Leisure Activities for - Purely an adrenaline rush with water sport activities ... protects the ecosystem of the coral reefs through a ... to protect some endangered species of marine ...

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  • Angsana Velavaru

    Facilities What is your pace of life? Get an adrenaline rush with water sport activities - snorkelling, diving and night

    fishing. Go island hopping, explore an uninhabited island or enjoy a private sunset cruise. Stay back and

    unwind at the resort with a cocktail at the oceanfront or get a massage at the rooftop spa.

    Dining Choose your preferred cuisine and ambience. Enjoy a sumptuous meal in the privacy of your InOcean Villa. Or

    step into the exclusive Azurro bar and restaurant for Italian cuisine and boutique wines from our floor-to-

    ceiling rack. Lounge at the Kuredhi bar all day and enjoy cocktails and snacks. Dine la carte or enjoy a lavish

    continental and Asian buffet at the Kaani restaurant. Enjoy a romantic meal under the stars, suspended over

    water at the Funa restaurant, which serves fresh seafood with a Maldivian flavour. Bon apptit!

    Spa Get rejuvenated with massages and treatments tailored to your needs. Our experienced therapists use natural

    ingredients such as local flowers and fruits, and combine Western and Oriental therapies to lull you into

    quietude. Choose from open-air spa pavilions and air-conditioned treatment rooms and look forward to walking

    out with a spring in your step.

    Leisure Activities for Children Our Kids Club offers as much recreation for children as leisure options for parents and our staff is trained to

    keep your children occupied after the fun and games. We have a range of indoor and outdoor activities,


    Building sand castles

    Arts and craft

    Painting t-shirts

    Beach games

    Treasure hunt

  • Marine Lab The Banyan Tree Maldives Marine Lab, Velavaru, protects the ecosystem of the coral reefs through a research

    and conservation programme. Our resident marine biologist monitors local marine life such as turtles and

    corals, while the lab undertakes research projects to sustain the diverse species within the reefs.

    Attend marine biology classes to gain a better understanding of marine life. Go on a guided snorkelling safari to

    explore the coral reefs. Plant corals in the lagoon as part of our coral replanting programme. Join hands to keep

    the reef free from debris, litter, and predators such as the crown-of-thorns starfish.

    Water Sports Centre Give in to your adventurous streak. The sun and surf beckon for water sports activities such as windsurfing,

    catamaran sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, and canoeing.

    Dive Centre Explore the depths of the ocean. Being a secluded resort in the South Nilandhe Atoll, we offer 30 diving sites

    that are virtually unexplored. Our PADI 5-star Gold Dive Centre is managed by professionals who provide

    classes for beginners as well as experienced divers.

    Gallery Bring back a memento that captures a slice of your vacation. Visit the Angsana Gallery for local merchandise,

    home furnishings and apparel in vibrant colours.

  • Angsana Velavaru Dining Choose your preferred cuisine and ambience. Dine in the privacy of your villa, under the stars or at exclusive

    restaurants that serve global cuisine with a Maldivian flavour.

    Kuredhi Bar Unwind with a refreshing drink at the edge of the water. Our bartender works his magic to pour you spirits and

    cocktails, and serve you delectable hors doeuvres.

    Signature Dishes

    Seared Maldivian Tuna Nicoise Seared Tuna, New Potato, Green Beans, Cherry Tomato, Marinated Olives, Egg, Assorted Greens, Lime and

    Olive Oil Vinaigrette

    Maldiviana Pizza Maldivian Tuna Fish, Onion, Capsicum, Maldivian Chili, Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese

    Maldivian Beef Burger Beef Burger, Fried Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Homemade Fries

    Catch of the Day Grilled Freshly Catch Reef Fish of the Day Marinated with Maldivian Spice, Roasted Potato, Assorted Greens and

    Lemon Wedges.

    Brownie Chocolate Brownies, Praline Ice Cream, Brandy Snap and Warmed Chocolate Sauce

    Azzurro Restaurant and Bar

    Does your Curaao cocktail match the cobalt blue of the ocean? Relax on the open air deck with a refreshing

    drink against the stunning backdrop of the ocean.

