Diversity & Inclusion Today What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

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Diversity & Inclusion Today What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know. For: IPMA-HR Eastern Region Conference By: Mauricio Velásquez, MBA President, CEO The Diversity Training Group Diversitydtg.com. Meet Mauricio Velásquez, MBA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Diversity & Inclusion Today What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

Diversity Awareness Workshop Human Relations: The Inclusive Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion TodayWhat You Dont Know You Dont KnowFor:IPMA-HR Eastern Region ConferenceBy:Mauricio Velsquez, MBAPresident, CEOThe Diversity Training GroupDiversitydtg.com

IPMADiversitydtg.comIPMADiversitydtg.comMeet Mauricio Velsquez, MBAMauricio Velsquez is the President and CEO of The Diversity Training Group (DTG) in Herndon, VA. Mauricio serves as a diversity strategy consultant, diversity and inclusion trainer, sexual harassment prevention trainer, executive coach, mentoring trainer, and expert witness.DTGs clients include small and large organizations and public and private entities. SSA, OMB, NIST, NTIA, USCIS, HHS, and USPS are just some of our current federal clients. White House, DOI, USIA, USDA, DHS, US Navy, US Coast Guard are some of our past clients.Mauricio has trained over a half million participants in every state but North Dakota and his work and life have taken him to more than seventy countries. Mauricio holds a BA from UVA and an MBA from GWU. Married to Kelly with 3 kids.IPMADiversitydtg.comMauricios MissionProvoke ThoughtFacilitate Discussion & LearningSurprise YouEntertain YouAdd ValueProvide Subject Matter ExpertiseHave Fun-Triple Investment-

IPMADiversitydtg.comA Workshop on.Treatment, RespectProfessionalism, TrustEngagement to Higher PerformanceCurrent EventsManagement, Supervision, LeadershipParentingIPMADiversitydtg.comOpening RemarkWhat You Dont Know You Dont Know(DKDK)What You Dont Know(DK)What You Know

(K)IPMADiversitydtg.comIntent vs. ImpactIntent(what you meant)


Impact(what you actually said)IPMADiversitydtg.com

Is there a relationship?IPMADiversitydtg.comDimensions of DiversityIndividualGroupOrganizationalAffiliationMilitaryExperienceReligionIncomeWorkExperienceGeographicLocationLanguageEducationWorkStyleFamilyStatusCommunicationStyleAgeGenderEthnicHeritageRaceMental/PhysicalAbilitiesSexualOrientationOperational Role and LevelIPMADiversitydtg.comDimensions of DiversityMilitaryExperienceReligionIncomeWorkExperienceGeographicLocationLanguageEducationWorkStyleFamilyStatusCommunicationStyleAgeGenderEthnicHeritageRaceMental/PhysicalAbilitiesSexualOrientationOperational Role and LevelIPMADiversitydtg.comDimensions of DiversityIndividualOrganizational AffiliationGroupIndividualIPMADiversitydtg.comAre you Inclusive?

IPMADiversitydtg.comThe Lunch DateAdam DavidsonScreen Writer/DirectorThis was his thesis to get his degree in film from AFI American Film Institute, New York CityWon many awardsFilmed in 1990On You Tube if you cant find it, ask your kids to find itIPMADiversitydtg.comTo be an Inclusive Change AgentUnderstand the Myths of D & IUnderstand what a D & I is - so when you come across it you actAddress present D & I issues and proactively anticipate emerging D & I issuesHold people accountable (peers, direct reports)

We all have a shared responsibility to each other we are all in this together!IPMADiversitydtg.comMajor Myths of Diversity & IDiversity is a problem. No, it is an opportunity.Diversity is HRs responsibility. No, it is my responsibility, on all of us.Diversity is just about race and gender. No, it is much broader than that.Diversity is about minorities and women in the workplace. No, diversity is about your (employees) internal and external (prospective clients) customers. Diversity is about exclusivity. No, it is about inclusivity. It is about retaining your employees and clients.Diversity is just another fad. Have you seen the numbers?Diversity is another version of EEO/AA. Wrong! EEO/AA is government mandated. Diversity is workplace driven.

