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<ul><li><p>Enjoy your adrenaline rush at Naintal </p><p>Top Adventure Destinations in Nainital </p><p>Summary </p><p>Are you an adventure enthusiast? Do you love the feel of adrenaline rushing into your blood? </p><p>Then do not forget to include Naintal in your travel itinerary. Naintal with its pristine beauty, </p><p>emerald colored Naini lake, malls, shops, restaurants, markets and much more. Naintal which </p><p>was once a British summer retreat still holds the colonial charm with British style buildings and </p><p>monuments. Tourists can enjoy an array of adventures ports on the Naini lake, Jim Corbett </p><p>adventure resort and other places. Places which are worthwhile visiting in the lake district Of </p><p>Uttarakhand are Ramgarh, Haldwani, Kaldhunghi, Ramnagar, Mukteswar, Bhimtaal and, Sattal. </p><p>Naintal : An ideal spot to rejuvenate yourself </p><p>Naintal is a picturesque destination which promises several adventures for tourists from across </p><p>the globe. Experience the cool air touching your face while you enjoy a boat ride on the Naini </p><p>lake. Peddle boats, small yachts and speed boats are available for hire. Snow view is a </p><p>prominent point, where one can enjoy a mesmerizing sight of whole Naintal town. Board the </p><p>Aerial express cable car from Mallital to catch up the beautiful site which will remain etched in </p><p>your mind for life. You can even use a horse for riding up to the point. </p><p>Rock climbing and trekking are other adventures which can truly set your adrenaline rush. </p><p>Naintal mountaineering club offers trekking and rock climbing expeditions for groups. The Lake </p><p>District is filled with small forests which offer adventure lust tourists opportunities to explore </p><p>them. You can try out nature walks to popular picnic spots like Dorothys Seat picnic spot at </p><p>Tiffin Top. The land's end is another 45 minutes walk away, where you can enjoy a breathtaking </p><p>view of the city. Try out the China peak also known as Naina peak which offers a scintillating </p><p>view of Mother Nature. How can you finish your day without a beautiful sunset. Take off to the </p><p>nearby Hanuman Garhi temple from where you can enjoy an incredible sunset. </p><p>For animal lovers, a visit to Govind Ballabh Panth High altitude zoo offers several species of high </p><p>altitude mammals and birds. A visit To Naintal will be incomplete without a trip to the Jim </p><p>Corbett National park. Here, you can experience the Mother Nature at its best. Most probably, </p><p>you will come across the king of jungle Tiger, for whom the Corbett National park is famous for. </p><p>The national park is a part of tiger conservation project and has several animals and rare </p><p>species of birds. Corbett national park has several adventure resorts and hotels which offers a </p><p>pleasant stay for tourists. Experience the wilderness and the serene beauty of nature at the </p><p>http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/</p></li><li><p>Corbett adventure resort. The resort with its five star facilities is ideal for tourists who want to </p><p>rejuvenate themselves. </p><p>If you are looking forward for a rich experience of rural India, then , jaagar village resort </p><p>Corbett is another popular spot where you can get a taste of India. </p><p>Naintal is truly a jewel in the necklace of the Himalayas. So enjoy the scintillating beauty of the </p><p>Himalayas with a trip to Naintal. </p><p>JAAGAR the Corbett Resort is the best resort in Jim Corbett. Jungle Safari, Corbett Safari, Elephant </p><p>Safari, Nature Walks, Farm Holiday, Wildlife Safari are the main attractions of the Corbett Adventure </p><p>resort. Visit Jaagar Village Resort for best hospitality and Wildlife experience in Uttrakhand, India. </p><p>http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/http://www.jaagarvillage.com/</p></li></ul>


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