    Signature Dishes

    Australian Beef Carpaccio Raw Thin Sliced of Australian Beef Tenderloin, Homemade Mayonnaise, Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Rocula Salad

    Mufuletta Sandwich Ciabatta Bread, olive oil, Salami Milano, American cheese, Plum Tomato, Green Pepper Sour pickles, Marinated

    olives and Fries

    Hawaiian Pizza Shredded Roasted Chicken, Pineapple, Bell Peppers, Fresh Tomatoes, Onions, Mozzarella, Thousand Dressing

    Tagliatelle Di Mare Tagliatelle Pasta, Tiger Prawn, Calamari, Reef Fish, Green Mussel, Cream Sauce and Parmesan Cheese

    Seafood Platter Grilled Maldivian Lobster, Tiger Prawn, Calamari Skewer, Green Mussel, Reef Fish Fillet Served with Garden

    Vegetable, Selection of Steamed Jasmine Rice, Mashed Potato or French Fries. Selection of Sauce: Garlic

    Butter, BBQ Sauce, X.O.Sauce, Curry Sauce, Sweet and Sour Sauce or Black Pepper Sauce

    Tiramisu Mascarpone Mousse, Coffee Amaretto, Lady Finger Biscuits

  • Funa Restaurant

    Was that crackling spinach or the sound of waves crashing? Dine alfresco, suspended over water.

    Signature Dishes Marinated Tuna Tartar Maldivian Fresh Tuna Tartar, Avocado, Plum Tomato, Sour Cream, Salmon Roe, Fresh Basil and Balsamic


    Pan Seared Bay Scallop Shallow Fried Bay Scallop on Warm Potato, Tomato Confit, Red Capsicum Coulis, Marinated Olives and Mango


    Lobster Curry Maldivian Lobster Curry Served, Steamed Basmati Rice, Mango Chutney and Crispy Papadom

    Cheese Cake Baked Cheese Cake, Berries Compote, Strawberry Sauce and White Chocolate Sheet

    Kaani Restaurant

    Our master chef takes you on a gastronomical journey with a lavish buffet and la carte menu. Indulge in

    continental cuisine with a subtle Asian flavour.

    Maldivian Dinner Buffet A selection of traditional Maldivian dishes with Asian flavours.

    In-Villa Dining

    A discerning eye and palate demand an eclectic cuisine and ambience.

    Black Pepper Beef Wok Fried Australian Beef Sirloin, Onion, Capsicum, Broccoli, Steamed noodles and Black Pepper Sauce

    Seafood Salad Baby Octopus, Prawn, Calamary, Tuna, Tomato, Marinated Capsicum, Onion and Assorted Greens and Grain

    Mustard Dressing

    Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops Mediterranean Vegetable, Creamy Polenta, Rosemary Jus and Basil Oil

    Antipasto Platter Parma Ham, Salami Milano, Breasaola, Marinated Artichoke, Olives, Mushrooms, Marinated Prawn, Sun dried

    Tomato and Goat Cheese

    Lemongrass Crme Brulee Crme Brulee Flavored Lemongrass, Sliced Tropical Fruit

  • Angsana Spa Velavaru Our award-winning spa overlooking the ocean transports you to another world. Get pampered by our

    experienced therapists at 12 rooftop spa pavilions and air-conditioned treatment rooms. Enjoy a sensory

    experience with a relaxing massage or soothing aromatherapy with a range of scented oils such as rosemary,

    lavender, jasmine, and frangipani.

    Spa Packages You are in very experienced hands. Our professional therapists are trained in the art of therapeutic healing at

    our spa academies in Phuket, Thailand; Bintan, Indonesia; and Lijiang, China. A combination of holistic

    therapies administered by experts delivers the signature Angsana Spa experience.


    Duration: 90-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

    Price: USD 120

    The Quintessential Of Spa Treats

    Spa Tip: An essential body pampering treat.

    30-minute body polish

    60-minute facial


    Duration: 90-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

    Price: USD 120

    Wear Radiance Like A Second Skin

    Spa Tip: Personalise your spa package with your choice of a body polish and massage combo to create a

    healthy glow.

    30-minute body polish

    60-minute body massage


    Duration: 90-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

    Price: USD 135

    Touch Of Tradition

    Spa Tip: Experience the holistic system of healing which originated from ancient India.

    60-minute Ayurvedic massage

    30-minute Shirodhara

  • DUET

    Duration: 120-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments, bath and relaxation

    Price: USD 145 per person

    Room For Two

    Spa Tip: Be pampered by a series of Angsana Spa treats.

    For Her:

    30-minute almond milk body polish 60-minute conditioning massage 30-minute face massage

    For Him:

    30-minute tropical fruits body polish 60-minute body massage 30-minute Indian head massage


    Duration: 120-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation

    Price: USD 145

    Sun Repair

    Spa tip: A remedy to soothe skin exposed to the sun.

