Doster Hall Promotions Prepared for Rebecca Kelly Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011

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Text of Doster Hall Promotions Prepared for Rebecca Kelly Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011

Doster Hall Promotions

Doster Hall PromotionsPrepared for Rebecca KellyThursday, Feb. 24, 2011SWOT AnalysisStrengthsThe on campus locations for the screenings are highly accessible.Screenings are already included in employee benefits program.Serious chronic illnesses can be prevented by screening results.WeaknessesScreenings are conducted by nursing students, not medical professionals.WellBama is unable to offer discounts on insurance premiums.The set up of the screenings is not private.The communications methods in use are not as effective.OpportunitiesRegional and national health initiatives are fueling the communitys desire to lead a healthier life.The momentum gained from other Office of Health Promotion and Wellness programs can push WellBama participation forward.WellBama can partner with UA colleges and departments to create incentives and prizes at an economical cost.ThreatsThere is limited parking at WellBama sites.The professionalism and privacy of an appointment with a doctor is a viable alternative for faculty and staff.Strategic PlanStrategic PlanStrategic PlanStrategic PlanStrategic PlanStrategic PlanStrategic PlanEvaluationWe will be successful if

The number of participants on April 12 is 25 percent greater than the number of participants in 2010.The post-survey results used to measure awareness and attitudes of employees shows a 10 percent improvement from the pre-survey.TimelineMarch 10Have in-person surveys completedHave graphic design for poster and sandwich board completedMarch 11Last day for merchandise ordersHave three success stories and all press materials writtenHave media contact list writtenHave the catered luncheon confirmed

March 22Begin sending weekly success stories to faculty and staff

March 25Have materials for sandwich board ready

March 29Send press materials to appropriate media contacts

March 30Begin 10-day countdown with sandwich board in Doster HallApril 5Have cookbooks printed out

April 12WellBama screening at Doster Hall

April 15Hold catered luncheon

April 26Have evaluation completed

BudgetItemCompanyEstimated PriceSandwich boardCrimson Copies for daily countdown sheets; Amazon for actual sandwich board$150.00Cookbooks (5)Crimson Copies for printing$20Pedometers (30)Cyber Technology Unlimited$29.70Stress Balls Windy City Novelties (3 dozen)

1001 Stress Balls (min. 75)$40.00

$101.25LuncheonZoes Kitchen (min. 22 people)$138.38Total Expenditures$378.08 or $449.33Questions?