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1. 2. If you are not on LinkedIn you are missing a great Job Search opportunity. What is LinkedIn? How can it help you? 3. LinkedIn is an online network of more than 53 million experienced professionals from around the world 4. LinkedIns simple philosophy: Relationships Matter Your professional relationships are key to your professional success. . 5. Easy to Join First Name Last Name Email Address Create a Password Join Now You are LinkedIn! 6. 7. Your network consists of who you know , who they know , and who they know linking you to thousands of network contacts 8. Keys to an Effective Profile Upload a Good Photo Complete Your Entire Profile, Including ALL Prior Jobs,Schools, and Organizations Include Email Address In Your Last Name (makes it easy to contact you) Use Keywords Liberally Link to Web Sites Using Keywords, not My Web Site Link to Your Blogs RSS Feed Update Your Profile Often (keeps you on your contacts news stream) Create Status Updates (like Twitter and Facebook) 9. Use Linkedin Applications Activate Linkedin Applications that Connect to Your Content - WordPress & Bloglink - SlideShare - Company Buzz (Twitter search) 10. Make Linkedin Connections Invite Anyone You Meet in a Business Setting Use Custom Invite Text to explain WHY you should Link Find Connections Through Linkedin Search (company search) Browse Your Connections Connections to Find People to connect with Invite new Contacts from Outlook, Gmail, et al 11. Linkedin Recommendations Liberally Provide and Request them Use a Custom Request Text that provides a personal introduction - Provide Guidance to Reviewers on Themes and Keywords Youd Like Included 12. Stay active using Linkedin Messages Send Messages to Your Connections About Job Openings , Events, your Job Search progress Ask them for their help with companies, and introductions 13. Build Your LinkedIn Reputation Set up a Search, and Answer Questions in the Linkedin Answers Section Join Groups that are Relevant to your Search Meet new Connections through Group Discussions Consider Creating Your Own Group 14. Using Linkedin for Business Development Connect with Clients, Former Clients, and Prospects Use Search to Find Appropriate Contacts at Target Companies Use Search to Find Background Information on Personnel at Target Companies 15. Lets go check it out !! www.LinkedIn.com