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A review of three new or re-designed prospect research tools from Target Analytics.

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  • 1. TARGET ANALYTICSTarget Analytics - IntelligenceFundraising Success Through Prospect An Overview9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 1

2. 9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 2 3. TODAYS FUNDRAISING CHALLENGES Determining capacity to giveDetermining appropriate ask amountsUnderstanding the passions and interests that your donors support Understanding a persons inclination and ability to make a gift to your organization THE BLACKBAUD SOLUTION WE PROVIDE NON-PROFITS THE RIGHT INSIGHT INTO DONORS TO MAXIMIZE FUNDRAISING RESULTS AND MINIMIZE THE COST AND EFFORT REQUIRED TORAISE FOR YOUR CAUSE9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 3 4. TARGET ANALYTICS SUITE OF RESEARCH TOOLSPredictive ModelingWealth and Philanthropic ScreeningData Appends Consulting9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 4 5. RESEARCH POINTWealth screening within ResearchPoint deliversdetailed wealth identification ResearchPoint is a web-based information on prospects toprospect management tool that ensure that youre asking for efficiently manages vast amounts the right amount at the righttime.of critical prospect data and optimizes your research process. By segmenting your data and$$$$ $$$giving you numerous reporting$$$$$options, you can make more$$$$ $$strategic decisions and build a$$$$$$$$$$ stronger prospect pipeline.9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 5 6. DATA ASSETS | WEALTH POINT Employer and Career Information, Compensation, Private Company Stock, Management Biographies Hard Asset Data MarketGuide Profiles: Biographical and Financial Data Wealth and on Corporate Officers and Directors Public Stock Holdings/Transactions by Corporate Officers, Directors, Major Shareholders; Transaction Histories, Last-traded Stock Prices Primary and Secondary Holdings of Real Estate, Estimated Property Values, and Properties in Trusts Detailed Self-reported Biographical Information Including Education, Interests, Children, etc.Affluence Indicators Presence of Luxury Items Like Planes, Yachts, and Other Indicators of Wealth Nonprofit Officers and Board Members Identification, Private/Family Foundations Worlds Largest Searchable Database of Tens of Millions Philanthropic Public Charitable Donations Available for NonprofitsGiving Historical and Current Charitable Giving Data Exclusive to Target Analytics In Depth Information on More Than 2 Million FederalFEC and 527 Groups Election Contributions Including Amount and Recipient9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved6 7. RESEARCHPOINT REDESIGN Reduce manual Simplify the experienceeffort9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 7 8. DATA & SEARCH OPTIMIZATION PROSPECTING DB Lead with information9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 8 9. MODEL SCORE EASE OF USELead withinformation9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 9 10. LIVE RESEARCHPOINT DEMO9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 10 11. NOZA: ESTIMATING POTENTIAL FROM ACTUALGIFTS9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 11 12. UNDERSTANDING CAPACITY AND INCLINATION BASEDON ACTUAL GIVING HISTORY Is this person philanthropic? Past giving predicts future giving Giving reveals interests and passions How does the donor divide the philanthropic dollar? Shortcut to qualifying a prospect without doing additional prospect research9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 12 13. A TALE OF TWO PROSPECTSProspect #1 Prospect #2 $600,000 home $600,000 home A private company business A private company businessaffiliation found in Dun &affiliation found in Dun &BradstreetBradstreet Philanthropic history is 15 philanthropic gifts foundunknown- 2 gifts over $25,000 - 6 gifts to organizations with a similar mission to yoursVariations on the theme Small wealth, big gifts Large batch of records of unknown origin which to keep and which tolose? Need to find corporation or foundation prospects for a particular project9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 13 14. SEE THE NEW NOZASEARCH.COM IN THE TARGET ANALYTICS BOOTH9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 14 15. WHERE DOES NOZA DATA COME FROM? NOZA technology locates unstructured, publicly available charitable giving facts and converts them into an online searchable database. This allows NOZA users to search, download and save data anytime, quickly, easily and affordably.9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 15 16. LIVE DEMO OF STAND-ALONE SEARCH TOOL www.nozasearch.com9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 16 17. SECURINGPHILANTHROPY WITHPRINCIPAL GIFTS9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 17 18. TOP TIER AT