p><p>27Continental Jacobethan-style Three-panel Carved Oak, Caned, and Painted Leather Floor Screen, c. 1900, each panel with reticulated crest carved as two putti flanking a flower-filled urn, over barley-twist stiles and oval caned medallion inset with central shield, above polychrome-painted leather panels decorated with flowers, fruit, and birds, ht. 70 1/2, wd. of each panel 22 7/8 in.$300-500</p><p>28Italian Inlaid Walnut Pedestal Desk, mid-19th century, top bone-inlaid with a figural scene of fashionable ladies and gentlemen, with a central frieze drawer, raised on two pedestals, each with a shelved interior and inlaid to front and side with a single figure, ht. 31 1/2, wd. 49 1/2, dp. 24 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500</p><p>28</p></li><li><p>29Swiss Alpine Baroque-style Oak and Pine Center Table, base 18th/early 19th century, top later, the rectangular pine top over a deep oak drawer and four splayed block- and ring-turned legs joined by a box stretcher, on stemmed ball feet, ht. 30 1/2, wd. 37 1/2, dp. 27 3/4 in.$600-800</p><p>30Ita...</p></li></ul>