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  • DuceragoldKeep i t s imple and safe.

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    Indications for use Duceragold Kiss is a veneering porcelain for preciousalloy frameworks (crowns and bridges) with a CTE of16,217,6 m/mK (25 600 C). Duceragold Kiss is alsocompatible with the pressable glass-ceramic Cergo Kiss.

    Use only with precious alloys with a minimum solidustemperature of 900 C.

    For dental use only

    Contraindications: Only the indications listed above are suitable.

    WarningsUndesired side effects of these medical products are extre-melyrarely to be expected with proper processing and applica-tion.Immunoreactions (e.g. allergies) and /or local unpleasantperceptions (e.g. taste irritations or oral mucosa irrita-tions),however, cannot completely be excluded on principle.If you know any undesirable side effects also in doubtfulcases , then please communicate them to us.In case of hypersensitivity of the patients againstDuceragoldKiss veneering porcelain or one of the ingredients, thismedicalproduct must not be used or only used under strict super-visionby the treating physician/dentist.Known cross-reactions or interactions of the medical pro-ductwith other medical products or materials existing in themouthmust be taken into account by the physician/dentist whenusing the medical product.Please pass on all the above-mentioned information to the

    Safety notes: Do not inhale dust particles during grinding.

    Precautions:When working with these materials, make sure to complywiththe Instructions for Use and the corresponding MaterialSafety Data Sheets (MSDS).

    Adverse reactionsWe are not aware of any risks and /or side effectsrelated to Duceragold Kiss veneering porcelain.

    Technical Data: CTE Dentine: 15,1 m/mK (25500C) Dental ceramics, type 1, class 28 acc. to DIN EN ISO6872 metal-ceramic bond characterization, flexural strengthand chemical solubility acc. to DIN EN ISO 9693

    Transport and storage: Liquids: Store containers tightly closed at temperaturesabove 10 C.

    Powders and pastes: Protect from humidity.

    Symbols on product labels

    4 Product code5 Batch or lot number6 Use before7 Consult instructions for use

    Consult instructions for use

    1 10 C Lower Temperature limit2 Keep dry

    Combinable Liquids Paste Opaques:

    Paste opaque liquid

    Shoulder porcelain:Ducera Liquid Quick

    Dentines /Incisals, etc.:Ducera Liquid SDDucera Liquid Form

    Stain/Glaze:Ducera Liquid Stain improved

    Isolating Fluid:Ducera Sep Isolating Fluid

    General notes on Duceragold Kiss

  • 3Contents

    Kiss 73 Porcelain Powders, 100% ResultsThe Multi-functional powders 5

    Kiss and the GoldenGate System 7

    The Kiss concept 10

    Working TechniqueGeneral information about firing procedures 14

    Preparation before layering 15

    Basic layering 16

    Individual layering 18

    The porcelain margin technique 22

    Joining techniques 24

    Product RangeAll Duceragold Kiss products 26

    ServiceFiring recommendations 30

    Shade combination tables 37

    Abbreviations 39

    Trouble shooting 40

    Notes 41

    Duceragold Kiss

    Product informationand instructions for use

    For the hydrothermalveneering porcelainDuceragold Kiss in theGoldenGate System.

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  • 5The Multi-functional powders

    Nothing comes easier than

    making things complicated, nothing

    harder than making things easier.

    Therefore, real development lies

    in simplifying and not complicating


    10 years ago, we made a huge step

    in this direction with the GoldenGate

    System. Suddenly, it was possible

    to achieve all orally functional and

    aesthetical goals with just one single


    But we can make it simpler still. Our

    new development Duceragold Kiss re-

    duces the required number of porcelain

    powders by half.

    With only 73 porcelain powders,

    Duceragold Kiss sets new standards

    in functional ceramics.

    And anyone who is skeptical about the

    beauty of this system, will be pleas-

    antly surprised, because the shade re-

    production has been greatly improved.

    But how can the usual 110 to 120

    ceramic powders be reduced so

    much without loosing in quality?

    Using the following 3 solutions:

    First of all, with new pigmentation of

    the dentine and opaque powders. In

    this way the need for intensifiers when

    layering basic V-Shades is eliminated,

    except in individual cases.

    Secondly, by categorising intensifiers

    and incisal powders more specifically.

    The third point is the development of

    a new kind of didactics, which intelli-

    gently combines shades, effects and

    materials. This new complete system

    fits into a purpose designed case with

    which you are able to complete 100 %

    of all restorations.