    60 minute sweet soother facial

    60 minute cucumber soother body conditioner

    Snorkelling or surfing? Cooking or dining? At Angsana Velavaru, you will be spoilt for choice the moment the seaplane touches down on the island. From exciting dives to a relaxing massage at the award-winning Angsana Spa, a myriad of activities are designed to cater to diverse interests, ages and preferences so as to ensure that there is something for everyone. Learn a new skill, play a new game or simply reconnect with your loved ones in a new way, a new place. With more than 100 activities available to bring out the intrepid explorer in you, you are likely to be busy enjoying yourself so much that a return trip is inevitable. Dont forget to squeeze in some time to do nothing other than lie on the luscious white beach and soak in the incredible beauty of Angsana Velavaru.

    On Resort Soak up the sun while playing in the outdoors. Take your pick from beach volleyball, football, Ptanque, table

    tennis, kite flying, and frisbee. Take a break from sports, and get lessons in cooking and spa massage.

  • Eco school / CSR Learn all about coral planting and marine conservation here.

    Highlights Night snorkelling

    Within our lagoon, there is a huge variety of coral, fish, manta rays and moray eels. Many of these are

    nocturnal. Night snorkelling is an excellent way to spot them in their natural active states and to learn more

    about the ecosystem. You could also see our underwater coral gardens, wedding garden and snorkelling trail in

    the lagoon!

    Coral planting and snorkelling

    Coral creates biodiversity and has a positive impact on marine life. Our marine conservation lab encourages

    coral planting as a way to replenish damaged reefs and your family too can be part of this meaningful

    movement through our coral planting and snorkelling trial.

    Coral garden tours and snorkelling

    If your schedule does not match the coral planting sessions, you can still have a close-up study about coral and

    their positive impact on the marine ecosystem through our coral garden tours. Watch how fish and crabs thrive

    within the coral and how replanted coral survive.

    Snorkelling safari

    The beautiful and abundant marine wildlife here means snorkelling anywhere close to the island is already a

    feast for the eyes. Deepen the experience by embarking on a snorkelling safari where a guide will show you

    the best places to explore and the significant role each wet animal and plant you come across plays in the

    marine ecosystem.

    Conservation programme

    The experts at our marine conservation lab dedicate their careers to marine life preservation. Learn from their

    wealth of experience and discover how they look after the native seabirds, turtles and coral gardens.

    Paper recycling programme

    Angsana Velavaru believes in recycling to reduce unnecessary waste that can pollute our environment. An

    important component of this belief is our paper recycling programme where we collect and treat used paper so

    each sheet gets a new lease of life. Come and join us to save the trees.

    Marine talk

    The marine lab has an intense conservation programme to create awareness and replant coral reefs as well as

    to protect some endangered species of marine life. The experts at the lab are always eager to share their

    progress and give lessons to ensure that your next generation can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of


    Come back to Angsana Velavaru again

    Not enough time to try all the activities? There is always next time. We look forward to seeing you again!

  • Dining Specials We rule to please the most discerning palette.

    Highlights Romantic beach BBQ dinner

    Have a romantic candlelight BBQ dinner for two on the beach, accompanied by the smoky and slightly charred

    aroma of flamed-grilled seafood and steaks paired with a chilled glass of wine.


    Jaafaiy refers to a traditional Maldivian dinner served at home. Ours is served on the beach so you can literally

    have a taste of the ocean while you tuck into Maldivian favourites like coconut-marinated seafood and fresh


    Maagaa castaway dinner

    Dinner on Maagaa Island is the epitome of private luxury. We will set up a dinner table featuring a lavish spread

    of Continental, Asian or local cuisine of your choice that will please the most discerning palette. Service is

    attentive yet discreet, so nothing gets in the way of your tte--tte with that special someone.

    Maagaa picnic lunch

    Love the idea of a private island retreat? A picnic lunch is the perfect solution. Our picnic lunch boxes are filled

    to the brim with light yet luscious finger foods including gourmet sandwiches and teacakes fit for the queen!

    Full moon beach BBQ

    Moonlight has a spellbinding effect and what better way to seize the moment than to bring out the BBQ and

    grill a selection of succulent seafood, steaks and much more? Toast the full moon with a selection of wines or

    an ice-cold beer.

    In-villa champagne breakfast

    Wake up to a lovely morning with a breakfast spread set up in the comfort of your villa. Buttered toast, crispy

    bacon and eggs done any way you want before a glass of bubbly to finish off.

    Maagaa castaway breakfast

    If breakfast in bed or brunch in-villa is too tame for you, be adventurous and begin your morning with breakfast

    on the castaway island of Maagaa. The breakfast is going hearty and we promise that you will not cast any

    leftovers away.

    Sunrise picnic breakfast on the beach

    Dont miss the magical moment when the sun takes its first peek over the horizon. Savour the scenery and

    enhance the ambience with a delicious and nutritious breakfast on a picnic mat laid out on the beach.

