Eddelyn D. Gupeteo Principles of Teaching 1. Guiding Principles in the selection & Organization of Content 1. Observe the ff. qualities in the selection.

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  • Eddelyn D. GupeteoPrinciples of Teaching 1

  • Guiding Principles in the selection & Organization of Content1. Observe the ff. qualities in the selection and organization of contentValiditySignificanceBalanceSelf-sufficiencyInterestUtilityFeasibility

  • 2. At the base of the structure of cognitive subject matter content is facts. We cant do away with facts but be sure to go beyond facts by constructing an increasingly richer and more sophisticated knowledge base and by working out process of conceptual understanding

  • 3. Subject matter content is an integration of cognitive, skill and affective elements.COGNITIVEFactConceptPrincipleHypothesesTheorieslaws

  • SkillsThinking SkillsDivergentConvergentProblem solvingAlgorithmHeuristicMetaphoricCritical Verbal reasoningArgument analysisHypothesis testingDecision making

  • Thinking skillsCreativeAwarenessCuriosityImaginationFluencyFlexibilityOriginalityElaborationperseverance


  • affectivecognitive skills

  • Attitudes and valuesValues are the apex of the triangleIt is the teaching of values that teaching of facts, skills and concepts become connected to the life of students, thus acquiring meaning


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