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Undergraduate study in

Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences 20122013

Academic direction by:



InformationUsing this prospectusThere is a colour-coded band down the side of each page in this prospectus. The colour of this band either refers to the different types of qualifications on offer or to a specific piece of information that you might need. The banding on this page refers to any general information related to the University or the suite of qualifications. A guide to the other colours used for different types of qualifications is listed below.

Undergraduate study in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social SciencesWorldwide Access, Opportunity, International Reputation The University of London International Programmes Academic direction: The London School of Economics and Political Science Introduction to the awards Gaining a prestigious University of London qualification Am I ready to study? How you study Support for your studies The Online Student Portal Thinking ahead professional accreditation The route around our programmes Career and personal development study How much will my programme cost? BSc degrees 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 16 17 18 19 BSc International Relations BSc Management BSc Mathematics and Economics BSc Politics and International Relations BSc Sociology Joint Laws programme resources BSc Accounting with Law BSc Management with Law BSc Sociology with Law Diplomas for Graduates Diploma in Economics and Diploma in Social Sciences Additional educational support Access route 31 32 34 36 39 40 41 42 43 44 48 50 55

General information Standard Route Graduate Entry Route Individual courses Diploma for Graduates Diploma in Economics/ Diploma in Social Sciences Access route Accreditation of prior learning (APL) How to apply

10 key facts about your study with us


You can gain a University of London degree through the University of London International Programmes, from anywhere in the world.

2. 3.

These degrees are internationally recognised, giving you an advantage in the job market, wherever your career takes you.

4. 5. 7.

You gain specialist expertise in businessrelevant subjects, with an international perspective.

A wide range of entry points include fast track routes, for those who already have diplomas or an undergraduate degree.


Our degrees will help you to develop skills for the long term that employers value such as problem-solving, creative thinking, self-discipline and drive. You receive comprehensive study guides approved by LSE academics, as well as access to a wealth of online resources. You can study independently or choose additional study support from our network of 70-plus teaching institutions worldwide that meet our quality criteria.

Reference section

You can rely on the quality of the content of your degree. All of the programmes in this prospectus were developed by LSE, one of the worlds leading social science universities.


9. 10.

Graduates from these programmes go on to study Masters degrees at top universities worldwide. The programmes allow you to spread payments over your study period.


BSc Accounting and Finance BSc Banking and Finance BSc Business BSc Development and Economics BSc Economics BSc Economics and Finance BSc Economics and Management BSc Information Systems and Management BSc International Development

20 21 22 23 24 25 27 28 30

Transfer Selection groups Course descriptions Tests of proficiency in English Accreditation of prior learning (APL) Automatic and discretionary APL Application and registration process Documentary evidence Fees and contacts Inclusive Practice Policy Study programmes for 2012-2013

56 57 60 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 83

Key datesApplication deadline:You can apply throughout the year, but we strongly advise you to apply as early as possible. < Applications must be received no later than: 1 October in the year before you intend to sit your first examinations. < Registration deadline: 30 November < Despatch of study materials: Soon after your registration form and fee are received. < Examinations: May/June



Worldwide Access, Opportunity, International ReputationThe University of London International Programmes is unique in its global reach. < 50,000 students in more than 190 countries. < 100-plus degrees, diplomas and certificates. < Over 600 exam centres worldwide. < 70-plus institutions formally recognised to offer tuition for our programmes.

The University of London International ProgrammesProfessor Jonathan Kydd, Dean, University of London International ProgrammesFor more than 150 years, the University of London International Programmes has been offering degree programmes to students worldwide. Today, we have 50,000 students studying in over 190 countries, bringing the University of London to you through distance and flexible learning. As a family of world-class institutions, the University has a reputation for academic distinction in teaching and research, both in the UK and internationally. Ranging from education to management, and from law to philosophy, all of our programmes are developed by academics within the University of Londons constituent Colleges. This ensures that our awards are recognised worldwide for their quality and value, and that students benefit from the academic rigour and cutting-edge research undertaken within the Colleges. Studying with the University of London is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. We look forward to welcoming you into our global community of students and wish you every success.

Worldwide Access

Since 1858, the University of London International Programmes has enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. < Our flexible and affordable study methods enable students to study wherever they live. < Our alumni include Nobel prize winners, politicians, designers, engineers, poets, teachers, lawyers and leaders of business and industry.


Our success is based on the University of Londons reputation for high academic standards, built by the outstanding teaching and research of its 18 Colleges. < All programmes offered by the University of London International Programmes are developed by Colleges of the University of London. These Colleges are also responsible for the assessment of the degrees. < Wherever our students live, they are examined to the same high standard as those studying in London at one of the Universitys Colleges.

International Reputation

I have been impressed by the way in which the programmes respond to the real challenges of delivering a UK university degree that produces graduates who are thinking, challenging, imaginative and analytical.Professor Geoffrey Crossick, Vice-Chancellor, University of London


Undergraduate study in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences



Academic direction: The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)An introduction from Dr Keith Sharp, Director, University of London International Programmes at LSEunderstand the causes of things. You can only find out the causes Studying on one of the programmes of things by asking questions listed in this prospectus could change our programmes will help you to your life in many ways. Not only can it think about why things are the improve your career prospects, it can way they are. Though extremely also encourage you to think critically rewarding, studying social science and creatively and increase your is very demanding and requires understanding of how a major commitment on your and why modern part. Many students achieve societies, outstanding results and we are institutions very proud of their success. and Our programmes provide an economic excellent foundation for a wide variety systems of careers ranging from accounting, function in the banking and information systems to way they do. the media, civil service and journalism. LSEs motto is All of the programmes can act as a rerum cognoscere stepping stone to further study at causas: to undergraduate and Masters level.

Introduction to the awardsAward Why consider this? Courses Cost Duration If you do not currently meet the entrance requirements for our degrees Access route If you have completed your schooling but do not meet the formal general entrance requirements of the University of London, this enables you to be accepted on to a Standard Route degree. Students who successfully complete the Access route may then complete a degree in a further three years and qualify for a reduced registration fee. If you can attend one of the Diploma-teaching institutions and you wish to: < Get on to the degree programme and may not meet the entrance requirements for the degree. < Gain a stand-alone qualification that will admit you into the second year of the BSc programmes listed in this prospectus and degrees at many universities in the UK, USA and Australia. 2 783 1-3 years

Welcome to a global programme

Ask yourself these questions: < Do I want to develop a questioning outlook and be critical of my own work?

How will you know if this is the right study programme for you?

< Do I want to link ideas from all the disciplines I study to create new ways of thinking about issues in the real world? < Do I want the challenge of developing more than one way of thinking about the social world? < Do I want to work co-operatively with others to share my ideas and learn how to develop this important skill for the world of work? If you