    Romantic sundowner on the beach

    Wind down the day with your special someone over a heady aperitif that matches the colour of your mood. Sip

    on a cocktail, relax and enjoy the stunning view of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean

    Night fishing BBQ

    Haul your fresh catch from the sea straight to the flame with our night fishing BBQ activity. If you have no luck

    attracting any seafood, we can provide you with some caught by professional fishermen. It tastes just as good.

  • Dining Funa Join a cooking class or just lounge with a bubbly while watching the sun sets behind the horizon.

    Highlights Cooking class

    Our signature Funa restaurant lets diners eat alfresco while suspended over water and has now extended its

    service to include cooking classes. Learn authentic Maldivian cuisine or the chefs special recipe of the day and

    wow your family and friends with your culinary skills when you return home.

    Sunset champagne cocktail

    Purists like their glass of bubbly lightly chilled and mixed with nothing else until they sip our champagne

    cocktails. Complete the sensual experience by savouring your drink while watching the sun go through the

    colour spectrum of subtle yellows and ambers.

    Dining Kuredi After all the exhilarating activities, unwind and enjoy a refreshing drink from Kuredi bar.

    Highlights Bodu Beru Night

    Bodu Beru is the most popular form of music and dance in the Maldives, enjoyed by the young and the old. Let

    our musicians wake up the rhythm in your body and shimmy any shyness away.

    Jam session

    Calling all aspiring singers and musicians to jam alongside our staff and add some more jazz to our eclectic

    selection of musical genres. Serenade your loved ones. Music isnt called the language of love for nothing.

    Just when we are about to think we have counted all the 101 possibilities, the list gets longer,

    proving that one trip is not enough to relish all that Angsana Velavaru has to offer. Heres the

    overflow list.

    Cocktail class

    Learn how to mix and serve different alcohols, syrups and juices into delicious cocktails at home just like a pro

    with a cocktail shaker. Dont forget the fancy glasses and pretty garnishing.

    Rainy day programme

    For your safety, all outdoor events are only possible when the weather permits. But dont fret when the rain

    falls. We have lined up a series of all-weather activities of board games and indoor sports to keep everyone

    entertained and occupied.

    Stargazing on the beach

    Learn more about the celestial secrets overhead when the night falls. The stars, the moon and planets can

    easily be observed in the night sky with a telescope or binoculars and each one tells a story.

    Bonfire night under the stars.

    Huddle around a campfire and enjoy a hot drink while the storyteller in the group spins a gripping tale until the

    fire turns to embers. Marshmallows are optional.

  • Kids Club Fun-filled activities await the little ones!

    Highlights Easter egg hunt

    Join in the fun on a Easter egg hunt to help Easter Bunny find its hidden stash of eggs. Then give those egg

    shells a good paint job before tucking into some yummy chocolates. The eggs will be kept in various degrees of

    concealment to cater to kids of all ages. Its going to be egg-citing!

    Fun Olympic games

    Let your kids show off their athletic prowess and talents at our Olympic-themed contests where the competition

    is challenging yet friendly, so no kid will feel left out.


    Whether it is finger painting or oil on a canvas, we have enough art materials and creative art concepts to keep

    children educated and entertained all at once. Unleash the little Picasso within today!

    Events Celebrate special events on this beautiful tropic island.

    Highlights Christmas

    Wake up to a beautiful tropical Christmas morning this season. Enjoy a tasty Christmas meal of classical

    yuletide fare to the tune of Christmas carols before stealing a kiss under the mistletoe.

    New Year

    Welcome the start of a new year in style. Take part in the exciting New Year countdown party or mark the

    milestone with celebratory meals prepared by our professional chefs. We promise you a menu out of the


    Chinese New Year

    The start of the lunar New Year is also known to the Chinese as the spring festival, a time of bountiful harvest

    and hope, best reflected by the colour red. Typically, a reunion dinner is held on the eve to celebrate the

    occasion. As per tradition, besides infusing the resort with touches of festive red, we have a selection of

    Chinese New Year feasts in store for you.

    Earth Day

    Earth Day on 22 April aims to inspire awareness and appreciation for our planets natural beauty and

    vulnerability. Angsana Velavaru, an advocate of sustainable tourism, observes this day each year with a series

    of workshops and special activities to instil this meaningful value in guests and our staff.

    World Environment Day

    To reinforce the message of conservation, we observe World Environment Day on 5 June, a day designated by

    the United Nations to create awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and public action.

    Angsana Velavaru understands the important role each of us plays in sustainable tourism and encourages all

    guests to participate.

  • Water sports competition

    Veterans and amateurs at water sports can take part in competitions to vie for the coveted title of water polo,

    aqua volley ball or waboba champion.

