Endophytes Identification: morphological methods

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Titulo Ponencia: Endophytes Identification: morphological methodsAutor: Dr. Gary StrobelEvento TF Innova: Workshop Biotechnology "Isolation and identification of endophytic fungi from vascular plants"

Text of Endophytes Identification: morphological methods

  • 1. Montana State University

2. Pestalotiopsis in the Worlds Rainforests 3. Pestalotiopsis microspora an Endophytic Fungus 1. One of the most frequently observedendophytes. 2. Found in all rainforests and most plant species. 3. It has hundreds of synonyms. 4. Exists as many biotypes and makes hundreds of natural products. 5. Some biotypes are easily genetically transformed. 4. Pestalotiopsis microspora (culture and spores) 5. The Acervulus and Conidia ofPestalotiopsis microspora 6. Pestalosphaeria hansenii on Barley 7. The Perithecium and Ascopsores of Pestalosphaeria hansensii, Perfect Stage of Pestalotiopsis microspora 8. Picking the Spines of Cholla Cactus To Support the Bioassay Chemicals 9. Developing a Bioassay for Sex Inducing Chemicals found in Plants 10. Ability of Various Fractions of T cuspidata to Induce the formation of fruitng structures 11. The Induced Perithecia of Pestalosphaeria 12. Protoplasts of P. microspora Ready for Genetic Transformation 13. Selection of Hygromycin Resistant Isolates 14. Methylene chloride extracts of P. microspora isolates fromaround the world 15. Sepik River Area of Papua New Guinea 16. Sepik River Area of Papua New Guinea 17. Crystals of Pestacin 18. Pestacin-a Powerful Antioxidant 19. Isopestacin- an antioxidant 20. Sampling trees for Endophytic Fungi in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea 21. Pestalotiopsis jesterii, a fungal endophyte 22. Conidiospores of P. jesterii 23. Test Fungus Natural Synthetic MIC MICP. Ultimum2525R. Solani 2550 G. Candidum100100P. oryzae 2525 S. sclerotiorum100100 24. Huli Wigmen of Papua New Guinea 25. Pestalotiopsis microspora as an endophytic rainforest fungus has made the big time as a producer of new natural products 26. The Orchid -Dendrochilum sp. 27. Solid State NMR of Ambuic Acid 28. Ambuic Acid is produced by various isolates of Pestalotiopsis microspora obtained in various rainforest locations around the world 29. Torreya taxifolia and torreyanic acid 30. Torreyanic acid Anticancer agent 31. Pestaloside