IPMADiversitydtg.comA Diversity Issue ExistsWhen an issue (policy or business practiceformal, informal, internal, or external) has a different impact on a particular group (i.e., impact on men vs. women, black vs. white, American vs. foreigner, urban vs. rural background)When it happens more frequently to a particular group (i.e., different groups have dramatically different numbersturnover, terminations, promotions, few or no role models)When it is more difficult for one group to overcome (upward mobility for a particular group within an organization, i.e.,glass ceilings)

Page 14 in your workbook out of order in PPT for emphasisIPMADiversitydtg.comA Diversity Issue Cant Be IgnoredA diversity issue exists where the policy or business practice has an impact exclusive of difference (not inclusive of difference). Is there a trend or pattern (intentional or unintentional)?Having a diversity issue is not necessarily a bad thing. Doing nothing about it given you have knowledge of the issue is where organizations go wrong (negligence). Being in denial about these issues do not make them go away. Ignorance is not bliss inside or outside the courtroom.The question is why do we have this issue and how can we take action to correct it or improve the situation. Study or investigate, identify root cause(s) and identify solutions and execute! Dont ignore the issues or be in denial about their existence.IPMADiversitydtg.comAddressing Diversity Issues 1 opportunity @ a timeStepActionExampleIdentify and agree on the problem (consensus) Ask the right questions.Ask for the factsVerify the informationDecide what else you need to knowHelp me understand exactlyLet me make sure this is recorded correctlyI will be able to help you better if I knowConduct problem-cause analysis to identify a specific problem and its causeRestate the problem in simple termsGet agreement on the problem and its importance/impactSo, the basic issue isIt seems we agree it is important to fix this becauseIdentify solutions/alternativesAsk what can be done to solve the problemSuggest other options for considerationTell them what you can doWhat ideas do you have on how this can be fixed?In similar situations we have..I really wish we could do exactly what you suggested. However, according to, we must?IPMADiversitydtg.comAddressing Diversity Issues 1 opportunity @ a timeStepActionExampleImplement solutions/take action with the help of the customerAsk for their cooperationTell them what you will doSuggest how they can help, now and the next timeIll need your help toHere is what I can doTo get this resolved quickly, Ill need you to, and if this should happen again, pleaseEnd with an agreement and a thank you. Monitor and follow up on the situationSummarize what will be done, and by whomThank the customer for cooperation and helpPromise to follow up to ensure the solution really workedCan I assume that we agree on?Thank you for being so cooperative in helping us to solve this problem.I will call you in a week to be sure the situation is resolved.IPMADiversitydtg.comWhat do you think?Is your biggest diversity and inclusion issue or challenge or obstacle?What is the root cause(s) behind this issue?How can you address it? What are potential solutions and prioritize them?

Lets look at some best practices. You dont have to recreate the wheel just take someone elses tire and put a white wall on it!- MVIPMADiversitydtg.comNationwide Best PracticesSources:American Express Benchmark StudyBusiness Week Special SessionsThe Conference Board Best Practices PublicationsFortunes Best Practices Lists/ArticlesTowers-Perrin North-American Diversity Best Practices StudyUS Department of Labor and other US Government StudiesIPMADiversitydtg.comWhat is working critical success factorsSTRATEGICVisible, supportive and fully-committed senior leadershipDiversity strategy/plan developed & aligned with organizations strategic plan Internal and external communications improvedEmployee involvement and assessmentRecruitment and retention activities improvedMeasurement, metrics and follow through emphasizedConstant benchmarking and continuous improvement of diversity strategy and planAll of this is of greater importance with President Obamas executive order!!

IPMADiversitydtg.comDTG solutions or successesNISTTraining agency personnel on Diversity and Inclusion Offering complimentary and more specific training, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Toxic Employee-WorkplaceConducting agency-wide assessments or spot audits or investigations Executive CoachingOMB, SSAEnsuring Diversity Council is effective and has high impact (stood up first meeting in response to Obama Executive Order)Weaving Diversity and Inclusion into the Fabric of AgencyDiversity and Inclusion Training as part of On-boarding, new hire orientation short module on Diversity and InclusionDesigning and developing video based modules to show to all employees (100,000 plus)Did Age Diversity Training (OMB) and strategy and Stood Up first Diversity Committee Meeting (in response to Obama Executive Order)

IPMADiversitydtg.comMore successesUSCISMaking sure Diversity and Inclusion is in Supervisory, Management and Leadership Training Curriculum Making Diversity and Inclusion part of Core Values linking conversation to core valesUSPSConducting high level Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Training (weaving D & I into all of their training and development) should not be set apart and by itselfPolitical appointees, SESersNTIA Training all agency personnel on Diversity and Inclusion (mandatory)Working with Diversity Committee (collaborate and partner with them) - mentoringUS Navy (SG, JAG)Diversity and Inclusion Training worldwide from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Guam to Italy, Spain and all US Navy bases (hostile or difficult audiences)

IPMADiversitydtg.comWhy?Is this topic, this session so important?

Because Status Quo is not working!

- Doing the same things you have always done with your human resources, your talent, and expecting better results is organizational suicide!IPMADiversitydtg.comAction PlanHow can I create an inclusive work environment? How can I use