    Reef and lagoon clean-up

    In line with the focus on sustainable tourism, Angsana Velavaru has dedicated days each year where we spruce

    up our house reef and lagoon to get rid of impurities that can prevent our natural environment from flourishing.

    We invite you to join us and learn more about marine conservation in the process.

    Wedding Enter our underwater wedding garden where schools of fish bear witness to your matrimony.

    Highlights Sunset beach wedding

    Say I do or renew your wedding vows in a romantic setting on the Angsana Velavaru beach against the amber

    glow of the setting sun. Weddings need to be booked two weeks in advance to allow us to arrange the best

    wedding beach party that you could ever dream of.

    Castaway island beach wedding

    The ceremony starts with the planting of a love tree (coconut tree) to commemorate the special occasion on

    Velavaru. The couple will then be escorted by the wedding party and traditional Maldivian drummers on a

    decorated boat to a nearby secluded island where the vow exchange will take place. Then its time to pop the

    champagne and enjoy an exclusive Beach BBQ dinner on the white sandy beach while gazing at the stars.

    Underwater wedding

    For something completely different, plunge into the marine world and enter our underwater wedding garden

    where schools of fish in the depths of Velavaru lagoon will bear witness to your matrimony. An underwater

    photographer will be on hand to capture the special moment of ring and vow exchange. Then look forward to a

    romantic sunset cruise and private BBQ dinner.

    Wedding on Dhoni

    Tie your nuptial knot on a Dhoni a traditional sail boat used in the earlier days by Maldivian fishermen. Set

    sail with an intimate group of family and friends on this vessel that provides a beautiful platform to exchange

    your vows while overlooking the breathtaking Indian Ocean.

    Full moon wedding

    The full moon not only casts a soft romantic glow on your wedding grounds, it is also believed by some to be an

    auspicious time to tie the knot because each full moon bridges the contact between different entities. Have a

    full moon wedding for a lifetime of happiness and prosperity together.

  • Spa Soothe your senses with Asian-inspired spa therapies at the award-winning Angsana Spa.

    Highlights Romance package for newlyweds

    Soothe your senses with Asian-inspired spa therapies at the award-winning Angsana Spa. Celebrate love and

    sensuality with rejuvenating couple spa sessions specially created to melt away tension and revive your body

    and mind

    Top to toe spa

    Dedicated to inner wellness and sumptuous relaxation, Angsana Spa Velavaru will transport you to another

    world. This comprehensive spa session promises to pamper your body with a combination of Angsana Spas

    signature therapies.

    Spa on the rooftop

    Allow the intuitive touch of our spa therapists to pamper you at one of the 12 rooftop spa pavilions. Feel the

    wind in your hair, hear the sound of the ocean and inhale the aroma from our range of essential oils such as

    rosemary, lavender, jasmine, and frangipani.

    Spa massage lesson

    Now you can learn the art of touch from our professional spa therapists by enrolling for a massage lesson

    where you will be taught a series of wellness lessons for pampering yourself and your loved ones.

    Beauty spa for bride

    Look pristinely beautiful, restored and revitalised as you get ready for the big day. Let our spa therapist take

    care of your wedding spa ritual while you relax and indulge in your wedding bliss.

    Siam massage on the beach

    Be treated like royalty with the Siam massage treatment inspired by Thai hospitality and massage techniques.

    This session is conducted on the beach secluded enough to give you privacy yet open enough to feel in sync

    with nature. Unwind to a delicate stretching of your body to improve mobility and flexibility, followed by Thai

    massage techniques of palming and thumbing, without the use of oil, on your meridian lines to relieve tension.

    Yoga at your doorstep

    Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit. Practise this ancient Asian therapy in private guided by an

    experienced yoga master without leaving the comfort of your villa. Thats what we call breathing easy.

    Yoga class

    Join a group Yoga class and salute the morning sun with Hatha yoga poses and breathing techniques that are

    bound to kick-start your energy level and improve your flexibility. Feel the difference.

  • Sunbathing Get a swanky tan like no one else.

    Highlights Kuredhi Bar deck

    Sunbathing at its most glamorous; soak up the sun and unwind with a tropical drink or cocktail at the waters

    edge. Every drink is freshly concocted by our bartender using the best and freshest ingredients

    Lagoon Beach Activities A repertoire of ball games.

    Highlights Football

    Our repertoire of ball games starts with football (soccer). Whether you prefer to be the midfielder or striker, the

    goal of having fun is easily achieved in this team-based sport.


    The island has patches of land that serve as a beautiful natural pitch for those who love a bat and ball. Be

    prepared to be bowled over by the intense fun.


    Previously known as a gentle ball game popular with older folks in Europe, ptanque has grown to become a

    challenging summer sport for all ages and can be played on gravel, grass or sand.

