Eni Children’s Education Programme Jaisalmer, India –11 ... Eni Children’s Education Programme Jaisalmer, India –11th February 2009 Petroleum Geology, Energy

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    Eni Childrens Education Programme Jaisalmer, India 11th February 2009

    Petroleum Geology, Energy Efficiency Campaign

    and Global Warming

    Winner of the Eni First Prize in the Schools Poster Competition on Global Warming and Energy Efficiency

    Report by

    Prof. G.M. Bhat (University of Jammu) and Dr. Bindra Thusu (University College, London)

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    Petroleum Geology, Energy Efficiency and Global Warming- a Childrens Education Programme in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

    (Jaisalmer, 11th February 2009) This Childrens Education and awareness programme is the fourth of the series organised so far in Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan by the Geology Department, University of Jammu in co-operation with Eni S. p. A. Milan, Italy; Eni India, New Delhi; Maghreb Petroleum Research Group, University College London and the Directorate of School Education (secondary), Jaisalmer (Rajasthan).

    11th February 2009: Childrens Workshop in Jaisalmer.

    Energy Efficiency Campaign (EEC): A series of three lectures was delivered by Dr. Jonathan Craig, Vice-President, Regional Studies and Exploration Opportunities Selection, E&P Division, for the school children Jaisalmer. About 100 children and 10 accompanying teachers from four government and private schools attended the workshop List attached as annex-1).

    Dignitaries present included: Mr. Luca Savini (Vice President, Geology, Eni Exploration and

    Production Division, Milan), Prof. Amitabh Mattoo (Member, Prime Ministers Task Force), Dr. Ravi Kumar Surpur (Distt. Collector, Jaisalmer), Dr. Jonathan Craig (Vice-President, Regional Studies and Exploration Opportunities Selection E&P Division, Eni S.p.A.), Thirathpal Vaishnav (D.E.O., Jaisalmer), Prof. G.M. Bhat (University of Jammu), Dr. Bindra Thusu (MPRG, UCL), Dr. Stefano Santi (Eni-India) amongst others; prominent citizens of Jaisalmer and correspondents from print and electronic media were present.

    Teaching materials provided to each student included a booklet on Petroleum Geology, Energy Efficiency Campaign and Global Warming, a power point presentation CD on Petroleum Geology & Exploration, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Eni Caps, writing pads, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and workshop files were given to each student and their accompanying teachers.

    The lectures were given by Dr. Jonathan Craig with support from G M. Bhat and Bindra Thusu

    by simultaneous translation in Hindi. The faculty and research students (Dr. Yudhbir Singh, Mr. Naveen Hakhoo, Ms Sumita Koul, Mr. Vinay Sharma) of the Department of Geology at Jammu University two conducted practical sessions on mineral identification, types of rocks, fossils and crude oil samples. In addition a questionnaire was circulated among the students containing four questions on global warming concerns and heir perception about it. They were required to answer the four questions in yes or no and the results are given in the Table given below. The lectures covered the following topics: 1. Petroleum Systems 2. The Search for Oil and Gas 3. Global Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Campaign

    In addition, exercises were given to the students to differentiate various minerals on the basis of colour, lustre, streak and specific gravity. Various rocks of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic origin were introduced to the students. A suite of fossils was displayed and their history and

    Petroleum Geology, Energy Efficiency and Global Warming- a Childrens Education Programme in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan (Jaisalmer, 11th February 2009)

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    importance in the geological record were demonstrated by the research students from Jammu University.

    A poster session was organised for the students on the theme of Energy Efficiency, Energy

    Resources and Global Warming. The standard of the posters presented by the students was very high. First, second and third prizes were awarded for the best posters selected by a panel of judges including Mr. Luca Savini, Dr. Bindra Thusu and Dr. Jonathan Craig. In addition, five posters were selected for consolation prizes. Trophies and certificates were given to the best poster presentations. All the students and teachers who participated in the workshop were given certificates.

    Prizes for Poster Presentations

    1. The Eni First Prize Sangeeta Bharti, Gandhi Bal Mandir Sr.Sec.School, Jaisalmer (Energy Resources) 2. The UCL Second Prize Maya Solanki, Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. (Global Warming) 3. The Jammu University Third Prize Sushma Yadav, Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. (Energy Efficiency)

    Consolation prizes

    1. Vinod Bishnoi, Sagarmal Sr. Secondary School, Jaisalmer. (Energy efficiency). 2. Maghan Solanki, Sagarmal Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. (Alternative Energy Resources).

