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  • DreamfallThe Longest Journey

    by Aspyr and FunComWalkthrough by MaGtRo May 2006 Version 1.01

    Gameplay: This is a keyboard (or gamepad) - mouse driven third person game. It is highlyrecommended that you read the manual that is included in the game or the .pdf manual that is installedwith the game. The manual gives the background and descriptions of the characters in the game. Thegame comes in 6 CD-Roms and needs CD1 to in the drive to play.

    The main menu has New Game, Load Game, Options, Credits, Exit and later Continue Game. Pressing theESC key during gameplay accesses the main menu. There are unlimited saves slots.

    The Options Menu has sound, game, video, keyboard, mouse, pad and exit selections. It is also highlyrecommended to play with the adjustments under Options to personalize the gameplay to your needs.Other problems can be solved using the variations under the option menu.

    Becky recommends and I used:

    Game Settings:

    Camera Behavior(mouse) - Normal

    Camera HorizontalAxis - Inverted

    Camera Vertical Axis -Inverted

    Mouse Settings:

    Mouse Mode - Camera

    Mouse Overall Sensitivity - 1/3 on theline or default

    Character Movement Sensitivity - 3/4on the line or default

    Camera Sensitivity - 3/4 on the line ordefault

    To move, use the directional arrows or the WASD keys. Press-hold the shift key to walk. Press-hold ctrlkey to sneak. Inventory is accessed by the tab key. Press the m key for the mobile that has the e-mail, thedialogues and notes to self. For the focus band, the q key is for the next focus and e key is the previousfocus. The pause key pauses the game. l key is for light attack, k key is for heavy attack and the space bar isfor blocking.

    If you wait a while on the main menu, a trailer of the game with great music is seen. Pressing the space baronce to skip the intro and dialogues and press the space bar twice to skip cutscenes.

    Right click to open the game focus band to check out things in a location. The character cannot moveduring this time. Right click again to toggle it off.


    Monastery: Play as Brian Westhouse.

    See Brian Westhouse in a Buddhist monastery cell. He is embarking on a journey and is writing a journalas a map for anybody that will follow him. A monk calls to him. See a square with an eye icon on the bed. Click tohear a description of the bed. Right click to see an eye icon on top of the screen. Move the game focus band around to check allthe items in the room. Move the game focus band on the journal and click. Brian had asks the monks to take care of his journal.Right click again to toggle off the game focus band.

    Exit the cell and follow the Buddhist monk. Using the WASD keys or directional arrow on your computer,exit the cell. Check the Mani wheels on the wall. Follow the monk to a room with a circular podium. Enter

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  • and look around. Right click to focus beam the room. They are whispering something. Step on the dais,traveller. Go up and enter the circle.

    Brian arrives in a desolate ice covered place. Talk to a tattooed man. The Undreaming has found Brian.What have you done?

    Chapter 1: One

    Casablanca: Play as Zo.

    In a hospital, see Zo Castillo in a coma. Her father Gabriel watches.

    Home: Two weeks ago, Zo watches news. The Static is causing problems on this computer driven land. A vision interrupts the broadcast. See the young April Ryan in one of her trial dreams in The LongestJourney 1. Find her. Save her.

    Wonkers, Zo's mechanical friend tells her that her mobile is ringing. Check the bathroom, the balconyand the bedroom if you want. Check the bed and turn off the in-window system. Talk to Wonkers. Takethe mobile from the chair and learn about the gym schedule. Open the closet and wear the only cleanclothes. There's a backpack in the closet.

    Exit the room and go down the stairs. Talk to Zo's father Gabriel. You can check the kitchen, other roomsor suitcase if you want. Click on door handle to exit the apartment.

    Exit the courtyard, balcony and go left down to the road. See the world of Zo. Press & hold the shift key towalk. The road sign is Jardin de Roses. You can check the yellow mailboxes on each house entrance.

    Olivia: Go forward and talk to Olivia at her Alien the Cat store. Since Zo is already late, so say notbusy. Enter the store and look around. Check Liv's workstation and learn that Liv can work the wire. Theoverhead screen shows the young girl. Find April. Save April. Zo talks to Liv about it and Zo's life. Shehas a hack that can keep the mobile invisible from the 'eye'. You can get it installed later.