YOUR FINGERTIPSTarget Analytics Principal Giving Solution provides the analysis and data you need to uncover the donors that drive philanthropy forward.Principal / Lead $50K-$1M+9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 18 19. OVERVIEW $500,000+ Target Analytics Principal Giving Solution segments your data highlighting thepopulation with inclination & capacity toPrincipal make lead gifts.GivingSolution takes you Their capacity equals 80% or more of here an organizations fundraising potential. $100,000+Wealth screening and trend analysiscannot and do not produce the same file analysistakes youhere Principal Giving solution saves time and increases the amount of known lead gift prospects. $1,0009/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved19 20. OVERVIEW Laser focused on the right donors for top tier gifts Naming $250K$1M+Giving History Analysisopportunity prospect prospect Examination of the trends andpatterns of giving in your house filePropriety Models forInclination and CapacityPrincipal Giving PoolYour Database Developed by examining over 150 organizations and 100M gift transactionsWealth AnalysisAnalysis of hard assets for complete assessment ofdonors and prospects9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved20 21. PRINCIPAL DONOR PROFILEGiving history is trendingpositivelyWell educated andConfirmed patterns ofaffluentphilanthropic donationsLive in areas withhigher quality of lifeInclination Capacityindex360 DonorView Wealth AssetPurchase Indicators ValuationBenchmarked against expensive homespeers giving principal and vehiclesand lead gifts Do not rely onHigher incomes andcredit to makeknown public assetspurchases High real estate valuation9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 21 22. RESULTS RETURNED WITH SIMPLIFIED SCORING Multi-VerticalHigher Education Segmentation Segmentation $500K+$1M+ (Tier 1) (Tier 1)$250K $750K(Tier 2)(Tier 2) $100K$500K (Tier 3) (Tier 3)$50K$250K (Tier 4) (Tier 4)9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 22 23. CASE STUDIES9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 23 24. CASE STUDY REVIEWClient flagged Analyzed Scored all 17K results for recordsReceived 5M constituent donors with Measured through Target constituent records that inclination and results againstAnalyticsrecords fromwere alreadycapacity to list of 17KPrincipal Clientknownmake principal donors andGiving principal giftand lead giftsSolutionprospects to Client9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 24 25. RESULTS Identified 82,848 lead and principal gift prospects Client previously identified 17K records with capacity to give leadprincipal gifts The new analysis increases the amount of identified principal gift by65,000 new prospects Combined capacity of previously unidentified donors is $600Mwith a 10 prospect to 1 donor ratio Donor$50,000$100,000 $250,000 $500,000+Capacity Tier 4 Tier 3 Tier 2Tier 1 Level Previously3,159670279 7 Identified New 59,296 11,253 8,16420 Prospects Total Donors62,455 11,923 8,443279/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 25 26. DONOR STORY TIER TWO HIGHER ED ($500K+)PROSPECT Giving to Client- No giving since 2000- Prior giving totals $3K; covering 8 consecutive yearsand 16 gifts Philanthropy- Recent giving to other higher education and to manyNYC-based non-profits- Spouse is a board member of one prestigious universityand a handful of other non-profits Wealth- Real estate holdings in three distinct tony communitiesthroughout New York and Florida- Spouse is a high-level executive at a large investmentfirm, formerly based in the Twin Towers9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 26 27. DONOR STORY TIER TWO ($250K+) PROSPECT Giving to Client- 13 gifts to over the past 6 years, ranging from$100 - $500 each Philanthropic Giving- Six figure giving to local-area organization- Other larger gifts to health care, social services,arts and business-related non-profits Wealth- Real estate and securities holdings of $8MM+- Executive in private industry wealth-sectorcompany- Identified additional wealth-lifestyle indictors9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 27 28. OTHER CLIENT FEEDBACK College Foundation President:- Noted that he now feels like he has the list they need to drive theircampaign.- Target Analytics is going to help us challenge assumptions and leadtransformative gifts Multi-Vertical Senior Director of Development- Weve identified that the area of the greatest latent potential to fuelgrowth is in major gifts. The success of this project with TargetAnalytics will help us make a jump in bringing our mission to morepeople.9/30-10/2 2012. Blackbaud Confidential. All rights reserved 28 29. CONCLUSIONTarget Analytics Principal Giving solution provides an easy to use segmentation for your top tier donors.Organizations will have the prospect list they need to prioritize executive level cultivation ensuringc