    3. Ravi, M.B.N. Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. (Energy Efficiency and Resources).

    4. Fuli Choudhary, M.B.N. Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. (Alternative Energy Resources).

    5. Jyoti Hadkutiya, Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. (Environmental Concerns).

    The workshop was interactive in nature: questions were posed to the students by Dr. Craig and were satisfactorily and enthusiastically responded to by them. There was a high level of interaction with the students, who asked important questions which demonstrated their clear understanding of the issues presented. A questionnaire, based on the HSBC (Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation) 2007 Climate Awareness Survey, was distributed among the students, who were asked to reply yes or no to the questions posed. The results show that the students of Jaisalmer are very aware of the environmental concerns and the role they can play in managing the environment (as shown in the table), as compared with the overall Indian population sampled in the original survey (results in parentheses). The comparison of the perception level of Jaisalmer students with those of Leh and Jodhpur is given in Table. Concern Confidence Commitment Optimum Climate Change and how we respond to it are among the biggest issues I worry about today

    The people and organisations who should be doing something about climate change are doing what is needed

    I am personally making a significant effort to help reduce climate change through how I live my life today

    I believe we will stop climate change

    Jaisalmer: 76% Yes 42% Yes 75% Yes 76% Yes Jodhpur: 98.9% 76% 96.73% 98.9% Leh: 93% 60% 60% 75% National: 60% 19% 47% 45%

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    Photographs of the Childrens Education Programme (Energy Efficiency Campaign) at Jaisalmer

    11th February, 2009 Arrival of the guests at the venue, Lighting of the traditional lamp

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    Traditional welcome of the dignitaries by wearing turbans

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    Inaugural session and Felicitation of Mr. Luca Savini

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    Registration of students and distribution of the workshop material to the students And First leg of lecture session

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    Interactive session with the students and teachers of different schools

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    Lunch break and first practical session

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    Poster presentation and selection of winning posters by the judges

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    Second leg of lectures and interactive session with the students

    Final session; Certificate and Prize Distribution

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    LIST OF STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATED IN WORKSHOP 1. Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. Students: Chetna Rathod, Jyoti Hadkutiya, Jaya

    Mehta, Heena Mathi, Kanchan Ramdev, Anu Sani, Diksha Gupta, Dimple Khatri, Madhuri Panwar, Madhu Bati, Preeti Khatri, Maya Solanki, Priyanka Vyas, Malti Mehta, Sushma Yadav, Shalu Sarna, Sonu, Suman, Radha, Harshita Bhatiya, Kushbu Sharma, Hemani Bhatiya. Teacher Incharge: Indra Sharma, Krishna Khatri.

    2. Sagarmal Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. Students: Vinod Bishnoi, Surendra Singh, Ajay Singh Rathod, Damodar, Ziya-ul-haq, Buvendra Singh, Mahipal Gaud, Manoharlal Goyal, Om Prakash, Ramlal, Bhavani Singh Rathod, Bhuvendra Singh, Kamal Kishor, Ganshyam Ram, Raja Ram, Deepak Ratnu, Teja Ram, Maghan Solanki, Dinesh Kumar, Mridul Puri, Chetan Ram, Lalu Ram, Vishnu Kumar, Mukesh Paliwal, Prateek, Amar Singh, Ajay Paul. Teachers Incharge: Dinesh Singh, Bhajranga Ram.

    3. M.B.N. Sr. Sec. School Jaisalmer. Students: Juhi Bhatiya, Sneha I, Sneha II, Sapna, Fuli Choudhary, Pooja Asthana, Pratiksha, Hemanth, Chandra Charan, Kirti Raina, Ravindra, Kunal, Rekha Sharma, Tekamthan, Manthan Bhatiya, Harshal Vohra, Yogesh Joshi, Narpat Ram, Prabram, Mitali, Vikas, Himoshi, Jayashree, Gayatri. Teachers Incharge: Karna Arya, Ashunath Goswami.

    4. Govt. Mahatma Gandhi Sr. Sec. School, Jaisalmer. Students: Kusum Choudhary, Sarita, Anjali, Taruna, Monalisa, Urvashi Vyas, Shalini, Poonam Gurjar, Sangeeta, Tanu, Lakshmi Choudhary, Lakshman, Singh, Prithvi Singh, Kuldeep Singh, Bhavanicharan, Hari Singh, Bhopal Singh, Bhagirath Singh, Dhani Ram, Shravan Bhai, Jeetendra, Kuldeep Singh, Ashraf Ali. Teachers Incharge: Teresa Vyas, Ganpatram Panwar.


    Group photograph of the participating students, teachers and the guests in front of the Collectors Office (Jaisalmer)

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    Poster of Sangeeta Bharti, winner of the Eni First Prize Sources of Energy

    Poster of Maya Solanki, wi