    It has never been so simple and safeto achieve perfect teeth.

    DuceragoldKeep i t s imp l e a n d s a f e .

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  • 7Kiss and the GoldenGate System

    In 10 years there have been

    20 million teeth restored

    using the GoldenGate

    System. In the history of

    dentistry, the hydro-thermal concept has

    allowed trimming and polishing of restora-

    tions after cementation, and the abrasive

    characteristics were similar to that of the

    natural enamel. No other system has

    done more for the beauty of your smile,

    achieved more on the dental market.

    From the large spectrum of indications to

    its innovative safety, the 10 point promise

    of the GoldenGate System created some-

    thing which had never been seen before:

    a trade marked product on the dental

    market that is still as young and vital now

    as it was 10 years ago.

    This was only possible because DeguDent

    understands itself as a pioneer in this type

    of development. The best ideas only stay

    new if they are constantly renewed.

    Innovating and standard setting instead of

    copying is the best formula for a long life

    in our branch.

    In this way, with the creation of Kiss,

    we also re-create a little piece of the

    GoldenGate System new.

    Kiss and the GoldenGate System.

  • 8

    Kiss. Keep itsimple and safe.

    Dear Colleagues,

    If you lose sight of your goals, you will

    have to double your efforts to achieve


    This ancient wisdom has more meaning

    today than ever before, especially in our

    lifetime. Many things appear automated

    and systemised. But still, we often make

    things far too complicated to be able to

    reach our goals.

    CMDT Jrgen Braunwarth

  • 9The Concept

    Especially dental veneering systems that

    are available today have become complica-

    ted, due to a large number of shades and

    shade nuances. More is better, and more

    complicated is more perfect, that is the

    impression we got.

    Unfortunately, many important aspects

    such as tooth shape, surface texture or

    functionality have become secondary and


    The new Duceragold Kiss concept uses

    an effective and economical procedure,

    combined with a well thought and

    impressive shade concept.

    The number of powders within this system

    has been halved, compared to normal

    veneering systems without the loss of

    any aesthetic possibilities. Natural looking

    teeth are a prime example of simple beauty

    and the experienced technician knows:

    The finest art is the art of omission.

    The time has come for a new direction in

    veneering. One of my foremost goals was

    therefore to combine this new shade and

    layering concept with realised didactics

    and to bring forth a systematic way of

    working which is easily understood.

    I am convinced you will be able to make

    efficient veneers and still be able to make

    them individual. Your results will reach the

    best standards whilst bringing together

    patient and your customer in the most

    positive manner.

    I wish you much pleasure and success

    with Kiss.

  • The Kiss concept10

    73 Porcelain powders, 100% Results

  • 11The Kiss concept

    Base powders for V-Shades

    All V-Shades can be reproduced using

    only the 40 powders shown here, without

    once having to mix them. Through the

    extension to 6 incisal powders you can

    achieve a much better reproduction of

    the V-Shades in the incisal area. All

    opaque powders are exactly adjusted to

    the respective basic shade and in their

    fluorescence characteristics suited to

    reproduce the varying shade. A first class

    starting point for your day-to-day

    business, with the assurance that you

    can easily achieve almost everything.

    The simpler, the better.

    Thats Kiss.

    0 A1 0 A2 0 A3 0 A3,5 0 A4

    D A1 D A2 D A3 D A3,5 D A4

    S1 S2 S3 S3 S5

    0 B1 0 B2 0 B3 0 B4

    D B1 D B2 D B3 D B4

    S1 S1 S4 S6

    0 D2 0 D3 0 D4

    D D2 D D3 D D4

    S2 S4 S4

    Basic layering with only 40 powders.

    0 C1 0 C2 0 C3 0 C4

    D C1 D C2 D C3 D C4

    S1 S5 S5 S6





    Opaker Orange

  • The Kiss concept12

    PC 1 1 + 2 1 + 3 1 + 4 1 + 5 1 + 6

    PC 2 2 + 3 2 + 4 2 + 5 2 + 6

    PC 3 3 + 4 3 + 5 3 + 6

    PC 4 4 + 5 4 + 6

    PC 5 5 + 6

    PC 6

    + S BY1 : 1

    + S BY1 : 1

    1 : 1

    OE Ocean OE Sky OE Fog

    + S BY1 : 1

    + S BY1 : 1

    1 : 1+ S BY

    1 : 1

    OE Sunset OE Sunrise

    With the aid of the six fluorescent Power

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