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English Adventure Starter A family video script


<ul><li><p>Downloaded from www.english-adventure.netwww.longman.com</p><p>ENGLISH ADVENTURE - STARTER A</p><p>Episode 1 - Sit down! Stand up! (featuring Lady and the Tramp II: Scamps Adventure)</p><p>SONG TIME</p><p>LUCY Hello. Im Lucy. Watch. Sit down. Stand up. Stamp your feet.</p><p>TED and LUCY Sit down, stand up, clap your hands.</p><p>Sit down, stand up, turn around.</p><p>Sit down, stand up, stamp your feet.</p><p>Sit down, stand up, clap, turn, stamp.</p><p>Clap, turn, stamp.</p><p>LUCY Hello Ted.</p><p>TED Hello Lucy.</p><p>TED Im Ted.</p><p>LUCY And Im Lucy.</p><p>TED and LUCY Hello!</p><p>TED Look!</p><p>FILM TIME</p><p>TED One, two, three, four, five ... six!</p><p>LUCY Watch.</p><p>TED Its a dog family!</p><p>LUCY Mum and Dad, and one, two, three sisters ...</p><p>LUCY And one brother. Scamp! Hello!</p><p>TED How many sisters can you see?</p><p>LUCY I can see three sisters </p><p>TED and Mum and one brother!</p><p>LUCY Yes! The brother is Scamp!</p><p>TED Oh, Dear.</p><p>LUCY Oh, no.</p><p>TED Ooh!</p><p>LUCY Its Scamp and his dad.</p><p>LUCY Be careful!</p><p>TED Oooooh.</p><p>LUCY What is it?</p><p>TED Its a bath! Its bath time!</p><p>LUCY Look! What is it?</p><p>TED Its a ball!</p><p>LUCY Yes, its a ball!</p><p>TED Oh, no! Look at Scamps feet!</p><p>LUCY Oh, Scamp.</p><p>REAL TIME</p><p>LUCY Wow! A dog family!</p></li><li><p>Downloaded from www.english-adventure.netwww.longman.com</p><p>TED This is my family.</p><p>LUCY And this is my family. My mum, dad, brother, granny and sister. One, two, three,</p><p>four, five.</p><p>LUCY Who are they?</p><p>TED My mum, granny and two sisters. One, two, three, four.</p><p>TED Lucy?</p><p>LUCY Hey, whats that?</p><p>TED Who are they?LUCY Is it a family?</p><p>TED Yes, its a family! Oh, its a tiger.</p><p>LUCY Whos that?</p><p>TED Its Granddad.</p><p>LUCY And Dad.</p><p>TED Brother.</p><p>LUCY Mum and Sister.</p><p>TED And Granny!</p><p>LUCY Whats that?</p><p>TED Its a bird!</p><p>LUCY One, two, three, four, five, six.</p><p>TED Brother.</p><p>LUCY Mum.</p><p>TED Sister.</p><p>LUCY Dad.</p><p>TED Granddad and Granny.</p><p>BOTH Its a family!</p><p>SONG TIME (REPRISE)</p><p>LUCY Ted?</p><p>TED Yes?</p><p>LUCY Stand up, please. Sit down.</p><p>TED Stand up.</p><p>LUCY Clap your hands.</p><p>TED Come on!</p><p>TED and LUCY Sit down, stand up, clap your hands. Sit down, stand up, turn around. Sit down,</p><p>stand up, stamp your feet. Sit down, stand up, clap, turn, stamp. Clap, turn, stamp.</p><p>TED Goodbye!</p><p>LUCY Goodbye!</p></li></ul>


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