    Beach volleyball

    This Olympic team sport can be taken seriously or played just for fun among friends and family. All players are

    guaranteed a workout high on fun and low on boredom.

  • Around Resort The sea presents several opportunities for adventure. Go on guided snorkelling trips and snorkelling trail,

    private dives, diving excursions for beginners and professionals conducted by PADI certified instructors, and

    whale shark sighting dives.

    Fishing Embark on a trip to catch big fish.

    Highlights Night fishing

    Fancy catching red snapper, grouper, jack fish, rainbow runners and sea bass? Listen to the sound of waves,

    enjoy the evening sea breeze and have a leisurely fishing experience as the sun sets beneath the ocean. Our

    experienced crew is on hand to provide useful tips to help you snare a prized catch for your dinner.

    Big game fishing

    The deep water here is teeming with big fish and can provide you with the challenge of snapping up a prized

    catch. On a specialised boat at designated spots, test your strength and endurance against local big-game fish

    like marlin to see if you have what it takes to earn a grand photo opportunity.


    The Maldives is home to an abundant species of fish that can stir the interest of any fisherman. Bring along

    your bait, pick a favourite spot, cast your line and enjoy the serenity of the calm ocean. The bounty of the

    Indian Ocean will surely leave you with a memorable fishing excursion.

    Morning fishing

    The waters here are blessed as a fertile fishing ground and the small hours can be some of the most thrilling

    times for catching certain types of fish. Set off for a great fishing adventure filled with lasting memories.


    Drop your fishing lines, cruise slowly around the island and wait for the fish to bite while you admire the

    pristine beaches and clear blue waters. The crew will be on hand to provide guidance and help make this fishing

    trip a fruitful experience.

    Plane Watching Soar above shallow lagoons, pristine and uninhabited islands, and fishing villages on a Trans Maldivian Airways

    guided tour.

    Highlights Scenic photo flights

    Soar above shallow lagoons, pristine and uninhabited islands and fishing villages on a Trans Maldivian Airways

    guided tour. Watch schools of dolphins, mantas and sting rays in crystal clear waters.

  • Swimming Learn to swim with the fishes.

    Highlights Swimming Beginner lesson

    There is nothing more enjoyable than spending a beautiful summer day in the pool or sea. With the help of our

    instructors, non-swimmers will learn to stay afloat and swim with the fish in no time!

    Snorkelling Beginner lesson

    Snorkelling is an effortless way to explore the adjoining reefs and come into close contact with marine life. Our

    instructors will introduce you to the equipment and snorkelling techniques, enabling you to discover the infinite

    adventures possible around Turtle Island.

    Lagoon Games Get sweaty with team water sports!

    Highlights Water polo

    Get sweaty with team water sports! Water polo is popular with anyone who enjoys swimming, treading water

    and passing balls. Get ready for some friendly competition!

    Aqua volleyball

    Aqua volleyball ups the fun ante by taking the sport into the water; the usual serves and passes are now cooler

    and wetter.


    Dont belittle the humble plastic disc. Frisbee can provide hours of recreation for a number of people at once.


    A new take on the Frisbee, Waboba is short for water bouncing ball and is played in waist high water. The ball's

    secret is its composition, it uses different materials that allow it to bounce off water.

  • Diving What did you discover on the ocean floor today?

    Highlights Bubble maker

    A bubble maker diving lesson is a great way to introduce children of aged 8 or 9 years old to scuba diving in our

    shallow lagoon. Each child will be provided with child-friendly diving gear for their first underwater experience,

    under the close supervision of our certified instructors.

    Discover scuba / Introduction dive

    Learn about a whole new world under the serene waters and explore the rich and diverse marine life around

    these beautiful atolls. You will be introduced to the equipment needed to scuba dive and how to use them

    safely. An introduction dive is included to make this a memorable first step.

    Discover scuba diving

    Explore the wonders of the Maldivian waters through diving. Find out all about scuba diving from experienced

    divers and learn how to work the equipment you need to breathe underwater. This is a good introduction to get

    you started.

    Scuba diver course

    Taught by experienced instructors, these practical lessons will kick-start you on your journey to becoming a

    scuba diver. You will learn how to operate the scuba equipment and acquire the essential skills for a safe and

    enjoyable dive.

    Open water diver referral/Upgrade to open water diver

    For experienced divers, you can continue your journey to the world of open water diving through this upgrade

    programme. This is a practical course that will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to take it to

    the next level.

    Open water diver course

    Completion of this practical course awards you with the Open Water Diver Certificate. It covers five dives and

    gives you the basic knowledge and skills that are essential for you to dive safely in open waters. This will allow

    you to fully experience the underwater adventure at the beginners level.