    Gym: Exit the store. The journal icon is seen on top of the screen. This means that an addition is added to the journal.The journal can be accessed using the m key. You can check the messages (envelope), dialogues (exclamation point) and notes-journal (paper-pen) on this frame. Use the scroll key to check other entries. To exit the mobile screen, click on the X icon at top

    right. Go left down the path to get to the main courtyard and fountain. Follow the girl that is going to thegym. Learn again about the focus field in gameplay. Take the path right of Sushi-Ya, forward, through the rightentryway to La Place de Sucre. See chess players and a cleaner robot. Go forward; pass by a taxi stand andbenches and up the stairs. Enter the door to the gym.

    Fight with Jama: Talk to Jama who is doing her Tai Chi. This fight is a tutorial. You canpractice as many times as you want or quit immediately after the first fight. I used thekeyboards on this fight sequence. Use the arrows or And D keys to move left or right to evadeher kicks. Once Jama is clear - move forward (W key) and center on her, then use either l key(light) as rapid as you can or k key (heavy) to administer your kicks. The left and right mousekeys do the same actions. You can also block using the space bar.

    Practice several times to familiarize yourself with the keys and to watch the opponent move.Learn also the timing of the kicks and where the best position to be when applying the kicks.There is a bar on top left for your character and one at top right for the opponent that shows thesuccess of the fight. The first complete red bar loses.

    You can talk to Nia and Aaralyn if you want. Go towards the stairs and see the now familiar video on thescreen. Find April Ryan. Save her.

    Reza: Go down the stairs. Outside, Zo gets a call from Reza, Zo's ex-boyfriend. He wants to meet youat Moca Loco at the center of the town where the fountain is located. Go forward, up the stairs, forward onthe path and to the courtyard. Go to Moca Loco opposite Sushi-Ya. Talk to Reza sitting on the left and ison his mobile. You can invite or not, he will be busy with work. He wants a favor. You can refuse or help;

    Dreamfall walkthrough http://www.gameboomers.com/wtcheats/pcDd/dreamfall.htm

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  • it will be the same end. Reza wants a package picked up at in a company named Jiva at Seshadri Buildingand to talk to Helena Chang.

    Go back to the taxi stand by the benches at La Place the Sucre. Enter the free taxicab.

    Jiva: Go forward to elevator and use the button to call an elevator pod.

    Talk to the suspicious high strung ?receptionist. See a Chinese woman on the screen that needs help.

    There are several ways to interact with the receptionist:

    1. Best to distract the fake receptionist and then plead or barter. When she enters the sideroom, go to the door pad and close the door to lock her in.

    2. If you tell her about the screen. She will call out to Kano. You have to fight her. The fightwith her was fairly easy. Move to face her and do rapid l (light) or k (heavy) kicks. She will beknocked out cold.

    3. If you select get out, the result will be the same as #2 - she will see the screen and fight.

    4. If you distract, plead or barter, then go to the glass door and do the console to open the door,she will see you and the fight starts.

    Try to open the glass door at the other end of the room to get to the corridor. Go to and face the computerconsole and unlock the door. Enter and see a man doing something to the glass chamber where thewoman - Helena Chang is kept. The man runs away.

    Helena Chang: Click on the door to see if you can open the glass door. There is gas released to killHelena. Helena points above. Go to the stand on the left, climb up to get to the roof of the glass chamberand open the lid of the control box at center. Click to turn the lever. Go down and pull open the glassdoor.

    Run back to the reception room and see that Helena states that access to this floor has been tamperedwith. After Helena uses the computer for a workaround, press the elevator button to call a pod. Enter theelevator.

    Talk to Helena about Castillo and learn that she knows a Castillo. She gives the package for Jericho-Reza.You can open or not open the package. The package contains a datacube. Call for a taxi using the yellowcall stand.

    Reza's apartment: Go to the path left of Sushi-Ya, left, go forward up the stairs and enter the building onthe left. Check the mailboxes on the wall by the stairs. Reza's apartment is #8. Climb the stairs and goright. See a cat that leaped out the window and his opened door. Enter and see a dead woman. The screenshows the young girl scene again. Then see that the Eye commandos are downstairs and will be up soon.The cops took Zo.

    Interrogation: Whatever answer you give will result in Zo telling them everything.

    Chapter 2: Lost

    Zo's Home: Zo tries to get hold of Reza and her dad on the mobile. Enter the bedroom. Wo