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Squatting sucks. From the moment you take the bar out of the rack, it feels like it’s compacting your spine, the outward pressure in your stomach makes you feel like you’re going to shit yourself, and you never even see the second half of the lift, because your eyes instinctively close from the pressure while you’re on your way up. Every squat I’ve ever taken in competition has ended with me re-gaining vision just soon enough to look at the judge’s lights and say to myself, “why the hell do I do this?”I’m not really sure why I do it. I could try to find an answer, but I don’t think there’s a logical explanation why squats feel like such a necessary part of life. A life without squats would be like…Okay, a life without squats wouldn’t be anything other than a life without squats. We’d all be fine without them. But there’s no dispute that the squat is important to all sub-sects of strength and conditioning. And for that reason, we love the squat. For athletic development, production of lower body power, improving sprint mechanics, preventing injury for sports-specific movements, or even being sports specific movements, such as in powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting — this squat manual will guide you to a stronger, safer, more productive squat.Sucky or not, you’re going to squat. So am I. Let’s do it the right way.CONTENTSSection 1 — Master the SquatSection 2 — The Biggest Mistake; Upper Back TightnessSection 3 — Squat Sweet TipsSection 4 — 10 Surefire Ways to Help You Squat BIGSection 5 — The Box SquatSection 6 — Teaching the Box SquatSection 7 — Training CyclesSection 8 — 100 Reasons Why You Should SquatSection 9 — The Yoke Bar SquatSection 10 — More Dynamic Squat Cycles