    Adventure diver course

    Get more out of your diving experience through new types of scuba diving adventures. This is a fun way to

    explore other activities under the water while taking the opportunity to hone your diving skills and gain greater


    Advanced open water diver course

    This course will help you to become even more comfortable in the water and is a fantastic opportunity to clock

    more dives in a structured programme under the supervision of experienced instructors. It will build on what

    you have learnt during open water diving and introduce new ways to have fun with scuba diving.

    Rescue diver course

    Learn more about preventing and coping with problems underwater. This course is about rising up to challenges

    and overcoming them.

  • Dive master course

    Ready to take it to the next level? Working closely with an instructor, this programme expands your knowledge

    and hones your skills to a professional level. This training allows you to develop your leadership qualities and

    certifies you to supervise dive activities together with other qualified instructors.

    Underwater naturalist specialty course

    Enjoying the underwater world? Learn to see even more during your next dive. This course trains you to look

    out for relationships amongst marine life. You will not just learn what they are, but also how they interact with

    each other.

    Peak performance buoyancy specialty course

    Redefine your diving experience by polishing your buoyancy skills and learn how to move effortlessly through

    the water. By mastering this basic skill, you can interact gently with your underwater surroundings and have

    minimum impact when you dive.

    Nitrox specialty course

    This course gives you the knowledge to make use of enriched air to stay in the water longer and minimise

    decompression dive time. This gives you more time to explore deep-dive sites and enjoy the aquatic life around

    you. This is a popular speciality course and a handy skill to have.

    Two tank dive

    Two is better than one. Maximise your time and double the excitement and fun. See more and experience

    marine diversity with two dives, separated by a short interval. There is no better way to explore the pristine

    dive sites around Angsana Velavaru.

    Morning single dive

    Experience the beautiful morning sunlight dancing on the clear blue waters. A morning dive is the perfect way

    to start a day of adventure and exploration.

    Afternoon single dive

    With the afternoon sun piercing the clear blue waters, you get to experience a clearly illuminated marine

    environment. Get closer to the coral and aquatic plants and see how some creatures enjoy the shade.

    Private diving

    For seasoned divers who wish to dive in private, this provides the best opportunity for you to plan and explore

    the dive sites exactly the way you like it.

    Private courses

    Enjoy private lessons that allow you to learn at your own pace. With our private instructors, you can ensure

    that you get the most out of each dive. This is perfect for picking up the skills quickly in a personalised


    Early morning dive

    Be the first to put on your wet suit and feel the cool morning waves. See how the morning light shines through

    the water and lights up the mysterious world beneath the surface. It is an experience worth waking up early


    Night diving

    Bring waterproof torches and dive into the dark depths of the sea. The underwater nightlife is brimming with

    activity as nocturnal sea creatures come to life. Watch out for glowing organisms when you turn off the lights.

  • Sunset diving

    As the sun drops into the ocean, the underwater world is streaked by orange rays. Enjoy schools of fishes

    weaving in and out of coral like a silent orchestra guided by an invisible conductor.

    Full day diving (2-3 dives)

    Pack your day with diving trips. Enjoy up to three dives in different locations and immerse yourself in a truly

    amazing underwater world.

    Whale shark trip

    South Ari Atoll is one of the few places in the world to see these amazing gentle marine giants. The highlight of

    your Maldives vacation will undoubtedly be seeing these creatures firsthand in their natural habitat.

    Underwater scooter

    Experience the thrill of breezing through the water with an underwater scooter. Cover greater distances and see

    more marine life while expanding less energy.

    Underwater digital photography course

    This is a wonderful way to capture your underwater adventure and share it with friends and family back home.

    The course teaches you how to get great underwater shots quickly with your digital point-and-shoot or DSLR


    Motorised Sports Test your strength and endurance with these sports.

    Highlights Water ski

    Skim the surface of the cobalt blue water and enjoy the thrill of water skiing with the help of an experienced

    motorboat driver towing the skis along. Flips and jumps are optional!

    Water ski Beginner lesson

    If you are new to the sport, we will set you up with all the guidance, safety tips and equipment you will need to

    get you started. Just bring sun block, swimwear and a smile!


    It is said that wakeboarding is water skiing, snow boarding and surfing all rolled into one. The relatively calm

    water is ideal for wakeboarding manoeuvres of all levels

    Wakeboard - Beginner lesson

    New to wakeboarding? Our instructors are on hand to dish out pointers for a fun and safe wakeboard session,

    ensuring that you will be up and on the water in no time.


    Like wakeboarding and water skiing, kneeboarders hang on to a tow-rope, but the foot strap is secured over

    the thighs. The advantage of kneeboarding is that it is often easier as you have a sense of being closer to the


  • Mono ski

    Hold on to the tow-rope, put one foot in front of the other on the mono ski and slice through the waves at

    speed. There is definitely nothing monotonous about our mono ski.

    Banana ride

    Gather the family and line our inflatable banana boat. Both adults and kids will squeal in delight as our

    motorboat tows the banana across the lagoon.

    Fun tubes/ Float rides

    Float into bliss with our lightweight watercrafts made for endless hours of buoyant fun. Best of all, there is no

    need for strenuous kicking or rowing just sit back, relax and enjoy as the speedboat tows you around the


    Local island excursion Speed boat

    Take the speedboat out on an excursion and catch a glimpse of the local community from nearby villages. Dont

    forget to stop by the craft shops and take home some handmade souvenirs.

    Looking for dolphins Speed boat

    Enjoy a ride on a speedboat and get up close and personal with the dolphins or other inhabitants of the natural

    aquarium. If you are lucky, you will get to say hello to a family of frolicking dolphins.

    Sandbank Speedboat

    Speed away on a boat and enjoy the natural landforms made up of fine sand, silt and pebbles. Feel the tickle of

    sand between your toes and take in the beauty of your surroundings.

    Private boat ride

    Customise your own journey on our motorboat you can make it rustic and adventurous with minimum fuss, or

    make it romantic and luxurious with fine wine and mouth-watering canaps.

    Barefoot water skiing

    Outgrown the excitement of water skiing? Then kick off those skis and do it barefoot instead. You can go much

    faster, bringing the excitement up a few notches.

    Sit-down hydrofoiling

    The newest and most exciting of water sport options, our sit-down hydrofoil lets you ride above the waves on

    this hydrofoil wing. Come and experience the thrill.

  • Non-Motorised Sports Learn the basics of windsurfing or get up close and personal with the dolphins.

    Highlights Canoeing/Kayaking

    Our sturdy canoes and kayaks let you roll at your own pace with the crystal clear waters of the South Nilandhe

    Atoll. Pick a two-seater to turn this experience into a fun couple sport.


    The breeze across the sea is perfect for puffing up the sails and riding the waves. Controlling the sailboard

    requires skill and technique, but there is no need to worry as lessons for all levels are available. You will literally

    learn the ropes.

    Windsurf Beginner lesson

    Learn the basics of windsurfing; from raising the mast to balancing on the board, our patient instructors are

    eager to impart their knowledge to you. All equipment will be provided.

    Windsurf Refresher lesson

    Experienced or intermediate-level windsurfers who would still like some professional guidance will benefit from

    our refresher course aimed at refining existing skills.

    Catamaran sailing

    Take off from the beach with any catamaran from our fleet. These double-hulled boats with sails are designed

    for both stability and speed, so sailing is a breeze.

    Catamaran Refresher lesson

    Raring to go further and faster with the catamaran? Our instructors are on hand to dish out professional advice

    to those who have prior experience and want to relive the joys of sailing.

    Sailing Beginner lesson

    Feel at home on land and at sea! Initiate yourself into the exciting world of sailling as our instructors share the

    fundamentals with you.

    Local island excursion Catamaran (with a guide)

    Hitch a ride on our catamaran with our experienced staff and catch a glimpse of the local community from

    nearby villages. Dont forget to stop by the craft shops and take home some hand-made souvenirs.

    Looking for Dolphins Catamaran

    Go on a catamaran journey and come up close and personal with the dolphins and other inhabitants of the

    natural aquarium. It is not unusual to catch sight of a family of frolicking dolphins and other gentle marine


    Half-day excursion including snorkelling Catamaran

    Immerse yourself in Maldivian culture and explore one of the local islands. Visit places close to the locals hearts

    and experience the amazing hospitality of the local community. After the excursion, stop by a good snorkelling

    spot and round off your day with a fascinating underwater experience.

  • Hydro bike/Paddle bike

    A hydro bike or paddle bike is a perfect hybrid between a boat and a bicycle and provides hours of fun and

    fitness for all ages.

    Glass bottom canoe

    Our transparent canoe provides paddlers with the fun of canoeing with the added advantage of a clear

    underwater view of marine life through a piece of glass installed below the waterline.

    Kite flying

    Choose from our range of kites and be dazzled by the colours against the clear blue skies; a sight guaranteed

    to put everyone flying a kite in a good mood.

    Local Island Visit Visit a nearby village and get initiated into the culture of the Maldives - talk to islanders and visit places of

    historical importance. Visit souvenir shops and take back local mementoes.


    Old Mosque

    Island Harbour

    Local Houses

    Island School



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